What Else Is On Tonight? *Open Thread*


Yes, once again, President Obama is going to put himself on Prime Time to give yet another address that, by many accounts, is not going to be earth-shattering.

Oh, sure, Obama is going to demand that he be given $5 billion to train people in other countries and do with what he wants. Of course, because what is $5 billion anyway? I mean, it isn’t like he could be using that to shore up our military or anything. Oh, wait…Uh, yeah – he could, since he has been systematically dismantling it. But sure – go spend all that dough in another country. Makes perfect sense – if you are Obama. From the Daily Beast:

[…] The new fund, if Congress goes along, would be added to the administration’s Pentagon budget request for the upcoming fiscal year, inside what’s known as the Overseas Contingency Operations fund. (That’s the cash that’s supposed to be used to help fight America’s wars, and is not considered part of the Defense Department’s core budget.) Experts and former officials warned that unless the administration comes to Congress with detailed plans of how the money will be spent and why those tasks can’t be completed inside the Pentagon’s already-huge budget, lawmakers are not likely to sign off on the idea. The total lack of administration outreach to Congress so far is not a good start.

At West Point, Obama said he was “calling on Congress to support a new Counter-Terrorism Partnerships Fund of up to $5 billion, which will allow us to train, build capacity, and facilitate partner countries on the front lines”—from Yemen to Libya to Syria to Mali.

Lawmakers were surprised when the president said he needed them to help start the new fund, considering the administration had given them no warning and no details of the plan to spend the $5 billion they were being asked to disburse. Leaders of committees that will have to appropriate the money, in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle, told The Daily Beast there had been no briefings or consultations about the fund before its announcement.
[…] (Click here to read the rest.)

Well, of COURSE Congress wasn’t aware Obama was going to ask for the moon that kind of money as basically a Slush Fund. Why would Obama bother to include them in any of his decisions regarding the major-league threat ISIS presents? Sheesh, people, come on! As if…

According to The Hill, Obama is also expected to say this:

[…] The president is expected to use the speech to announce the expanded use of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq, as well as his administration’s efforts to build an international coalition to confront the terror threat.

The president is also weighing the possibility of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, as well as asking the United Nations to pass a binding resolution requiring governments to prevent the flow of foreign fighters to the region.

While Obama told the House and Senate leaders he would welcome congressional action that demonstrates a unified front, the president told the bipartisan group “he has the authority he needs to take action against (ISIS) in accordance with the mission he will lay out in his address,” according to the White House.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have called on Obama to better clarify his strategy this week, and the White House has said the president will offer a frank “assessment of this critical national security priority.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that whole “clarify his strategy” thing, but hey – good luck to them!

If Obama was actually willing to listen to anyone else besides the Frat Guys and Jarrett in his Administration, I would recommend these three men who live in my area, veterans all. From the Post and Courier:

[…] When Marine Corps veteran Andrew Kispert left the fight in Afghanistan for the last time in 2012 he was under no illusions that America’s war with Islamic extremists was over.

“It never crossed my mind that we were done – at all,” said Kispert, 27, who is now enrolled as a day-student at The Citadel.

“I believe my grandkids are going to be fighting over there at some point,” he added, “or at least deployed if they choose to join the military.”

With President Obama scheduled to address the nation at 9 p.m. Wednesday to lay out his response to the Islamic State insurgency in Iraq and Syria, Kispert and two other veterans of the recent ground wars say their experiences forecast that the uprising is just a continuation of the radical mind set they previously fought against.

Additionally, the three warn that the rest of America needs to realize that U.S. military involvement in the area will likely go on for the long haul – perhaps decades – based on their boots-on-the-ground knowledge.

“It’s a slippery slope,” said Robert Brimmer, 29, who served with the Army in Iraq and also is taking classes at The Citadel.

“You can put out this fire, but there’s going to be another one and another one. It might be in Iraq; it could be somewhere else,” Brimmer said. […] (Click here to read the rest.

In other words, we can’t half-ass this thing. We have to have real plans that deal with the national security of the nation, not the political futures of Democrats, or President Obama’s legacy. Real solutions for real issues, and understand they will not happen overnight.

So, Obama will be on the tee-vee tonight, but I have to say, I won’t be watching. I’ll read the transcript, thanks. I’d rather read my book, watch a movie On Demand, or adorable videos like this:

Or this:

Or maybe a baseball game, or anything besides Obama.

How about you? What do you think Obama will say? Will you be watching? What will you be doing instead if you don’t want to listen to Obama? Feel free to share that, fun videos, or other news of the day. This is an Open THread.


42 Responses to “What Else Is On Tonight? *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    I will not be watching either. First, I can’t stand the sight of his face or the sound of his voice. Not enough anti-nausea medicine to counteract his smarmy b.s.

