Nothing Like Being Called A Racist First Thing In The Morning *Open Thread*


Ah, there is nothing like getting up in the morning, going about one’s daily routine of feeding the cats, dogs, and beginning the daily physical therapy regimen to open Facebook and discover that – SURPRISE! You’re a racist. That is basically what happened to me this morning.

A little background: December 3rd, on my Facebook page, I posted the letter from retired Senator Ernest Hollings (D), the same one about which I wrote the post, “Heed The Evidence…”. That inspired a lot of discussion, including one woman I was “Facebook” friends with because her partner is a dear friend of mine. Well, she had more than a few comments that made her worldview clear, including ones like this, with my response included:

Lisa: I have a differing perspective on where the aggression began. To my understanding in what I’ve read on many fronts, the incident in the convenience store was not typical behavior for Michael Brown. What I have said about this incident…is that, to me, this is a 180 degree separation from what good Community Policing should be. That perspective is coupled with my belief that there was systemic racism that had permeated this community for years with the population vs. representation in government/authority percentage numbers. I, personally, wish that Officer Wilson had handled this differently from the get-go when he saw the two young men walking down the middle of the street. That is my point. And, yes, I wish that the two young men had simply said…ok, officer, we’ll walk the two blocks home on the sidewalk. Not condoning any bad decisions…on the part of anyone involved!

: From everything I have heard, this was VERY typical behavior of Brown. He was not some innocent little child. He was a huge young man who assaulted a police officer from the get-go. Just how do you think this was Wilson’s fault? He asked these young men to get out of the middle of the road and up on the sidewalk. BOTH of them assaulted Wilson, hitting him, trying to pull him out of his vehicle, hitting him with the door twice, and going for his gun. How abt a little accountability for BROWN’S own actions?? That is the reason he is dead now – his own behavior. Regardless of whether you are convinced – with what evidence? – that Ferguson is steeped in racism is not the point. Brown was a criminal, his actions – HIS actions – led to his demise. Wilson had every right to defend himself, and he sure doesn’t deserve to lose his livelihood, or have his address exposed by a couple of sanctimonious NYTimes reporters looking for vengeance. This whole issue has been ginned up by the media to deflect from major issues facing this nation. This was not racism – this is what happens when you attack a police officer repeatedly and refuse to stop. (I just do not understand what people thought Wilson should do – hand over his weapon and get shot? Give Brown a hug when he was hitting him? What?)

Lisa: The fact that Ferguson was steeped in institutional and systemic racism is exactly the point! We can’t know…but, I would love to know how Officer Wilson would have handled this if these were two big white guys who he encountered. What I think Officer Wilson should have done is stayed in his car and followed the guys home…and/or if he thought that Michael Brown had been involved in a robbery…call for back up and handle it that way. If there had been a “dash cam” in the car…we’d all know more about what really happened with the “he said/he said” with all of the participants and witnesses. I’ll send you an article written by someone who has covered police and court cases/testimony for years and who raises questions about the logic of Officer Wilson’s testimony.

Never mind that her “starting” point did not match the FACTS of the case, or the realty of who Michael Brown was.

It went from there with not just my responses, but the responses of friends who took exception to her declaration of “institutional and systemic racism” in Ferguson, a claim for which she never provided ANY substantiation whatsoever.

Well, I just stopped engaging with her and let others deal with her. I didn’t want to say anything I would regret, or that might impact my relationship with her partner. This morning, FIVE DAYS LATER after my initial posting of Sen. Holling’s letter, and subsequent discussion, I was sent this private message:

The content of this article is what I’m talking about with systemic and institutional racism. I have steadfastly not called Officer Wilson anything but his proper name. I invite you to think about all that you know in your soul and heart and training and consider stopping the practice of calling black folks that you don’t know “thugs.” Blessings on the journey, Lisa

Wow. Just wow. Well, I did not “invite” her to do what I REALLY wanted to say to her, but settled for this:

And I invite you to examine your unwillingness to accept that these young men being glorified are far from being saints. Brown was a criminal. He assaulted a police officer in addition to committing strong armed robbery. I don’t call him a thug because he is BLACK because he is a criminal. You are making that leap, Lisa, not me. Perhaps you need to reflect on why you are doing so. And I also invite you to no longer contact me after just insinuating I am a racist.

So, she extrapolated from me referring to a specific person who committed a CRIMINAL act, and acted in a THUGGISH manner, as a thug to me referring to ALL “black folks” as thugs. That is some leap, is it not?

Never mind that it is completely erroneous. I won’t dignify her character assassination under the guise of worrying about my soul with any defense. There is no defense against attacks like that. She has diminished herself with such an assumption.

I will mention this, however: there is one of us in that dialogue who took this prescription from MLK to heart:

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

I’ll let you be the judge of which one of us that was.

Thanks for letting me rant. This is an Open Thread.


13 Responses to “Nothing Like Being Called A Racist First Thing In The Morning *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Good morning Rev – and glad you took time to rant. A good rant is often the best thing for the soul IMO.

