Guest Post By KenoshaMarge: Politicians And Their Pants On Fire *Open Thread*

July 28, 2015 by

We are fortunate to have a guest post by KenoshaMarge today. Thanks so much, Marge! Enjoy!

Why do politicians lie? Because they can. Because for the most part they pay no penalty with their voters for lying.

Campaign promises? Who expects them to keep silly campaign promises. Everyone knows they just make promises to get elected.   

Yup, everyone knows. Did we know when so many of us went to the polls to give the Republicans a majority in the Senate that most of them were lying to us? We didn’t “know” but any political savvy voter suspects that is a politicians lips are moving, they’re lying. Old joke. Old truth. What’s saddest of all is the acceptance of this old joke and old truth. If they lie and get away with it, that’s on us. It is also on a biased media that doesn’t bother informing the public anymore. Too busy being political activists instead of doing their damn job.

I won’t bother with Obama’s lies, they would take me the rest of the day. Suffice it to say he’s a serial liar and his supporters simply don’t care. Ditto Hillary. Both liars, both Dems.

So does that let Republicans off the hook? Hell no. At least not with me.

Voters in our foolishness gave the Senate back to the Republicans in 2014. We believed that they would keep at least some of their promises for fear of being sent back to a minority if we were not happy. Evidently they don’t fear that. Most of them. And especially Mitch McConnell, liar extraordinaire. I don’t live in Kentucky so I am spared the angst of having voted for him.

Is McConnell a liar? Ted Cruz says so. And this post from Townhall appears to prove Cruz right: McConnell One Year Ago: ‘You Can Count on Me’ to Lead Pro-life Legislation.

I wonder how the voters in Kentucky who voted for this lying POS feel now? Defrauded, swindled and cheated? scratching-head Not surprising if they don’t. Also not surprising if they don’t care enough to vote this old fart out of the Senate and into retirement.

He’s proved he cannot be trusted to keep his word over and over again. How does that make him a better choice than a Democrat?

McConnell flat out lied. He did it more than once and I would bet a bundle that the same people that are angry with him now will vote for him in the next election unless the old fart has the decency to retire. Which is not bloody damn likely.

I understand that many voters don’t know or care about issues. Their knowledge extends to the latest talking point and not one bit beyond. They are the party voters on both the left and the right. Doesn’t matter to them what the people in their party do to this country, they’ll keep right on voting for them.  Don’t feel lonely if you can’t understand why people would do that. There are a lot of us who can’t figure it out.

There are very few who still find the truth important. I cannot believe that is so and yet the proof is in front of me constantly. I don’t even blame the ignorant fools who don’t know how many states in the union, don’t know who their congress critter is, don’t know why we celebrate the 4th of July or a number of other things that once were part of what a well-informed adult knew. After all they had the benefit of a liberal education.

Now thanks to the people in the Republican Party that refuse to keep their promises a fool like Donald Trump is leading in most of the polls. Does that give the GOP pause to think that maybe they have an angry voter problem? Because they did not do what they promised voters they would do once they had a majority in both houses people are so angry that Trump is using up all the coverage that might have been used for a candidate that might have had a chance to beat the repulsive Hillary Clinton. And the Republican establishment has no one to blame but their lying selves.


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