“An Unholy Alliance” Reprised Due To An Unholy Alliance *Updated x2*


Update appears at the bottom of the post.

Back on August 16, 2010, I published the following article at my old site,”An Unholy Alliance“, reprised in large part entirety below. There is a reason why this is timely, which I will address at the bottom of the post:

In the recent special on an “honor killing” in Texas, an activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, spoke out about the treatment of women in Islam. Hirsi Ali knows a lot about how women are treated having grown up in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya. She has survived the genital mutilation that was (is) common in her culture (I chose not to put the tale of this act committed against Hirsi Ali, then a 5 yr old girl. If you wish to read about it, click here.).

But that is just the beginning of who she is. There is so much more to this woman’s remarkable life. In addition to the activism for which she is known now, she was elected to the House of Representatives in the Netherlands in 1992. Hirsi Ali has written and spoken out extensively about not only her life, but the lives of women in general living under Islam, a life of subservience, of subjugating much of what makes them who they are. She speaks of her mother’s life:

[snip]Like all Somalian women, she had been pressured all her life to suppress her personality, to sublimate everything to men and to God – to become what Ayaan calls “a devoted, well-trained work-animal”. [snip]

Hirsi Ali’s activism has not been without a price, though. She continues to live under a fatwa, even now in the United States, where she has to travel with armed guards to this day as a result of her outspokenness on Islam. But at least she is still alive. The director who worked with her on a documentary about women and Islam is not so lucky, as this article, “My Life Under A Fatwa” from the Independent UK highlights:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was stabbed into the world’s consciousness three years ago. One wet afternoon in November 2004, her friend Theo van Gogh – a film-maker, and descendant of Vincent – left his house and was about to cycle off through Amsterdam. But a young Dutch-born Muslim called Mohammed Bouyeri was waiting for him – with a handgun and two sharpened butcher’s knives.

Wordlessly, he shot Van Gogh twice in the chest. Van Gogh howled: “Can’t we talk about this?” Bouyeri ignored his pleas and fired four more times. Then he pulled out a knife and slit Van Gogh’s throat with such strength that his head was almost severed from his body. He used the other knife to stab a five-page letter on to Van Gogh’s haemorrhaging corpse.

Ayaan explains: “The letter was addressed to me.” It said that Van Gogh had been “executed” for making a film with her that exposed the widespread abuse of Muslim women. Now, she would be “executed” too – for being an apostate.

Her story is recounted in that article, and what a life it has been. I urge you to read the rest. It is quite a story indeed.


The following clip deals more with Islam in Europe, though Hirsi Ali does mention the United States. Still, what she says encompasses what is happening in the States:

An “unholy alliance” – WOW. The point she makes about the second type of liberal was breathtaking.

There is so, so much more to this woman’s life, and what she has to say. I encourage you to watch more of her interviews. She is quite something.


I understand well Hirsi Ali’s point that liberals like many of us do not want anyone to be subjected to the kind of discrimination African Americans and others (Chinese, Japanese, and Hispanics, to name a few) have experienced in the United States. I completely get that. But I think she raises some good points about how we cannot allow that to blind us to some realities we may not want to admit for fear of the historical reality some groups have faced here.

And yet, address these issues we must, with eyes wide open…

Now why do I bring this up now? Because Brandeis University just caved to the demands of Hamas-arm CAIR in rescinding its offer to present Hirsi Ali with an honorary doctorate. Yep. They sure did – CAIR. After they were able to force the University of Michigan (Dearborn) to not show the documentary, “Honor Diaries” at the university, they convinced Brandeis to not bestow this honor on this woman who has been through so much, and is a voice of authority on the treatment of women in Islamist societies.

Oh, and did I mention that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an Executive Producer of the “Honor Diaries” documentary? Uh, yeah. It’s all coming together now, isn’t it? CAIR hates this documentary for exposing how women are treated in Islamist societies, and they will do whatever they can to stop it being aired. It just disturbs me that Brandeis cared more about giving into them than honoring this woman who has done so much on behalf of women.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was on Megyn Kelly’s show Wednesday night (h/t to The Five), and had this to say about this very issue with Brandeis:

She is so powerful. I can certainly see why Brandeis University initially decided to present her with this honor. Their decision to rescind that? Yeah, not so much.

And get this: Brandeis gave an honorary doctorate to Amos Oz about whom Front Page Mag had this to say:

Brandeis University gave an honorary degree to leftist writer Amos Oz who described religious Jews as “Hezbollah in a skullcap.”

