Burning Questions About Hillary’s Email Server *Open Thread*


In light of the recent news that the hackers of the Cheating website have made good on their threat to release the private information of the cheaters, it raises just a few questions about Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server hanging out in her bathroom closet.

That is precisely the question Sen. Ron Johnson has, according to the Daily Caller:

Federal officials and Hillary Clinton’s lawyers may not be the only ones with copies of the former secretary of state’s official emails, according to Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson.

Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, told FBI Director James Comey in an August 17 letter that he is “deeply concerned by recent reports that classified information in Secretary Clinton’s email may exist outside of the federal government’s possession.”

The homeland committee chairman wants Comey to explain “whether additional unsecured copies of classified information currently exists.”

Johnson also said he is worried that hackers, foreign governments or other unauthorized persons may have hacked Clinton’s emails. He asked Comey for answers by August 31.

I would say Sen. Johnson has good reason to worry if foreign governments have hacked into Clinton’s server. Heck, he probably has good reason to worry if ANY hacker got into her server. If the IRS could be hacked ON a government server, what are the chances that Clinton’s unsecure server could be?

But wait – the plot thickens even more:

[…] During the same time, another “backup server” was picked up by the FBI from a “third party” IT company in New Jersey that was under contract to Platte River Networks, a small Colorado IT company that signed a contract to upgrade and maintain her personal server system in 2013. The DCNF reported Friday that Platte River is not certified by the Department of Defense to handle classified material.

The Senate committee appears to be setting its sights on security at Clinton’s New York home, Kendall’s Washington office and the Platte River facilities.

Among 13 questions Johnson raised with Comey, one focused specifically on the troubling problem of hackers. Johnson asked Comey if there is forensic evidence that “Secretary Clinton’s personal email service may have been compromised by an unauthorized entity.”

The congressional source told the DCNF there are also multiple questions about Kendall’s decision to print out 30,000 emails that were delivered to the State Department.

“When they [Williams & Connolly] delivered the hard copies to the State Department, did they keep copies for themselves,” asked the congressional source. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Make no mistake – it is HUGE that this material, some of which was most DEFINITELY classified, and some Top Secret, was provided to an agency not cleared to handle such materials. And what about those print outs? Did anyone keep copies? So many questions, so few answers.

But here’s the thing. How in the world could someone who is supposed to be as smart, as accomplished, as experienced, as Hillary Clinton, allow ANY of this to happen? Seriously. How is it that she decided a private server was the way for her to go?

Charles Krauthammer has summed up that justification perfectly:

And that is it. She wanted control, she wanted to keep her emails secret, and she wanted to skirt the Freedom of Information Act. There you have it.

Which raises even more questions for her supporters, as this WaPo opinion piece by Eugene Robinson highlights (h/t Greta van Susteren Facebook page):

[…] But all of that is beside the point. If you accept the job of secretary of state, you inevitably surrender some of your privacy. Any public official’s work-related e-mails are the modern equivalent of the letters, memos and diaries that fill the National Archives. They tell our nation’s history and belong to all of us. Even if your name is Clinton, you have no right to unilaterally decide what is included and what is not.

So I wish Hillary Clinton would be respectful enough to say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” I wish she wouldn’t insult our intelligence by claiming she only did what other secretaries of state had done. None of her predecessors, after all, went to the trouble and expense of a private e-mail server.

I wish she would explain why, after turning over to the State Department the e-mails she deemed work-related, she had the server professionally wiped clean. The explanation that she didn’t want people prying into private matters such as “planning for [daughter] Chelsea’s wedding . . . as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes” is unconvincing. Does she have some secret yoga move she doesn’t want the world to know about?

And I wish I could be sure that Clinton is now, finally, doing everything in her power to ensure that any extant e-mails are turned over to the State and Justice departments. Unfortunately, I can’t. She stonewalled for so long — there’s no other word for her stance — that recent pledges of openness and cooperation ring hollow.

If Clinton now has political problems because of the e-mails — or, potentially, even legal trouble — it’s her own doing.


The legal questions could prove more troubling. It should come as no surprise to anyone with a brain that the work-related e-mails of the secretary of state would contain sensitive information. Clinton surrendered more than 30,000 messages to the State Department, and an initial review of just 40 e-mails revealed two that reportedly should have been deemed top secret. Unconfirmed reports — and common sense — suggest there are more. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

And it sure doesn’t help when Clinton continues to try and make JOKES about her server being wiped clean. Or when she tries to pull this act:

Clinton cartoon

A person worthy of the office she seeks does not act like this, and I hope that, come November, 2016, people will be smarter than to elect her. Heaven only knows what she would try to keep secret then…

That’s what I think. How about you? This is an Open Thread.

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28 Responses to “Burning Questions About Hillary’s Email Server *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    She and her silly answers, let alone the lies, about this matter have become a joke. A punch line. Once that happens, and once staunch libs like Eugene Robinson pounce you know the end is near.

