“Obama Is Destroying Our Military’s Fighting Ability From Within…” *Open Thread*


Thus proclaimed Major General Robert Dees (retired) this past weekend. The claims by Dees certainly seems to fit with some of the other news we have been seeing come out of late, especially about Sgt. 1st Class Martland, but I am getting ahead of myself.

First to Gen. Dees and his claims. From BizPacReview:

[…] Taking part in a panel at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, Army Maj. Gen. Robert Dees said the Obama administration is using the U.S. military for “social engineering” and the end result is damaging the nation’s ability to defend itself, according to CNS News.

“Not only are we losing physical readiness to fight, we have to fix the problem of moral readiness,” Dees said.

Since Obama was first elected to office, restrictions have been lifted on women in combat, homosexuals now serve openly and there’s an effort currently underway to remove a ban on transgender soldiers. And the president announced on Friday the nomination of Army Acting Under Secretary Eric Fanning as the first openly gay secretary of the Army.

“I think the moral readiness of our forces is even more important than the physical readiness, which is very low,” Dees told CNS News. “The moral readiness is degraded by social experimentation within our military.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Nowhere does this seem to be more prevalent than with the recent story noted above about the discharging of Sgt. 1st Class Martland for standing up to an Afghan Police Commander who raped – repeatedly – a little boy whom he had chained to his bed for a WEEK. Oh, and all this happened on a US Base, which is considered US soil. Yet it is the decorated Green Beret who is discharged, not the Police Commander thrown into jail and the key thrown away. There is something seriously, seriously wrong here.

Rep. Duncan Hunter had something to say about what has transpired with Sgt. 1st Class Martland and what is going on in the military. From the Kelly File:

Apparently, these incidences are more widespread than we are being led to believe. Forcing a girl – a 14 year old girl – to marry her rapist after he serves 1 day – ONE DAY – in jail, is abhorrent.

And Rep. Hunter was on FIRE about this issue. But this all flows from the top, does it not? As Rep. Hunter said, the Sec. of the Army could change this ruling, but he is chummy with Obama. In other words, don’t hold your breath on Sgt. 1st Class Martland’s being allowed back in for doing what the Military refused to do: hold this pedophile rapist accountable.

I hasten to add, I don’t cotton to vigilante justice. But it is hard to imagine a well-trained, stand up Green Beret, would not lose his temper when this child rapist is laughing about what he did, and for which he was going to get zero comeuppance. Frankly, it is hard to blame Martland for his reaction. That he has lost his career over this just boggles the mind…

It is precisely the moral decay Major General Dees (Ret.) referred to Kurt Schicter addressed in this Federalist piece:

The revelation that our generals expect Americans solders to allow screaming young boys to be sodomized and not stop it is simply the latest manifestation of the utter moral bankruptcy infecting the senior ranks of the U.S. military.

The problems with America’s military—which has now failed to win three wars in a row against backward fanatics whom the nineteenth-century Brits would have handily dispatched to hell in time for tea—are not merely budgetary. You can’t buy real leaders, leaders with strategic competence and moral courage. Aging equipment, while a problem, is nothing compared to the incompetence and moral cowardice of our military’s senior leaders.

Note the term “moral cowardice.” Many of these generals are decorated combat veterans who would gleefully charge an enemy machine-gun nest. But that physical courage in the face of the enemy does not translate into moral courage in the face of politicians and social justice warriors. It’s disheartening to see officers with Combat Infantryman badges and silver stars sheepishly nodding along with the lies of the coddled liberal elite.

That is just a sad fact that many of us, including me, need to accept. We all want to believe the very best of our military, to believe that they are stand-up, upright, moral people, especially at the top. Seems that is not the case, as the article continues:

[…] This is merely a symptom, though, of the greater moral crisis inside the military. It now appears that CENTCOM, the command responsible for losing the phony war against ISIS, was cooking the intelligence books to support the Obama administration’s policies. It’s hard to imagine General James Mattis tolerating that nonsense. As a warrior with integrity, he had no place in the current leadership and was fired as CENTCOM commander, apparently for gross competence.


