All The Stench That’s Fit To Print **Open Thread **


There was a time when you might have to hold you nose to vote for someone as a vote against someone else. The lessor of two evils as they say. Now you have to start holding your nose just to get through the primary process. Poor nose will be suffering from stench abuse long before the ballot is ever seen.

Politics has never been a nice clean sport. I might have thought so when I was young and naïve, if I was ever either, but I do not now. Politics is a dirty game with players that not only hit below the belt but with many  that like to hit below the belt. I don’t like it but its been a fact of politics for a long time.

The issues that actually impact our lives aren’t always what makes us vote for one person or another. I’ve heard more that one person say they wouldn’t vote for someone because “I just don’t like him.” And they can give you no other reason. I’ve felt that way myself. Just that “something” that seemed off to me.

I’m happier with myself when I have a real reason not to like or support someone. Happier still when that reason has nothing to do with how they look or some vague feeling but is about issues that are important to me.

Sometimes one issue is enough to turn me for or against a candidate. Not normally because I don’t tend to be a one issue voter. However there are exceptions I could not, would not, vote for anyone that was pro-choice. Not after seeing what that mind set can lead to. Remember Kermit Gosnell anyone? I do. Those images still appear in my nightmares.

I am not anti-government. I am anti-big humongous government that sticks it’s nose into every phase of our lives. We are told that the infrastructure of this country is crumbling. Perhaps government could do a better job about correcting that if it wasn’t so hell-bent on social engineering every facet of our lives.

As a for instance off the top of my pointy little head:

Have one law – coast to coast about marriage. Any human being of the appropriate age may marry any other human being in any courthouse in the country. Churches may decide for themselves.

I am 100% with Ted Cruz on the flat tax. Shrink the IRS down to a mere shadow of itself and we’ll all be better off. Of course all those people that made a living preparing our taxes will have to find another line of work. If they really are good with numbers that shouldn’t be difficult.

But I digress, I do that a lot, I was talking about the stench of politics. The ugliness has always been with us but many of us never saw. If all you had was a local television station and a local newspaper you more than likely got your “news” and much of your opinion from them. If they were biased chances are so were you. You just didn’t know it.

There were so many things we didn’t know back then. Now there is a world of information at our fingertips and most of us will now see the ugliness of a world we never knew existed. I’m not talking about ISIS or terrorists or even countries where a woman isn’t allow to drive a car. I’m talking about the comment section of many blogs.

I suppose most of us were used to, had sort of been eased into the left against right political ugliness. We tend to believe anything bad we hear about them. Primaries have tended to be ugly too although I wasn’t aware of how ugly until 2008. Then I became an Independent. I soon surveyed both The Democrat and Republican Party’s and found them wanting. Because of the ugliness of what the Dems did to the Hillary voters and the idiotic idea that Obama would be a great president I held my nose and voted for John McCain. More for Sarah Palin back when I still thought she had a brain.

I couldn’t believe that anyone would seriously vote for Obama in 2012 and again the Dems proved me wrong. Once you vote for the color of a person’s skin I guess you just keep on doing that. Damned if running the country is even in consideration. And by the way, those voters ask: “I did get my Obamaphone but when is Obama going to pay my rent?”

I identify as an Independent but I usually vote Republican. A few votes Green and a few Libertarian but mostly GOP. Not happy with them much of the time but they look sane in comparison with the left. Until now.

Now we have a vulgar, boorish, lying, 70 year old adolescent running as a Republican for the highest office in the land. And millions are flocking to support him. If I thought supporting Obama had brought out the worst in people I had only to wait a few years and meet the Trumpanzees.  Just as nasty, stupid, even less informed and absolutely disinclined to look at facts.

The stench continues but this time it continues without me. Tuesday April 5 I will go to the polls and vote for Ted Cruz. I think he may squeak a win out here in Wisconsin as more sane people begin to see the reality that is Trump but I doubt that matters.

Sadly, I believe Trump will win the nomination. Sadly I believe that means that Hillary Clinton will return to the White House. A majority of women loathe the misogynist pig and will not vote for him. Roughly 1/3 of anti-Trump Republicans and at least the same number of Independents will not hold our nose and vote for Trump. He’s just a stench too far. You don’t win general elections without those people.

I could be wrong – he could win the general election. And sadly that will be no better IMO than Hillary winning. Either way no one of character and intellect will sit in the Oval Office. Either way, media chooses the President again.




4 Responses to “All The Stench That’s Fit To Print **Open Thread **”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Excellent post, Marge. So glad at I had a chance to read it this morning as we got into Miami at 4:00am. Thank heavens for the American Airlines Admirals Club…

    Anyway, when we came through Customs this morning and saw a photo of Obama, I told Suzy that I cannot wait until that photo is gone, though if it is replaced by a Clinton that will be bad. But honestly, I think it will be worse with a Trump Presidency. I think h will take this country down a road from which it will be hard to recover a sense of decorum and pride.

    I still cannot understand the millions who really could give a damn abt facts or despicable behavior but rather embrace it and spread the vicious lies their new Dear Leader spreads. Yeah, I cannot possibly hold my nose enough to ever give Trump my vote.

    I hope – HOPE – that Cruz can still pull this out, that Trump’s latest abhorrent behavior abt Heidi Cruz (abt which I finally got to read last night) will break through the resistance to reality the Trumpanzees exhibit. The Tweets from Trump are beyond the pale.

    Anyway, great post. You can feel free to write here ANYTIME, Marge! I so appreciate all of your effort, your humor, your wit, and you positions so much. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    And a very Happy Easter to you all!

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Btw, we got a copy of the NY Times last night (complimentary), and there was a very good story abt Ted Cruz and his now deceased half-sister. I can’t grab the link now, but will try to remember when I get home (no promises though since I only had a few hrs sleep). I was pleasantly surprised, though the story abt her is just tragic…

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    So glad to have you back. You were missed.

    I was concerned that perhaps my obsessive concern about Trump might be more than you felt was appropriate so your words are balm to my fear.

    We are expecting Penguin pictures as soon as you get rested up some. 😉

    And above all, Joyous Easter Greetings to all:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Amen to that – beautiful message and image!

      Oh, not at all, Marge! I could not agree with you more. You can always speak freely here anyway, especially since you have such a way with words, but have no fear – right there with you, sister!

      LOL, oh, just WAIT until you see a video Suzy took of the Rockhoppers. Honestly, they are just too cute for words! I will definitely try to get some good photos up this week. Hopefully, I won’t bore you silly with my vacation talk! Ahaha…

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