Lies Upon Lies – Obama On ISIS *Open Thread*


Katherine posted a really good comment about ISIS and their march on Baghdad, a march our own media has failed to cover. That is just a tad disconcerting, isn’t it? Both that they are on the move, and that our media continues to be derelict in their duty. I know, I know, what else is new?

But also disconcerting are the allegations from a Pentagon Official about Obama and how he has dealt with ISIS as well as what he has told us about ISIS. This official, who writes under the name, Joseph Miller, had this to say to the Daily Caller:

[…] President Barack Obama has taken a lot of flak since his Sunday night “60 Minutes” interview, in which he blamed the intelligence community for his failure to tackle the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. And that is right and proper. Because not only was his excuse of blaming us a lie, but when questioned on his lie, White House press secretary Josh Earnest doubled down with a whole new lie — both of which are easily, publicly proven false.

On Sunday, Obama said the intelligence community had underestimated the rise of ISIS, saying in an interview with CBS, “Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” (RRRA:More on Clapper below.)

But we know that isn’t true, as nearly a dozen administration officials have testified to the threat posed by ISIS publicly over the last year.

The fact that the president chose to use the word “they” instead of “we” immediately drew condemnation from friend and foe alike, who saw it as the president’s attempt to pass the buck.

To mitigate the fallout, Earnest’s office issued a statement stating that, “…A lot of that [decision-making] was predicated on the will of the Iraqi security forces to fight for their country.”

But this was also not true.

Oh, what a surprise that this President so misread what was happening in Iraq. Miller goes on to describe the situation and Obama’s response to it:

In 2010, General Lloyd Austin, then-commander of United State Forces in Iraq, directly informed the president that over 20,000 U.S. troops would be required to maintain the gains made by U.S. forces against al-Qaida and its affiliates, and to mentor the fledgling Iraqi security forces– because he knew they were not ready to go out on their own.


Instead of investing any time in negotiating the agreement, the Obama administration used the Maliki regimes refusal to grant immunity as a political out for withdrawing all U.S. combat forces from Iraq by the end of 2010. That saw the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces and the end of Operation New Dawn, the successor to Operation Iraqi Freedom. It also saw the rise of ISIS, and brings us to where we are today.
[…] (Click here to read the rest of Miller’s important piece.)

Indeed, that is where we are today. And as noted above, while James Clapper, the Director of Intelligence has had some major issues, he did not deserve to be thrown under the bus by the President on ISIS, especially considering the following from Fox News (via

The top U.S. intelligence official, in a memo to staff obtained by Fox News, praised his analysts for their work bringing attention to the Islamic State’s gains over the past two years — as Republican lawmakers likewise jumped to their defense after President Obama claimed they “underestimated” the threat.


“It wasn’t for lack of information, we all knew about it for years,” Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., told Fox News on Wednesday. She claimed lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee, on which she sits, “gave it to the administration and said, ‘wake up, there’s something very serious happening.'”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has been left in a difficult position, with Obama pointing at him in his “60 Minutes” interview. In the interview, Obama said Clapper “has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

But in the memo to staff sent Tuesday, Clapper made clear his officers have been on the case for a while.

Uh huh. For two years our Intelligence Community, and our elected officials, knew that ISIS was a growing threat:

[…] But Clapper’s claims about how their analysts have been drawing attention to the Islamic State — also known as ISIS, or ISIL — for the past two years could fuel concerns that the White House was not taking those assessments seriously enough.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., has faulted “policy makers” for not confronting the threat.

Asked Wednesday about Clapper’s role, Rogers suggested Obama missed key briefings, telling Fox News: “James Clapper has a tough job overseeing 16 intel agencies. I am more concerned about the president and the missed intel briefings.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

You and me both, Rep. Rogers, you and me both about Obama’s missed intel briefings. This cartoon comes to mind regarding Obama’s briefings:

Obama's Briefing


And all of this attention to ISIS is important because despite our air strikes, ISIS is still on the move (again, as Katherine pointed out in comments from Thursday). The Independent UK (via AllenBWest) reports this disturbing advance:

[…] “The Islamic State are now less than 2km away from entering Baghdad,” a spokesperson said.

“They said it could never happen and now it almost has. Obama says he overestimated what the Iraqi Army could do. Well you only need to be here a very short while to know they can do very very little.”


The news comes amid reports of an emerging alliance between Isis forces in Syria and Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as the Nusra Front.

The group is the Syrian offshoot of al-Qaeda and has been fighting against the Assad regime in the civil war. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Well, that is just fan-freaking-tastic. I wonder who Obama will blame next, and what lies he will tell to try and minimize this? I am sure we won’t have long to wait to find out…

This is an Open Thread. Feel free to talk about any of the above, (former) Secret Service Director Pierson’s resignation, Ebola landing on our shores, or whatever news of the day strikes you.


53 Responses to “Lies Upon Lies – Obama On ISIS *Open Thread*”

  1. HELENK3 Says:

    backtrack sent ambassador to tehran to assure mullahs he stands with iran.

    just wish as president he would stand with America

  2. HELENK3 Says:

    this show started on this day in 1962. do you feel like we are there now?

  3. HELENK3 Says:

    Karma for her would be to have to live in Kenya under sharia law

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, yeah – things are SO bad in this nation for women. The ones who have made it worse are the Dems, and Michelle’s husband, for infantilizing women so much.