Then there are the personal lapses. General David Petraeus slept with a subordinate and treated classified material cavalierly; not being a senior Democrat ally of President Obama, he was actually charged with a crime. Another general at the 82nd Airborne was court martialed for using his staff as a harem. In the least shocking development ever, neither general joined lower-ranking soldiers guilty of equivalent or lesser offenses in prison.

We have the greatest troops in the world, probably in all of human history. Fighting with old, worn equipment is a challenge, but that can be overcome. The lack of competent, morally courageous senior leaders can’t be. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

One thing is clear: we are losing our way in this country. It is being highlighted in the military right now as a result of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Mrtland’s discharge, and it is being highlighted by the Planned Parenthood videos depicting a barbarism that is SHOCKING in the 21st Century.

This cannot stand. This just cannot stand…

That is what I think. How about you? This is an Open Thread.


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52 Responses to ““Obama Is Destroying Our Military’s Fighting Ability From Within…” *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    If we needed to know more about the moral depravity of Planned Parenthood this article provides more ambition. Good article from someone who can speak from experience. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m keeping track of those that support Planned Parenthood. I don’t want to see them in office, any office. In fact as far as I’m concerned they aren’t even members of the human race.

    I Went To Planned Parenthood For Birth Control, But They Pushed Abortion

    I’ve always gotten an odd sort of pride from the response when I tell my Democrat friends I’m Republican. They’re always so surprised. I relish the “you’re not like the rest of them” comments that I receive, and try hard to convey myself as a constitutional conservative who cares mostly for the economy and not about what people do in their free time—in other words, I was socially liberal.

    Usually I lose my “cool Republican” card once I tell people I’m pro-life. It’s even shocked some people. The coolness evaporates once I note I do not stand with Planned Parenthood.

    “You don’t come across as anti-woman,” they say. “How can you have such archaic thoughts about women’s rights if you support personal rights so vehemently? PLUS, YOU’RE A WOMAN.”

    As with the marriage debate, I didn’t always fall squarely onto one side. As in that case, after weighing different reasons, I decided where I stand. Unlike with marriage, though, personal events have shaped my position on abortion.


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      supposed to be “ammunition” not ambition. Sometimes my brain and my fingers aren’t on the same page.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thank you for putting this up, Marge. It goes perfectly with this post to highlight the moral decay we are experiencing in our country.

      And it flies in the face of so much of the PPF/Left rhetoric, too.

      Thanks! (And I totally understand abt the fingers/brain, too! 🙂 )

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    A friend had this article at Facebool. It appears that whole “illegal immigrant child rushing to Pope” moment was completely scripted: http://www.youngcons.com/popes-encounter-with-child-during-parade-was-scripted-full-year-in-advance-to-promote-illegal-immigration/

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I thought it was. It was just too “perfect” timing wise. If the Pope is concerned about children, and I have no reason to suppose he is not, he should start by getting rid of each and every pedophile priest. Send them to “retreats” is necessary but don’t move these predators from one parish to another. The church has been more concerned about protecting the church than the children and that is unacceptable.

      Funny how all those on the left that were so irate about pedophile priests now keep silent when they think a liberal is Pope. Hypocrites to say the least.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        It is just a tad ironic, isn’t it? Like their completely ignoring that the Pope is Pro-Life. They just ignore whatever doesn’t work for them and make it seem like it just doesn’t exist.

        And where are these same people who scream abt Pedophile Priests when it comes to these Afghan commanders enslaving boys as sex slaves on US military bases?

        I reckon we don’t even need to ask abt where they are with the infant body parts – they just focus on the messengers and not the message.

        Yep – “hypocrites” at the least indeed…

  3. helenk3 Says:


    this trial not getting the attention it deserves from msm. I wonder why?

