Whimsical Art *Weekend Open Thread*

August 27, 2016 by


I am in a whimsical mood today. I am feeling fanciful and capricious. So let’s see take a look at some whimsical art. Let’s leave the ugly of politics for a short time and enjoy some happy images.

I do love whimsical art. There are lots of whimsical paintings of women.



What do you think the artist had in mind in the painting above? Maybe what we look like before we put on our makeup? Personally withut my makeup I have no eyebrows but the rest of my face doesn’t disappear. I never know what the artist is thinking but there are always art critics who think they know and have no problem going on and on about it.

I kind of like it. Spousal unit says it gives him the galloping whimwhams.



How do you like the painting above? I call it “Beach Butts with Dimples”. It’s fun, it’s bright and cheerful and fits my mood when I’m feeling whimsical or nonsensical. I often feel nonsensical. Maybe too often. But then the rest of the time the way of the world and politics has me outraged so maybe nonsensical isn’t all that bad.



I adore this painting of a frog with Morning Glories. Again, bright and cheerful and whimsical. A good escape from politics and the angst of daily life. If froggy can kick back and just enjoy the beauty of the flowers I should be able to do the same. Then again froggy  is probably just waiting for a bug to come by so he can zap it. Sometimes I overthink things.


This one sort of reminds me of Grandma Moses if she had smoked pot. Which I don’t think she did. But you get the idea.

Grandma Moses painted what they call “primitive paintings”. The one above is a combination of primitive and fanciful. I kind of like it. I bet Grandma Moses would too. I’d ask her but that would require a séance and I don’t even like the idea of them. I was bit once by a Ouija Board and never got over it.



This one is called Delilah Rooster. A watercolor. Although I think it would be very confusing to a rooster to be called Delilah. Or maybe not. But I don’t want him in the women’s bathroom!



I’m not sure what I think of this sculpture. It’s call “Warrior Women”. In clay with metal and glass detail. Maybe it’s just me but if those two are warrior women they don’t look like they won their battle. Actually it’s not very whimsical now that I think about it. More like depressing.



The painting above is more what we’re used to seeing in images of “warrior women”. They always have a figure like Scarlett Johansson. They are always scantily dressed. Can you imagine trying to fight in that getup? I think these kinds of “warrior women” are more a male fantasy than whimsy.



I love this one! It’s called “Los GATOS y la LUNA “. Which I think means the cats and the moon. Whatever. I love it.

Last but not least is this colorful painting called simply “Whimsical Trees.”  I would love to have it hanging on my wall.


I hope you enjoyed the paintings. I wanted to provide a start to the weekend without politics. We’ll be back at them soon enough.

Some boneheaded politician, some nitwitted media type or a celebutard will say something or do something that brings us back to the here and now. And here and now in politics is anything but whimsical.

Every time I start to get upset I will try to picture those cats sitting on the fence gazing at the cat-shaped moon. And I will keep my calm and refuse to allow the negative vibes to ruin my weekend. In a pigs ear I will.

Hope you all have a great weekend too.


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