Some Moderator, Flunking Out, Questions Remain, And “Sun”-ny Day


Wednesday night brings another Republican Debate and another opportunity for Republican candidates to shine. Well, if the CNBC Moderator allows it, that is.

Turns out the moderator, John Harwood, is blatantly partisan, and NOT fro Republicans. I know, I know – that isn’t exactly a newsflash, but according to Mollie Hemingway, Harwood “has no business moderating a GOP Presidential debate.” Hemingway notes that Reince Priebus proclaimed how the debates were going to be different this time around with moderators who were not Candy Crowley-types. But then, not so much, as The Federalist highlights:

[…] So permit me to ask the obvious questions: Why in the world is liberal journalist John Harwood moderating Wednesday’s Republican debate? And where the heck is his conservative media partner?

Wednesday night’s debate will be hosted by CNBC at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. It will be moderated by Harwood along with CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick and is supposed to focus on economic issues, though previous CNBC debates have strayed far from that topic.

Harwood frequently angers conservatives for his partisan takes on the news. I mostly laugh off his predictably liberal views because I don’t take him that seriously. But that only leads us back to figuring out why he’s moderating this Wednesday’s debate. Let’s just look at a few examples of how he covers news.

These Headlines Tell You Most of What You Need to Know

Harwood works for both CNBC and The New York Times. You can get something of a feel for his predictable but conventional liberal takes from the headlines of just his most recent pieces:

On the Economy, Republicans Have a Data Problem
Tax Plans of G.O.P. Favor the Rich Despite Populist Talk
Timing Gives Sanders a Lift in His Quest
Republicans Vow to Erase Obama’s Record, but Such Promises Are Rarely Kept
Outsiders Stir Politics, but Often Fail to Win or Govern Well
Angry Bent of Party Let Trump Rise
Bernie Sanders: A Revolution With an Eye on the Hungry Children […] (Click here to read the rest.)

But that ain’t even the half of it. Harwood is also mighty nice to Queen Clinton, attacks those who have issues with Obama’s policies as – you guessed it, RACIST – and much more, as Hemingway points out. Yet THIS is the man Reince Priebus okayed moderating the debate tongiht. Heckuva job there, Reince. Should be interesting to see how Harwood’s clear bias plays out during the debate tonight. Oh, wait – I meant, should be INFURIATING, but I would be happy to be proven wrong…

Speaking of the Republican debate on CNBC, Republican Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina had a good piece in the WSJ about Clinton’s claims on the economy. Suffice it to say, Clinton flunked. From the WSJ (h/t Facebook friend):

[…] We’ve had more than six years to watch the left’s prescriptions in action and the verdict is in: They don’t work. Under President Obama, the economy has been hobbled. The 73,000-page tax code is too complex to navigate without an army of accountants. The administration has added $7 trillion in new federal debt, and has doubled down on environmental regulations that crush business owners and farmers while raising energy prices.

And yet Hillary Clinton said on Oct. 13 in the first Democratic presidential debate, “The economy does better when you have a Democrat in the White House,” and she offers variations on that line when campaigning.

Whose economy is she talking about? The middle class has shrunk under the Obama administration. According to government figures and industry analyses, median-income households have lost nearly $1,300 after inflation, while the prices of food, health care and college tuition have risen almost twice as fast as inflation.

Those struggling to find work are increasingly out of luck: Labor-force participation for working-age Americans has fallen to 62.4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a level last seen in the Jimmy Carter-era recession. Millions have given up looking for work, and millions have fallen into poverty as a result. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Fiorina continues to illustrate just how wrong Clinton is in her assertion that the nation does better economically under Democrats. Talk about not just being out of touch with most Americans, but downright delusional. I agree with Fiorina: Hillary Clinton flunks big time on Economics.

Economics isn’t the only issue on which Clinton flunks. Her truthfulness, even under oath, is sorely lacking too. Of course, she is aided and abetted by the media, as Branco demonstrates in the following found at Legal Insurrection:


That about says it all, doesn’t it?

And that reminds me of the recent Benghazi hearing. Intrepid investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, notes there are more issues that have not been addressed, including a major one:

Uh, yeah – these people are paid for with OUR money, yet they are keeping this information from us. Shocking, not. I sure would like to know where the President was, too. It is far past time we had the answer to that question. Good for Attkisson for continuing to shine a bright light on this important issue.

