The IRS And VA Have Learned Nothing (Or Don’t Want To, Apparently) *Open Thread*


I am going to be out and about a good bit today with not one, but two, doctors’ appointments (okay, one PA appointment for my shoulders, at long last, because trying to see the doctor would take even longer, and a re-check on my wrists). I have no doubt there is a lot going on today with Campaign talk (Trump, Trump, and more Trump, is my bet), the latest Clinton scandal, and the next Amendment Obama wants to go after, all of which and more you are willing to discuss here. But I wanted to make sure these two stories didn’t get lost in all the clutter.

First up is a stunning revelation about the IRS. It seems the smug director, John Koskinen, has learned nothing. Or rather, he knows but doesn’t care, so it is business as usual at the IRS. What that means is erasing emails after they were explicitly told not to do so. From the Daily Caller:

Leading members of Congress are ripping IRS officials for erasing a computer hard drive after a federal judge ordered it to be preserved.

“The destruction of evidence subject to preservation orders and subpoenas has been an ongoing problem under your leadership at the IRS,” Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Jim Jordan , wrote in a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen late Thursday.

“It is stunning to see that the IRS does not take reasonable care to preserve documents that it is legally required to protect,” Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, and Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said in the letter to Koskinen. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

There is no doubt in my mind that Koskinen needs to be impeached. He is just as bad, if not worse, than the previous director. That this kind of thing continues to happen speaks volumes about his leadership, or lack thereof.

But he isn’t the only one who needs to be impeached. Bob McDonald, head of the VA, needs to lose HIS job, too. Check out what the VA has been caught doing this time. It is stunning. From the Washington Examiner:


A key House committee is investigating a complaint that the Department of Veterans Affairs is spying on whistleblowers by diverting their emails to the secretary’s office in Washington, D.C.

And while the VA denies the charge, several whistleblowers backed up that complaint in interviews with the Washington Examiner this week.

The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee has received a complaint from an anonymous VA whistleblower who had trouble sending a work email to her personal email, after which an IT worker told her the VA was blocking certain email functions. A further investigation revealed a list of other VA employees with similar restrictions, which appears to include known VA whistleblowers from around the country.

The list of names was titled “Sec Divert Internal,” and the anonymous whistleblower told the Examiner that the IT worker believes emails from those workers are being sent to the VA secretary’s office in Washington, D.C. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Oh, yes, by all means – don’t fix the numerous on-going, major problems at the VA. Just go after those people who have the audacity to bring them up. THAT is the way to do it, at least in this Administration. WOW.

Meanwhile, the veterans in this nation continue to struggle on with this corrupt, morally bankrupt, department that is SUPPOSED to be caring for them. The Phoenix VA is STILL lacking in doctors.

Oh, but wait – it gets worse for Phoenix. Check this out from the Daily Caller:

After remaining on administrative leave for almost two years because of close proximity to the manipulated waitlist scandal, the Department of Veterans Affairs decided to keep Robinson on the job, a VA spokeswoman told reporters Friday. Robinson will start working at the agency again this coming week as a strategic planner at VISN 18, which is the VA’s southwest regional office.

This office is responsible for the Phoenix VA.

Robinson isn’t the only Phoenix executive to return to work after initially receiving a suspension in May 2014. Brad Curry, who formerly served as chief of Health Administration Services, will restart as a health systems specialist. The two were reportedly involved in the Phoenix scandal, in which employees manipulated appointment wait times to make it appear as though patients were seeing doctors. This was not the case, and veterans died while waiting for care. (Click here to read the rest.)

As I said, they seem to not give a damn about those whom they are charged to serve, if their continuing behavior is any indication. I believe that it is. To target the whistleblowers, and to allow people responsible for some of the most egregious results are allowed to stay in their jobs, it seems crystal clear to me.

The bottom line is this: this Administration continues to thwart the law, the will of the people, and the health of those who have donned a uniform of this nation. Next January cannot come soon enough for many of us, especially those targeted by the Obama machine.

