I Love Sundays *Open Thread*


I love Sundays. I’ve always loved Sundays. In our family Sundays were a special day like no other. It no longer seems as special but perhaps that’s only because people enjoy it in different ways that I did growing up.

You have to be an old codger like me to remember those black patent leather Mary Janes that were just for church on Sundays, Holidays and other special occasions. Once the “day” was over those shoes went back into their box, after being properly wiped down of course, until the next Sunday or other special occasion. I think those “Sunday” shoes were the only footwear that I ever outgrew rather than wore out.

I have always loved music and Sunday’s meant hymns. Sunday’s on our way to church we would sing hymns in the car. All together and probably quite horrible. But we loved it and I remember it with love. My favorite was Rock of Ages. Still is.  

Sundays meant one of Mom’s special dinners only we had it at lunch time. I don’t know if it’s just a Midwest thing but that was the way our house ran. I still serve Sunday “dinner” in the middle of the day. Some things never change.

Sundays meant that huge Sunday paper and all of us reaching for our favorite part. My brother and I wanted the “funny papers” and Dad wanted sports. Mom reached for the front page and Dad read it after he found out how his “Cubs” or “Bears” did or were doing. Dad never cared about basketball so I didn’t grow up with it and still don’t much care.

After church and after “Dinner” we would sometimes have company or other times go “visit” someone. Depended who was coming or where we were going if I was glad about that or not. Mostly I preferred a quiet Sunday with a book in my hand. And some music, no longer hymns playing.

Later in life there were some changes, not all of them good ones. But the music was still great.

But life righted itself again and once more it was Sunday that was the center of our life. Now it was me scrambling to get my kids ready for church and then somehow getting dinner on the table. Enjoying the kids and other members of the family that we often didn’t have time to see during the week.

And then the blessed quiet and peace of a Sunday evening. A little television. Baths for the kids. Let the dog out one last time and try to ready myself somehow for a Monday.

Now once again. Quiet Sundays. Peaceful Sundays. I really do like Sundays.

*** Remember ***

Daylight savings starts today. Your electronics have all ready told you that by now and now you must, as I must, scamper to all the other clocks that aren’t smart enough to re-set themselves. Sigh. I am just too old to enjoy the scampering.


4 Responses to “I Love Sundays *Open Thread*”

  1. foxyladi14 Says:

    I love this post!!!
    Our Sundays were a lot alike.
    One of my favorite songs was ‘The old rugged cross’
    Thanks ❤

  2. foxyladi14 Says:

    And I am really looking forward to this. 😀

  3. foxyladi14 Says:

    Have a safe and blessed Sunday dear friends. ❤

  4. mcnorman Says:

    Peaceful? Well, it depends on what chaos is right? I am building a chicken tractor. That is my peace. While the birds in the trees are watching from their nests, I quietly work the chickenwire. LOL

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