And speaking of shining a light, time for some more photos from my most excellent Montana adventure. Today, we will be “Going to the Sun Road.” We were so, so fortunate we were able to see it when we did. We had planned on going later on in the week, but ended up going the day after we got into Montana, Sunday. Why? They were closing down the road up to Logan Pass on Monday. Thank heavens for a chance encounter with a couple of cyclists at the Hungry Horse Dam who informed us of that fact. Whew – it would have been a crying shame to have missed the sheer majesty and grandeur of these mountains and glaciers on the architectural marvel that is the road built back in the 1930’s:


Aren’t these glaciers incredible? Here is another:


This was taken at Logan pass, where the road ended at this time of year (Suzy took this one):


The view from Logan Pass:


Talk about Heaven, this is Heaven’s Peak:


It had been overcast often during the drive, but here, the sun breaks through:


After we had come back down from reaching over 6,000 feet, the sun was setting as we passed Lake McDonald:



That’s it for me. Will you be watching the debate tonight? Have other things on your minds? This is an Open Thread.


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33 Responses to “Some Moderator, Flunking Out, Questions Remain, And “Sun”-ny Day”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    I won’t be watching. I don’t watch anything on NBC is I can help it. And this, I can help. I have socks to fold, garbage bags to sort and am re-reading one of my favorite series, Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time.”

    And just to make my position clear on the choice of Harwood and Priebus allowing it, it stinks. Priebus is a Kenosha boy and this Kenosha gal ain’t happy with him one damn little bit!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      ROTFLMAO – you are so funny…I hear you!

      And yeah, it was idiotic for Priebus to EVER have agreed to Harwood…

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Trick or treat – Trump or Hillary – some choices are too much for even nose holding

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I have been yelling at the tee-vee every time they mention that Fiorina has gone down in the polls since the last debate. Well, of COURSE she has – the ONLY time they ever mention her is around a debate. They don’t show her campaign rallies, they don’t show her interviews, NOTHING. Unless it is Trump, Carson, Bush, or Clinton, or maybe Rubio ONCE in a blue moon, they don’t mention the others enough to count. Grrr.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        The media isn’t going to give Fiorina any of the “free” advertising they give to Trump and Clinton. Bush only gets a lot of notice when he says something stupid. Carson is so nice and has so little chance that they will cover him. In a debate Hillary would mop the floor up with him and they know it.

        Fiorina is a threat to the women’s votes Hillary wants to lock up. So media will dis her and ignore her. Slimy media tactics to support of their slimy candidate.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          It really is astonishing, isn’t it? I guess I have been giving women too much credit. The fact that Hillary is a woman seems sufficient cause for most women to vote for Hillary no mater what she has done or said. It’s embarrassing…

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            When women became as obsessed with men’s chest and butts as men have always been obsessed with women’s boobs and butts I stopped giving them credit for much of anything.

            The best part of a partner is their heart and mind. Looks are like a damn car with a shiny surface that runs like crap.

      • lyn Says:

        Yeah, and after Fiorina’s debate win, the knives came out. The pathetic U.S. media need a reboot.

        A Hillary supporter on Facebook posted a photo of Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski holding a sign that says: “You betcha & now.” I commented: “Go, Sarah Palin.” The Democrats are using Sarah’s language: Obama recently praised the U.S. women’s soccer team for fighting like girls.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Are you kidding me?? After they REAMED Palin for how she talked up one side and down the other, now they are QUOTING her? Oh, wait – I mean, “CO-OPTING” her language. Ugh. Good for you for your response!

          You are so right, lyn. I am sure it is hard for you to see how many of those in your profession act. I knew it was bad when we had to turn to the “National Enquirer” for real political news…

  3. lyn Says:

    Those are great photos, Amy! I miss my state.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks so much, lyn. I imagine you must – it is stunningly beautiful…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I meant to mention the great photos Rev. I was so far up on my high horse I guess I was oxygen deprived and I forgot. (My story and I’m sticking to it. Now that I’ve found that excuse it will quickly become well used.) 😉

  4. piper Says:

    My recyclables need sorting even though we throw all paper, bottles, cans etc. in the same barrel. After that I can sort thru my investments which are paying small dividends or is that minus sign indicating a loss or fees.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Ahahaha – great cartoon and comment. I imagine you will be mighty busy tonight! 😀

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Perfect cartoon Piper! And we will be doing something useful while the blah, blah, blah is going on. We can always catch the highlights and lowlights online later. Or we could tune in and have some pundidiot tell us what just happened.

