“Prey Time”; Happy Time; And Touching Time *Weekend Open Thread*

March 28, 2015 by

Thank goodness it is the weekend. I swear, the level of frustration, irritation, righteous indignation, and downright anger as a result of the continued actions by this Administration just does not seem to end, does it? At least this past week brought a bit of a comeuppance to this Administration by Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl being charged with several major infractions of the Military Code of Justice, with more possible before this is all said and done. Then there is that whole “whatever you want, Iran!” mentality we have seen evidenced for a while, with the deal supposed to be done in a couple of days. Awesome, though there are still many questions for President Obama and this Administration for its decision to make this trade, including from actor/singer/veterans advocate, Gary Sinise.

The one bright spot was the announcement by Dirty Harry that he is oughta there come 2016. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Oh, and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is NOT happy with former Sec. Hillary Clinton since some more news has come out about those pesky emails. He is not the only one. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is also on the trail of the missing emails. Between those two, we might just get some answers. So the news isn’t all bad.

Since it is the Weekend, you know what that means: stories that are a slave to the soul as opposed to kicking up angina. And you’re welcome!

First up is a great story a fellow animal lover Facebook friend of mine had up. That would be the “Prey Time” piece. Now, you might not think the title reflects a piece that is a salve, but trust me on this, it is. From the Daily Mail (UK):

You would be excused for assuming there is only one possibly ending when a lone baby deer is met in the wild by a hungry tigress.

Tiger FawnBut this series of heartwarming pictures by photographer Souvik Kundu shows a tiger sparing the deer’s life and, instead of making it an easy snack, deciding to play with it and treat it like one of its own. (Photo by Souvik Kundu; Caters News Agency)

The moment occurred at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India with the confused tiger snapped jumping next to the tiny deer, nuzzling with it, and even carrying it gently in its mouth like a cub.

Crowds at the Maharashtra reserve gasped as they predicted the spotted deer fawn would face a swift and gruesome death at the paws of the giant feline.

Instead, the unlikely two appear to become the best of friends, with the gentle tigress tenderly playing with it, before leaving the deer unharmed to live another day. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

I am sure all those folks thought that this was not going to work out at all well, but instead, they were able to witness a little interspecies love that I think most of us could not imagine happening. Such a beautiful story, isn’t it?

When I was looking for a video to describe my elation over Sen. Harry Reid retiring, I came across a pretty darn cute video of very young pygmy goats. But it is the sequel to that video I have for you here. I DARE you not to laugh at these antics and the sheer cuteness factor:

C’mon, how ADORABLE was that?! I was literally laughing out loud, especially as they went racing across the board. The sound alone was cracking me up. I think I need about a DOZEN of those cute-as-can-be goats!

Finally, for your Weekend Open Thread, I have a bit of a bittersweet story for you. If I were you, I’d go grab the Kleenex now. I guarantee you, I cried watching the video below, courtesy of Huffington Post:

In case you can’t access the video, or don’t have the bandwidth, you can read the story here.

In any event, wasn’t that so touching? What a great gift the radio station gave this couple. What a First Dance they will NEVER forget, and how wonderful to have Ed Sheerhan sing it for them. And while this won’t take away the sting of the bride having lost her mother in such a tragic manner, the joy it clearly brought to her is beyond measure.

Ironically, this was not the first time I heard the song Sheerhan performed for them this week. Derek Hough and Nastia Lukin performed an amazing Rumba to it on Dancing With the Stars Monday night:

Wasn’t that just exquisite? What a beautiful dance, and what an incredible choreographer Hough is.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who the man was they showed at the end with a soldier in her dress blues hugging on him, that was Noah Calloway, a wounded warrior who lost both his left arm and his left leg above the knee. And yes, he can dance:

What you didn’t get to see is that Calloway had dedicated that song and dance to his girlfriend. What a wonderful gift to have her show up for him that night. Just a beautiful moment to see them reunited.

On that joyful note, I leave it to you. You know the drill, friends – feel free to share songs, or funny videos or stories, or the news of the day that’s got you riled up, or whatever. It’s your Weekend Open Thread.


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