Nevada Caucus Fraud; Media Culpability; And News Too Important To Lose *Open Thread*


Today brings wall-to-wall coverage of yet another “YUGE” win by Donald Trump, this time in Nevada. What is missing from a great deal of this coverage are the numerous complaints about, and documentation of, the massive caucus fraud perpetrated by Trump supporters. I have heard not one morni”ng show (and I checked out three different ones) of the massive fraud that led to Trump’s largest margin of victory yet.

Since the media continues to refuse to do its job, or rather, because the media refuses to do its job well  (more on that below), it is up to others of us out here in the blogosphere to make clear just what the other candidates are up against when it comes to Trump. From Vice News:

Donald Trump has won the Nevada caucuses, but not without a lot of headaches for voters and overwhelmed caucus chairs. Massive crowds, volunteer captains who failed to show up, and alleged double-voting lent a circus-like atmosphere to some of the caucus locations Tuesday night and will potentially undermine Nevada’s results.

Richard Schlueter, who balloted for Trump on Tuesday, said that when he arrived at Palo Verde High School in east Las Vegas to vote the crowd was still so dense he had trouble finding the table that had been set up to accept and count ballots. Once he finally located it, Schlueter discovered that the precinct captain who was supposed to be in charge hadn’t turned up and that “some lady” had assumed the seat instead and began checking the IDs of voters who crowded around the table.

“This caucus is a chaotic thing,” said Schlueter, a retired nuclear submarine engineer. “We don’t know who’s who, who’s voting for what. Some precinct captains are very good and very serious about their precincts, but mine didn’t even bother to show.”

And that’s from a Trump supporter. It was much worse than even this makes it seem:


Though no official reports had been made, plenty of anecdotes from caucusgoers and journalists flowed on social media.

Man here says “it’s a disaster.” No one is checking in or checking IDs. They’re handing out ballots willy nilly. Some guy voted trump twice 8:24 PM – 23 Feb 2016 · Las Vegas, NV, United States


Joyce Rice Ross, a Trump supporter who caucused for the first time Tuesday, said she had watched the Iowa caucuses on TV and “it seemed so easy.”When she turned up at Palo Verde, she was shocked. “Here it’s just random. It’s a mess.”

To put it mildly. But wait, it gets worse:


The messy process comes just days after the Nevada College Republicans sent a letter to their members on Friday informing them that “due to a loophole,” they could caucus twice this year, once for Democrats and then again for Republicans to “ensure that a Republican is put in the White House in 2016.”

The “loophole,” Nevada political writer Jon Ralston explained, would allow Republicans who had already registered to vote to turn up at a Democratic caucus on February 20 and switch parties on-site. The voter would ostensibly vote for whichever Democratic candidate they perceived to be the weaker nominee (according to many Republicans, that would be Sen. Bernie Sanders). But because the GOP locked its in voter rolls on February 13, the last-minute party-change would not be recorded, allowing them to vote in the Republican caucus Tuesday night as well.

The Nevada Democratic Party immediately released a statement condemning any plans to double caucus, warning potential double-voters that such a move could be a felony. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

And then there was this charge from the man himself, Donald Trump (h/t Facebook friend), “Trump demands no video recording as his supporters openly count votes in Nevada.

Gee – what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that?! And where the hell is the RNC in disqualifying votes in the precincts they KNOW committed fraud? It is 2008 all over again, it seems, in every way (“You Hate It From Barack Obama, But You Love It From Donald Trump.” (h/t Facebook friend).

And naturally, the media has already declared Trump the Republican nominee. I mean, really – just go ahead and stop the Primaries now since Trump, who has LESS THAN 100 DELEGATES, has already been declared the winner by the Media Establishment. It would save us all a lot of aggravation and sleepless nights.

Which leads me to the vast media culpability in Trump’s rise. Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist has an outstanding piece today. For space reasons, I cannot do it justice, and I urge you to read the entire piece. That said, here is a highlight of her piece:


This, my friends, is how to stuff and burn a straw man. It’s almost Trumpian in that way. Nobody would say Trump is “only” winning because he gets so much free media. They’d probably simply want to talk about the fact that he gets so much free media and how that helps him in ways other candidates would only dream of. Or, as one Republican campaign advisor noted, Trump got 157 times as much coverage as his candidate did in the month of January.