  5. piper Says:

    BTW – your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing – brings back memories of my trip there in 2010.

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

    Paul Ryan: On Path to Job He Says He Never Wanted

    Rep. Paul Ryan has spent his entire life preparing for a job he says he never wanted.

    Ryan worked as a congressional intern in college, returning later to work as a paid staffer on Capitol Hill. By 28, he was a member of the House. By his early 40s, he was the chairman of the House Budget Committee and then the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. In 2012, he was a vice presidential candidate and a talked-about future presidential contender.

    This week, Ryan is set to become Speaker of the House, second in line to the presidency.

    I did not want Ryan to seek the job of Speaker. It’s a thankless task with attacks coming from both left and right and for a Republican a media that will seek to find even a perception of blood in the water to go after him.

    Some Dems are praising him which makes me think they seek to bring him down by convincing stupid people that he’s a RINO. He isn’t. Even though some of his positions make me angry with him I cannot and will not say something as foolish as that this man is not a conservative. Perhaps he’s not “conservative “enough for some but he’s a conservative all the same.

    I wish him well in a job he didn’t seek and didn’t really want.

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    Gowdy to Nominate Ryan for Speaker

    Rep. Trey Gowdy, a favorite of House conservatives, will nominate Paul Ryan to be the next speaker, a source close to the Wisconsin Republican told CNN Tuesday night.

    Gowdy, R-South Carolina, will deliver a speech inside Wednesday’s House GOP conference urging members to vote for Ryan. Reps. Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Jeb Hensarling of Texas will give speeches seconding Ryan’s nomination.

    This will hopefully assuage some of the trepidation that talk radio has whipped up among many conservatives. Gowdy is one of a handful of Republicans in Washington who conservatives still trust and he has been a huge Ryan fan all along.

    I feel a lot better about Ryan as Speaker knowing that Gowdy supports him. I don’t believe a man of integrity like Trey Gowdy would support someone that wasn’t also a good man. Perhaps what the job needs is someone that didn’t want it and didn’t seek it.

  8. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    So, I am watching the debate. Now I am thinking maybe Reince Preibus is a freakin’ GENIUS for having CNBC host this debate. The moderators look petty, condescending, arrogant, ill-informed, and petulant. Comparatively speaking, the candidates look FANTASTIC. Rubio and Cruz have both made some FANTASTIC statements abt the media and the clear bias. Rubio went OFF on how the MSM is the biggest Superpac for Hillary Clinton, and highlighted how the MSM cheerleaded for Hillary last week even though it came out that she lied through her TEETH abt the video being the cause of Benghazi.

    So, yeah, the candidates are looking fantastic comparatively speaking.

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

    We all expected any “debate” from CNBC to be biased. It was far worse than expected. And in doing that CNBC hurt themselves far more than the candidates.

    IMHO MNBC helped Rubio and Cruz enormously. When clueless Jeb jumped in with CNBC to attack Rubio he damaged himself not Rubio. Then Rubio mopped up the floor with CNBC and JEB!

    Let’s play “Special Report’s” Winner and Losers”. Winners = Cruz and Rubio. Losers = CNBC and Jeb Bush.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Yes, it most definitely was worse than expected (more on that later). But it really gave the candidates a chance to shine and demonstrate what being an adult looks like to these petulant, juvenile, schmucks.

      I agree – Rubio did very well last night. I know people are throwing Christie in there. He had some good lines, but he is the Hammer, good at that sort of thing, but not on the same level as Rubio and Cruz.

      I also thought Fiorina was good. She had to muscle her way in there since they didn’t direct many questions her way. I can really see a Rubio/Fiorina ticket with either one of them at the top…

      Oh – and you are so right – CNBC screwed itself SOOOOO badly last night. Serves them right!

  10. helenk3 Says:

    I wa a walker-cruz fan When walker dropped out I still was and am a Cruz fan.
    just think what Cruz as president and Ryan as speaker could accomplish. Two very smart men working together would be fantastic and something we had not had in a long time.

  11. helenk3 Says:

    why do people forget what NBC stands for

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