How Far Will They Go? *Open Thread*


I’m a firm believer in compromise. Compromise can be a good thing. If both sides believe they got something more than they lost it’s a good compromise. Compromise is not a synonym for capitulation which is something some folks arguing for compromise don’t seem to understand. Compromise is not for things held dearly and deeply and at your core. Compromise in those situations is a step further than some of us are willing to go.

I believe some compromise can do great harm. The compromise with conscience and principle can lead to that oft mentioned “slipper\y slope”.

I know the whole “slippery slope” idea has become a cliché for most of us. That doesn’t’ make it untrue or not something with which to be concerned.

I wonder, once you start compromising on things that are very important to you where do you draw the line?

I will never compromise about violence against women. Never. That is one reason I loathe Bill Clinton so much. It wasn’t just that he was unfaithful constantly and consistently as a husband, although I take issue with that, it was that he was willing to force himself on women. Which is where the woman he married, who claims to be all about women’s rights, stepped up and took sides. His. No compromise with this disgusting duo. I could never vote for her and am disgusted with myself that I voted for him. Ugh!

Trump supporters have to decide just how many compromises they are willing to make to continue to support their choice. They’ve excused the man for lies and behavior they have more than likely condemned their whole lives. Good decent people do condemn such things. Until now.

Are they now willing to excuse the manhandling of a young female reporter by Trump’s Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski? Are they willing to believe that she is the liar and not Corey Lewandowski although  he has all ready admitted it, then lied about that and now seeks to slime the victim of his thuggery? If Trump is the nominee do the Democrat attack ads about a “War Against Women” almost write themselves? Yes Clinton did worse and for far longer. Will the media point that out? Will they even report on Bubba and his disrespect for women? Starting with his wife and daughter whom he consistently humiliated by his actions?

What is there about politics that makes people willing to compromise their integrity, their suspicion of politicians in general for one specific politician? What makes them fall in love with one certain politician and fight to a rhetorical death to support that choice?  Are we that adverse to admitting we made a mistake?

People that you agreed on about any number of issues suddenly become strangers. Lately that seems to happen to me during every primary season. I’ve had more mud slung at me by people in the Republican Party, which I as an Independent usually support, than  by any Democrat. It sticks worse and it hurts worse and then it angers more.

Sometimes, the end result is a compromise nominee that we can all support. I have always gotten in line like a good little compromiser to cast my vote for someone, or against someone else for what I was told was the greater good. I didn’t always see it but in the case of McCain vs Obama I could.

I didn’t want McCain to be president. I respect and salute his service to his country but don’t like his politics. However, for what I perceived to be the greater good, I voted for him and against Obama. It didn’t do any good, compromising yourself doesn’t feel as good when you lose, but I would do that again. And although Romney was not my first choice he certainly was, in my eyes, the only choice when it came down to Romney vs Obama.

And now 2016. Once again the people I thought would be the best aren’t even in the running. Goodbye Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina.

I “liked” Rubio until his gang of eight nonsense. Now I just don’t trust him. Was he telling the truth then or now? Is he a John McCain politician?

Kasich has the experience and the chops but I just can’t warm up to the man. Thursday night in the debate he finally came alive for me and I saw why some people support him.

Jake Tapper asked Trump to comment on Republican concerns about statements he’d made seemingly in praise of authoritarian dictators. He quoted him speaking highly of Vladimir Putin and the military crushing of Tiananmen Square protesters.

Trump said he wasn’t praising these things but just commenting on their strength. He didn’t take the opportunity to say anything critical. This was not exactly what you’d call a presidential look.

The answer was so bad that Kasich, usually reticent to take on Trump, exploded saying, “I think that the Chinese government butchered those kids. And when that guy stood in front — that young man stood in front of that tank, we ought to build a statue of him over here when he faced down the Chinese government.”

That Kasich I could support. Is he so intent on getting the nomination as VP that he’s afraid to show some fire in the belly? If so, it’s a mistake. I liked that Kasich last night more than I ever had before.

I have decided, imperfect as he is, as unelectable as he may be, I am going to support Ted Cruz. The main reason is that he is so much the Constitutionalist, has touted himself so much as such, that if he should be elected he couldn’t flip flop on that and ever hope to win a second term. I also think him the best possible person, on either side, to choose Supreme Court Justices. Do I “trust Ted”? Certainly, if we hold his feet to the fire. At this time and this place he is my choice based on the choice we get.

