Obama Was Right: He Has Changed Our Country *Open Thread*


But not in a good way, in my humble opinion. Beginning with a major shift away from being a free market capitalist system to Socialism.

I am not being hyperbolic here, or being a Chicken Little. Check out this article from the New York Times:

[…] Fifty-six percent of those Democratic primary voters questioned said they felt positive about socialism as a governing philosophy, versus 29 percent who took a negative view.

In an address Thursday afternoon at Georgetown University, Mr. Sanders argued that the redistribution of wealth was at the heart of the American social contract, seeking to link himself with the legacies of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The applause he drew should come as little surprise: Sixty-nine percent of Sanders supporters see socialism in a positive light, versus just 21 percent who view it negatively.

Even most of those supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination approve of socialism, 52 percent to 32 percent. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

And this is one of the reasons why I am no longer a Democrat. WOW. The good news is that a little over half of Americans still view Socialism negatively, according to the article.

Wait, that still isn’t very good news, is it? How in the world did we get to this place, that we think Socialism, an ideology that has failed MISERABLY in every country in which it has been tried (ask Greece and Puerto Rico for two recent examples), and a system under which literally MILLIONS have died, is getting real traction in this country is just astonishing to me. Truly astonishing.

There is little doubt to me that it is the Age of Entitlement in which we live. They do not seem to grasp that Socialism doesn’t raise everyone up, it brings everyone down. Yet, people have been convinced by Democrats and themselves that they are entitled to the wages of others. That said, whenever I ask people just how much more than the 35% Suzy already pays in taxes do they think they are entitled to have? And what makes them think they ARE entitled to the fruits of her labor considering how hard she worked to get to where she is, how hard she works every week, how much she has to travel, how many occasions she has to miss because of work, not to mention most weekends? Their response is that they don’t think they are entitled to it, but…I remind them that the programs they want, they money they want, is not funded by the GOVERNMENT, it is funded by US. That little fact always seems to elude people.

Yet, here we are with the Democratic Party becoming the Democratic Socialist Party. Know who else was a Democratic Socialist? Adolph Hitler, that’s who. Enough said.

The heightened sense of entitlement Obama has imbued into this country is clear in the Black Lives Movement, and on university campuses across the country. Students are making outrageous demands that are being caved in on by feckless, spineless faculty and Administrators. It goes right along with the Socialist mindset preached on so many campuses these days. And it is to this point that long time Harvard professor, Alan Dershowitz, lamented in this Daily Signal piece:

[…] “It’s gotten to the point where it is so abused and so hypocritical, and yet nobody is concerned,” Alan Dershowitz told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “After 50 years of teaching at Harvard, I have never met a less courageous group of people than tenured faculty.”

The last thing administrators or faculty want to do is get into fights with minority students, because then they’re perceived as being racists and sexists and homophobes, and these are epithets that are hard to respond to. So it’s much easier to go with the flow and be popular, particularly with the most vocal students.

[…] There’s clearly a double standard. Minority students, gay students, transgender students, Arab students generally have a greater leverage and a greater voice, and their grievances are taken far more seriously than the legitimate grievances of Jewish students, Zionist students, Christian students, conservative students.

Ain’t that the truth. There is most definitely a double standard, and the voices of some students carry more weight than the voices of others. That is just wrong.

Dershowitz is a supporter of free speech, to be sure, but what is happening now has gone beyond fee speech to tyranny:

But the recent protests sweeping across college campuses, he said, are anything but.

“It started at Harvard with Larry Summers being fired, and once the faculty and the students saw that they had this kind of power…it’s very hard not to use it, because if you don’t use it, you’re regarded as a sellout.”


Dershowitz believes that all incidents of alleged racism and discrimination on college campuses should be investigated, addressed, and used as a “teaching moment” for students. But by giving in to the protesters’ “abused” demands, he said, faculty and administrators are relinquishing their primary duty of ensuring that “the exchange of ideas, the free expression of points of view, is never compromised.”

