It’s Derby Day, And The Weekend Open Thread


Dear heavens, what a helluva week we just had, huh? Riots, riots, and more riots, with looting, arson, assaults, and all kinds of criminal behavior was running rampant not just in Baltimore, but other cities across our country as people demonstrated against The Man, White Oppressors, and Racist Cops Across The Land.


But now that the States Attorney wasted NO time, and I do mean NO time, from getting the autopsy report to declaring the charges filed against the six Baltimore police officers involved in this untimely demise of Freddie Gray, drug dealer with a long rap sheet (NOT justifying anything here, I am quick to add, but since there is a startling lack of FACTS around who this man was, I thought interjecting some might be in order). Because there can be nothing untoward about that quick declaration from Ms. Mosby, I am sure. Yeah. Whatever. Hopefully, this will make people settle the hell down, though it is troubling that Ms. Mosby made this claim, as noted in The Hill:

“I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace,’ ” Mosby said to protesters, echoing a chant by protesters that has become popular during the wave of police killings of black men from Missouri to New York.

Um, and here I thought it was ALL about the evidence, not the demands of an unruly mob. But what do I know, right?

Someone who does, though, is a Law professor at Georgetown. This is what he thinks of Mosby’s charges, from the Daily Caller:

[…] John Banzhaf, who teaches public interest law, says that the charges announced by Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby on Friday “go too far.”

“I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death, since they seem to have no theory as to how it occurred,” Banzhaf said in a phone interview. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

And there ya have it from someone who would know.

One thing I do know is that Saturday is a mighty exciting day for me, and comes at a great, great time with the lunacy abounding in the world. Oh, yes – so excited about the beginning of the Triple Crown Season! There will be a full day of races, but the BIG one comes Saturday evening, and is it ever set to be a doozy of a race.

To begin with, there will be a HUGE field running the 141st Kentucky Derby tonight – 20 horses in all. That’s a lot of horses to be pounding down the stretch, I’ll tell ya. Oh, how I wish I could be there to hear their hoof beats, to feel the earth literally move beneath my feet. Wouldn’t that be something? Even if you aren’t a fan of the Sport of Kings, and I understand not everyone is, to see these amazing athletes give it their all, muscles rippling, snorting, and the beat, the beat, the beat, of their hooves striking the track. Oh, my – wouldn’t that be something? Makes my heart all a-flutter to even think about it.

What is particular exciting about this particular race is that famed trainer, Bob Baffert, has two of the top hoses in this race, American Pharoah, considered the front-runner, and Dortmund, who could also win. The possibility of a One-Two for Baffert is sparking all kinds of excitement about this race. Now, I will tell you up front I am rooting for American Pharoah because his jockey is Victor Espinoza. As noted in my Kentucky Oaks post, Espinoza is a friend of a long-time, dear friend, so I HAVE to go with him anyway. There are a couple of others I like, too: Condo Commando, and Upstart, to go along with Dortmund. I also like Frosted because, while he does have a great record and may well win (hey, it’s horse racing – ANYONE can win), he is just stunning. Seriously. That’s my main reason. I think he is unbelievably handsome. See for yourselves:

Isn’t he something? What a handsome face he has!

But he isn’t the only one who is something at which to look. The favorite, American Pharoah, is nothing to sneer at, I’ll tell ya. What a beauty:

Being “calm around the barn” is a good thing, but don’t let it fool you about what he can do on the track. He’s favored for a reason.

But like I said – it’s horse racing. You never know what is going to happen on any given day. What I know is it will be another great day of horse racing. Can’t wait to see who wins the first leg of the Triple Crown!

But for those of you who are not fans of horse racing, and since this is the Weekend Open Thread, I have a delightful story for you. This one also involves the police – and a two year old toddler. From the Huffington Post:

When officer Bill Mayo pulled over Jaxon Arbuckle last week, it wasn’t exactly the end of a hot pursuit.