“Unlike Trump, Cruz is ideologically and intellectually qualified to be president (and to pick Supreme Court nominees). Moreover, there are two things even Cruz haters can concede. First, it’s a given that a President Cruz will want to be re-elected. Second, Cruz’s “brand” hinges almost entirely on his fidelity to the Constitution. Mimicking Barack Obama’s disdain for the Constitution simply wouldn’t be an option for Cruz, and that means he’d have to work with Congress to get his conservative agenda passed. ” ~ Jonah Goldberg

Back to Trump. There is no way, no possible way, that I could ever compromise the things I believe in and have believed in my whole life enough to vote for the man. I’ve used just about every negative adjective I know and a few I shouldn’t know or repeat to describe my feelings about him.

No guilting me with the ghost of Hillary in the White House will make me vote for him. Some things cannot be compromised if you wish to hang on to your principles. Not voting for Trump is one of them for me.

Mollie Hemingway had a great piece about the debate last night. Here’s a link:

Have a great Saturday. And Rev, hope you are having a wonderful time!


9 Responses to “How Far Will They Go? *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about Trump having to cancel a rally in Chicago due to fear of people being injured by the large numbers of protesters meeting with Trump supporters.

    Let me make myself clear – I loathe Trump with every fiber of my being. But he and his supporters have a right in this country to assemble and speak. However I also see that Trump and his supporters are reaping what they have sown.

    Huge Number of Anti-Trump Protesters Forces Trump to Cancel Rally in Chicago

    Donald Trump postponed a rally in Chicago Friday evening due to safety concerns after protesters swarmed into the arena where it was supposed to be held.

    • mcnorman Says:

      I don’t like the fact that Soros and Move On are the main source for this.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I don’t either. Anything those two are involved in stinks. Loathing Trump doesn’t’ make me like them any better.

        The fact is that Trump has been encouraging confrontation. Part of the “tough guy” persona his supporters love. That plays right into the hands of Soros and Move-On. He offered to pay lawyers fees for his supporters that got caught.

        Roughing up some black people may rile enough of them up to get them to the polls. Many have shown no enthusiasm for Hillary but this might be enough to awaken it.

        Trump is playing the victim here but I suspect a calculated gambit on his part.

        And he lied. Again.

        Chicago PD: We Didn’t Tell Trump to Cancel the Rally

        • mcnorman Says:

          I find it very disconcerting because I believe that this is only because they see him out in front. I saw something and can’t find the link…something where Rubio had some nasty people come after him at a townhall??? I don’t see Bernie or HRC’s followers being egged, spit on or abused in the same manner as these trolls behave.

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            Actually Rubio made a speech about Trump rally’s being the only ones with fights. He said that there were none at his or Cruz or Clinton’s.

            Trump invites conflict. He likes it. He encourages it. That plays into the hands of those that like to portray the right as thugs and bullies. Also the “whites only” meme.

            While the GOP has spent decades trying to convince minorities that they are the big tent, with little success, Trump is with his big undisciplined mouth helping the left with that idea.

            No, I do not think Trump is a racist, or a someone that actually wants people fighting and getting hurt. I do think that the way he talks and the way many of his supporters talk and think invites that.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    • piper Says:

      OMG – perfect.
      As an independent I will be writing in my dog’s name as I refused to vote for Drumpf or the Madam. So many of my Republican friends are saying if I don’t for him, it’s a vote for her. My response – so what, too bad, so sad. He is a disgusting vile man who will continue the destruction of our country. His constant denigration of women should have all women especially the feminists, who must be in hiding, in an uproar demanding that he not only suspend his campaign but apologize for his vile comments. Won’t happen as he is more of a narcissistic egomaniac than Mr. Selfie Stick.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I am in complete agreement with you Piper. So many Trump supporters trying to “guilt” me into voting for him, or else “she will win”. Well they don’t vote for Trump for nominee.

        Because for me, Trump or Hillary, in the infamous words of Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make”.

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Like father, like son.

    Oops: Donald Trump Jr. informed rumor he helped spread ‘was debunked hours ago’

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