    Second, You cannot believe anything he says therefore who wants to listen to a serial liar? Not I.

    I have some Forensic Files, Fixer Uppers and Mike Holmes on my DVR list and they are all far more honest and entertaining the current POTUS. Anyway, as soon as he’s done speaking we have all the pundits to tell us what he said and what he meant. Who needs him? He can just mail it in. Oh wait…

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Excellent points, Marge! Yep, right there with you. Love the cartoon, too!

      Yeah, I’ll see what’s on HGTV, or some of the free movie channels or look at On Demand. I have a great book I am in the middle of, so there’s that.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Great article, IMO, by Thomas Sowell.

    Mob Rule Economics


    I thought the following two paragraphs said all that is need to be said about the fools screaming about a “living wage”:

    If their work is really worth more than what their employer is paying them, all they have to do is quit and go work for some other employer, who will pay them what their work is really worth. If they can’t find any other employer who will pay them more, then what makes them think their work is worth more?

    As for a “living wage,” the employer is not hiring people in order to acquire dependents and become their meal ticket. He is hiring them for what they produce.

  3. HELENK3 Says:

    I will very busy reading my new free books. Could not have found that website at a better time

  4. Katherine B Says:

    I have been toying with the idea that maybe I could put Obama’s speech on Mute and activate English subtitles. Most likely I’ll be looking for re-runs of Law & Order.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Wow, that is a thought – but um, I am afraid I’d still be throwing things at the tee-vee, even if it is words I am hurling. 🙂

      But if you do, feel free to let us know! 😀

  5. cindyindie Says:

    I’m glad I have choir practice tonight, Cuz.
    Thanks for the post and cute vids!

    BTW, when Helenk introduced the subject of books the other night, I had just found some collectibles (on Amazon) from a series I read and LOVED as a child.
    The series was “The Childhood of Famous Americans” written by a school teacher, Augusta Stevenson. She wrote the first one in 1932.
    Most of the books had orange hardback cloth binding, with black printing, and black silhouettes inside, instead of the regular illustrations. They were SO well-written that I remember many details included in them. My two favorites were Ben Franklin and Daniel Boone. She must have been an incredible writer to hold my interest in those two stories, since I was a prissy Southern belle-city girl!
    Anyway, I’ve ordered those two collectible books to share with my grandsons…I can’t wait!
    Augusta Stevenson also wrote the biographies of famous women and blacks….Way ahead of her time!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, good for you – you will be “making a joyful sound” rather than listening to a boring one!

      Very cool abt the Stevenson books, Cindy. That is so neat! Glad you could find them, and so glad Helen shared that link!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I remember those books! I was a voracious reader as a kid and can remember those “orange” books even now when I forget why I left one room to go into another.

      My dad was still in the army and we moved so often that I tired of leaving friends behind and stuck with the friends I found between the pages of a book.

      History was always one of my favorite reads – I seem to remember Molly Pitcher and Clara Barton among others from Stevenson. Thanks for the walk down memory land. It was at about that time I “discovered” Andre Norton and she soon became my favorite. I think I will return to those books. The Witch World series was my favorite there.

      Books are still my haven in times of stress and since losing my beloved Katie Bird I think I’ve kept Amazon in the red all by myself.

      I’m swallowing Dean Koontz, Brad Thor, and Elizabeth Moon in giant gulps.

      Thanks again Cindy for jogging the memory. I will enjoy some old favorites once again thanks to you.

      • Katherine B Says:

        I was wondering how you were doing after Katie Bird’s passing but didn’t want to ask for fear of re-stimulating your grief.

        As far as escapism goes, you may want to try Daniel Silva’s books about the Israeli spy/art restorer, Gabriel Allon. I’m reading The Confessor right now and it’s a page turner. I find Silva is a little less violent than Thor.

        Best to you.

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          Thanks Katherine – I’m always open to new authors and a protagonist that is an Art Restorer sounds fascinating. Amazon here I come!

          I am coping. It’s difficult because she was such a part of my life. I miss her so. Therefore I hide in the pages of a book until I can cope.

          It will get easier but never easy. If you don’t love them enough to hurt when they’re gone you haven’t loved them enough is how I feel.

      • cindyindie Says:

        Marge—You’re so welcome! Isn’t it amazing how the memory of those particular books evokes such wonderful feelings ….Nostalgia is good for the soul!

        By the time I entered 3rd grade, I was on my FOURTH elementary school….My daddy moved us around a lot too, because he was in church work……….so I know what you mean. Someone asked me one time how I can so easily sever ties with people who offend me. Ha! That’s simple! I had to leave so many friends behind when I was a child, so leaving an offending person is easy! You really learn the art of separation, quickly, when you have experiences like yours and mine…. And you also learn not to pout about it.