Oh, that is if the seventy percent of people who do not support Trump hurry up and coalesce around one of the GOOD choices we have available. Otherwise, this kind of treatment by the most powerful department (IRS) and the department charged with the health and well being of veterans (VA) will surely continue…

That is what I think anyway. How about you? Feel free to discuss any of the above, or whatever else is going on today. This is an Open Thread.


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31 Responses to “The IRS And VA Have Learned Nothing (Or Don’t Want To, Apparently) *Open Thread*”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    As it turns out, I am home, sick as a dog. I finally came down with what Suzy had, fever, coughing, sneezing, chills, all of that. UGH. And yes, I had to cancel my appointments for today (and a dentist’s appointment for Weds.). At least I get to see the Shoulder Specialists PA next Monday, but Suzy won’t be here to drive me. Sigh.

    Anyway – sorry to complain, just sharing the change of plans…

    • kenoshamarge Says: So sorry you got a “bug” Rev. And go ahead and complain, it helps.

      I’m usually the stoic suffer in silence type and as Lou pointed out a year ago I darn near suffered in silence right into the morgue.

      Curl up on the sofa with a soft, warm blanket, orange juice, zinc or vitamin C whichever you think works best for you. Chicken soup is also great. Canned helps although if a kind friend brought some it would be great. I often take some to friends and set it on the porch so that I don’t risk catching whatever.

      All my sympathy and get well soon. I’m amazed you managed to put a post up. Determination is a great thing to have.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Thanks so much, Marge. I know what you mean abt being stoic, but Lou sure has a good point, doesn’t he? I am just so aggravated at having to miss this doctor’s app’t again, but there is nothing to be done for it. I am too sick to leave the house and don’t want to impose this on anyone else.

        In all honesty, I wrote the post before it hit me yesterday since we were supposed to be leaving fairly early this morning. I knew I wouldn’t have time this morning. 🙂

      • piper Says:

        Agree with Marge’s suggestions. Get well soon as the Iowa caucuses are next week and the trumpkins will be out in full force probably duplicating the obama strategies that put Iowa in his column.

    • foxyladi14 Says:

      Praying ❤

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Both parties are to blame for the ongoing disgrace in the VA. We get promises and they mean nothing.

    Neither party cares as much about the Vets as they care about the bureaucrats involved in the disgrace.

    And don’t even get me started on that scumbag Koskinen. His arrogant, smug face is a perfect picture of what they people think of the American taxpayer/citizen. Grr

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Absolutely, Marge – Koskinen really does embody the disdain and condescension so many in Washington have for those whom they are supposed to serve AND who are paying their salaries.

      No wonder the GOP standardbearers are going after someone like Cruz and starting to back Trump. I think Cruz might actually do something abt the VA (among some others), but Trump is malleable.

      Regardless, it is a disgrace, and one for which they SHOULD be ashamed…

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Montgolfier Trump

    It is a nice detail that Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, he of the hot-air balloon frères, believed that contained within the hot smoke that lifted his creations was “a special gas, which he called Montgolfier Gas, with a special property he called levity.”

    Donald Trump is a sort of hot-air dirigible whose sudden and unexpected rise has astonished multitudes and whose special gas might well be called “levity.”

    One thing to note about hot-air balloons is that, though they are colorful and wow the crowds when they first appear, they are notoriously difficult to control and their buoyant “levity,” so captivating on the way up, tends to expire with hazardous rapidity.

    Rush Limbaugh: “The GOP establishment hates Trump, but they fear Cruz.”

    They are right to do so, because were he elected the gravy train that is business-as-usual in Washington really would come screeching to a halt. But were Donald Trump elected, the deals would proceed as before, they would just be consummated with more bluster.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, what great imagery that is! Thanks so much for this, Marge! That is spot on.

    • piper Says:

      Wonder how long it would take the masses to realize that Trump is just as disingenuous and dangerous as Obama, and finally understanding that we’re stuck with another turkey for 4 years.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    Yesterday in Iowa, Sarah Palin gave a 20-minute speech to endorse Donald Trump for president, while Trump stood off to the side. Palin described Trump as a great leader, while Trump described being quiet for 20 minutes as the most painful experience of his life. ~ Jimmy Fallon

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    I go to a website called “The Right Reasons” every weekday morning for cartoons. They often have good ones I can’t find anywhere else. And they are easy to access.

