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July 24, 2017 by

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People who are angry about a specific issue will seldom listen to reason. That is especially true if they feel they are justified in their anger. Especially if the anger has been building for a long time. A very long time.

That’s the problem with people on the right who are so angry with the media. They have every right and reason to be angry. Even when some of their own heroes tell them not to be so angry and to calm down – they don’t.  Instead many former heroes on the right are heroes no more.

Voices of reason often just make people  angrier if they think their righteous outrage is being summarily dismissed. I can remember being so angry as a child when my mother would tell me to “just let it go.” She was trying to teach me a valuable life lesson but to me it seemed she wasn’t aware of the righteousness of my anger. Because – I WAS RIGHT!

I am one of the angry, but I still respect some of the opinions of some of those I respect  who are trying to pour oil on trouble waters.  I try, with varying degrees of success to see both sides of the issue. That’s what you try to do when you grow up.

I don’t now and never did like the way Trump acts. I don’t like his tweets and his constant talk about “fake” news makes it easy for his detractors to dismiss what he says. While many of his cult-like followers cheer everything he says.Image result for fake news images

We on the right know that he’s right on target in many cases. Truth be told, even many of us that don’t like him, didn’t vote for him and wish he would just STHU like seeing the media slapped around.

I smile when I see people like Jim Acosta and Jake Tapper get outed as partisan hacks and then they whine about it. They are biased and their bias shows. Trump hasn’t done CNN 1/2 the damage that CNN has done to itself.

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Is ignoring a story because it is bad for the ideology that you support worse than lying? It denies the very job of reporting doesn’t it?

The proportion of liberals to conservatives in the press is about 4-to-1. Perhaps more since many media people self-identify as “Independent” when they are no such thing.

That liberals are dominant is beyond dispute. That became all too evident when Barack Obama came on the scene. The media’s slobbering love affair was no longer hidden.Related image

Obama treated the media with contempt and they came back for more. It was, and is, a form of insanity I would have never believed if I hadn’t seen it. Cult-like worship of  politicians seems so odd from these cynical people who see so much corruption. Even if they don’t/won’t report it.

For generations the right has been angry because of unfair treatment by the media. For generations their anger has simmered.   Since 1996 FOX News has been the only place that was somewhat fair to the right. Then FOX turned all Trump all the time and people that supported other candidates had no place to go.

The rabid hate of many of the #NeverTrump people still lingers. I was #NeverTrump and loathed the man. I loathed the people that loved him and would see nothing wrong with him.

Those that held their nose and voted for him over Hillary I could, and do, understand. Cult-like worship> NO!

The election is long over and he won. Time to move on. Time to try to find some positives. Time to worry more about the country than the politicians.

The effort to hire more minorities and women has had the effect of making the media more liberal. Both these groups tend to have liberal politics, and this is accentuated by the fact that many of the women recruited into journalism are young and single, precisely those with the most liberal views.~ The Weekly Standard

Even left wing bias doesn’t explain to me why media covers terrorists so gently. Or why they often deny that someone is a terrorist because they find it racially insensitive. If they are terrorizing people, then  aren’t they terrorists by definition? Sensitivity to their race? Hogwash. This kind of bias puts people’s lives at risk and should be viewed as unacceptable by everyone.

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People on the right have had a reason to be angry for a long time. Having Trump smack the media around makes them feel good. It lets them see someone fighting back. Inappropriate? Yes. But media bias is worse than inappropriate.

Why does the liberal media hate tiny little Israel and favor all the Muslim countries that seek to destroy her? I not only don’t agree with them, I cannot understand how decent people could be a part of smearing Israel and the Jews.

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The anger the right has long felt for the media has only been intensified by the unconscionable way the media has behaved since Trump was elected.

I don’t watch the news on television. Not on any network. I am very careful about the things I watch and read online because it is often inflated, biased and just flat out wrong. Stories are posted without any concern for the facts. I don’t want to be a part of that.

I am angry with the media on nearly a daily basis. The only time I am not angry with them is when I tune them out entirely.

Let’s face it people, the people tasked with providing us with information, with the “news” suck. They get paid millions of dollars to obfuscate, distort and ignore news depending on whether they “like” it or not. Depending on whether it fits their narrative or not.

Okay, rant over. I feel better for having got that out of my system. The problem is the media will get me all riled up again as soon as I hear what they’re doing now. Sigh.


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