A Little Help Here? *Weekend Open Thread*


Is it just me, or does it seem like this summer continues to be chock full of political shenanigans on a number of levels?

Let’s see: we have Sec. Kerry down in Cuba raising the American flag over an embassy in this Communist dictatorial country, an act making Sen. Rubio mighty upset. We have Hillary Clinton and her scrubbed clean server being investigated by the FBI. The Iran “deal” is still being debated in a major fashion. And then you have the 214 Presidential contenders (or so it seems) crisscrossing the country to get out the word on their candidacies. Naturally, through all of this, President Obama is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard as is his wont.

But it is the Weekend, and thus, time to take a break from all of that as much as possible.

To that end, I have a few cool things to share with you.

I know it will not come as a shock to any of you who have been reading me for a while that I love animals. Absolutely love them, and cannot imagine a life without them.

What you probably don’t know about me is that had I not followed my calling to go into ministry, I likely would have ended up a Marine Biologist, focusing on cestaceans. I love whales from dolphins to the amazing humpback whales I have seen on whale watches up in Massachusetts. So this first story really touches my heart. From Daily Mail via IJ Review:

A group of young fishermen have captured an incredible selfie with a whale after it swam up and seemed to ask them for help removing plastic bags caught in its mouth.

The friendly whale nudged their boat as it made a surprise appearance in Middle Harbour, north of Sydney.

The men soon noticed the whale, which circled the boat and swam underneath it, was asking for help and pulled out rubbish bags and fishing lines stuck in its mouth.
Michael Riggio,17, took selfie snaps while his friend, Ivan Iskenderian, stretched over the boat to help the whale. […] (Click here to see the photos of the assistance the fishermen provided.)

Isn’t it amazing that these incredible creatures know that they can get help from humans when something like this happens? I mean, I know it is our fault THAT it happened, but still – how amazing that this whale found these fishermen to help. Watch below:

Isn’t that amazing? And what is more amazing is that, according to the fishermen, the whale flipped its fin at them as it swam away. Just amazing…

And here is something else that is amazing. A friend had the following video on Facebook the other day. When I saw it, all I could say was, “Whaaaat????” Here it is:

I cannot get over this video! I mean, we have a cat, Bou, who fetches. But for heaven’s sake, how this young woman got this cat to do this agility run is just astonishing. WOW!!

And not to leave you dog lovers out with an incredible video, check out this talented pup in a video Helen shared at my Facebook page (thanks, Helen!):

Absolutely adorable, isn’t it? Talk about energy – too bad they can’t bottle that, huh?

Finally, in a combination of a cute dog and killer whales, I have this story from EarthPorn:

Just this past weekend in the waters off San Juan Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, Kate and Jaycee Butler enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when a few playful orcas interacted with their dog, a yellow lab named Sailor.

The magical encounter with the endangered Southern Residents known as J, K, and L pods, and particularly one adult female, was captured on video from the bow of their 22-foot boat. Though the orcas can usually be seen here daily throughout the summer, this was an unusually positive “Super Pod Day,” with all pod members gathering to dine on the salmon in the area.

The real connection seems to have been with Sailor, who wagged his tail and seemed just as intrigued by the majestic black-and-white creature as the orca seemed to be with his presence.

The adult female turned upside down to inspect the boaters, and even flipped water onto them with her fluke.

Kate Butler remarked, “He didn’t bark throughout this whole encounter, and Sailor barks at everything. He was so excited that when we got off the boat he peed for 10 minutes.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Isn’t that neat? And here is a short video of the orca paying a visit to the Butlers and Sailor:

What an incredible adventure that must have been! Orcas are beautiful creatures, no doubt about it.

We got to see quite a lot of them on our cruise to Alaska a few years ago. A huge pod surrounded our whale watching boat, and stayed for hours. We ended up having to leave THEM as it turned out. What an experience that was. Here are just a couple from that pod:

Male orcas

Male orcas

Such incredible mammals, these whales. I do so love them.

