Either Or – Neither Nor **Open Thread**


Anyone that knows anything about me knows of my love for cartoons. They say so much so quickly and with so few words. They make us smile, or if they are anti someone we like make us grimace painfully. The cartoon above expresses my feelings perfectly.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are many liberal cartoonists drawing some very anti-Hillary cartoons and equally as many, if not more, conservative cartoonists drawing some very  anti-Trump cartoons. The cartoonists in the middle are skewering everyone. It’s a cartoon free-for-all and I am loving it!

In spite of my love for cartoons I have never much cared for the “fawning” kind. I’m not a “fawning” kind of gal so they don’t appeal to me. I also don’t care much for the kicking when he/she’s down kind. By that I mean the kind that keep skewering someone once they’ve dropped out of the contest. The hits on Jeb since he dropped out have been, IMO cruel. He’s done, basically humiliated, leave him alone. If he is unwise enough to stick his head up again then he makes himself fair game again. Til then, let the man lick his wounds in peace. I didn’t want him as president but that doesn’t mean I want the man humiliated further than he’s all ready been.

Having expressed some compassion for losing politicians doesn’t mean that I don’t know that cartooning and cartoons ain’t for sissies anymore that politics are. So in the end all is fair in love and cartooning and pissy pundits.

Christie made himself a part of the Trump campaign as did Carson. Thus they are fair game. If Rubio endorses Cruz, as is said he might, then he’ll have a target on his back and I’ll think that’s fair.

One theme that is consistent coming from both sides is the neither one is worth our vote. Many see Trump as just as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary. Which makes ya wonder why anyone would vote for either of the reprobates.  I know I won’t.

Cartoonists aren’t the only ones skewering their own. Or what we perceive as their own. Many liberal pundits aren’t one bit fond of Hillary. They make it clear that they think the Dems could have done better.  Perhaps a Biden/Warren ticket with the emphasis on Warren would make them happy.

What the obsession with Senior Citizen candidates is I don’t know. And old people trying to show us how young they still are is embarrassing for all concerned IMO. Bernie Sanders notwithstanding  what’s with the old goats?

Conservative pundits are equally in a lather about their choice or lack of one. No one even a tad establishment wants Trump but they sure as hell don’t want Cruz. Trump is just plain an embarrassment to the party as well as the country and Cruz? Well Cruz has been vilified by most of the party elites and thus if he was nominated he doesn’t owe them a damn thing. So I suspect those that don’t bow to the inevitability of Drumpf will go for Kasich. After all, he’s won one state now.

Election Seasons come and election seasons go, but not for long, and someone is always unhappy with both the choices and the results. Only there seem to be more people that are unhappy than not at this point in time.

I found the following interesting:

 Flashback to 1964: Confessions of a Republican  

I’m bored of the false choices and increasingly annoyed with the insistence that I must support _____ candidate or the republic will surely perish. I am not compelled to vote for any remaining candidate simply because they’ve managed to survive the island thus far. Votes are not entitlements, they must be earned.

I respect the opinions of many of my fellow bloggers who make well thought out cases for rallying behind candidate X, but I must dissent. I cannot stand Trump, and will under no circumstance vote for him now or ever — I’ve never been shy in admitting as much. Nor do I feel pressed into false choices that say I must support Cruz or we’re stuck with Hillary. These are not yet provable realities; they’re campaign gimmicks.


Some wonder why there is not #NeverHillary party:

  How Can You Feel Good About Yourself If You Vote For Hillary? 

Whatever you want to say about the Republican Party this year, at least we knocked off Jeb Bush. How do you rally behind an even more pathetic Democratic equivalent, a mediocre woman whose entire career has been based on a loveless, dysfunctional marriage to a serial adulterer?


It looks increasingly to me as if a whole lot of people will not be choosing “either/or” but “neither/nor”.  We just are not happy campers.



3 Responses to “Either Or – Neither Nor **Open Thread**”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Anyone remember how most Republicans thought Obama’s obsession with FOX News was sick? How many of those same people are cheering on Crazy Donald’s obsession with Megyn Kelly?

    I’ve read a lot of the comments by Trump supporters about Ms. Kelly and they are as sick as he is. They’re always saying that she is falling in the ratings and that her show is going down. Second Highest ratings in cable news says she’s doing just fine. And Trump and the Trumpanzees just can’t handle that.

    With all the problems in this country that Trump is uninterested in and ignorant about it’s really repulsive to see him obsessing about one female reporter. Since there are a lot of people that dislike Trump, he’s just giving her free advertising and a place where the Donald’s boots won’t be licked like on Hannity.

    Trump calls for BOYCOTT of Megyn Kelly, Fox News BASHES his ‘EXTREME, SICK OBSESSION’!!


    • piper Says:

      I think this is another way for Drumpf to get more ‘free’ publicity without spending any of his billions. Do or say something outrageous as a way to keep the focus on him. The sheeple are lapping it up and praising their idol and his denigration, NOT realizing that he and his family are really deriding them (the sheeple) for their stupidity and willful ignorance in following him.
      I’m not comparing Donald to Adolph but I could never understand how good people could listen to Adolph without questioning his bombastic speeches – and his screeching voice. And now I’m witnessing what I think are intelligent people falling for and defending another narcissistic ego-maniac spouting nonsensical promises without any realistic plans. Sure build a wall and send them back – how and with borrowed money?

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I don’t compare Trump to Hitler either but the mindless cheering reminds me of the crowds that adored their Furor.

        The Obots and their fanatical support of Obama were just as disgusting to me. I don’t fall in love with some damn politician. And saying Drumpf isn’t a politician is asinine. He’s running for office, the highest in the country, he’s a politician.

        You only “fall” for those people if you suspend your own beliefs and ethics and character as well as silence you conscience. What decent person favors torture and killing the families of our enemies? Yet Drumpf said just that.

        What person with a modicum of intellect can listen to his speeches and not be repulsed by the endless bragging and the endless ignorance.

        Of all the stupid things he’s said, and he adds to that list daily, his brag about him having “all the best words” was the one that offended me the most. He does not have “all the best words”. He has the vocabulary of a 12 year old with all the scatological references common to adolescent boys on the playground.

        He’s a farce and a fake and the idiots that support him should be ashamed of themselves.

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