“Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, For The USA” And “Same Back At Ya” *Open Thread*


That is, in essence, what President Barack Obama did in Paris in his on-going international apology tour, begun back in 2009. This time, it is largely our fault for so much global warming, apparently.

Oh, how I wish I was making this up. From the Daily Signal:

President Obama’s opening remarks at the Paris climate agreement were effectively an apology for industrial progress. At the kickoff of the talks Obama remarked, “I’ve come here personally, as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second-largest emitter to say that the United States of America not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it.”

Wow, Obama – is there any other trash-talking about the country YOU lead you wanna do while you are out of the country?? Sheesh, what a putz.

And not for nothing, Obama’s claim is a crock. The Daily Signal continues:

The Cost of Climate Policies

The real problem facing American households and businesses is the Obama administration’s climate policies. The administration has finalized a slew of regulations to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions. Known as the Clean Power Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency has required states to meet carbon dioxide emissions reduction goals for existing power plants.

At the same time, the EPA finalized a regulation capping emissions of carbon dioxide from new power plants so low as to effectively prevent any coal power plant from running without carbon capture and sequestration technology (which has yet to be proven feasible). The federal government also implemented climate regulations on vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, and fracking.

Heritage analysts modeled the cumulative costs of the Obama administration’s climate agenda by modeling the economic costs of a carbon tax. Taxing carbon dioxide energy incentivizes businesses and consumers to change production processes, technologies, and behavior in a manner comparable to the administration’s regulatory scheme – though neither regulations nor a tax is good policy. By 2030, Heritage economists estimate the damage would be:

An average annual employment shortfall of nearly 300,000 jobs
A peak employment shortfall of more than 1 million jobs
A loss of more than $2.5 trillion (inflation-adjusted) in aggregate gross domestic product (GDP)
A total income loss of more than $7,000 (inflation-adjusted) per person […] (Click here to read the rest.)

But hey, why inject facts into fanatical ideology, which is what seems to be driving Obama on this issue?

Now again, for the umpteenth time, I fully believe in doing what is right for this planet. It is our home, and it is important to treat it well. But this has become doctrine for this President, not science, especially with Obama’s claims that science is settled on this. No, it is not settled on this. As Greg Gutfeld pointed on “The Five” Monday afternoon, according to Al Gore and HIS science on global warming, Arctic ice would be completely gone by now. It has done the opposite, especially in the Antarctic. So yeah, I am all for taking care of the planet, but I don’t appreciate attempts at emotional manipulation based on doctrine rather than actual science. But that’s just me.

Bottom line, Obama is apologizing once again for this country when he should be lauding all that we have done to make the world a better place.

But that isn’t all Obama has done while he is in Paris, oh no. Obama has also taken this opportunity to chastise Turkey about its – wait for it – open borders. I swear, I am not making this up. And in a surprise to no one, Turkey was not amused by that. From the Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama wants Turkey to close its 60-mile-long border with Syria to end the influx of new Islamic State fighters pouring into Syria and Iraq.

If Turkey acquiesces to Obama’s demands, no entry points will remain between the two countries. The entire border is 550 miles long, The Wall Street Journal reports.

But a Turkish official quickly pointed out to The Wall Street Journal the irony in Washington’s call to close off the border, given the U.S. is completely unable to stop flows in and out of Mexico. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

It is a tad hypocritical for Obama, who has thrown open wide the borders, to tell ANYONE else to close theirs. And this is not hyperbole from me. As the Daily Caller article stated, one of Obama’s people claimed that the borders would be closed if the USA was at war with Mexico.

Who knew THAT was what it took to close our damn borders?? We have to be at WAR with Mexico (and presumably this goes for Canada, as well) for our BORDERS to be secure?? What. The. HELL?? I thought that was one of the President’s primary responsibilities: national security and securing the borders. I don’t believe that is CONDITIONAL on whether we are at war with our neighbors or not.

And not for nothing, but this kind of petulant “tit for tat” diplomacy is just childish as hell. This President has no right to tell ANYONE else to do something he refuses to do himself at the expense of his own people. This may be a newsflash for President Obama, but to ignore that terrorists can, and are, coming through our porous borders while lambasting another country for the same thing, is just embarrassing.

Bottom line, though, this President needs to stop going abroad and talking smack about the very country he was elected to represent. If he holds the USA in such low regard, why the hell is he President? Why would he even have wanted the job in the first damn place?? All I know is that after seven years of this crap, I am way past over it.