But like I said, I love all animals, and you know I have a HUGE part of my heart taken up with – yes – HORSES. I have one last video for you, and that is this amazing aerial view of literally TONS of horses running:

My only regret about this video is that you can’t hear their hoof beats as much as I’d like to hear them as they thunder along. THAT is music to my ears. But still, seeing them all racing along is magical.

Okay, friends – that is it for me. What’s on your minds and hearts? This is the Weekend Open Thread.


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40 Responses to “A Little Help Here? *Weekend Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:


  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. foxyladi14 Says:

    Great videos Amy, And Marge I love the toons you post. 😆

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thanks Foxy. I get so annoyed, agitated and angry sometimes that only the cartoons keep my blood pressure down. Sometimes even toons ain’t enough.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks, Foxy! And I truly appreciate the great cartoons from Marge, too.

      And Marge, the one above is priceless. I totally understand!

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone. Watch it Punch it out of the sky – Australia (Eagle is Fine)

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    This is oh-so-telling, and oh-so-disgusting: http://allenbwest.com/2015/08/hillary-may-be-president-while-this-marine-hero-may-be-discharged-for-his-email/

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      It seems that every day I find another reason to be more disgusted with the government that is supposed to serve the people but instead serves itself. This story is so repugnant on so many levels. It really makes me loathe Hillary Clinton more. What has she done, what has she given to this country that even comes close to comparing with what that marine has given? I guess attempting to save lives isn’t as important as some damn politician saving their ass. And the asses in the media and other supporters that think that’s just fine.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Isn’t this just unbelievable? It is staggering, especially when you read how the two generals came to their decision. Even the writer for The Daily Beast was disgusted at how this decorated Marine is being treated by our nation when Hillary has managed to skate unscathed.

        There is somethign SO wrong with this…

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Are you kidding me with this??? This Administration is simply out of control, siding with the Palestinian Authority over American victims of terrorism: http://www.westernjournalism.com/obama-just-dropped-jaws-by-what-he-did-against-american-victims-of-terrorism/

  7. helenk3 Says:


    backtrack met bill on the golf course. this was a supposed accident and I am 21 years old and look like Linda Darnell

  8. helenk3 Says:


    a must read

    America’s greatness facing death by a 1000 cuts

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thank you for this – troubling but good piece!

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        So much of what is happening is so troubling. And meanwhile the big news from the media is that Bill Clinton and Obama met on the golf course and played a few rounds. WTH?

  9. helenk3 Says:


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Sorry Helen, not even for you will I watch anything the Trump POS has to say.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I saw a headline this morning that Trump said he hasn’t made any mistakes. Is that not EXACTLY the kind of thing Obama has said??

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

    Walter Williams on how we have turned our most precious resource – our children, over to a bunch of ideologues with no decency, no character and a religion of victimhood.

    Academic Fascists

    The leftist cancer on our society — funded by our own tax dollars.

    George Orwell said, “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” If one wants to discover the truth of Orwell’s statement, he need only step upon most college campuses.

    Faculty leaders of the University of California consider certain statements racism and feel they should not be used in class. They call it micro-aggression. To them, micro-aggressive racist statements are: “America is the land of opportunity.” That is seen as perpetuating the myth of meritocracy. “There is only one race, the human race.” Such a statement is seen as denying the individual as a racial/cultural being. “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” That’s “racist” because it gives the impression that “people of color are given extra unfair benefits because of their race.”


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      What a GREAT article, Marge. Williams summed it up beautifully. We have allowed educators to indoctrinate our children, and it ain’t looking pretty.

      Excellent – thank you!

  11. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    On a personal note, I want to share that today is Suzy’s and my 18th Anniversary of our Commitment Ceremony. And as of today, our marriage is also legal!

