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Back in the good old days ,at the dawn of time, when I was growing up most of us were taught to think. Feelings  were well and good but thinking was stressed.

My parents had little patience with me when I behaved like what we now call a drama queen.  Not often because it didn’t work. Thinking leads you to understand that no matter what you may feel about something if it doesn’t work for you – stop it.

Brain on Apple I can remember my parents saying: “God gave you a brain – use it.” Woe to me if I didn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if one night when I was sleeping aliens abducted me and dropped me off on another planet. Because this is not a world I know or understand.

I cannot even imagine the repercussions had I held up a sign like the two kids in the image below are doing.

The captions on the image express my thoughts perfectly. Who thought that was a good idea? Who taught those children such hate? Where was the parenting?

I think the image below asks a good question. One you won’t hear asked or answered by the MSM.

That image seems to reinforce the facts that any thinking individual recognizes – guns in and of themselves are not bad things. It is the person who picks it up and fires it that determines if it does something bad. It isn’t the fault of the gun any more than it’s the fault of the knife when someone is stabbed. Think about it.

I think that the image below has something important to say too. It’s comical which helps us remember it and somewhat get over ourselves. Second, it’s just a fact. Think about it. The cougar surely is.


We live in a world where pinheads like Joy Behar are given free rein, because we believe in free speech and the 1st Amendment, to make a total ass of herself whenever she opens her mouth.

Ms Behar, aka, dumber than a dust bunny, was trying to slur VPOTUS Mike Pence. She swung, she missed and hit MLK.  Nice going dimwit!

There are a lot of citizens concerned about the chaos that seems to run in the FBI. That was true even before finding out they knew about Nikolas Cruz, the 19 year old who killed 17 people in Florida in a horrific school shooting. They knew and local law enforcement had been to his home because of complaints 39 times.


Even with all the signs, the FBI did nothing.  Well perhaps nothing is not the right word. They did nothing about an obvious and imminent threat to American Citizens in order to try to find something they could find wrong with Trump.

Now that there are 17 bodies the lefty activist media is determined to let the FBI and local law enforcement slither away and blame the NRA. Think about that. They blame the NRA because they hate guns but don’t hold the FBI and local law enforcement, who are tasked with protecting citizens, accountable.

I also think about the whole multi-gender nonsense.


Evidently if you want to compete in the Olympics you have to state your gender. What? No men claiming to be women so they can compete against the girls?  Whatever will they think of next?

We have a media in self-destruct mode. I know it’s only Cuomo who has the mind of a drug-addled gnat but CNN put the lie front and center on national television.


Think about what is said in the  image below. Not feelings – facts. Then think if you want your child in a gun-free zone with some lunatic with a gun. A lunatic who has had local law enforcement to his home nearly 40 times and who was on the FBI’s radar.



We have a bunch of fools telling us that we should lower the voting age to 16 so that the kids can have a say in politics. You mean …

The words spoken by the gun-grabbing ignoramuses on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere on-line often gives us a clear picture of who and what they are. You cannot spew such ugliness unless you are ugly all the way through. Bill Whittle made a fantastic response:


Sometimes words work better than images. But the image of Bill Whittle’s words works quite well IMO.

Democrats don’t seem to understand modern day technology, while claiming the Republicans live in the past, or else they would understand that their words not only come back to haunt them, they show them for liars and hypocrites. Just like Chuck Schumer.


Young people, especially teenagers cannot help being naive and ignorant. They can help being so naive and ignorant. So much of what they know is wrong while much of what they “feel” is rampant hormones seeking to push them into adulthood.


No surprise that the left would use live teenagers to push their ideology when they so often use dead ones. The fact that they do that is becoming obvious to more people.

People see the media rushing to exploit the horrors of school shootings. Decent people can and do disagree about many things. Exploiting children for television ratings should be something we all find disgusting.

Giving the attention seeking killers the attention they want is something else to think about. I don’t watch when I hear about an attack by some lunatic. I read the facts, pray for the dead, the injured, their families and friends. When the killer has been killed or killed I am glad. I am glad their evil is out of our world.

I am sad that media will use each new horror to push their ideology and that other attention seekers will rush to get in front of a camera to spout whatever it is they are feeling. I hate seeing a survivor, who certainly hasn’t had any time to digest what has happened, in front of a television camera. That’s exploitation and I loathe it.

Then there is this bit of nonsense. Evidently Barack and Michelle Obama thought they would be “edgy” in their choice of artists for their official portraits and some think that’s a fine thing. Perhaps it is since it seems to have brought Obama paintings bring huge crowds, excitement to National Portrait Gallery

I don’t care for the style or the art. I am particularly confused by the portrait of the former 1st Lady in that it doesn’t look like her. What’s with that?

Given my opinion of these two their images would never be pleasing to me. I don’t like either of them. I might have considered them as dart board material but now even that’s ruined – her portrait doesn’t look like her so what’s the point? (See what I did there? )

The following words of William F. Buckley, 1925-2008 are as true as when he said them. At least I think they are.


I wonder if those on the left who rushed to let their hate of the Reverend Billy Graham known upon his death think that was a good idea?

Billy Graham was a good, kind, and Godly man. He brought God to many people. For that they hate him.


I wish I was old and wise and had some answers. I don’t. I know you won’t find the answers by taking guns from law-abiding citizens, having people who know nothing about guns spewing nonsense about them and blaming people who had nothing to do with the shooting.

I know what I think about a lot of these issues and I know what I both think and feel about so many who say so much and know so little.

So I think I’ll stop now. I wish you love and kindness. If you watch MSM you would think it is only found on the left. I think you all know better.

This is, as always, an open

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