Joyous Easter To All! ** Open Thread **


The Rev is back! Soon to resume her wonderful posts and to show us our promised penguin pictures. I can hardly wait!

So I will leave you with a day of love and hope and joy and a wonderful story that was  sent to me by my much loved mother-in-law. This wonderful lady is 86 years old and had a triple bypass just a week before I did. She is strong and wonderful and we talk often to compare and commiserate. I think she helped me a lot because if she is so strong how can I be less? The story is new to me but even if not it is worth retelling today.

Here’s the story she sent me. It comes from Buzzfeed which today, of all days, I could care less. It is, to me a beautiful story that reminds me that there is much good in the world.If you can read it without tearing up you are stronger than I was.





11 Responses to “Joyous Easter To All! ** Open Thread **”

  1. foxyladi14 Says:

    Happy Easter dear Friends.
    He is Risen ❤

  2. piper Says:

    A beautiful story – ty for sharing!

    Happy Easter

  3. foxyladi14 Says:

  4. piper Says:

    Incredible how the people in this country have gone from being thinkers to sheeple which I’m sure is feeding Drumpf’s massive ego.
    From comments supporting him by praising his prowess, business acumen and lofty outrageous statements of how he will govern. A bunch of hype and sound bites with no basis in reality. The insanity is that they actually believe that he has magical powers to implement their wishes. A repeat of 2008 – wonder how long before Donald buys himself a nobel peace prize to hang on his wall.

    Amazingly they’re discrediting any negative article written on Donald while constantly searching for negative articles written on Cruz and his wife – posting them everywhere on the net.

    They’re drunk on stupidity, refusing to look at reality.

    • piper Says:

      Sorry for ranting on Easter Sunday.

      Rev. Amy, Happy to hear that you’re back but just want you to know – Marge did a fantastic job of writing and keeping us informed.

      Miss her and Deapster’s comments on LJ blog which has been taken over by the borg.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I go over to the “borg” site you mentioned now and then to see if any sanity has returned – still waiting.

        One of the more virulent posters, the one “kin” of someone, went to the blog where I now spend the time I formerly spent at the “borg” site and then reported back that we, well they since I didn’t see her, are nasty and called her stupid. If they called her stupid they were being kind to the Kin. She claims she was a Cruz supporter until she discovered that he’s a Canadian.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          I may know of whom you speak, and if it is the same one, she was a Trumpanzee from the get-go. In a big, big way, I might add. Sad that LJ’s site has been taken over.

          I am exceedingly grateful for the wit and wisdom Marge was willing to share in my absence, and I PROMISE to put up penguin pictures – and maybe some videos, if not tomorrow (Monday), then Tuesday. 😀

          Speaking of how vile Trump is, I caught a headline the other day abt his attacking Heidi Cruz for her looks. Shocking. But I also saw a headline at INJO, and just now got to read it. It speaks VOLUMES abt who Heidi Cruz is, and who the woman is Trump is vilifying. I would rather spend time with her over Trump any day of the week and twice on Sundays, Easter and all!

          Here’s the link:

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            Welcome Home!

            I’ve never been fond of “kin” but she’s really gone round the bend now. And the atmosphere where she now “shines” is fetid and rather sad. I am either here or over at “The Right Scoop”. Met some very nice people. Some are a little rambunctious but that’s usually in response to trolls. Of which Kin was one. Fortunately the moderators over there delete any trolls who cause to much trouble. And then like-minded people just discuss things with each other.

            The whole Heidi Cruz episode has been so distorted at the Borg site that it’s pathetic. If they are delusional enough to believe that the party will come back together and back Trump if he wins there is no hope for them.

        • piper Says:

          Interesting how ‘kin’ went from being a Cruz supporter to denouncer in one short swoop. She’s on a roll posting one negative article after another, and sharing her unfavorable commentary about him and his wife.

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            I don’t go over there often but once in a while to see how poor JRTerrier is doing. Still fighting the good fight as best he/she can. I applaud the courage that takes.

            I have no time for people like “Kin”. She sure ain’t no kin of mine.

            She has a perfect right to dislike Ted Cruz. She doesn’t have a right to tell one lie after another. With Trump supporters you usually have the uninformed, the misinformed and the liars. She fits all 3 categories.

            For those of us who dislike Trump as much as she dislikes Cruz there is no need to lie. He provides all the ammunition needed all by himself.

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