    A friend who is a notary (that’s all it takes in SC) signed our marriage license before we had dinner last night to celebrate. It is the legal acknowledgement of a relationship, a commitment, we made years ago in front of family and friends in our church. (Friends and family are complaining that we didn’t invite them, but we HAD the big church wedding, complete with reception and cake. While this is important, our wedding took place years ago. As Suzy said, “we acted in faith 18 years ago, and now we are legally married.” Exactly.

    Here we are after getting everything all signed and before we had a DELICIOUS meal at a French restaurant in Charleston :


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Congratulations you two! I hope there are many more celebrations to come. I hope to be around to send you a silver something on your 25th.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Thank you SO much, Marge! I certainly hope you are around in 7 yrs. I pray that you will be! 🙂

  12. kenoshamarge Says:

    Hillary Clinton needs a miracle to save her By Michael Goodwin

    Back in 1992, as a bimbo eruption threatened Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, he and Hillary rolled the dice with a “60 Minutes” interview. Looking tense and wearing a trademark headband, she supported him even as she insisted with a Southern twang, “I’m not sittin’ here like some little woman, standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.”

    Yet that’s exactly what she was doing — and it saved the day. Hubby went on to finish second in the New Hampshire primary, and in his “victory” speech, declared himself “The Comeback Kid.”

    And then there’s this:

    Headline: “CO Gov. Drinks Water Straight From Contaminated River!”

    Yes, and now he’s a human flashlight.

    Drinking from a contaminated river? How stupid a grandstand play was that?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good lord, what an IDIOTIC thing to do by the CO Governor! The heavy metals that are used in the gold mining process are extremely dangerous. That is one of the BIG problems with what they did – it will take a lot more time to clean those metals out of the sediment, if they are ever able to do so fully. I bet he grabbed it from the area they just cleaned as opposed to “downstream..”

      Ugh abt Hillary. She is no Bill, though. But then again, maybe Clintons hanging with the Obamas on Martha’s Vineyard will make everything better for her!

  13. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    The good Judge Jeanine lays out the case against Hillary Clinton and the whole email thing:

  14. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    And the response by Fox News to the implications that Megyn Kelly HAD to go on “vacation” after her questions to The Donald: http://www.ijreview.com/2015/08/393336-after-trump-said-megyn-kelly-went-on-vacation-because-of-him-fox-news-issued-a-very-blunt-statement/

    One comment said basically what I have been saying – if Donald cannot handle a simple question abt his previous statements, how in the HELL can he be President?! And why in the world would anyone want ANOTHER unvetted president, for crying out loud?!?!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Trump is just like Obama, everything is about him. And Brava that FOX stood up for her immediately. Also Yay that her ratings are better than ever.

      FOX helped create the Trump monster and are now having to deal with the foul thing.

      I watched Neil Cavuto every day for years. But when he had Trump on so often I decided it was time for me to move along. I’ve loathed the boorish Trump for years. That there are people I once thought had common sense supporting him saddens me. I thought that most on the right were smarter than the Obama worshipping lefties. Guess I was wrong again. 😦

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        That is what made Trump’s claim abt Fox so, so stupid, and anyone who believed it will believe anything. Fox has had him on dozens of times, especially on Cavuto. And they had him on every Monday morning on Fox & Friends.

        Good point abt how they helped create this monster, though. That said, yes, it is good that they are standing up to him abt Kelly. It continues to amaze me when I read comments abt her abt that question. It was a completely legitimate question. It is called VETTING, and is something the MSM refused to do with Obama. One of the comments said the same thing Suzy said – do these people really think someone like Candy Crowley would just let the sexist remarks go?? Uh, yeah, NO. Nor should she or any real journalist.

        Yet, Trump has his defenders just like Obama did/does. Doesn’t matter what he says or does, they will LEAP to his defense. Ugh…

  15. kenoshamarge Says:

    I am getting to like George Will more all the time. When I was a Dem he annoyed the hell out of me.

    George Will: Do We Really Want To Give Nuclear Weapons To Donald Trump?


    Better duck George, the Trump Monkey will be throwing some poo your way soon.

  16. kenoshamarge Says:

  17. kenoshamarge Says:

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