    She may hold on by her fingernails and manage to somehow get the nomination from the Dems. I believe it was promised to her back in 2008 if she would be a good little girl and just shut up. In the meantime they would let her be SoS to polish her foreign policy creds. Except she didn’t polish them all she did was gather frequent flyer miles.

    Clinton is in a world of trouble and the fools that still support her deserve her.

    That said, if the GOP can manage to dump the Trump and get a credible candidate not named Bush, they could beat her.

    Since I am convinced that the PTB don’t want Walker my new dream is Cruz/Fiorina. They don’t want him either but he seems to be rising anyway. One thing you can be sure of is that the establishment will do everything they can to see he gains no traction. Thus Cruz and Fiorina as well as Walker, fight the establishment, the lefty media and the Democrats. That they have made it so far is a miracle in itself.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, WOW – great cartoon!!! That is it!!

      And I agree – though Robinson still thinks Clinton will get the nomination, the Reps would be total incompetents to not be able to beat her with all the shenanigans in which she is involved – total incompetents.

      I could go with a Cruz/Fiorina ticket easy. I agree that the MSM will still go after Cruz, but he is incredibly smart and a gifted orator sans teleprompter, and could run circles around the debate moderators.

      I would hate to see Walker go down, but I was hearing this morning he was supporting some of Trump’s Immigration thing, so I need to look into that to see if there is any truth to it, or just another competitor’s (Gilmore) attempt to take him down…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I’m sure that every candidate agrees with parts of what Trump is saying since much is what conservatives have been saying for years. Most of what he’s saying is what has been said on the right for years. Supposedly most of his “plan” was written by Jeff Sessions.

        Walker has been a little fuzzy about immigration except for saying we must have safe borders. Beyond build a fence and NO amnesty I don’t remember him having much of a policy.

        Most members of the Republican Party have been saying that for a decade or more. Trump and his supporters have hi-jacked all that as “his” ideas. Baloney!

        Jindal jumped on him for his health plan. Guess many of the candidates think the Trump insult and attack game is working so why not jump in the mud with him. Seems Reagan’s 11th Commandment is dead. With the exception of Cruz who refuses to attack other Republicans even the despicable Donald.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          This is abt what former Governor Gilmore was saying regarding Scott Walker: http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/gop-candidate-end-birthright-citizenship/2015/08/17/id/670537/

          And yeah, it is interesting that Sessions is the one who has helped orchestrate this plan.

          The discussions of “birthright citizenship” is interesting insofar as I know not all countries do that. The Caymans, for instance, do not. You are a citizen of whatever country from which your parents hail. Still, it would be a long, tough, slog to get any movement on this idea, I think.

          And there are options besides that, like giving a baby born here dual citizenship to stop the BS of bringing over every relative no matter how distant because the poor little baby can’t stay here on its own, as Suzy suggested to me over lunch. Instead of the infant staying here, send it to its mother’s homeland, and when s/he turns 18 or so, great – come on in and benefit from your citizenship. I think it’s a good idea, and any of the candidates are welcome to steal it.

          As for the attacks on other Republicans, it is a bit unseemly. If these people want us to take them seriously, and see them as people who can handle the pressures of the White House, they should be able to rise above this kind of name calling. One can disagree with the policies of others without attacking them personally. Ugh.

  2. helenk3 Says:

    another planned parenthood video released. it will make you cry


    • foxyladi14 Says:

      They all make me cry Helen. 😦

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I couldn’t even get through the first paragraph. This makes me so sick to my stomach, and HORRIFIED that people in this country act like this with such callous disregard for life…

    • mcnorman Says:

      PP is evil in the most perverse of all senses.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I agree, mcnorman. I just haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. It is so grotesque, so inhuman, so cold, so, yes – evil is the word.

        Thank heavens my governor, Nikki Haley, is going to have the abortion clinics in SC reviewed: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20150818/PC1603/150819347

        • mcnorman Says:

          The flow of money needs to stop. It’s like an std gone wild. Stopping the funding is a temp measure because there will be others waiting to take PP’s place under another “for women” ruse. PP has blood all over them. They can’t run from this.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      That this could happen in this country in this “enlightened” age is almost beyond belief. I thought only back in the dark days of Auschwitz and Dr. Mengele was it possible for such things to happen. And I thought that the disgust everyone felt for him and them and that time would keep it or anything like it from happening ever again. And twits are excusing it by saying it not illegal. As if something being legal was the criteria for what is right.

  3. helenk3 Says:


    something our government is doing that is not in our best interest

  4. helenk3 Says:


    think backtrack can get off the golf course long enough to have something done about this or is it part of his hope and change plan?

  5. helenk3 Says:


    RNC selling Hilary brand secret server wiper

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. helenk3 Says:


    this thing is getting deeper and deeper

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Yes, indeed it is. I almost added this as an update earlier today, but I may add it to the post I have planned for tomorrow. Isn’t this just incredible?

  8. helenk3 Says:

  9. helenk3 Says:

  10. helenk3 Says:

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