Murdering Muslims Make Mayhem Over THIS?? *Open Thread* Updated


Update at the end of the post.

Two radical Muslim jihadists are still at large in Paris after killing 12 people, and injuring others. As we know, they attacked the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, for having the AUDACITY to print cartons they felt was disrespectful to Muslims and Mohammad. And this isn’t the first time they have attacked this newspaper for hurting their feelings. They firebombed them in 2011 for publishing cartoons they found blasphemous.

And just what were these cartoons that were SO offensive they warranted death, in the minds of these Islamist terrorists? Here are some of them, along with some other covers that targeted Christianity, among others. From Daily Signal:

Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo

Click HERE to see the rest at Daily Signal.

Wow. Honestly, as a person of faith, I simply cannot fathom the mindset it takes to get that worked up over some cartoons. It just seems incredibly immature and juvenile to be so rabidly intolerant of anyone else’s views but one’s own, and to react in a murderous rage over perceived slights. Then again, I think it is a hard concept for anyone who is accustomed to free speech, and freedom of religion. But that’s just me.

As we know, Charlie Hebdo doesn’t just go after Muslims, but Christians and others as well. They are equal opportunity offenders, in other words. It is just that the rest of us are capable of dismissing such silliness for what it is – silliness. You don’t hear about Christians declaring a fatwa against the “artist,” Andres Serrano who made this image (from Wikipedia):


Oh, there was anger about it, especially since this “artist’ received a bunch of taxpayer money from the National Endowment of the Arts, but no one tried to kill the artist over it. Why? Because we are a civilized, more mature people, that’s why. (H/t to Daily Caller for reminder of the photo.)

But there are those outlets who are blaming the victims here, saying they shouldn’t have printed these offensive cartoons. Huh? Why? Because appeasement, bending over, and tip toeing around these extremists has worked so well thus far?? I am sorry, but that level of naivete on their part, this concept that if we only modify OUR behavior to make them feel better they will stop killing us, is just ludicrous. It is idiotic. And it is fallacious. No amount of kowtowing has made a damn bit of difference in the way we are perceived or the lack of desire to wage jihad against us. It is time to grow the hell up already, stop blaming the victims, and start blaming the PERPETRATORS of this violence.

Simply put, we CANNOT allow these people to dictate to us what we can say or not say, what we can draw or not draw, what films we can or cannot make. We cannot allow barbarians to make this determination, nor those who think us bowing down to radical Islamists will make them all of a sudden act in a civilized manner. It has not, and will not.

This is not the first time that radical Muslims have targeted people or organizations for writing (Rushdie) or drawing (Charlie Hebdo and others) or making a movie (Theo Van Gogh) that depicts Islam or more specifically, the Prophet Mohammad, and sadly, it will not be the last. That is the level on which they are operating.

That said, we cannot, CANNOT, allow them to have the final word over what we can write, draw, or film. Why we would allow these kinds of barbarians to dictate to us defies any semblance of logic. And it highlights the complete uselessness of a Policy of Appeasement, as highlighted in this NY Post article: […] All along, French policymakers have been divided between a desire to make a deal with terror groups in the hope of securing immunity and the necessity of fighting them with all it takes.


Over the years, successive French governments have also arranged for the payment of ransoms in exchange for the liberation of over 100 French hostages in the Middle East and Africa.

In the context of a so-called “Arab Policy,” successive administrations have also banked on the illusion that, by casting France as the sole Western friend of “the Arab and Muslim masses,” they would buy security while also benefiting from business opportunities.

Thus, France was the first Western power to impose a ban on arms exports to Israel, and the first to allow Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization to open an “embassy” in its capital.

In 1996, a French refusal to put several organizations including Hezbollah and Hamas on a terrorist list prevented the adoption of a G-7 agreement on 45 measures to combat global terrorism.

In 2003, France did all it could to prevent joint UN action against Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

Last month, France also stood apart by voting in the UN Security Council for an Arab resolution to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a nation-state without a peace agreement with Israel.

Wednesday’s horror is a bitter lesson on the limits of this strategy of appeasement. (Click here to read the rest.)

It just does not work. Instead of us stooping to their level, we should expect, no, DEMAND, that they rise up to ours. If they are incapable, or unwilling, to do so, that is on THEM, and they can pay the consequences of their own actions. No more capitulation. No more kowtowing. No more bending over for people who are nowhere NEAR our level of civilization. It is just plain stupid to allow them to dictate to us, and we need to stop it.