Trump gets 15x Rubio’s free network media coverage.

The coverage disparities are — and have been — staggering. See “Why Do CNN, MSNBC Cover Trump Three Times As Much As Fox Does?” Various studies have shown cable channels covering Trump three times as much as all other candidates combined. One cable network gave Trump 70 percent of all their mentions of GOP candidates.

Confessore defends these disparities by saying Trump’s been the front-runner since the summer. But there are multiple problems with this, the most obvious being that they began their outsized coverage of him before he even announced, and that disparities in quantity of coverage — and we are not even talking about the quality of same — have compounding returns. The first poll that actually counted was a poll that Trump lost — but nothing prior or subsequent to the Iowa caucus changed the dynamic of around-the-clock breathless coverage of the media’s favorite candidate. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

But the Election season isn’t all the news going on. One major issue I don’t want to lose is President Obama trying to push to move the terrorists from Gitmo into our country in contravention to US Law. Here is my US Senator, Tim Scott, speaking out about this lunacy, especially as it relates to Charleston:

The Congress absolutely MUST stand up to President Obama, enforce existing law, and not allow him to transfer dangerous terrorists into our nation.

There is more going on, of course, and feel free to discuss any and all of it. This is an Open Thread.


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36 Responses to “Nevada Caucus Fraud; Media Culpability; And News Too Important To Lose *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Nevada caucus worker wearing Donald Trump gear angers Team Rubio

    Complete with pictures.

    Reminds me of 2008 when here in Kenosha one of those helping voters wore a bright red Obama hoodie. No one said a word. I complained later but without proof it lead no where. That’s when I realized that my fellow citizens had allowed their support for a candidate to destroy their own sense of ethical behavior. They became Obots.

    When you support these people you become what you support. When you excuse their actions you become what they are. Lay down with dogs…Obots = Trumpkins

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      It truly is astonishing, isn’t it? If you haven’t had a chance to look at the link above abt how they hated it when it was Obama, love it now that it’s Trump, I recommend it. It is ASTONISHING all of the things they now support.

      And this mindset that it is all over now is RIDICULOUS. Only because the media, once again, wants to pick our nominees. So far, though, they are getting away with it.

      I might add, I can barely stand to go to Facebook now. The Trump supporters act EXACTLY like Obots, going to pages of people who are Rubio or Cruz supporters, taunting them, attacking them, telling them to accept the inevitable (like the Borg), harassing them, berating them, and bullying them. It is 2008 all over again.

      I cannot believe we had such an outstanding field of candidates, and these temper tantrum throwing blow up the Party people are pushing a “Rep.” who supports MANY of Obama’s policies. It is just INSANE.

      Btw, I know I have lost readers as a result, and someone who had been a very close friend has shut me out of her life (she didn’t just unfriend me on Facebook – she BLOCKED me). Now, you know, I do not engage in ad hominem attacks or anything of the sort, but apparently, she did not want to hear the facts abt Trump. Shocking. Just shocking.

      Oh, and I also have people putting up Trump articles on my home page – I do not discuss politics as a rule at my personal page, something they know, but don’t give a damn about, it seems. Just. Like. Obots.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        All I can say about losing friends, and readers, is that they never were the people we thought they were. I lost friends who became Obots and now friends who have become Trumpkins. I figure I’m better off without them. If they can throw their beliefs, decency, and ethics out the window for some damn politician then I don’t want or need them in my life. It used to hurt. Now I’m just relieved that I see them for what and who they are.

        I can disagree, and I do, with people who support Kasich or Rubio or Cruz or whoever. We can argue and discuss and disagree. But you cannot “discuss” with an Obot or a Trumpkin. They are the BORG.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Yes, Marge – I was very hurt in the beginning too, when Obama came along. My dear college friend with whom I had been close for YEARS dumped me most uncermoniously once I became an Indie and didn’t vote for Obama.

