Vegas Recap, and”13Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi” Must See *Open Thread* UPDATED


Update at the end of the post.

I am traveling back home from Las Vegas today after a fantastic trip. The time spent with our dear friend, Gina, was worth the trip alone. To be able to see FOUR days of elite Curling was the icing on the cake. I love the sport even more now than I did before. Oh, and North America won by ONE point, 30 – 29. What an event. Cirque du Soleil, “Mystere,” was even more amazing than I expected. What these people are capable of doing is just mind boggling. Wow! So, all in all, it was a fantastic trip, topped off by one last show before we boarded our red-eye flight home.

Sunday night, before the deciding matches, a couple from Saskatchewan sat beside us at dinner. We had a good conversation with them, mainly about politics. They said they had been looking for Americans the entire tournament, and finally found some the last night! Anyway, they are asking Americans who they want for President, and the answers are either Trump or Clinton. Sigh. That is a bit disconcerting, I have to say. I reckon they finally met some who DON’T want Trump OR Clinton. It was a good conversation, and they are not at all happy with Trudeau as their PM.

Oh, they were thrilled to meet Americans who knew anything at all about their politics. They seem very well versed in what is going on with us, but I guess many Americans are not familiar with Canadian politics, or much at all about Canada. That seemed to be their implication. So yeah, I said to them that I thought Harper had been doing well, with which they wholeheartedly agreed, but said after ten years, some folks decided it was time for a change. And now they have Trudeau. Ugh. I told them that hasn’t worked out so well for us, that whole Hope/Change thing…

We also got to go to the Hoover Dam Sunday morning. Wow. What an incredible experience that was to see in person (Marge, I thought of you!). It was also very busy with tourists, which is telling about how much this engineering marvel has stood the test of time. I will add in some photos after I get home to,show you what we saw. It is just hard to convey the sheer size of the dam, but hopefully you will get the idea.

It was a great trip out here, the Curling was phenomenal, as were the shows and the people. Everyone was as friendly and helpful as they could be.

One other thing we did was go to see the movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Once again, here is the official trailer:

As many of you know, I have followed this story from the very beginning. I know many of you have, too. I have written about it extensively at this blog, featuring reports by investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, who has pressed this Administration on this issue unlike any other journalist out there.

All that said, to see this movie, to learn more about the lives of these “”Secret Soldiers,” to get a glimpse at what they went through, was even more powerful than I anticipated it being. And to see the manner by which they were treated by the CIA Station Chief was nothing short of infuriating. His arrogance and dripping condescension for these warriors, the dry people tasked with keeping the CIA personnel safe, was maddening. I don’t want to say more about him except to say he is now retired.i will leave some of the particulars to what you will discover in the movie.

These men are not just heroes; they are superheroes. It is absolutely astonishing to see what they went through over the course of that terrorist attack. And heck, this was a Hollywood movie, not the real thing with real mortars or bullets zinging by them or exploding around them. Yet, you definitely get the idea of what amazing, incredible men they are, both as warriors, and as husbands, friends, and fathers.

Again, I do it want to give too much away, but the end of this movie had me just weeping. The sense of betrayal, on so many levels, by this Government of these men and our Ambassador, is overwhelming. The sadness, the frustration, and the realization that they had been abandoned is crystal clear. It is noting short of heartbreaking, and maddening.

The three men who wrote the book and who are played in the movie are speaking out even more now (they were on Megyn Kelly again on Monday night). My admiration and respect for them has grown even more since seeing the movie and getting a better idea of what they endured, and how hard they fought. We are so blessed to have patriots like this in our nation.

I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. It is most definitely a must-see. It is quite a tribute to the four fallen Americans, and is far more than they ever got from this Administration.

That is what I think anyway. Feel free to discuss this, or the recent USA/Iran hostages for prisoners trade, or any of the other issues going on today. This is an Open Thread.

UPDATE: Sharyl Attkisson has a link up at her site with a number of links to major Benghazi stories she has written. It is an excellent resource to see the progression of what has happened since the very beginning. Click HERE to see all of the links.


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12 Responses to “Vegas Recap, and”13Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi” Must See *Open Thread* UPDATED”

  1. mcnorman Says:

    Did you get to do the underground tour of the damn? It was fabulous, but due to security I am no longer sure that they still do it. Creepy as all heck hearing the water rush through.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Unfortunately not, mcnorman. I know they still do tours, but I don’t know if they do an underground one. Federal agents do stop each car on the way in, which is a GOOD thing, I think.

      What we DID see was completely worth it. What a marvel!

      • mcnorman Says:

        You would have loved the underground tour. Glad you got to see the damn. It is a wonderous site.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          It is indeed, mcnorman. So thankful we got to go. And, so glad that so many people were there, meaning that so many people appreciate this amazing feat. That is heartwarming!

  2. piper Says:

    Banging my head on the table is so much fun – not. Sarah Palin has belittled herself in my eyes as she is now championing Donald to be our next presz. WCPGW

  3. helenk3 Says:

    nice to be back.
    2 of my daughters and my youngest granddaughter were here for a while. had fun and then just vegged out after they left.
    just heard the Sarah Palin endorced Trump. Very disappointed in her for this.

    Very glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Hey, Helen! So glad to *see* you again! How wonderful that you got to have time with your family. I am sure that was a great visit all the way around.

      Palin. Ugh. I have lost a lot of respect for her now.

      Thanks so much, Helen! It was very good indeed!

  4. helenk3 Says:

    for the music lovers

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