    The site has been unabashedly pro- Palin and often ended the cartoons with an image of Palin and Ted Cruz. Since she endorsed Trump – her image with Cruz is gone. At least at this sight she did Trump no good and Cruz no harm. But she lost some friends.

    And this was among the cartoons:

    • piper Says:

      WOW- sums up my current feelings about the Palins.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good one, Marge! You know I liked Sarah Palin quite a bit. She helped get our very good Governor elected, and Cruz too, for that matter. But when she threw her support to Trump, it changed my perspective on her in a big way.

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

    And there was this too:

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I think her speech was an indication of her internal conflict in endorsing that man. As Thomas Sowell said, she is a smart woman, and we know she has given compelling speeches. This was definitely not one of them…

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I think maybe she caught “Trump speak” from standing so close to him. If you listen closely to many of his speeches, if you have a strong enough stomach, they are nearly incoherent. He spend a lot of his time denigrating someone as a loser and then most of the rest of his time telling us how wonderful he’s doing in the polls. As if that had anything to do with issues. I have never seen what anyone sees in this guppy-mouthed boor and I never will.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          That is so, so true. That’s what I kept exclaiming at the tee-vee during the last debate, that he didn’t even finish a sentence, for heaven’s sake! I guess Obama has set the bar so low for acceptable behavior from Presidents now that no one cares.

          Well, WE do, anyway…

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    Trump’s campaign manager: If Fox won’t remove Megyn Kelly as moderator, maybe we’ll hold our own townhall on Thursday night

    Lewandowski’s bluffing, just as Trump bluffed before the September debate in implying that he might not participate unless CNN devoted the proceeds to veterans groups. Stirring a little extra controversy is all part of Trump’s regular debate pre-game. And there’s not a ghost of a chance that Roger Ailes will meet his demand: Not only would he look weak in caving, he would humiliate the network’s new biggest star in doing so.

    If Fox wants to keep Kelly away from network news, agreeing with Trump that she’s tainted by bias and needs to be kicked off the panel would be the worst thing they could do. Besides, half the reason to watch this freak show is because it’s the first time she and Trump will be face to face since the unpleasantness of the August debate. Who knows what holes he’ll accuse her of bleeding out of this time?

    And then there’s this: Besides, why would he punish Fox News for his beef with Megyn Kelly specifically? With the exception of Kelly and a few others, there’s no cable news outlet that’s deeper in the tank for Trump than Fox is:

    Besides, why would he punish Fox News for his beef with Megyn Kelly specifically? With the exception of Kelly and a few others, there’s no cable news outlet that’s deeper in the tank for Trump than Fox is:

    The reactions of several Fox personalities seemed to mirror the sentiment FNC host Jeanine Pirro expressed on Twitter that morning:

    “The National Review needs to get in line with the rest of the Republicans. How dare they trash the front-runner Donald Trump!”…

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I swear, that mindset from Pirro is exactly the kind of treatment Obama got. How dare anyone question his actual positions, or policies, or character, etc., etc., etc. it is truly disturbing.

      I saw yesterday that Fox said uh, yeah, no – we are keeping Kelly on and they thanked Trump for ginning up interest in the debate. But if he does pick up his marbles and go home, just like the petulant child he appears to be, all the better for the other candidates. Maybe they will get asked some questions that don’t all center around Trump.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  9. mcnorman Says:

    Koskinen is a pig. Both men have little man syndrome. (Lerner also has little man syndrome imo.) They rule their fiefdoms with iron fists. It is almost as if they inherited a kingdom.

    The others were given an extended vacay with no intention of demoting or firing them. If the MSM doesn’t understand why the serfs in this country are fedup with this behavior, I don’t know what will awaken them from their comas.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Oh, good point, mcnorman. A Napoleon Complex describes them both well. They both need to be impeached…

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  10. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. A few teams complain that this team is really good, and then see what happens. This pampered generation is just out of control:

  11. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    I am sure this is a surprise to no one that our health expenses are out-pacing Soc. Sec. Gee, who coulda seen THAT coming? Wow:

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