Jaxon, a 2-year-old who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, had been playing in his toy car, when his mom, Ashley Crawford, decided to call in the cops, hailing an officer from a nearby fender-bender for a photo op.

“I thought, ‘How cute would it be if I got a picture of Jaxon pulled over?’” Crawford recalled to Yahoo. “I waited for [the officer] to finish up with his incident report and asked him if he wouldn’t mind turning the lights on and pulling Jaxon over.”

Sure enough, Jaxon dutifully pulled his red Little Tikes car over to the side of the road. Whereas any adult rues the day they’re pulled over, the toddler — despite having no license, registration or working lights — had a great time, his mom said.

Crawford told WHAS Jaxon very much enjoyed the interaction, and she has the photos to prove it. In one of the pictures, the toddler (pacifier in mouth) even gives the long arm of the law a high-five. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Here is one of those photos, when Jaxon dutifully pulled over (photo by his mother, Ashley Crawford):

Toddler Pulled Over

How cute is that? There are other photos from this “traffic stop” at the HuffPo article, and they are all cute as they can be.

And apparently, this isn’t the only occasion when police have “ticketed” the cars of little kids on the road, like the following from WSOC-TV in North Carolina (also from Huffpo):

Girls pulled over

Adorable! Nice to see the police having some fun interactions, and setting up good relationships for the future.

Since it is the big kickoff to the Triple Crown, and the Weekend Open Thread, you know how I like to include a little music. This one seems perfect to me. Hope you like it, too:

Aren’t they just amazing? Love watching them run. And the Natasha Beddingfield piece is nice, too!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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25 Responses to “It’s Derby Day, And The Weekend Open Thread”

  1. mcnorman Says:

    Gotta find my hat.

  2. piper Says:

    Finally, a warm day for a long bike ride. Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed day. Found this share on WZ – a long way down!!!

  3. foxyladi14 Says:

    I hope your Horse wins Amy!!! 😀

  4. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Jason Riley made an outstanding point on Special Report last night that a cop killing a black man is the EXCEPTION, not the rule. It is far more frequent for a black man to kill another black man:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I do like Jason Riley. He makes so much sense that its no wonder the blacks on the left and on the take pay no attention to him or attack him. You can often “see” his frustration with the dishonestly and foolishness coming from the left. Especially when it’s some silly white liberal explaining the “black” experience to him.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Oh, I am sure it makes Riley nuts. He is so smart, so calm, so well informed, it must drive him crazy to see what is going on in his community and the country at large…

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    And this is what Al Sharpton, Obama, Holder, Shabazz, those idiots in Baltimore, et. al, have wrought in this country:

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    SPOILER ALERT – if you don’t want to know who wont he Derby yet, stop reading NOW.

    Okay – so, American Pharoah (and yes, it is misspelled courtesy of a naming contest, they said on NBC), took the win. It was CLOSE, too, with Firing Line coming in second, andDortmund coming in third. Frosted, that handsome boy, came in fourth. The $1.6 million dollar Carpe Diem came in 10th (he has won back almost all of that in other races). It was exciting from start to finish!

    Oh – and 18 horses ran since 2 were scratched today. Just in case you are keeping score. 🙂

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Oh, SNAP – Dr. King, Alveda that is, had some words for Charlatan Sharpton:

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    Apropos of nothing in particular, from time to time George Will says something I find amazing. This is one of those things:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      ROTFLMAO – that is fantastic! Thanks for this, Marge.

      It was a much needed laugh as I am watching the news. Another NYPD police officer shot in the HEAD last night, ambushed by an ex-convict.

      I am getting so freaking sick of what is happening in this country. Just sick…

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

    This Bruce Bialosky piece expresses my feelings about the Clintons and much of the political scene these days. I have no doubt that politicians, some/most of them have always been seedy and greedy. But were they always so blatant about it?