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      The MSM likes to choose what news they feed to us. This trial points out things they don’t want people to know.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        It says so much that it has taken FIVE YEARS for this trial to get going. I bet they were trying to run out the clock until Obama was out of office. Since they couldn’t do that, the MSM won’t cover it…

  4. helenk3 Says:


    per soros, it is Europe’s fault that there is such chaos in the muslim invasion . he is a prime example of only the good die young

  5. helenk3 Says:


    the Chattanooga Five

    this was not covered by the msm and it should have been

  6. helenk3 Says:

    a very useful product in today”s world


  7. helenk3 Says:


    gag me with a spoon. Chris Matthews really can not be this stupid can he?

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    Trump Pretty Much Says He Supports Universal Health Care During 60 Minutes Interview

    As with anything with Trump, he was light of details; a facet that has no detrimental impact with his die-hard supporters that have kept him at the top of the GOP field for 11 weeks, even when he said he supports universal health care (via 60 Minutes).

    The uninsured person is going to be taken care of. How? How?

    Donald Trump: They’re going to be taken care of. I would make a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people. And, you know what, if this is probably–

    Scott Pelley: Make a deal? Who pays for it?

    Donald Trump: –the government’s gonna pay for it. But we’re going to save so much money on the other side. But for the most it’s going to be a private plan and people are going to be able to go out and negotiate great plans with lots of different competition with lots of competitors with great companies and they can have their doctors, they can have plans, they can have everything.


    “Their going to be taken care of” isn’t a plan, it’s rhetoric. And as with most of what Trump says there is no there – there. How can people support this crap? What is wrong with them?

    • helenk3 Says:

      has anyone ever told him the government ‘s money comes from the taxpaying citizen?

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Apparently not. It continues to a,axe me how people do not,understand that the government does not have any money of their own. You would think someone running for President would get that at least…

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Big. Sigh. Wow, this is almost as good as his “tax plan…”

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  9. helenk3 Says:

    one picture says a 1000 words. look at the faces

  10. helenk3 Says:


    what’s up with this?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Uh yeah. That is mighty interesting, isn’t it? Hmmm. I reckon they want to make sure that no Reps can use them in their ads…

  11. kenoshamarge Says:

    Fiorina Pops the Liberal Bubble

    By Noah Rothman

    For millions of Americans who watched the second GOP presidential debate on CNN, the moment that briefly focused on the revelations exposed by a series of undercover videos featuring unsavory Planned Parenthood executives and practices was the first they’d heard of that metastatic scandal.

    While Fiorina’s rivals primarily burnished their conservative bona fides on the matter of stripping the abortion provider of its taxpayer-provided largess, Fiorina recognized the need to educate the public on the nature of that scandal. It is testament to her abilities as a communicator and the scope of the threat to Planned Parenthood’s privileges that the left has spent the weeks that followed the debate trying to discredit Fiorina and her attack on that favored liberal advocacy organization.

    “As regards Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes,” Fiorina declared as her voice reached a crescendo of indignation. “Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.”

    For this claim, Fiorina has become partisan Democrats’ public enemy number one. Over the weekend, a group of pro-Planned Parenthood protesters ambushed the candidate and pelted her with condoms. “Carly Fiorina offsides for telling lies,” the pink-shirted protesters chanted.

    The assault, and the level of anger that inspired it, should not have surprised any outside observers. This animus has been incubated by the fatuous and misleading coverage of Fiorina’s remarks. Her contention, liberals aver repeatedly, was entirely fabricated. In seeking to correct the record, liberals have only muddied it further.


    For once, or at least for this one candidate, there is no backing down and no apology or explanation. She said it, she owns it, and she repeats it.

    Code Pink lunatics end up looking like the fools they are. A topic this serious and they pelt her with condoms? Adolescent shenanigans are their stock in trade and only mean something to people as foolish as themselves.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Amen to that. She is NOT backing down on this as she demonstrated in her interview with the condescending Chuck Todd. She made quite clear to him that he was misrepresenting the videos. Good for her.