Talking to you, Obama.

This is an Open Thread.

UPDATE: Since many of us appreciate good editorial cartoons, I must share this latest from Branco at Legal Insurrection. It is most appropriate, I think:



48 Responses to “Murdering Muslims Make Mayhem Over THIS?? *Open Thread* Updated”

  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Oh, amen to all this! For decades I have reluctantly tolerated offensive attacks on Christianity, pornography, and some neo nazi parades, because free speech is so important to who we are as Americans and to what we believe. We cannot go around legislating offense nor terrorizing people into silence, because that is simply the opposite of freedom. Yes, freedom often means things go on in the world that you do not approve of, you do not condone. So, you speak out against them. That’s how it works.

    Something that gets a little frightening about Islam, they don’t believe they are sinners redeemed by Christ, they believe they have to justify themselves, prove themselves worthy. The different mindset there is profound and the implications a bit scary. You get people who are wounded or dysfunctional, (LOL about 80% of us) and they’re simply going to interpret that call to justify yourself, to make yourself worthy, as a call to violently defend your faith.

    • kinthenorthwest Says:

      Haven’t we all!!! Just recently a Middle School student had their Bible taken for the day. The teacher said it was not appropriate reading for their free time reading.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Great comment, insanity. And you are right – we should not be in the business of legislating offense, which is why this recent story angered me, especially since NC is my home state:

      It is appalling to me that they settled and removed this flag because an atheist complained abt it. They have allowed the ATHEISTS to shove THEIR religion down the throats of others. Honestly, these kinds of atheists remind me of the intolerant, immature, juvenile Muslims who take offense at the least little thing – to a lesser degree, of course. But the courts here are allowing them to dictate to others, and to deny the rights of CHRISTIANS by making everyone jump through hoops to satisfy the one atheist who is ultrasensitive to memorials that have meaning for others.

      Make no mistake abt it – atheism IS a religious viewpoint, and by subjecting everyone to kowtow to atheists, they are allowing them to bully these groups/organizations/towns/schools and subjugate themselves to the position of atheists. It is obscene.

      I might add, these atheist organizations are confused – it is not freedom FROM religion; it is freedom OF religion, and that means CHRISTIANS and JEWS have just as much right to display symbols that are meaningful to them as atheists have to not display symbols. (And of course, not all, or even most, atheists act like this, but the ones who don’t have the same responsibility as moderate Muslims to speak out.)

      And Kin, that taking of a child’s Bible, which he was reading during READING time, speaks volumes abt what Christians are up against in the country these days.

  2. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Also, much appreciation to you and some other bloggers spreading those cartoons far and wide. That is exactly how you fight fear and hand it back to the perpetrators.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      My pleasure, insanity! I support every outlet that publishes these cartoons, and others like them. We cannot, CANNOT, allow these terrorists to dictate to us what we can and cannot print.

  3. kinthenorthwest Says:

    Thank you Amy for putting it out there..
    Like you said for years, Christians have been laughed at in almost everyway conceivable. Muslims on the other hand are supposed to be treated with kid gloves: Why??? I have read many times that Hedbo said that would rather die standing than kneeling down to Muslims and their terrorist threats.
    Strange that the left is refusing to even mention that it might be Muslims behind it all. This to me makes it ever scarier.
    Now Lindsay Graham is speaking out about it being a religious war.
    Well Duh…It has taken him this long to realize that. Meanwhile the Muslims Radicals have been infiltrating out country with the blessing of too many.
    I am not sure if I said it on here or not, but I do believe that the last batch of illegals were not who Obama and his people claimed them to be. Border patrol said in many interviews that the majority slipping across the border are not families, but males in their late teens and twenties. Where they are no one knows cause they were shipped all over the country and released. (I have a feeling that they are not here to get a job and make a better life for themselves).
    Howard Dean: Paris Shooters Were Not ‘Muslim Terrorists’

    Graham: ‘We’re in a religious war; Obama’s ‘campaign promises are getting a lot of people killed’

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Kin, that was the Editor of Charlie Hebdo who made the following statement: Stéphane Charbonnier, known simply as “Charb,” refused to censor cartoons in Charlie Hebdo that were offensive to some Muslims (Islamic doctrine prohibits portraying Allah or Muhammad on paper).

