I Identify As Confused *Open Thread*



It seems like each new day adds a layer of confusion to my mind. Some things remain absolutely clear to me – many others – not at all. I find Society as a whole confusing.

Perhaps I never really understood my fellow citizens as well as I thought I did. Perhaps that’s part of what makes the world of here and now so confusing.

Sometimes I wonder if the world is deliberately confusing me to keep me docile and quiet. Fat chance world!

As we get older the world around us changes. Things that once were true are not and things that once were unthinkable are now part of daily life.  It becomes difficult to understand, or relate to, the changes. Changes large and small and numerous. It’s no wonder we’re confused. The wonder would be if we were not.

Some changes we like and embrace – remote controls are wonderful things. Until taken to an extreme and now I sit with a lineup of remote controls beside my chair and wonder what connects to what. Does that one turn on the air conditioner or open the neighbor’s garage door? Who knows?

Don’t try to take me back to the days when I had to change the channel on the television by getting up and actually making contact with the set. That would require prying the remote from my cold dead hand. Remotes are a change I like very much. And the neighbor’s garage door is his problem not mine.

I have not now or ever will understood “thong” underwear. I’ve spent the better part of a long lifetime trying to keep my underwear out of the crack in my backside so why on earth would I want to put a “thong” in it? What is wrong with these people?

I’ve always been a live and let live kind of gal. Now it seems you have to take sides about everything. Because if you aren’t wholeheartedly for something you must be against it. Who made that a rule? And why didn’t I get to vote against it? I think it’s a stupid rule and I will not comply!

So much of what goes on around me is just background noise in my life. So many things that have people up in arms or down in the dumps don’t interest me. Many things that get people all riled up seem silly to me. Or maybe my rile-o-meter isn’t as sensitive as it used to be. Maybe at this end of my life I need to save all that energy for things I find important.

Some persons with xy chromosomes, we used to refer to them as men, can now identify as women and use women’s bathrooms. We know this because the Potty President says so. We once had presidents that worried about big things, important things – this one worries about what bathroom people use. Seems more like a Bathroom monitor back in High School than POTUS. But back to the xy critter and who he thinks he is.

A hairy chested individual can now identify as a woman and happily meander into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Little girls, young women and old ladies must share public toilet facilities with men who think they are women. Didn’t nature burden us enough by making us share a bathroom with the men at home? Must we now share with strange men? Ugh.

It’s not that women are frightened of or worried much about miniscule numbers of transgender men that think they are women. There is an eew factor in our thinking of them in our bathrooms but it’s the perverts who would harm us we find most concerning. We identify them as a danger.

Too bad the lefties that were so concerned about a “war on women” don’t think putting all those rapist men they always prattling about in our bathrooms and locker rooms. Does anyone see a logic disconnect? Is anyone else confused? Am I the only one?

Between men that think they’re women and men who think it’s alright to inflict men who think they are women on women in their bathrooms the world is a confusing place for many of us. Confusing and increasingly hostile.

That doesn’t even get into the people that identify as black when they are white. Or men who identify as puppy dogs. I don’t object so much to a world that seems to have gone crazy as much as I object to a society that tries to tell me that’s fine and dandy. Because confused or not I don’t see up as down and black as white and right as wrong. That confused I ain’t!

35 Responses to “I Identify As Confused *Open Thread*”

  1. helenk3 Says:

    i identify my self as 21 years old and looking like Linda Darnell. But for some reason people do not believe me.
    I identify my self as a lottery winner, but for some reason the check has not arrived.


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I think you have to be a deluded liberal nutcake for those things to work Helen. We can dream but we don’t expect that to alter our reality. They think it can. The difference between rational and nuts.

      • justine Says:

        You crack me up, Marge. This article is absolutely wonderful. (I don’t get thong underwear, either — what’s the point?)

        I’ve missed you at NQ. It’s not the same without you!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          Nice to “see” you again Justine! Glad you dropped in.

          I miss a lot of the people at NQ.

          There is an ugliness there now that I don’t want to be a part of. Is LJ still claiming to NOT be a Trump supporter? What B.S.

          We have a nice Trumpanzee free space here and I like that.

          I have several other blogs I visit free frequently, the Right Scoop several times a day, sometimes I “see” DianaLC there but she never answers when I say hi.