          Now, yeah, it just shows me that I was wrong abt who they were id, as you note, they would choose some politician over someone they claimed was like a sister to them. Heck, even my Obot sister hasn’t done that! So, yeah – better off without them!

      • foxyladi14 Says:

        That is so sad Amy.
        I will always love you.
        How is Rocky doing? ❤

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Thanks so much, Foxy – and the same to you!

          I am DELIGHTED you asked abt Rocky. I am happy to report that he is doing very well, his eyes are open, he has a “sister” now who is just a little bit older than he is. The Squirrel Whisperer reported that they cuddle together all the time. He said the great thing is he will be able to release them back into the wold together, so that is good news!

          And here are the latest photos of Rocky, and his sister, Natasha (Gina named her):

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Funny how many Trump supporters call any moderate or anyone else that doesn’t agree with them a RINO when the man they support fits that acronym better than any other Republican I can think of. And that includes McCain.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      No kidding, huh? It is truly remarkable. But most of them won’t hear a word against him, and truly act just as bad – if not worse – than Obots. Trumpkins insist – INSIST – that it is over, Trump will be the nominee, and we MUST vote for him.

      Um, no, we don’t. John Kerry was the last politician I will ever vote for because I felt I HAD to do so (when I was still a straight ticket Dem). My vote has to be earned…

  3. piper Says:

    Thank you for writing this blog honestly, realistically, and respectfully. It’s a pleasure to come here and here your commentary and posters’ comments without the rancor and insults that many borg members, O-bots and Trump-kins, are using to intimidate those of us who still have open minds and willing to form our own opinions based on our research.
    BTW – read an article the other day that Mr. Trump is being sued for ‘fraud’ regarding his Trump University in federal court in California. Will look for article later.

  4. foxyladi14 Says:

    The thing to remember dear friends is.
    Every POTUS we have ever had was disliked by almost half of the country. They supported “the other guy” 😆

  5. GinaR Says:

    Well, first of all, I have to agree with Piper and Marge. I can breathe here! I don’t have to bullied or harassed by Trumpkins, or listen to their nonsense about how Trump is the ONLY one who can make America great again! Yeah, baby! Hope and change! Fundamental transformation of America! We can see how that blind obsessive adoration has worked the past 7+ years. And even worse, those very Trumpkins are the SAME people who blasted the Obots for THEIR blind obsessive adoration. Pot, meet kettle.

    This is interesting; I wonder what Lynch will do if Obie starts moving those terrorists here?

    Caucuses need to be eliminated. The continued fraud that occurs at these things is outrageous. What’s even more outrageous is that both the DNC and the RNC allow it to happen unchallenged. And to not challenge Trump demanding there be no video of his supporters counting votes? Seriously? Is everyone SO damn afraid of him that they’ll let him ride into the nomination…and lose to Clinton?

    And I wish Carson and Kasich would just give up the ghost already. Neither have a chance in hell of getting the nomination, so put your money where your mouth is, boys, and get out for the betterment of the country.

    Amy, it’s rather sad that we’ve all lost friends as a result of politics. I know the friend of whom you speak, as she was (key word “was”) mine as well. I guess we were both wrong about who she was. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    On a happier note, I’m so glad Rocky and Natasha are doing so well! That’s wonderful that they’ll have each other as they are reintroduced into the world again!

    Thank you, Amy, for giving us a safe place to visit and chat, free from the Trumpcrap. Never thought I’d see it again after all the Obotcrap, but….well, I never thought I’d see a lot of things I’m seeing. Like a bullying celebrity reality jackass as Republican frontrunner!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thank you so very much, dear Gina. You know how much that mean to me. Bless your heart for saying so, and I am humbled that you all feel this way.

      It is a bit ironic that this blog was at first meant to be a place for us to speak freely from the attacks of Democrats, and now – shockingly – we have to worry abt REPUBLICANS acting the same way. I’m with you – never expected to see this happen in this party, especially in a year when we had so many OUTSTANDING candidates. I fear we are going to regret not having someone steady like Gov. Walker at the helm.

