Good Friday ** Open Thread **


May you have a blessed and peaceful Good Friday.

Good Friday doesn’t seem to mean much to many people any more. Which I find surprising. Because how can you celebrate the joy of his rising without suffering a little in your mind of the horror of his death?

Perhaps we have become so used to images of horror through television, movies and life that the crucifixion doesn’t bring the horror that it did to me as a child. Perhaps we look at the cross and forget what it stands for. I know I am and have been guilty of that.

I don’t mean to be “preachy”, I just think that we need to think about these things from time to time and what better day than Good Friday? Or maybe I’m just a lot closer to having to do some explaining to my lord than you are. Whatever the reason I just wish and hope that we will remember the reason for the season. And it ain’t bunnies and hard boiled eggs.

Word comes this morning that at least two of the victims of the murders in Brussels were Americans. Other Americans are still missing.

Please pray for them and all the other families and friends of those who were killed or injured. We can only imagine their pain.

  At Least Two Americans Killed in Brussels Terror Attacks

As of Thursday, there were still a number of Americans missing after the terror attacks in Brussels. Friday morning, however, a U.S. official confirmed that at least two of those missing were killed. Their names have not yet been released.


Here’s another of the hymns I grew up with and still love.


Perhaps we can discuss politics later today. Feel free. I more than likely will see some piece that outrages me and spoils the tranquility I am trying to achieve today. Actually it can only “spoil” the tranquility if I let it. And sadly, predictably, I probably will.

Whatever you choose today, may it be good.



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  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Dear Amy,

    I think I finally broke your blog. Sorry. 😦


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