In one speech, Oz described, “A small sect, a messianic sect, obtuse and cruel, emerged a few years ago from a dark corner of Judaism, and it is threatening to destroy all that is dear and sacred to us, to impose on us a wild and insane blood ritual… They are guilty of crimes against humanity.”

In one of his essays, Oz wrote, “Israel could have become an exemplary state… a small scale laboratory for democratic socialism.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

And that was just the tip of the iceberg for what Oz had to say about Jews. But Brandeis – BRANDEIS – gave one to him but kowtowed to an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood to NOT give one to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wow. This is just appalling, absolutely appalling. Brandeis should be ASHAMED of itself for giving into these hate-mongering Islamists.

Again, how in the HELL does CAIR have so much influence in this country?? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. And as noted on The Five on Wednesday, where in the HELL are the feminists on this? WHERE?? Why are they not screaming their heads off over this decision? But no. There is nary a peep from those folks.

How about you? Feel free to add your two cents in on this or any other issues on your mind.

UPDATE: Phyllis Chesler had an outstanding Op-Ed on this very issue today in the Israel National News, “Honor Dishonored: Brandeis and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.” Just to give you an idea of how dishonorable Brandeis has acted, check out some of the other folks honored there:

[…] In 2003, Brandeis partnered with Al-Quds University—and did so, year after year, until 2013, when violent demonstrations broke out on the Al-Quds campus, replete with traditional Nazi salutes.

In 2006, the Brandeis community of students and professors did not protest the Distinguished Professorship Brandeis awarded to the “inflammatory” anti-Zionist playwright Tony Kushner.

In 2006, Brandeis also staged a “Voices of Palestine” exhibit. Seventeen paintings by Palestinian youths depicted their lives under Israeli “occupation.” This time, refreshingly, Brandeis students had the exhibit taken down because there was absolutely no Israeli perspective being exhibited.

This was not surprising. There usually isn’t an Israeli perspective exhibited. Kudos to these Brandeis students.

In 2006, Jordan’s Prince Hassan bin Talal delivered the keynote address at the Brandeis graduation. Students did not protest Jordan’s human rights record vis a vis the Palestinians (they massacred them in 1970), or in terms of torturing its own citizens, nor its abysmal record on honor-related violence, including honor killings.

Indeed, Brandeis students and staff did not hold Jordan accountable for its former systematic desecration of Jewish holy places and for its forcing the evacuation of Jews, many of whose families had been there for centuries, from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem in 1948.

Brandeis students did not create online petitions to debate the merits of choosing Jordan’s Prince as a speaker.

Here’s why. Arabs and Muslims have been and still are treated super-sympathetically on American and Canadian campuses. Jews and Israelis are not. Nevertheless, the false charge of “Islamophobia” is received as divine revelation on many of these same campuses. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

I encourage you to read the rest of this excellent piece.

Update 2: Ayaan Hirsi Ali has made available the remarks (abridged) she intended to give in the WSJ. Rather than add it on here, I will put it up on its own on Saturday.


11 Responses to ““An Unholy Alliance” Reprised Due To An Unholy Alliance *Updated x2*”

  1. Katherine B. Says:

    She is a brave woman and I appreciate that she continues to speak out, but I wouldn’t want her life. I wish she could find some peaceful existence in this country. And yes, where are the feminists at Brandeis? Afraid of offending Moslems, I suppose.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Yes, she is an incredibly brave woman. And she is speaking for many women who are treated worse than chattel in many of these societies. It is astonishing that universities would kowtow to those who are the ones who treat women so poorly rather than sticking up to them. Just amazing.

      And yes, feminists at Brandeis have been quiet abt this, but so have the professional feminists. As reported on The Five tonight, NOW refuses to address this issue. WHY? And how is that even possible that they would ignore how women are treated in Islamist societies? It is just incredible…

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Phyllis Chesler had this piece abt Ali and her response to the decision by Brandeis. That Ali sees this as a “shaming” speaks volumes, and she is absolutely right: http://www.phyllis-chesler.com/1277/islam-critic-brandeis-turned-honor-into-a-shaming

    I was glad to see that at least some folks there spoke up on Ali’s behalf, as Chesler noted at the end of the article.