How about you? This is an Open Thread.


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35 Responses to ““Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, For The USA” And “Same Back At Ya” *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    College President to Students: ‘College Is Not About Being Safe’

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Has an American President, other than Obama, ever gone overseas and trashed his own country like this one has? He is despicable!

  3. foxyladi14 Says:

    Happy December dear Friends.
    Get the wrapping paper ready, We are about to wrap up this year. 🙂

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I cannot BELIEVE it is December already, can you? I have started my cards, and have done some Christmas shopping, but I have more to do. I have a somewhat shortened window since we are going to be going to Grand Cayman for 10 days over Christmas. Hey – not complaining, though! 😉

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    The Left’s Response to Planned Parenthood Shooting Is Outrageous

    The murderous rampage at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, Planned Parenthood clinic had barely ended before the Left began using it to try to shut down the abortion debate.

    The shooting was an act of terrorism directed against women’s “health-care services,” and incited by the inflammatory rhetoric around video exposés of Planned Parenthood. The triple murder had been nearly inevitable given, in the words of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, the “toxic” environment created by “hateful rhetoric.”

    Never mind that the shooter, Robert Dear, apparently had no connection to the Republican Party or the pro-life movement, or to much of anyone, if initial reports are to be believed. He was a loner who avoided eye contact and dispensed paranoid advice to neighbors on how to avoid detection by the government.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      And then you have Obama compare this shooting to the ISIS attack in Paris. WTH?!?! It is just lunacy with this bunch to demonize at every opportunity their political opponents. It is just hateful, and completely lacking in factual justification.

      Thanks for this article, Marge!

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Lack of Funding Will Leave 30,000 Graves at Arlington Cemetery Wreathless


    Lou and I each contributed a wreath, they cost $15.00 each, and we will feel the spirit of Christmas stronger than if that $30.00 had gone elsewhere.

    We don’t have a lot of money so we choose a charity and give what little we can afford there. For Lou it’s the “Disabled Vets” and for me it’s “Paralyzed Vets”. It seems to us, the very least we can do. And we truly do get more than we give with the warm feeling inside.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      This is a great cause, Marge. Thank you for mentioning it here. This is what Suzy chose to do for her father’s Christmas present – wreaths (he is a retired 3-Star. We gave to another organization for her mother.).

      There are some other very good organizations out there, like the Fisher House, which provides housing for military families while a loved one is in the hospital (we have one in Charleston): http://www.fisherhouse.org

      The Gary Sinise Foundation also gives back to our veterans: https://www.garysinisefoundation.org

      Good on you and Lou for supporting these organizations and the people whom they serve!

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    I fear the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs won’t be around much longer. I imagine he, like so many others, will be “retired” after this: http://thehill.com/policy/defense/261644-general-we-have-not-contained-isis

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    Isn’t it strange how often it’s more about the money that it is about the ideology? And ah, government subsidies? Isn’t that weasel speak for taxpayer dollars?

    Green Energy Investors Look to Cash in on Paris Talks

    Coalition of executives and financiers seeks government subsidies as U.N. climate talks commence


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Indeed, the Green Industry is cashing in on the green in a big way. Who could forget the HUNDREDS of millions of our dollars given to Solyndra, run by an Obama buddy, right before they went bankrupt?? Someone ended up with all that money, that’s for sure.

      Same with the other “green” companies that have gotten our money and failed miserably. My bet is that the higher ups did okay, but we are out a ton of money, and having money cut from areas that deserve it, like the military…

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

  10. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Megyn Kelly goes off on the incredible bias of the media in covering the recent shooting and others:

  11. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    And to go along with Obama’s Paris speech is this reaction by French reporters to Obama’s assertions abt mass shootings (h/t Facebook friend): http://dcwhispers.com/french-reporters-stunned-at-obamas-ignorance-he-is-an-assole-an-assole/#uYTYcCr8Ko7iIBp2.01

  12. lyn Says:


  13. helenk3 Says:


    VDH nails it. If only they taught history

  14. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Good news! Wreaths Across America have reached their goal! Yay!

  15. kenoshamarge Says:

    Here’s a Ted Cruz that I, personally, hadn’t seen before. I like the humor. A lot.

    Ted Cruz: Republicans are not “the condom police”

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      If you liked that, you’ll love this – Cruz doing a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, “The Princess Bride”:

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