Oh, No, He DIDN’T: Ethically Challenged Cummings Charges Committee Leaks *Open Thread*

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So this is how the Democrats are gonna play the information that is rising to the surface about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. They are going to issue charges of “lies” being leaked by the Benghazi Committee. And Rep. Cummings is the one bringing those charges to the Rep. Gowdy-led Benghazi Committee.

Wow. That is laughable to me. You may recall that Cummings, besides toeing the Party Line at every turn and in spite of evidence to the contrary, is also in a bit of hot water already for emailing threats to a Tea Party group. From PJMedia:

Rep. Elijah Cummings needs someone in his office that knows election law to write his next letter attacking the Tea Party. This week, Cummings sent a nastygram letter to the Houston based Tea Party group True the Vote. The organization has been working to clean up the voter rolls of dead and ineligible voters. Apparently this sort of civic minded volunteerism rubbed Cummings the wrong way. The Baltimore Sun reported his threats to a group of law-abiding private citizens:
In a letter to Texas-based True the Vote, the Baltimore Democrat argues that the group and its affiliates have been unsuccessful in identifying people who are incorrectly registered. Instead, Cummings argues, the groups are jeopardizing to disenfranchise people who are correctly registered to vote.

“At some point, an effort to challenge voter registrations by the thousands without any legitimate basis may be evidence of illegal voter suppression,” Cummings wrote. “If these efforts are intentional, politically-motivated, and widespread across multiple states, they could amount to a criminal conspiracy to deny legitimate voters their constitutional rights.”

Cummings needs to get himself a lawyer who knows more about election law and less about playing the race card. First of all, there is no federal statute which mentions “voter suppression.” That is rhetoric used by the left to chill legitimate political activity that doesn’t help the left. Secondly, as reported yesterday here at PJ Tatler, True the Vote is discovering individuals who voted twice in federal elections. Perhaps Cummings objects to this discovery for reasons we can only speculate. Third, federal law allows citizens to bring cases under Section 8 of Motor Voter (a law Cummings supported) to force states and counties to remove dead and ineligible voters. Perhaps Cummings is against the removal of dead voters, again, for reasons we can only speculate. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Let us bear the less-than-acceptable behavior from Rep. Cummings as he makes charges about the Benghazi Committee as reported in The Hill:

[…] Cummings specifically cited a June 18 Politico article where an anonymous source claimed to have read email exchanges among Clinton, her confidant Sidney Blumenthal, Media Matters and the White House about how to tamp down criticism of Clinton’s handling of the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

Cummings noted that the emails, since released to the public, show there was no concerted effort to downplay the tragedy and that several of the descriptions provided by the source were inaccurate.

“Unfortunately, this is only the latest in a reckless pattern of selective Republican leaks and mischaracterizations of evidence relating to the Benghazi attacks,” he wrote.

Cummings pressed Gowdy to get to the bottom of matter, saying, “it now appears that someone who was given access to the Select Committee’s documents leaked doctored information to the press in order to make unsubstantiated allegations against Secretary Clinton.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Uh huh. I am sorry, but I have seen Rep. Cummings enough times during these Committee hearings to know for a certainty that he is not an honest broker. And not for nothing, but given his track record of abusing his power and office, I am not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, either. If what he alleges is true, I will eat my words.

But for now, I am not seeing Crow on the menu, especially considering the comments by Rep. Trey Gowdy on on of the Sunday shows specifically about Hillary Clinton and her claims about Benghazi. Gowdy tells it like only he can:

Oh, SNAP! Take that, CBS dude (John Dickerson) who tries to dismiss the work of the Committee!

And to “hammer” home the point, Western Journalism, which had the above video, highlighted what Gowdy was saying. In essence, in his nice way, he was calling Clinton a liar:

You could call it the Gowdy version of an “f-bomb” — the GOP congressman’s repeated use of the word “false” when describing Hillary Clinton’s defense in the use and content of Benghazi-related emails she sent or received in her official duties as secretary of state. In a weekend appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi described Hillary’s excuses and explanations regarding her controversial email practices as “false” (twice), “demonstrably false,” and “patently false.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy of S.C. used the word “false” four different times as he tore into Clinton’s misstatements, deceptions, contrivances, and out-and-out lies about having come clean and turned over to the State Department all her work-related emails. And on the subject of the State Department under the direction of Secretary John Kerry, Gowdy told Face the Nation host John Dickerson that the committee he heads has been frustrated time and time again in trying to get State to release email correspondence between Hillary and her then-aides and associates. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

I assume you already know which one, between Rep. Cummings and Rep Gowdy, I find to be more truthful. I will give you a hint: his initials are T.G.

And I am glad that Rep. Gowdy laid to rest the ridiculous argument that there have been all of these Committees already, and everything is peachy keeno, no reason to keep digging away at this thing. As he stated, NONE of those committees saw ANY of Sec. Clinton’s emails. Moreover, as we know, the ARB performed not only failed to ask Clinton ONE question, which is just LUDICROUS on its face, but Clinton aides may well have scrubbed information they did not want the ARB to review.

In other words, this is far from over, and Rep. Cummings attempts to cast aspersions on this Committee is clearly a smokescreen and a further attempt to cover up just what Clinton, and Obama, actually did or did not do regarding Benghazi. I, for one, am glad Rep. Gowdy is still hot on the trail to the truth. Someone needs to be.

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