      What a piece of work…

  4. HELENK3 Says:

  5. HELENK3 Says:

    why the change?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Curious indeed, Helen. Between this and the respiratory thing, it is a bit disconcerting what is happening here health-wise…

  6. foxyladi14 Says:

    while we bomb empty buildings 😦

  7. HELENK3 Says:

    this is really not good

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      No, it sure isn’t. I continue to be amazed at how much we bend over for those who wish us harm, and stand tough against our allies. It is completely backwards…

  8. HELENK3 Says:

    this man is standing tall for marine in mexican jail

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I caught Williams talking abt this today. He was very emotional and passionate abt it. If only our gov’t responded the same way…

  9. HELENK3 Says:

    has our culture gotten so screwed up that no one takes their job seriously any more?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good grief – that is troubling. Clearly, there are some issues with personnel that must be resolved ASAP. Wow…

  10. HELENK3 Says:

    watched the movie Fort Bliss yesterday. It does make you think. Parents with children being deployed time and time again is not a good thing

  11. HELENK3 Says:

    there are no words

  12. HELENK3 Says:


  13. Katherine B Says:

    I’ve been feeling sad about the very public failure of Secret Service Director Pierson. She was the first woman to hold that position and after her dismal performance she may turn out to be the only woman. Until I read this article in the Washington Post, I wasn’t aware of her many missteps, not just the most public ones. You might want to read it and weep – especially the comment at the end of the piece about her replacement.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      What a fiasco! I am all for women in positions of power and responsibility. The Secret Service would be well served by having a woman, a competent, honest woman at the helm. This woman is another example of why I hate gender politics. A female bureaucrat is no better than a male bureaucrat.

      Enough with the diversity politica please! Just hire the best people and let the chips fall where they may. If the hiring is done simply on the basis of ability then we will automatically have “diversity”. And a lot more AA would qualify for positions if the left would quit helping them. And if they were allowed to go to a charter school instead of a public school.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks so much for the WaPo article, Katherine. It really is astonishing all of the failures and bad decisions Pierson made throughout her 18 month tenure. To want to make things more like “Disney World” during an important summit and take away security is astonishing. Just astonishing. What kind of attitude is that toward security? Especially in a post-9/11 world?

      I am sure this has been very, very difficult for those agents who have dedicated themselves to this work, to this agency, and to this country, to have someone who is essentially clueless abt setting up security tell them to take away systems they have in place to protect people, like Netanyahu.

      So, yes – it is sad that this woman had to resign so publicly, but it seems she NEVER should have gotten this position in the first place. This kind of agency needs someone who knows how to best safeguard the President, family, and the other work tasked to the Secret Service without capitulating and reducing security to make people feel better, especially in contradiction to recommendations. That is not a leader. Clearly, that is what the agency needs.

      And as you noted, Katherine, from what they said abt Clancy, he is not the man to do it, either. Congress needs to put partisanship aside when the next candidate is before them. They need to ensure that this person will do what is best for the agency, will clean house, will get this agency back shipshape, and will stand strong.

      Marge, you said it – let the best person win the job, regardless of gender. There are good women out there who know what they are doing – Pierson just wasn’t one of them, unfortunately.

  14. HELENK3 Says:

    this one is for you Marge

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thanks Helen – the great Michael Ramirez strikes again! And it’s one I missed!

      • Katherine B Says:

        I wish this cartoon was funny instead of accurate.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Uh, yeah – you said it, Katherine!

          Thanks, Helen!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          So do I Katherine. But when enough people are laughing at this dismal POTS, he’s finished. And that time is coming soon. Much of the ridicule he’s being subjected to would have not happened a year ago. He’s past his shelf life and the stench is becoming obvious to more people all the time. As is the stench of a biased media.

  15. HELENK3 Says:

    Netanyhu will be on Greta tonight

  16. HELENK3 Says:

    this is not good at all.

    I do not remember so many illnesses hitting at the same time before. Do not know if it is a failure of securing our border, but the timing is suspect

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Something is going on, that’s for sure. And it is hard not to consider the impact of those tens of thousands of children who poured over the border bringing with them all kinds of diseases, including ones we had essentially gotten rid of here. If indeed that is from where this came, Obama really set us up…

  17. HELENK3 Says:

    classless or just ignorant

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Seriously?? I’m going with IGNORAN, though one cannot rule out classless…

      A man who has a WIFE and two DAUGHTERS should sure know what the hell an Ob/gyn is…

  18. cindyindie Says:

    Thanks for the post, Cuz!
    I gotta tell ya, Honestlawyer and I cannot stop laughing at the “Hazards” Daily Pres. Briefing cartoon…! What a scream—yet SO true!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      😀 So glad y’all like that one! And yeah, sadly, that’s the only kind of briefing that means anything to him…

      Thank you!

  19. HELENK3 Says:

    gee how did this get forgotten?

  20. HELENK3 Says:

    I just like to hear him talk

    • cindyindie Says:

      Helenk—a good friend of mine used to babysit Matthew when he was a very little boy in Uvalde, Tx.( before his family moved to East Tex)…He said he was the cutest little boy!

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        That is cool, Cuz! I bet he was a cute little boy. He has a great accent, that’s for sure. 🙂

  21. HELENK3 Says:

    not sure if this true or tin foil hat theory

  22. HELENK3 Says:

    Thank God for Judicial Watch

  23. foxyladi14 Says:


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