      “I would rather die standing than live on my knees,” Charb told Le Monde in 2012. (Read the rest here:

      Dean’s comments were idiotic. I’m sorry, they were. That was just stupid. His, and other liberals, attempts to distance ISLAMIST TERRORISTS from Islam is so telling. And it is appalling.

      • kinthenorthwest Says:

        When the Cartoonist came out yesterday with their tributes I kind of lost it.
        Thanks for the correction…
        Hopefully our country comes out of the darkness and wakes up before its too late.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Oh, not at all, Kin – I appreciate the opportunity to mention it again. THAT is what real courage looks like…

  4. kinthenorthwest Says:

    OK why is this type of journalism even tolerated in the US. Lawsuit does not equate to killing people no matter how you look at it.
    MSNBC: Falwell Suing Hustler same as Charlie Hebdo Massacare

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      That isn’t “journalism”, it’s just plain bullshit!

      A lawsuit is the same as murder? What is wrong with these people? They have passed P.C. a long time ago and have become facilitators of terrorism.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Good grief. Well, sadly, it isn’t illegal to be stupid or illogical, and many of those at MSNBC are both. But hey – they have every right in the world to say the BS things they do. Ugh.

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          Indeed they have the right. Any ounce of intellect or common sense would stop them from doing so. And lucky for us we have the right to think, and to say, what we think of their idiocy.

  5. HELENK3 Says:

    another shooting in Paris.

    Paris police officers wounded by man in bullet proof vest who escaped

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, no. That is disconcerting, to put it mildly. Are they going to have an attack on cops they way we are (thanks to the Professional Race Baiters)? Just terrible, Helen…

    • lyn Says:

      Police haters are everywhere. 😦 This is getting scary.

  6. foxyladi14 Says:

    Another great post Amy. 🙂

  7. Cindyindie Says:

    Cuz—Thanks for the post—I had forgotten about that Crucifixion and being funded by NEA…..
    And you’ve probably already discussed this, but that 42 yr. old Paris policeman they killed was a MUSLIM! Hello!! jeeze—they’re even killing their own!

    Honestlawyermostly said that what these muslims are doing is the 21 century version of The Crusades… Plain and simple!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks, Cuz – I remembered that there was a series of photos that were particularly offensive to Christians, and I think someone – cannot remember who – mentioned this one specifically. But I knew there had been some that were very upsetting to people. The taxpayer funding piece was a big part of that, to be sure.

      No, we haven’t focused on that piece in particular – thank you for mentioning that. Didn’t the cop tell them he was Muslim? Lemme go look…

      Honest Lawyer has a point, but then again, Muslims have been looting, sacking, killing, and taking over countries for many centuries, way before the Crusades. If memory serves (always a dicey proposition these days – ahahahahaha!), Mohammad said something abt them going into battle in the 6th or 7th* century. And they did. So this is not new to them, not even close. (I just looked that up, too, and yes, it was the 7th century, 624 according to this Wikipedia entry:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I think I found the original article that mentioned this photo – I hate not giving credit where it is due. I believe it was the Daily Caller (noted above in post now):

      I might add, the AP has now taken down the ad for this photo following the double standard – they refused to print the cartoons, but still had the ad up, which was the point of the article.

  8. HELENK3 Says:

    backtrack bypasses VA hospital in Phoenix.

    just as well, he would probably be as welcome by the vets as de blasio is to a PAL gym

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      But shouldn’t a man who is all about “optics” have realized that this was very bad “optics”? Especially since he did make time to visit Gabby Gifford.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Can you believe him? What am I saying, of course you can. This is perfectly in keeping with how Obama operates.

      And Marge, you’d think so, but I think it highlights how little regard he has for our military that he would make this choice. Then again, maybe it was better for our veterans…

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

    Terrific Daniel Greenfield article about the murdering Muslims. Instead of just spewing like the apologists on the left his article is peppered with facts. That’s going to really annoy them. It will not stop their spewing of nonsense but it will annoy them. Facts matter little to a liberal. If at all.

    I might have once been a Democrat, damn you John Kennedy for your wit and charm, but I was NEVER a liberal. She said in her own defense.

    Laughing at Mohammed

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Facts?? He uses facts? Yeah, that’s something they wouldn’t bother themselves with over there. Of course, that also means they won’t trouble themselves reading his piece, either… (And I admit, I was most definitely a liberal – a lefty liberal. I am over it now, though!)