        Thanks for your comment….and I’m SO sorry about your Katie Bird. Bless her heart, and yours, too.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Reading is such a good way to take a break from it all – grief, politics, life. Such a gift to be able to dive into a journey and see where it takes you.

          I am currently reading “The Time Between,” by Karen White. Much of it takes place on our little island, and I actually got to meet her at our local bookstore for a signing. Anyway, it is a great story – riveting, in fact. I had just finished up one of Linda Fairstein’s books in her Alex Cooper series and was waiting on a shipment from Amazon for the next in the series. Very good, and all because m friend, Gina, had sent me one of her books.

          She had also suggested a Daniel Silva book, Katherine, which I liked quite a bit. I have to say, though, I love the Baldacci/Thor genre of books and read them when they come out, as well as the Kathy Reich “Bones” series, Tess Gerritsen’s “Rizzoli and Isles” series, and Janet Evanovich, who is laugh out loud funny, IMO.

          Anyway – right there with y’all on being an avid reader. I read the entire Chaim Potak series available at the time, C.S. Lewis, all those folks, when I was a kid. When we went to the beach every summer, my dad always made sure there was no tv there. Instead, we would all go to the library and get a bunch of books to take. My mom instilled that love early, early on reading Winnie the Pooh to me, and I am forever grateful for that…

          And Marge, I know one never gets over the loss of a beloved pet, but I hope the pain is lessening as the joy of memories increases. If not now, in time…

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            Another reason I love it here – not only animal, and bird people but book people too. Life can be so good.

            • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

              Yes, it can be, Marge – and so glad you love it here. Heaven knows, I love having you here!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          I thank you also for an insight I never thought about. I too have been asked how I can simply cut people out of my life if they add nothing to it or if they cause pain and anger. Like you I learned to move on. Guess even though I thought I was finally settled in one spot for many years – I am still moving on emotionally. Never thought of it that way.

          • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

            Cuz and Marge, it does help reading of your experiences. As you (may) know, my partner is an Army brat. I read a book some time ago abt what it is like for children whose parents are in the military, or move a lot, like yours, Cindy. The ways in which you cope, the making new friends fast, and being able to just walk away from them, can be good mechanisms to have. They can be tough, too, I understand, and a tough way to grow up. But it sounds like you have found a big-time upside, Cuz!

          • cindyindie Says:

            Marge and Cuz—Thank y’all for the discussion! I appreciated it.

            I’m off to choir………………!

  6. HELENK3 Says:


    you gotta love him

  7. HELENK3 Says:

    my get away books are
    any book by Julie Garwood or Janet Evonivich. I can read and reread these books and laugh and just enjoy a world away. For my wicked amusement the Fern Michaels sisterhood series works wonders

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I am unfamiliar with Julie Garwood. I’ll have to look into her. Right there with you abt Evanovich. She is SO funny…

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      More new, to me, authors to check out. Thanks Helen. I often need time “away” from this world for many reasons. And laughs are always needed and wanted. Be well girl, we need more like you.

  8. HELENK3 Says:

    If you can find them the MASH books are great. they continue the stories after the people get home. I remember laughing out loud on the EL on the way home from work. I know people thought I was crazy.

  9. HELENK3 Says:


    they moved the teleprompter

  10. HELENK3 Says:


    even NBC could not swallow his bs

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Well, that is certainly saying something! From everything I have heard, it was a whole lot of hot air and not a lot of real action. What else is new?

  11. HELENK3 Says:


    Ted Cruz on backtrack’s speech

  12. HELENK3 Says:


    you can not be syrious

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      It is APPALLING that Obama is trying to re-write history and absolutely REFUSES to acknowledge that these are RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORISTS. As has been noted numerous times before, ISIS includes the term “Islamist.” THEY call themselves that, and are proud of it!

      This continued pandering to these terrorists and to Islamists is what continues to put us in danger. Is all of Islam like this? No. But there is NO DOUBT these people come from Islam. Obama just shows how weak and inept he is every time he tries to make this argument.

  13. HELENK3 Says:


    instant reaction to backtrack’s spew

  14. HELENK3 Says:


    King Putt’s Islamic state of Denial

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      No kidding. It is truly disturbing. Why in the world would ANY country willingly join in with someone as weak and ineffective as Obama who, yes, cannot even call these people by their name?

  15. HELENK3 Says:


    so now what?

  16. HELENK3 Says:

    because I need a break


    Nessie moved out of Scotland

  17. HELENK3 Says:


    nowhere man goes to war

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      These are such great links – I do have a new post up, and Katherine was just mentioning abt the UK not going to join us. I am going to share the link you left on this, with credit to you, of course! We’d love to have you at the new post on 9/11. 🙂

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