      Or Cruz, or Rubio. That is, if they don’t get their collective act together and go after TRUMP instead of each other. And yeah, the low men on the totem poll need to just stop it already. If they truly cared abt this country, they would join forces with Cruz/Rubio to go after Trump. But no…

      Sadly, you are right abt our friend. It is just astonishing to me that someone with whom we became close, in no small part as a result of the treatment of Obots and Obama’s rise, is now acting EXACTLY like them. Shocking. Oh well – says a whole lot, doesn’t it?

      Doesn’t Rocky look SO cute?!?! I cannot begin to tell you how giggly I became when I saw that CUTE little face and those bright eyes!!! I am so glad he has a sister now, that they will have each other, and will be released pretty much where they are. (Once they are a little older, they will spend time in an outdoor cage to get used to being outdoors, and interacting with the other squirrels.)

      Again,t hanks so much for the kind remarks. You all have made my day!

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        DANGIT – I meant to comment on Lynch acknowledging that yes, it is ILLEGAL to move the terrorists into the USA. It seems to me that the Congress has to stand firm, not allow Obama to break the law, and turn away any transportation that might try and bring these terrorists into the country.

        I can tell you, Gov. Haley, Sen. Scott, and Rep. Sanford, have been VERY outspoken abt the idea of bringing them HERE. They would be in a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood (essentially) close to a school. In a port city.

        What could go wrong?! Ahem..

      • GinaR Says:

        I miss Gov Walker. If only he could get back in the race now!!!

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Ohmygosh, I do too, Gina. I know our lovely Wisconsinites here are glad to still have him as their Governor, but wow, he would be such a great President. I sure hope he tries again at some point…

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            Hey you guys, you can’t have Walker. He’s still doing great things for our state and we need him. The Dems in this state are a particularly vile breed of cockroach.

            And don’t even think about trying to poach Sheriff David Clarke – Milwaukee country would be as big a cesspool as Cook County in Illinois without him.

            And honestly, can you see Walker in the mudslinging, name-calling, ugliness that is our political process? Can you see him standing up after lying and calling someone else a liar? Can you see him threatening to sue someone after losing a primary? Can you see him whining about cheating from someone else and then being the biggest part of cheating in another caucus? I can’t. He’s just not scumbag enough to be president.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          LOL, Marge – I know you don’t want to give up,your very good Governor. It says so much abt him that he has accomplished what he has there. He is a gem.

          And yeah, I think everyone would LOVE to steal Sheriff Clarke!

          No, absolutely not – what a more serious, adult,mature election it could have been…

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            One of my “friends” at NQ has suggested a Cruz/Clarke ticket and begged me to give up our wonderful Sheriff. I declined but dang that would be awesome wouldn’t it?

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Whatever one might think of Newt Gingrich, he most definitely speaks his mind. He did that very thing when he called out the Fox and Friends crew for making the Trump Presidency. He highlighted how Trump gets a big block of time whenever he wants it for FREE, something the others have to PAY to get (and even then, it is usually little soundbites):

    I had to laugh when the paper reported how little Trump spent here in SC compared to the other candidates. Well, of COURSE he could spend less! The OTHERS don’t get to be on the air for FREE whenever they damn well feel like it! Only TRUMP – the billionaire – gets to do that.

    So, so glad Gingrich called them out on their creation of the Trump Presidency…

    • GinaR Says:

      And he’s absolutely right about how Fox & Friends created Trump, and they’ve never confronted him about his lies and flip flops and bullying and threats. I would say I’m surprised at Doocy and Kilmeade for not owning their actions and behaviors, but it seems as if everyone at Fox has drunk the Trump-aid.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Have they ever. I used to watch Outnumbered, The Five, a good bit of Fox and Friends (though I didn’t concentrate as much on that since I was feeding all the critters – inside and out – as well as doing my exercise), and America’s Newsroom, but over the past few weeks, it has just become unbearable. I have started dvr’ing Bret Baier so I can speed through the Trump parts.