  3. justine Says:

    Good column, RRRA. I also can’t believe how the US kowtows to CAIR (and other musilm groups). Can we avoid becoming like UK?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks, Justine. It really is astonishing how much influence CAIR has, isn’t it? I do not get this mindset of trying to appease people like that. It does not make one iota of a difference in terms of what they want to do to the USA, so WHY are we relinquishing who we are to try and make them happy? It just defies any reason and logic…

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    The “new” Feminists, aka liberals, don’t care about women or women’s rights. They care about liberal issues that are important to women like contraception. Because a “war on women” means NOT paying for their contraception as opposed to killing, maiming and basically enslaving women as is done in Muslim countries.

    Why have “feminists” devolved to these cheap excuses for espousers of women’s rights? I haven’t a clue.

    All I know is that the silence of NOW and all the other supposed women’s rights weasels tells us just exactly how much they care about women. We’ve known for a long time that they care nothing about conservative women – in fact they are among the most strident attackers of women on the right. And when Hillary dared to run against Obama – they attacked her mercilessly. Some feminists /s.

    Remember the cover of MS magazine with Obama being what a feminist looked like? http://www.thefrisky.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/21/Superobama_main.jpg

    Brandeis should be ashamed. Doubtful they are – just sorry about the firestorm their very bad decision has caused. Anyone who really cares about women’s rights will never contribute one red cent to this disgusting excuse for a University again.

    And anyone paying for an education for their children at this disgusting place should have second thoughts about that. There are many other universities that are just as bad – look around and find a place that teaches your children HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      You are so right, Marge. Having been a member of NOW for years beginning when I was young, I cannot BELIEVE what they have become. It is incredibly disturbing to me that these women, and groups, have remained silent on this, chose Obama over Clinton, and are so destructive to women with whom they disagree politically. They have lost all credibility as far as I am concerned.

      And oh, yes – I remember that cover well. I could not BELIEVE it when they claimed he was a FEMINIST. Are you KIDDING me??? The man who continues to pay women less in his White House?? Wow…

      You bet – if I had kids at that school, they’d be transferring tout de suite, no doubt abt it. Their giving an HD to Amos Oz would have done it anyway, but this offense, this “shaming,” as Ali puts it, is beyond the pale…

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    I just do not, I cannot understand why every women’s group in this country, left and right isn’t rallying to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her cause.

    What could be more a woman’s issue than genital mutilation? That seems to me to be a crime against nature and something ALL women can come together to fight. Where are the women’s groups? Where are their voices raised in outrage? We know they have those voices and the outrage because they use both often enough at the very thought that someone won’t pay for their contraception. I am stunned and appalled that so many women are so foolish and so clueless.

    • Katherine B. Says:

      Several years ago I was part of a panel speaking about Islam. I said there was nothing in Islam for women and gay people. I mentioned female genital mutilation and I had a middle class American woman in the audience challenge me about – wait for it – circumcision of infant boys. I was stunned. Women are more concerned about what happens to males than they are about what happens to females. She was willing to go right by mutilating young girls. That apparently wasn’t as important to her.

      It was one of those forever eye opening moments for me.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Thank you Katherine B. – you made my point for me, some women are simply clueless. It is so sad. I wonder did she think that baby boys are circumsized in mud huts with pieces of broken glass as happens to many little girls? Are they forever kept from knowing any sexual pleasure? That’s the whole point of genital mutilation isn’t it – to keep women from enjoying sex? This is a male domination tactic that women in some culture, and evidently our own feel is just dandy.

        I know I keep repeating myself but I just cannot believe that every woman in this country isn’t rallying to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I just can’t!

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Neither can I. I don’t even recognize what passes for “feminist” these days. It sure isn’t the feminism of my young adulthood, that’s for sure. Women USED to be very concerned abt female genital mutilation until, for reasons that continue to escape me, we got attacked by Islamic extremists and now no one can criticize them (meaning: they are winning when they are able to shut us up, like Brandeis and Mich. U. did in their capitulation). It simply defies logic.

          Speaking of women totally not getting it, there is a woman from CAIR who is also attacking Ali for her viewpoint. That is scarcely surprising – she’s from CAIR. But apparently she is being listened to, particularly in regard to “Honor Diaries.” WHY?? Why would they listen to HER and not Ali??

          Like I said, this is not the women’s movement of my youth, the one that was actually concerned with the fullness of being a strong, independent, unmutilated woman. Seems this new batch would rather focus on the poor baby boy having a circumcision in a hospital…

          Thank you both for your insightful comments on this issue. Katherine, sure wish I could have heard you on that panel!

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