“It’s time for some brave administrators to stand up to these student hypocrites, and these are tyrannical students who think the truth is on their side and there’s no reason to hear opposing points of view,” Dershowitz said.

But that, he added, would require a “brave administrator or a brave faculty member.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Yes, indeed, that is what it is going to take, but I have an uneasy feeling it is going to get worse before it gets better, especially since so many Faculty and Administrators are not standing up.

What is happening on our campuses, and the transformation of the Democratic Party, seem to be going hand in hand. I find that to be incredibly disturbing.

How about you? This is an Open Thread.


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21 Responses to “Obama Was Right: He Has Changed Our Country *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    You have all the people cheering on Socialism because they are too ignorant to even know what it really is. To them it’s just welfare on steroids which takes from those that work and gives to those that don’t. I don’t care why some people aren’t working. I don’t care if it isn’t their fault. What I do care about is their sense of entitlement to take what others have worked to provide.

    I believe this whole “gimmee’ idea has about reached a tipping point. How long can this country, this deeply in debt country support that way of life?

    How long before many of the worker bees decide that they might as well get on the gravy train and be able to sleep in every morning. No worry about day care or gas prices for the car to get to work. No worry about minimum wage or promotions at work or the wardrobe needed in some jobs. Just sit on your ass and let someone else support you.

    Every society has those who cannot or will not support themselves. Always have, always will. Only now have we turned that into a way of life. A life that is nearly, sometimes better, for those that don’t work as if is for those that do.

    I have no problem with helping those in need. I have a very big problem with helping those that refuse to help themselves. The parasites are taking over. And the liberals are all for that. They encourage that to get votes no matter what it will do to this country. They are traitors to all we once believed. A way of life that is only hanging on by a thread.

    End of rant.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Listen, Marge, you can rant away on this all you want. I am just sick of this attitude of so many that they think they are OWED anything. No!! You aren’t owed a damn thing!! You want what I have? WORK FOR IT. Sheesh!!!!

      I have been discussing this on Facebook, and I was very disappointed that an old friend is all for Sanders, and then ended up playing the victim card abt having a learning disability, and his family telling him he wouldn’t amt to much, so he didn’t achieve what he wanted, apparently. I was stunned. I have a brother who is severely dyslexic, but through his own hard work, he is now the head of an IT department for an international company. I could not believe at the age of 59, he he was blaming his family and his learning disability (he is a good musician, and works as a corrections officer).

      That said, I don’t want to minimize the difficulty his learning disability may have had on him, though he did graduate from high school and went to college, at least for a while. And I don’t know how his learning disability has kept him from going into a Trade or something, though. And I really don’t want to hear abt him having to work a second job upon occasion when Suzy works 60 – 80 hrs a week routinely, including weekends, having to travel a lot, missing all kinds of things, and yet, people think they are owed some of what she has worked so hard to achieve? Um, no.

      You are right, though – this attitude has been carefully groomed by people like Obama, beginning when he was in IL, so that he can have a voting bloc, just like Romney said he wanted. And how do we know this? Because Obama HIMSELF said it. So yeah – they are fostering this attitude and fanning the flames of financial inequality to keep their people in line so they keep voting for Dems. UGH.

      Seems I had a bit more abt which to rant, too! 🙂

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I have to hand it to my old friend. He ended up saying that he was really just mad at himself for some of the choices he made, though it bugs him that the Reps he knows talks abt the things they are going to buy and not the poor. Of course, many people do NOT talk abt what all they do with their money, like to whom they donate, or how much they donate. It isn’t seemly, and diminishes the giving. Or maybe they don’t say it out loud, or maybe they are big ol’ consumerist capitalists. That’s their choice, after all!

        Anyway, just had to share.

    • mcnorman Says:

      Spot on…ignorance is bliss.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Joke or reality?

    Missouri student protesters demanded a place on campus that is free of any First Amendment inquiry, free of any conservatives disagreeing with them, and free of hearing anything that’s hurtful. They call it a safe space. The idea’s modeled on President Obama’s first year in office.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Well, I just saw a segment abt how 40% of students are all for censorship of language they deem offensive. They continue to miss the connection that without Free Speech, they wouldn’t have the rights to demand such idiotic things. Wow.