      Thanks for the article! Going to go read it now…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I think what made it impossible for me to be a liberal was a friend who was a very left liberal. I could not wrap my head around so much of what she presented as fact. All too often I discovered that her facts were nothing more than her, or another liberals opinion. I have no problem with people having opinions, I have a great many myself, but I do have a problem with people presenting them as facts. And I do have a problem when people try to show those opinions down my throat as facts.

        Needless to say my former friend and I no long speak, write, email or phone.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          That’s exactly what I have discovered, Marge – the Left’s inability to separate opinion from fact, or, as you noted, to present opinion AS fact. It has really been eye opening. That, and the use of emotionalism to ratchet up support rather than using facts.

          Sorry abt your friend, though. Her loss!

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            I think it’s become a lot easier for all of us to find the “facts” now that we have the Internet and do not have to rely on MSM, local Media or local newspapers. Sometimes the “facts” are not what I want them to be. Too bad. Life often isn’t what I want it to be. Wanting does not make it so.

            As for the friend, I no longer miss her. I’ve found new friends who allow me to think for myself. I much prefer that to someone propagandizing me and then becoming angry with me when I don’t swallow the swill. Her never-ending anger is her own problem and I’m happy not to have to deal with it anymore.

            • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

              I can totally appreciate that, Marge. That is the kind of responses I often get from my sister, but unfortunately, I can’t unfriend her. I try not to engage with her around politics, but sometimes, I have no choice, like when she tries to take over a comment I make on Facebook or something.

              But I hear you – I bet you do much prefer not being treated like that! And her anger IS her problem. Well said!

              And yes – we are finding the truth out for ourselves now. Many of us are also capable of seeing through the smokescreens and red herrings the Left throws up to distract from what they are really doing and saying. Thank heavens for that, huh?

    • HELENK3 Says:

      stole it

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

    Andrew Klaven does it again. Too funny and all too true!

    Andrew Klavan: Republicans Are Smarter than Democrats —- and More Liberal Too!

  11. kenoshamarge Says:

    Since you are as big a Branco fan as I am Rev, I thought you would enjoy this post over at Legal Insurrection.

    .@afbranco’s Pen v. the Sword – #JeSuisCharlie

  12. HELENK3 Says:

    fundamental transformation indications of a country.

    yes it could happen here and the backtrack bunch is all for it

  13. HELENK3 Says:

    about that peaceful religion, not into free speech

  14. piper Says:

    • HELENK3 Says:

      • piper Says:

        Helen, thank you, learning another new program at my age is a bit time consuming. Really should be out blowing the snow around but don’t want to leave warm house and take off flannel jammies. Maybe I’ll just put down jacket on and reinforce the neighbors’ opinion of my crazy state.

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          I too must “man” up and get out of my warm jammies and into outdoor gear to clear the snow. Sun may be shining but it’s still colder out there than a well-diggers backside.

          We usually grocery shop on Friday and then go out to eat. I can only count on my energy lasting for that or the snow. And the snow must go. I am miffed.

          • piper Says:

            Stay warm my southern neighbor. Choices, choices.
            I went grocery shopping the other day, surprised by all the people shopping on an off day and the overall lack of my favorite brands. Hopefully trucks will arrive soon to restock the shelves and bins.
            Skipped my AM knitting group (great bunch of women who love to knit and laugh telling funny and racy jokes) since the roads haven’t been cleared yet. My burg does a nice job but the other cities in Milwaukee County do a kiss and lick job.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Wow, good one, Helen – thanks for that!

          Brrrrrr abt the snow and having to clear it! That is precisely why we moved fromt he Roanoke, VA area back down to the Charleston area – SNOW!!! It took me 3 1/2 hrs to plow our driveway (1/4 mile long up the side of a mountain) on a riding lawnmower with a snowplow attachment. LOVED the house, and the area, but yeah – I prefer to just visit snow for a weekend or something!

          Y’all be careful out there!

  15. HELENK3 Says:

    in another part of the world boko haram kill 2000 people and burn a city to the ground.
    not much on the news about this. wonder why?

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Good question. Perhaps most of the media is too busy trying to show that they, like Charlie Hebdo, have the courage to confront and defy the terrorists. Too bad they’ve already, for the most part, shown they don’t have the courage of the French satirists they usually deride.

      Cartoonist Michael Ramirez draws it better than I can say it.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Oh, my – that is terrible news, Helen!

        And Marge, I think that is PRECISELY why we have not heard more about this heinous crime…

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