    Obama spoke about the rich and about how much was enough? He might well have asked the Clintons that. And let’s see what the Obamas, who are made in the same greedy, seedy mold do after he leaves office. How much will he charge for his mediocre speeches. And how much will FLOTUS charge to spew her victimization whines?

    Was the media always so reluctant to report about these tawdry people? For that matter was the media always so seedy and greedy? We know there was once a thing called “yellow journalism” to describe this type of media. Now it seems there is little else.

    There Is Something Tawdry About It

    It just is unseemly. It is not just the Clintons, but the Clintons are the most visible purveyors of the activities. No one wants our ex-presidents or vice-presidents living in poverty, but we provide a nice pension and some really capable staff. Trading on your elected position after being in national office just seems so – tawdry.

    Tawdry is much a term out of fashion, but befitting the situation. It is defined as “showy but cheap and of poor quality.” Unseemly, which is defined as “not proper or inappropriate” can also be used here. But neither term seems to fit the age in which we live. The Gabor sisters used to be our little bit of flash and ostentatiousness. Now it is the Kardashians or the Osbornes or the Housewives of pick- your-city. An entire channel – Bravo – is dedicated to this elicit minutiae. But should the people who hold our most honored offices lower themselves to similar levels?

    There has developed of recent this ceremony of past presidents, vice-presidents and first ladies writing their memoirs. Book publishers throw huge dollars at these leaders and no one would begrudge them that. They certainly have a right to tell the story of their leadership experience from their point of view; and, if they are being paid significant money for that, no one really can state there is any quid pro quo in the process. That is purely a capitalist transaction where the publishing company thinks it will profit from the book sales. The obligatory tour for book signings cannot be questioned either.

    But one has to cast a jaundiced eye at a former president or first lady getting paid $200,000 or $300,000 to deliver a 90-minute speech plus question-and-answer period. This is especially true when some of these fees are being paid through colleges where fees are soaring for the students, and commensurate levels of student debt are out of control. Extracting these funds even if offered is highly inappropriate. Would it not be more appropriate for a former president or first lady to provide these educational institutions speeches for free?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Great piece, Marge. It is “tawdry” and “unseemly.” It just boggles the mind that universities would shell out this kind of money for ONE SPEECH when students are staggering under the weight of tuition, which goes up no matter how much money taxpayers give it. I imagine they see it as money well spent, but it also says a LOT that the Clintons or any of these other people, would CHARGE a college or university that much!

      And then lecture us on class-warfare.

      It is getting so hard to have hope for this country with the sheer lack of independent thinking, concern, or involvement by the majority of people not steeped in ideology. And then there are all these protests by people complaining abt their lot in lief here, where they get a FREE education at the expense of taxpayers, the one major area that helps one succeed, while stamping on the Flag of this great country. If they think their “democracy” is being thwarted here because they aren’t getting absolutely everything they want handed to them on a silver platter (not many in this world DO, I might add), and they think this country is so bad, they are welcome to go to someplace close like CUBA, and see how great things are there:

      Sorry – seeing this news abt the officer, these marches, all this manufactured outrage by “leaders” is wearing on me…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        It’s wearing on me too. I suspect on all decent, thinking people. For me it seems that my emotion “gear shift” is stuck on either “pissed off” or “WTH” all the time.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Exactly, Marge – that’s exactly it. Though sometimes I change that last letter to something else. Ahem. 😉 Still, when things look so bleak, and they do, the deer start coming into the yard, or the tide comes in, or someone posts videos like this to my Facebook page (Helen!):

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

    I’m not saying I don’t believe in “Climate Change” because I do. The Climate has been “changing” one way or another for as long as there has been climate. Global Warming? Not so much. The “facts” seem to dispute the whole “warming” meme. Thus the ideological worshippers at Al Gore’s Church of the rich and famous changed the name. Didn’t bother to be any more consistent with the facts, just changed the name.