        So, yeah – too bad they can’t admit it, but I doubt they ever will..

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          I used to be a big Neil Cavuto fan, then he went nuts for Trump and I stopped watching him. Then “The Five”, the “Outnumbered” where Tantaros is nuts. Never watched Sean Hannity but he’s all in for Trump. Like you Rev I DVR “Special Report” and usually end up only watching the panel and often not that. 71/2 years ago I nearly stopped watching any political shows because I couldn’t stand the sight or sound of Obama or the Obots. Now it’s the same for me with Trump and the Trumpkins. There is something seriously wrong with supposedly adult people that become so besotted with a candidate. They remind me of a bunch of mindless screaming teenagers back when the Beatles first came to the USA. Ugh. Back then I just wanted them to shut up so I could hear the music. Now I just want them to shut up.

          • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

            You crack me up – I am the same way abt the music. It bugs me when people sing along to all of the songs at a concert, too. Didn’t pay money to hear Joe Blow sing!

            I don’t watch Hannity either, and Cavuto once in a while, but not any more. I just cannot stand how sycophantic the media is now. They don’t even bother to hide it anymore…

  7. mcnorman Says:

    Caucus time is insanity time. I did the dem one and let me tell you that my precinct was set to do a lot of bad stuff that I called them on. My judge was told to stay home. Yes…stay home. I had numbers ready to call the media and alert downtown. Luckily, I was not the only one. Fun fact, Obama people from major schools were bused in to make sure that he won that precinct. Sadly, I was one of a handful of curmudgeons and we didn’t let it go. You have to have people prepped. Many of the poor precincts have no idea what is going on or how to run a caucus.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Wow, mcnorman – that sounds crazy!! I knew that the Obama camp was rigging the caucus states.

      Do you remember the excellent documentary recording what happened primarily in Texas, “We Will Not Be Silenced”? I have thought abt that a lot since the reports came out last night. Of course, from the responses from many Trump supporters I have seen, they don’t care abt the cheating, just used it as another opportunity to arrogantly and smugly tell people to get on board.

      I really appreciate hearing of your experience with this. Sounds like a nightmare…

      • mcnorman Says:

        I knew something was up when I saw the bus parked behind the school ground. Same went for HRC…there were tons of people moved across the country. Most were college kids that were poly sci or pre law. And history will tell you that HRC was not as well prepped as zero when it came to manipulating the precinct caucuses.
        I did watch the documentary. It was far more insideous than the documentary imho.
        I can tell you that there were many people in that gym that should not have been voting period. They were not citizens. Three quarters of the them had no English speaking skills and didn’t have any understanding of why they were there. This is our system and it is highly susceptible to cheating.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I appreciate hearing about your experience and I applaud your actions.

      I pitched a fit back in 2008 when one of the poll workers was helping voters wearing a bright red Obama hoodie. I complained then and although many voters nodded their heads no one joined me. I went home and called. Nothing because I had no proof. I didn’t even know how to use the camera in my cell phone back then. I do now. And any shenanigans will be properly documented. Just the threat is often enough to stop them in their tracks. And I have no doubt that Trumpkins are just as aggressive and evil as Obots. In fact I’m absolutely sure of it.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Good heavens – that is ridiculous that no one joined in with you. It has long been understood that one CANNOT wear candidate-endorsing apparel inside a polling place. UGH.

        I agree completely – they most definitely are. They troll those who support Cruz or Rubio like there is no tomorrow. People who previously were friends, they now inundate with their Trump Claptrap. It is infuriating…

      • mcnorman Says:

        This large village that I live in is one of the few counties in the state that is ALWAYS blue precisely because of the selling out of our votes. I have been told that there will be no cameras allowed this time around. Wonder why? snicker

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Good heavens, mcnorman. That is just so troubling. It is astonishing the way in which Dems have undercut the fabric of our Republic. Just crazy…

          Btw, did you see that illegal aliens in NYC want to be able to vote? They can bite me. Sadly, I imagine the Socialist in Chief there will be all too happy to comply…

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