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As we head into Thanksgiving week I’ll let some of the best cartoonists around make the points I wish I was talented enough to make. That won’t keep me from kibitzing but they have the last, and the best, word.

Chip Bok comments on the way the Dems are slowly, but quite surely edging away from the Clinton Power that has dominated our politics for a generation. Hey Bill and Hill, when the MSM begins to turn on ya, you’re toast.

The always brilliant Michael Ramirez comments on GQ Magazine making Colin Kaepernick their “man” of the year. No big surprise there, in the past their “man” of the years has been: Louis C.K – pervert, Kevin Spacey – pervert, Harvey Weinstein, serial pervert, and last but not least, The former Presidential Pervert, Bill, the rapist, Clinton.216552_image.jpg

Jeff Koterba, of the Omaha World-Herald, seems to have some doubts about the ability of Congress to overhaul both the tax code and to repeal the ACA mandate. He isn’t alone in that. He just drew it so much better than I could say it.

Bob Gorrell reminds us, using only Bubba’s own t-shirt, that all the outrage about Roy Moore and Al Franken is hypocrisy when this man was/is given a pass on his perversions. Enough of a pass that millions of people were willing to put his crook of a wife into the White House where he could have sought out new prey.

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Tom Stiglich is always clever but this one, using the famous Obama poster image to skewer Franken is extra clever. In my opinion.

Jerry Holbert thinks that Boston Dynamics needs to do some serious PR to make their robots less frightening to the part of the public that fears them. Boston Dynamics are best  known for the development of BigDog, a quadruped robot designed for the U.S. military with funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – nah having a robot designed for DARPA isn’t scary at all. Gulp.

The great Michael Ramirez shows us exactly what the Republicans want to happen with the Roy Moore scandal. Quite frankly I’m not sure what to think. One thing I do know is that trial of a Republican, especially an ultra conservative Republican, by the media is never going to turn out well for the Republican. Especially since the Republican establishment is equally hostile to Conservatives.

Walt Handelsman and his clever skewer of Al Franken. I always thought Franken was a very unfunny little man. Now we know he’s a very unfunny pervy little man.

The great Henry Payne and his impressive cartoon showing what the Obamacare Mandate  does to the lower middle class. The left is always yammering about how the right only cares about the rich yet they favor doing this to the very people who support them.

Why some voters think the left cares one iota about the poor is beyond me. Why anyone think that politicians in general care about the poor is also beyond me.

Gary Varvel is one of my favorite cartoonists. I not only usually like what he says, I like the way he draws. This cartoon implies that the House Tax Reform bill is a turkey. I agree somewhat. I also think it may be the best we can get.

What it will look like after the Senate gets done with it we can only guess. I personally expect nothing good to come from a Mitch McConnell led Senate. But then I’m an old cynic.

Scott Stantis shows us what he thinks “soul searching” is these days. I tend to agree. More like covering your butt, making excuses and hoping no one knows.

When Rush Limbaugh sees this fantastic Steve Kelly cartoon I’m sure he’ll get a good laugh.

Nate Beeler gives us a cartoon showing the Dems are handsy in more ways than one.

Rick McKee‘s humorous take on the Clinton pervert and chickens coming home to roost. But after all, as Dan Rather said, it was a long time ago. Some might even buy that if they are tribal enough.

I seldom agree with Monte Wolverton cartoons but in this case I am inclined his way. Once the “#MeToom” movement gathered steam no man was safe from accusation. And let us not forget how many accusations lately have proven to be false. No matter who it is, I don’t want trial by media and especially not social media.

As we are getting close to Thanksgiving I thought this A. F. Branco, from Legal Insurrection, cartoon a good way to end.

As another cartoon is famous for saying:

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