    I am probably more of an “enrivomentalist” that most of the talking heads who blabber on and one about it. I recycle, I make and use fabric bags for groceries, I compost and I refuse to use harsh chemicals to grow my plants and will not use “Roundup” or it’s like to kill weeds. I don’t need some ignorant lefty telling me about saving the planet. I’ve worked on treating it well my whole life. More than can be said for the hypocrites who preach and then hop on a private plane.

    Remember: “Obama burned 10,000 gallons of jet fuel using Air Farce One to talk to 25 kids about the dangers of climate change on Earth day. Typical liberal logic. “

    Three Simple Facts that Scuttle the Global Warming Paradigm

    The putative climate “debate” that has been raging for the last thirty years or so has now reached the point of duncical irrationality. (I put “debate” in scare quotes since what we are observing is not so much a debate as an ideological crusade that brooks no resistance; in effect, a political jihad against those who oppose the Warmist orthodoxy.) The upcoming Paris COP (climate treaty conference) slated for December of this year, which Obama is expected to ratify, renders the situation increasingly urgent.

    The world’s leading politicians, abetted by the dubious claims of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are plainly eager to sign an accord which, if implemented, would lead to record levels of poverty and unemployment in both the developed and Third worlds. In the words [1] of Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) Tom Harris, “in formulating public policy on climate change, our leaders gloss over the uncertainties and close the door to evidence that does not fit the alarmist agenda.” There is little any concerned citizen can do but register his skepticism, doubts and defiance — that is, his resolute and fact-based denial, despite the social and professional stigma associated with being a “denier” and the threat of various forms of punitive action [2], especially in the academy. (See, for example, the “Statement on Climate Change” [3] professing allegiance to the IPCC signed by the faculty of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A & M University. Skeptics, regardless of their credentials, would never be hired in such a restrictive milieu.) By marshalling the reasons justifying such denial and disseminating them to the public, one hopes against hope to mitigate the disaster — not the so-called meteorological “disaster” of global warming but the economic disaster of uncertain science and crippling legislation — before it becomes irreversible.

    The claim that we have heard bandied about for years is that the “science is settled” — a malapropism if ever there was one since the central principle of scientific thinking is that science by its very nature is never settled. There is always more to learn, always something to revise, correct and expand, always the possibility of a paradigm shift, as Thomas Kuhn famously explained in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions [4]. The issue at hand is one of making decisions predicated on the best evidence available — the essential proviso being that the evidence is solid, authentic and comprehensive. This has manifestly not been the case in what has now become the global warming boondoggle, as we shall note shortly.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      So, so true, Marge. As I have noted before, I am ALL for taking care of the planet the best we can. Like you, I NEVER use dangerous things in the house OR in the yard. Even if I was so inclined – and I most definitely am not – we live on a marsh and tidal creek. Everything that goes into the ground here ends up going into the water there. With all the amazing wildlife out there – and in the house (ahem) – I won’t use anything that is dangerous tot he environment.

      Anyway – you are so right – there has ALWAYS been climate change – it is the way of the planet. But manufacturing data, or bludgeoning/bullying people with name calling if they don’t accept “settled” (no-such-thing) science, in large part to promote an agenda and make money for certain people, is just irksome (to put it mildly given all the regulations this Administration has issued as a result). To dictate scientific policy based on people’s FEELINGS is absurd.

      Thanks so much for this!

  11. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Oh, my word. There is a reason why my Philosophy adviser REFUSED to allow me to take a Sociology course. This Vanderbilt professor highlights that reason to a T. What a bunch of hogwash:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Hogwash is right. What I don’t understand is why anyone values the opinion of a “Philosophy” Professor. Another Ivy League nitwit.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        No, this one was a SOCIOLOGY professor who made these inane, race-bating,incendiary, divisive comments. It was my Philosophy adviser who refused to allow me to take a Sociology class to fill up hours my senior year because he thought Sociology was hogwash. He said I’d be better off taken an underwater basket weaving class than Soc. Seems he was right! 🙂

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