      Btw, a friend said the throwing of the condoms explains a lot abt how the Left understands birth control. 🙂

  12. kenoshamarge Says:

    Almost All US Temperature Data Used In Global Warming Models Is Estimated or Altered

    We have written many times about the fact that the temperature data used in the alarmists’ global warming models are not original data as measured by thermometers. Rather, they are “adjusted” numbers, consistently changed to make the past look cooler and the present warmer, so that more billions of dollars will flow from the world’s governments to the climate alarmists who serve government’s cause. This is, in my opinion, the greatest scandal in the history of science.


    Pope Francis may be a good and holy man. However he isn’t very well informed. If he is going to preach to the world on this subject perhaps he should know the facts. Faith is what we need for religion. Not so much for weather, climate forecasting. Repeating false hoods as fact rather taints both the message and the Pope.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Amen, Sister – preach it! Yes, that is exactly right, that the temperatures have been “adjusted,” and they APPEAR to be adjusted to fit a preconceived mindset. That is NOT how science is supposed to work. Introducing politics into it completely screws any conclusions they may reach…

  13. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Holy smokes – this is quite something. Getting an endorsement for Speaker from Paul Ryan is no small thing: http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/255162-ryan-backs-price-for-gop-leader

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thanks for this info Rev. The way most of media is acting you would think McCarthy as Speaker was a done deal. Not if Ryan and Hensarling are backing Tom Price. I’ll have to do some research on Tom Price. Can’t say that I know much of anything about him.

  14. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Kurt Schichter has an interesting article abt all of the candidates: http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2015/09/28/what-the-hell-is-an-angry-conservative-supposed-to-do-n2057057/page/full

  15. helenk3 Says:

    has anyone else noticed that every day there is an article about some school in America trying to shove islam down the kids throats?
    Why are they pushing for kids to accept a child molester? There is something going on in our schools and it is not good

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I did see an article today abt a school near Atlanta. They claimed it was part of the Common Core curriculum. This is the problem with it being pushed by the Federal Gov’t, and not being written by EDUCATORS.

      And apparently the same thing happened in TN.


  16. helenk3 Says:

    Report: Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC), reportedly willing to serve as acting House Majority Leader if Republicans deadlock – @ChadPergram
    See original on twitter.com

  17. kenoshamarge Says:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Holy smokes, Marge – maybe some folks will actually know abt this murderer and his practices now, and how little the media covered him…

  18. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Rep. Mia Love had the following at her Facebook page: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
    We are at a critical crossroads as a party and as a nation. The American people are looking for Republicans in Congress to unite and lead. Washington has continued to call for hardworking Americans to just “trust them.” I am more convinced than ever that it is time for Congress to trust the American people – and it will take the right leader in the right role to make that a reality. That is why I am asking my colleagues to join me in drafting Trey Gowdy to be our Majority Leader.

    Congressman Gowdy is the right person to serve as Majority Leader. He is the kind of smart fighter our country needs and the American people deserve. With impressive communication skills, genuine compassion and the tenacity of a prosecutor, he will unite the party and the people around a truly American agenda. Trey will stand up and speak out for the conservative principles and conservative policies that will capture the imagination of hardworking Americans and unleash the power of American exceptionalism. Trey will also not shy away from shining a light on the falsehoods and failed policies of the Obama administration. Congressman Gowdy is respected across the political spectrum and will help create clarity and focus for Republicans to lead the country into a better, brighter future. I invite my colleagues and Americans everywhere to join me in drafting Trey Gowdy for Majority Leader.

    Rep. Mia B Love


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      And Rep. Jason Chaffetz is also suggesting Gowdy to be Majority Leader. Wouldn’t that be something?

  19. helenk3 Says:


    a must read

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