    Far better than some sanctimonious hypocrite pretending to worry about your soul at the same time she’s calling you a bigot.

    Wow – the mindset of some people simply astounds me!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks, Marge! I appreciate that.

      And no kidding, huh? Unbelievably “holier than anyone else on the planet” mindset she was demonstrating there. Never mind that her character attack on me was based on ZERO facts. She assumed a great deal, and unlike many cases when “assume makes an ass out of you and me,” as my old driver’s ed instructor told me in high school, this is ALL on her.

      People. WOW.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Excerpt from a Michael Goodwin column that I’m betting you won’t hear about in the MSM. Can’t remember if I posted it before but if I did its still worth a second read IMO.

    Painful reminder of the risks cops face

    Among the many readers who believe Mayor de Blasio is risking public safety by smearing the NYPD, a letter from a cop injured in 2010 while arresting a man for illegal possession of fireworks stands out.

    “Eric Garner’s death is tragic, but resisting arrest causes the potential for injury or death to the suspect, police and innocent bystanders,” writes Jeff Fornarotto of New Jersey.

    “I was attempting to arrest a 325-pound man, along with two other officers, when he resisted, and I was knocked unconscious. I couldn’t drive for almost a year and had to attend JFK Neuroscience Center to learn how to walk straight again.

    “I still suffer from severe headaches, vertigo, short-term memory loss, and have had surgeries on my spine and shoulder. After almost two years of rehab, I had to retire.

    “The suspect, after a plea deal, went from a 12-year sentence to 364 days, and served only 10 months. He has been arrested a couple of times since.

    “Some justice.”

    Are you listening, Mayor de Blasio?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      GREAT article. Thank you for this. There have been a number of police officers killed every year, and a good number of them from gunfire:

      That this animus against the police is being ratcheted up by none other than the Top Cop is disgusting and abhorrent. Congress should impeach Holder NOW. He has shown he most definitely does not represent ALL Americans, not even close.

      Thanks again – my heart goes out to this officer for his injury, but also for the insult from de Blasio and his ilk.

  3. piper Says:

    I shouldn’t be amazed anymore by what people say from the comfort of their home in a safe secure neighborhood. By spouting the ‘in’ group propaganda you’re able to pat yourself on the back for being a ‘good’ person. As a thinking rational adult, I can now see how the nazis were able to change the mindset and behavior of decent citizens.
    Amy – excellent rant. So many people want to live in an utopian society but under whose rules. The truth, according to moi, utopia only exists in one’s mind.

    My one task for today is to figure out how to take 10,000 steps indoors. Really icky weather outside in Milw. county.

    • piper Says:

      BTW – Sheriff David Clarke is the only democrat that I have voted for in the last several elections. The democrats have been trying for a while to unseat him as he speaks off the reservation which as we all know is unacceptable. He is a hoot – I don’t agree with all his decisions / actions but like that he can be a thorn to some politicians/groups.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I love Sheriff Clarke – I didn’t realize he was a Dem, but yeah – from what I have seen of him of late, he is something else.

      It is stunning what people feel comfortable saying about, and to, others from the privacy of their keyboard? Just because I did not acquiesce to her very narrow, intolerant mindset immediately, and had the AUDACITY to state facts abt Brown (and Garner), I am a racist? Wow. Just freakin’ wow. People.

      Hey, good luck getting in all those steps, but better for you to be inside and safe, right?

    • foxyladi14 Says:

      Wow!!! Dats a lot A steps Piper. 🙂

  4. foxyladi14 Says:

    Rant on Amy good for the BP
    Last I checked Free Country Free speech….:D

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      LOL – well, it DID provide a good outlet for my anger, that’s for sure. Thanks for letting me vent!

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Great Thomas Sowell piece. I love how his articles always are filled with not just facts but with good common sense. Hard to believe sometimes that he’s an academic.

    Is Law Optional?

  6. Judy Says:

    This whole Brown/Wilson thing needs to be right of the feet of Obama and his AG, they have behaved like thugs from the first day in office. When the first black president should have been trying his best (as in Martin Luther King) to set an example for young black people he abused everything he could about the office in ignoring laws and congress. Obama and his bunch have done everything they can to set back race relations 100 years in this country. Before them we were moving slowly to everyone getting along regardless of their color.
    I lived in Ferguson from 1977 until 1994 when I moved to the country, and never saw that the cops in Ferguson were any different than cops anywhere. I lived in the St. Louis area for 25 years and cops were the same as Ferguson, Chesterfield or Berkeley. There are good and bad cops but most are just hard working people doing a job and trying to stay alive while doing it.
    I believe it will take another hundred years to get race relations back where they were before Obama took office. He is a thug because of his character, not the color of his skin.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Judy, thank you so much for this remark, especially in terms of how things REALLY are in Ferguson. As I said, Lisa gave ZERO substantiation for her claim of systemic and institutional racism there, especially in terms of the police department.

      And you are SOOOOOOO right abt Obama setting back race relations. It is going to take a long time to recover from the havoc he has wreaked…

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