Wednesday Night in Philadelphia *Open Thread*

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Another night in Philadelphia  and all leading to the grand finale – Hillary’s acceptance screech speech.

I really don’t understand why the Progressive Party continues with the pretense of caring about religion. It’s all too obvious they don’t.

Call to Order: U.S. Representative Marcia Fudge (Ohio)
Invocation: Rev. William Byron
Pledge of Allegiance: Monroe Handy
National Anthem: Sebastien De La Cruz

There wasn’t a chance on earth that I would watch this celebration of dishonesty and corruption. Especially since Obama and Biden both spoke. I would rather set my hair on fire and put the flames out with a hammer than listen to either of them. Reading a transcript is just barely, bearable.

According to the liar-in-chief  “There Has Never Been Anyone More Qualified to Serve as President”. If you happen to believe him, since he seemed to give a pretty good speech, you probably still believe that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. He also tried to convince people that Tim Kaine was a great choice.

Obama said that Clinton’s VP pick should clear up any doubt about her judgment.  He added that Clinton is the most qualified candidate in the history of the United States.

Vice-Presidential nomination is scheduled. Oh joy, joy, joy I can hardly wait to see and hear Tim Kaine.

POTUS might have been thrilled with Hillary’s VP pick but the crowd? Meh. Kaine got a lukewarm reception from DNC’s liberal wing. Kaine spoke in generalities about party issues and sometimes in fluent Spanish. Still he wasn’t booed and most of the crowd cheered and waved their signs.

And there was something for everyone…


Then there was Biden’s speech. Crazy Old Uncle Joe outdid himself.   Joe Biden Addresses the DNC: “Obama’s One of the Finest Presidents Ever!” After he says something that delusional is there any reason to listen to anything else he had to say? And the Dems call Trump crazy? Funny isn’t it that for once that both left and right get it right?


Sheila Jackson Lee invokes Texas trailblazer in DNC address

“The universe is sometimes dark, but there are bright, bright, bright stars that light our way. They will guide us to a safer, more prosperous and more equitable America,” she said, saying Clinton and her running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, are the path forward.

“Stand up, Democrats, and see the light.”

Although Jackson Lee is known for saying stupid things, being a stupid woman, telling Dems to “stand up and see the light” actually leaves me speechless. If anyone, anywhere sees Hillary Clinton as the light…

I don’t understand why a black community filled with smart, decent, honest people elects fools like Hand Johnson and Sheila Jackson Lee. If you are determined to vote for someone with the right color skin at least try to find someone with other qualities. They are numerous.  And don’t admit, even to yourself, that it is racist to vote for someone because of the color of their skin. Racist whites are dying out. Racist blacks are increasing in numbers as the left convinces them that they are victims.

Some Berniebots still not happy about the way thing went. Guess they thought the Democrat way of picking their nominee was somehow more honest than the RNC. Silly Berniebots. Superdelegates have been the Dem way for a long time. Superdelegate defection lost in 2008 for Hillary. Now they came back to Grandma and all is well in Superdelegate world. And the DNC. And the Democrat elite establishment.

According to the Daily Caller some Democratic Delegates  were Outraged Chick-Fil-A Served At DNC. Because nothing says unity like the PC chicken sandwich. Some people  live to be outraged about something.

A little Hillary whine to lighten the mood. What is it about Democrats that make them so like to play the victim?  What is it about the Democrat voters that makes them vote for such pathetic creatures?


 For an added touch of creepiness Video Emerges of Planned Parenthood President at Private DNC Party. According to reports:
Planned Parenthood hosted a very private Sex, Politics and Cocktails” party during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night where the group’s president expressed support for abortion and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
Because nothing says “Presidential” like abortion. Remember when Clinton used to talk about abortion being safe and rare? I do, vaguely. Evidently the rare part has been replaced by free.
I really don’t know what else to say about this convention that seems to be going out of it’s way to alienate 1/2 of Americans. Just as the RNC did to the other half.
I begin to accept what radio personality Steve Deace says: “We are many countries trying to live under one flag. I suspect it isn’t working as well as it once did and will soon not work at all. But that’s just me being pessimistic. After all reading and writing about two conventions in a row is enough to depress even an optimist.
I leave you with what I think shows the Dem Convention in all it’s tacky glory…

Not much different than the promises from the right.


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