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Much of the news today revolves around the non-war war resolution Obama has put forth to make Congress bear the brunt of his decisions. I am sure we will continue to hear more about this in the next couple of weeks.

Also in the news is the abdication of our embassy in Yemen. You know, the country whose leader Obama was just lauding as doing so well recently. Well, not only have we given up on our Embassy, but the State Department – the STATE Department – ordered the US Marines there to destroy not just the weapons at the Embassy, but their own PERSONAL weapons as well.

This very issue was discussed on Megyn Kelly last night with veteran Pete Hegseth reacting with outrage at such a move (h/t BizPacReview):

The sound quality wasn’t great, but Hegseth’s outrage was, and justifiably so. It is ASTONISHING how tone deaf this President and his Administration are regarding the threats around the world. Stunning. Just stunning.

This isn’t the only outrage over something Obama has said as he reveals his mindset. A Facebook friend who is Jewish shared this powerful article by John Podhoretz regarding Obama’s recent comments in his interview, “Anti-Semitic Horrors Don’t Exist In Obama’s World.” Podhoretz’s outrage is as powerful as Pete Hegseth’s over the disarming of US Marines by the State Department. To Podhoretz’s article:

[…] “The individuals who were killed in that terrible, tragic incident,” Earnest droned, “were killed not because of who they were but because of where they randomly happened to be.”

Take it from someone who keeps kosher: Nobody “randomly” happens to be in a kosher supermarket, not even in Manhattan.

But you didn’t need to take it from someone who keeps kosher, did you? You already know that the clientele of a kosher supermarket is almost entirely made up of Jews. You know this because you’re not an idiot.

Yes, if you want to find Jews, a kosher supermarket is the place to be on a Friday morning, as people are preparing for the Sabbath.

Since Earnest is the press secretary of the most important person in the world, I assume he isn’t an illiterate dope. Which means he knows this too.

So what he did was speak a vile lie, and a deeply dishonorable one.

No kidding. It was indeed a lie, and was indeed dishonorable. Honestly, I do not know how Earnest sleeps at night. Maybe he doesn’t, which would certainly explain the sheer assholic comments he has been making this week.

But it isn’t just Earnest exhibiting this kind of behavior as Podhoretz points out, but Jen Psaki’s, too:

[…] “I believe if I remember the victims specifically,” said Psaki, “they were not all victims of one background or one nationality.”

Asked point-blank by AP’s Matt Lee whether the Obama administration believes “this was an anti-Jewish or an attack on a Jewish community in Paris,” Psaki responded, “I don’t think we’re going to speak on behalf of French authorities.”

After a firestorm of criticism on Twitter, Earnest and Psaki both tried to pretend they hadn’t said what they said. “Terror attack at Paris Kosher market was motivated by anti-Semitism,” tweeted Earnest.

For her part, Psaki said, “We have always been clear that the attack on the kosher grocery store was an anti-Semitic attack that took the lives of innocent people.”

Well, no, you weren’t always clear, now, were you? […]

No, she was NOT always clear that the attack on a KOSHER store wasn’t anti-Semitic. Neither was Josh Earnest. And even worse, neither was President Obama. In fact, he STARTED this line of thought as a way to belittle or worse, dismiss, what really happened in Paris lest he have to lay blame squarely where it belongs: at the feet of radical Islamists. Podhoretz continues:

[…] So this is the exculpatory argument:

Obama stepped in it on Monday. He said something stupid and ill-advised. (After all, he had previously said the attack was an act of anti-Semitism.) And rather than walk it back, the administration’s blatherskites on Tuesday foolishly chose to step in it even more deeply by twisting themselves into pretzels on the “randomness” issue.

This is what Earnest and the White House want us to believe. In a late-afternoon tweet, Earnest said, “Our view has not changed . . . POTUS didn’t intend to suggest otherwise.”

But what if this is disingenuous and false?

What if the administration is now so committed to its bizarre assertion that the acts of terror in Paris and the horrifying butcheries of ISIS have not been perpetrated in the name of Islam that it chose to dance around the anti-Semitic agency of Islamist Jew-killers — until it was caught out, that is?

If this is so, the moral cretin is the man now resident in the Oval Office. (Click here to read the rest of this powerful piece.)

And that is the crux of the matter RIGHT there. That in Obama’s world, this isn’t an act of terror, but just some random violence that happened. Sad, but hey, that’s life in the big city, right? Wrong, as the Deputy Religious Services Minister of Israel, Eli Ben-Dahan, as reported by the Jerusalem Post:

[…] “This place was chose specifically, there is no doubt that there was a particular intention to harm these people because they were Jewish,” said Ben-Dahan.

“If you close your eyes and pretend that anti-Semitism and Islamist terrorism doesn’t exist it just leads to more tragedies. If you ignore the problem it will come back and hit you in the face and President Obama is ignoring reality,” the deputy-minister said.

“We’re in a very grave situation when the leader of the US, which is meant to be the leader of the democratic world, ignores reality and does not see with open eyes Islamic terror as it really is and how it appears in many places around the world.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Bear in mind these comments were made after Ben-Dahan attended a service for the four who were murdered. He knows damn well that these four Jews were killed because they were Jews. “Random” this attack most definitely was not.

Only in Obama-World can this terrorist attack, and other Islamic terror attacks, be seen as anything else. And that realization is disturbing as hell.

This is an Open Thread.


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15 Responses to “Not In His World *Open Thread*”

  1. kinthenorthwest Says:

    Great Piece and I do believe you are right about Obama wanting to be able to blame Congress for anymore of the conflicts that he gets our country in. I do hope that it will not be some type of open ended permission slip, even though Obama has already been doing what he wants with our military and overseas conflicts anyway.
    Do you all realize how many Military conflicts that Obama has gotten our country involved in without congressional approval since 2009? Several of the conflicts have even lasted way long than 90 days, which I understand means Obama does need approval. H3LL even Carter is Pissed about Obama willy nilly use of his powers and use of drones.

  2. foxyladi14 Says:

    I agree Amy. 🙂

  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    We have a new Defense Secretary now:

  4. kinthenorthwest Says:

    This is just an old short list of some of the conflicts Obama has gotten us involved in…
    Below are listed just a few..
    2011 – Libya. Operation Odyssey Dawn. Coalition forces enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 with bombings of Libyan forces. drain
    2011 – War on Terrorism. Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. military forces in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear.
    2011 – Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia.[15] This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.[citation needed]
    2011 – Uganda. US Combat troops sent in as advisers to Uganda.[16]
    2012 – Jordan. 150 US troops deployed to Jordan to help it contain the Syrian Civil War.
    2012 – Turkey. 400 troops and two batteries of Patriot missiles sent to Turkey to prevent any missile strikes from Syria.
    2012 – Chad. 50 U.S. troops have deployed to the African country of Chad to help evacuate U.S. citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui in the face of rebel advances toward the city.
    2013 – Mali. US forces assisted the French in Operation Several with air refueling and transport aircraft.

  5. kinthenorthwest Says:

    Thought you all might enjoy this trip down Memory Lane–Just take a look at all the guys in it..
    #BobDylan #GeorgeHarrison #TomPetty #EricClapton #NeilYoung #RogerMcGuinn #BookerT

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