      • mcnorman Says:

        We’ve raised idiots. Truthfully, I am disgusted with these adult children. They are clueless, but what is worse is that they are confidently arrogant in what they spew as the truth. I heard some idiot defend them because these children have access to immediate media, they automatically are in the know. Barf outloud, who said the internet holds nothing but the truth? We have given them so much and they have taken it so easily that they are blind to what is in front of them.

  4. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Hey, how is your eye doing, Marge? Is it all better now that the Pack dealt with the Vikings so handily? 🙂 Seriously, I hope it is all better now!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thanks for asking. The eye is almost all better now. I had to wear an eye patch for a day and a half and that was not fun since I stumbled around like I was drunk. Bad leg and no depth perception is not a good combination. That’s why I was afraid to go down the basement steps. But Lou walked in front of me step by step so that I could do my laundry and then walked behind me on the way up. He understands my fierce independent streak and fosters it. He’s quite a man!

      Oh and I shoveled snow too. It was wet and heavy and I have a sore back but I did it. I feel “good” about that!

      And about time for the damn Pack. What woke them up all of a sudden? Those 3 loses are going to come back to haunt them.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Oh, good – so glad to hear it is better. And good on Lou for understanding and facilitating your fierce independent streak with the laundry. I already knew he was a great guy because he was smart enough to marry YOU, but my admiration of him grows whenever your share stories abt the things he does for you. 😀

        Oh, MY abt you going out and shoveling snow!! I can sure appreciate feeling good abt being able to do it, even though it was hard on your back. I know it felt good to get out there.

        LOL abt the Pack – yes, I am glad they are getting back on track. Isn’t it funny how a team can be undefeated, then after the first defeat, the others seem to stack up? Weird. Anyway – I hope they can end up in the playoffs!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          30 years ago I would get a sore back from shoveling wet, heavy snow. Who knew back then that I would be glad to do it, even with the sore back at this time in my life. By the way, now that I’ve had the bypass my heart is strong as can be. The doctors are amazed how strong it is considered how long I smoked and how high my blood pressure was at times. But there is no reason I can’t do things like shovel snow and cut my grass and take out the trash so long as I pace myself. And that makes me happy. 😉

          • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

            I know exactly what you mean! I am just so thankful that your heart is doing so well. That is fantastic news indeed! And yes, being able to do those things that make you happy is well worth it, even if it is a bit achy here and there. 🙂

  5. foxyladi14 Says:

    Sounds like treason to me. 👿


  6. kenoshamarge Says:


    I once asked, “What if Obama can’t lead?” The answer after Paris is painful.

    By Ron Fournier

    In his mem­oir, Le­on Pan­etta ar­gued that for all of Barack Obama’s strengths, he is miss­ing an es­sen­tial in­gredi­ent of lead­er­ship. He lacks “fire,” wrote Obama’s former CIA dir­ect­or and Pentagon chief. “The pres­id­ent re­lies on the lo­gic of a law pro­fess­or rather than the pas­sion of a lead­er.”

    Obama has proved Pan­etta right again and again dur­ing his pres­id­ency, but nev­er more dan­ger­ously so than with his shoulder-shrug ap­proach to IS­IS. Obama called it a “J.V. team” be­fore it star­ted be­head­ing Amer­ic­ans. He said it was “con­tained” be­fore it at­tacked Par­is. Now he’s call­ing it “a bunch of killers with good so­cial me­dia.”


    You almost have to feel sorry for Ron Fournier. First he had to face the fact that his party’s favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton is not what he thought she was or wanted her to be.

    From a fan to not must have been painful for him. Those of us who were once Dems know the journey.

    Fournier still had his Democrat President. And now he too is showing feet of clay. I respect Fournier for being as honest as he is. I agree with him about few things but I respect that he, and he must be lonely at the “National Journal” as he does it, tell the truth. A rare bird and I applaud him.

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