Unlawful And Dangerous, Obama’s Immigration And Military Policies *Open Thread*


There are a number of issues facing the nation right now, but I want to focus on just two for now. The first deals with the real reason Obama is making the false “Impeachment” claim. The second is one about which you may have not heard at all, and that alone is dangerous since it addresses our defense preparedness.

To Obama’s erroneous drumbeat that Republicans want to impeach him, thus setting the stage for action that is both unlawful and which violates the Constitution. Ross Douthat lays it all out in a NY Times piece, “Obama’s Impeachment Game“:

SOMETHING rather dangerous is happening in American politics right now, all the more so for being taken for granted by many of the people watching it unfold.


What is different — more cynical and more destructive — is the course President Obama is pursuing in response.

Over the last month, the Obama political apparatus — a close aide to the president, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the “independent” voices at MSNBC — has been talking nonstop about an alleged Republican plan to impeach the president. John Boehner’s symbolic lawsuit against the White House has been dubbed “impeachment lite,” Sarah Palin’s pleas for attention have been creatively reinterpreted as G.O.P. marching orders, and an entire apocalyptic fund-raising campaign has been built around the specter of a House impeachment vote.

Anyone paying attention knows that no such impeachment plan is currently afoot. So taken on its own, the impeachment chatter would simply be an unseemly, un-presidential attempt to raise money and get out the 2014 vote.

But we know that is not all it is with Obama. It could never be that easy with him. Nope, it is more insidious than that:

But it isn’t happening in a vacuum, because even as his team plays the impeachment card with gusto, the president is contemplating — indeed, all but promising — an extraordinary abuse of office: the granting of temporary legal status, by executive fiat, to up to half the country’s population of illegal immigrants.

Such an action would come equipped with legal justifications, of course. Past presidents have suspended immigration enforcement for select groups, and Obama himself did the same for certain younger immigrants in 2012. A creative White House lawyer — a John Yoo of the left — could rely on those precedents to build a case for the legality of a more sweeping move.

But the precedents would not actually justify the policy, because the scope would be radically different. Beyond a certain point, as the president himself has conceded in the past, selective enforcement of our laws amounts to a de facto repeal of their provisions. And in this case the de facto repeal would aim to effectively settle — not shift, but settle — a major domestic policy controversy on the terms favored by the White House. […]

Obama has demonstrated, repeatedly, that he does not care WHAT the law says. He will do what he wants when he wants, the law be damned. Then he’ll blame his lawlessness on those darn Republicans. It is ALWAYS their fault. No matter that, as Douthat highlights, the Democrats controlled BOTH houses and the White House, and did nothing about Immigration. Who needs those kinds of pesky little facts, huh? Certainly not Obama and his henchmen (like Dan Pheiffer).

Douthat lays responsibility on the MSM for their acceptance of much of what Obama says, and offers this conclusion:

[…] This is the tone of the media coverage right now: The president may get the occasional rebuke for impeachment-baiting, but what the White House wants to do on immigration is assumed to be reasonable, legitimate, within normal political bounds.

It is not: It would be lawless, reckless, a leap into the antidemocratic dark.

And an American political class that lets this Rubicon be crossed without demurral will deserve to live with the consequences for the republic, in what remains of this presidency and in presidencies yet to come. […] (Click here to read the rest of this excellent piece.)

Douthat is absolutely right – if we ALLOW this president to violate the law, and the Constitution, we deserve everything that happens to this country.

And that brings me to what Obama has done, and is doing, to our defense preparedness. This piece in the Daily Caller was written by Joseph Miller (a pseudonym for a DOD official), Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States:

[…] The report is in, and the review of the president’s foreign policy is clear: If there is not an immediate course-reversal, the United States is in serious danger. (Emphasis mine.)

In 2013, the United States Institute for Peace, “a congressionally-created, independent, nonpartisan institution whose mission is to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflicts around the world,” was asked to assist the National Defense Panel with reviewing the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). The National Defense Panel is a congressional-mandated bipartisan commission that’s co-chairs were appointed by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

On July 31, the National Defense Panel released its long-awaited report on the effects of the QDR and delivered its findings to Congress. The panel pulled no punches — its findings were a scathing indictment of Obama’s foreign policy, national security policy, and defense policy. The panel found that president Barack Obama’s QDR, military force reductions, and trillion-dollar defense budget cuts are dangerous — and will leave the country in a position where it is unable to respond to threats to our nation’s security. This, the panel concluded, must be reversed as soon as possible. […]

Mr. Miller goes on at some length about just what the “Flexible Response Doctrine” is, and the importance of this doctrine not just on our present military forces, but our future military forces. You can click here to read more about it. He concludes his article with this clarion call:

[…] If the administration does not reverse course on its defense strategy and ask congressional Democrats to reverse defense spending cuts, then our nation will find itself in a position where it is unable to defend itself and could become the victim of terrorism on U.S. soil once again. (Click here to read the rest.)

Here is the bottom line: our nation is in big trouble, much of it directly due to the policies and actions of our current President.

I will leave the last word to Judge Jeanine Pirro:


5 Responses to “Unlawful And Dangerous, Obama’s Immigration And Military Policies *Open Thread*”

  1. GinaR Says:

    I believe that before Obama’s reign is over, there will be another terrorist attack within our borders, on a much worse scale than the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. That was perpetrated by two terrorists; what’s to come will be massive. Why? Because this president, who hates this country and who does not understand the ideology of terrorists and the depth of their hatred, has allowed terrorists into this country through open borders while reducing our ability to protect ourselves from attack. And he and his minion will blame Republicans and his lapdog media will dance to his tune and the ones who suffer will be the citizens of this country. Even if the Repubs win the Senate it won’t matter as long as Boehner and McConnell continue to be the Congressional leaders. They are both too inept, incompetent, and fearful to be the strong leaders this country needs.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Gina, I know you are right abt the number of terrorists who are coming into the country through our Southern border. This has been happening for a while, but since Obama and the Democrats have declared our borders open, all KINDS of people are coming through now.

      And it is clear that Obama’s allegiance is not to the country. Sadly, I have to say that is the case for all of the Democrats who cheerlead his abolishing our laws and the Constitution with his pen. Every single one of them has turned their back on the country for nothing more than party ideology. It is profoundly disturbing.

      I fear you are right, but I hope you are wrong abt the potential terrorist attack..

      Oh, and YOU SAID IT abt the “leaders” we have…

      • Katherine B Says:

        This is in response to your point about the Democrats in office. Did you see that video of Nancy Pelosi crossing the House floor wagging her finger at a Republican who was speaking in a breach of House decorum. Democrat Nita Lowry was caught on an open mic asking incredulously, “What is she doing?” This is the same Nancy Pelosi who made that incredibly ignorant statement that Hamas is a humanitarian organization because, “the Qutaris told me they were.” I do not underestimate Pelosi as one very successful scheming politician, but in recent days I have come to wonder if she isn’t under the influence of some mind altering substance.

    • foxyladi14 Says:

      I fear you are right Gina. 😦

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