          I have become a huge fan of Steve Deace and listen to his podcasts 5 days a week. You might guess he’s #NeverTrump as I am. He just says it better.

          Anyway, glad you liked the post. And yeah, I just can’t under stand the whole “thong” thing. Only purpose I can see it to show your butt to the world. I wouldn’t have done that when mine was worth seeing. Nowadays I avoid the sight if at all possible.

          Be well kiddo, I miss you guys!

  2. helenk3 Says:


    arabic the fastest growing language in the US

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Okay I am pi$$ed off enough when I have to wait on the phone for someone to explain to me, in Spanish what I already understood in the language of my country – English. What next Arabic on the phone? And which dialect? Are the Dems deliberately trying to construct a tower of Babble?

      Look how well that turned out last time it was tried. Not so good.

  3. helenk3 Says:


    bye bye corey

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Ah poor thuggish Lewandowski. With no Cruz to kick around anymore it appears Trump will be turning on his own. Wonder who is next?

      *note to self: buy more popcorn.

  4. helenk3 Says:


    this might gain momentum

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I’ve been hearing a lot about this.

      Some die-hard conservatives seem to think the Republican Party can be “fixed”. I don’t. Too many crooks in high places in the party.

      One look at the Senate Majority Leader is all that is needed.

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    The FBI missed the Tsarnaevs, the Farooks and now the Orlando terrorist. But if we just hand over our guns, we’ll be safe gang!” ~ Ben Shapiro

  6. helenk3 Says:


    according to lynch the American public is not allowed to know the truth

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      She is so full of crap her eyes reflect her innards!

      They are redacting the information to try to hide the truth from the public so that they can sell their brand of hogwash better.

  7. helenk3 Says:

    stolen from Deapster

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Good one Helen!

      Is Deap still at NQ? Tell her Marge says Hi and that I miss her if you “see” her.

      I stopped by NQ to see what was up and the first thing I saw was Johnson carrying Trump’s water yet. Yeah Trump is right and everyone else is wrong.

      I can’t even stand to be on that blog anymore. I don’t know how you stand it.

      • helenk3 Says:

        deap is under attack at No Quarter. She gives as well as she gets and has them all going nutso

        I had left but thought I would try again. That was a mistake
        not welcome because I refuse to be conned by a flim flam man

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          I had thought about stopping in once in a while too. But the first thing that caught my eye was a post by Johnson: “Trump is right…” That was as far as I went.

          To think I once thought the man was smart and had integrity. My mistake. Not my first and not my last but one of my worst. Right up there with voting for Hillary – partly because he “knew” her and she was so great.

          I need to go take a shower. Ugh.

  8. helenk3 Says:


    WTH not really too concerned about security are they?

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Some days I can’t make up my mind if they are corrupt or just stupid. Most days I vote for both.

  9. helenk3 Says:


    looks good on paper,but we all know congress will do nothing about it

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      You need a spine and integrity to do what needs to be done. Thus far I’ve only seen a few, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert that qualify and would do the right thing. The rest are just weasels pretending to give a rat’s backside.

  10. helenk3 Says:


    worse election in my lifetime

  11. justine Says:

    Just think. In a little more than 6 months, we’ll be gaining daylight!

  12. kenoshamarge Says:

    Cruz: Bowing at the Altar of Political Correctness Won’t Defeat Terrorism. Here’s What Will.

    Over the past week, congressional Democrats, led by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have predictably resorted to political gamesmanship and prattled on about the supposed need for more gun control, as if restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans will somehow prevent a committed terrorist from acquiring weapons or simply building a bomb to carry out his act of terror.

    This is a reckless dereliction of leadership. What happened in Orlando is not a gun control issue—it is a terrorism issue.


  13. helenk3 Says:

    for my friends in California


  14. helenk3 Says:


    so if he had used the word allah would they have applauded?

    what the hell is happening to our country

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      How long before the left tries to have “In God We Trust” removed from our coins? They hate Christians more than Terrorists. It’s what happens when you don’t believe – you come to hate those that do. And if they do you no harm you hate them more.

  15. helenk3 Says:


    sounds like a good idea to me

  16. helenk3 Says:


    infighting much?

  17. helenk3 Says:

    Philly advertising


  18. helenk3 Says:


    I meant to tell you about this tv station I found. gettv. the old detective shows, westerns and variety shows and old movies.
    shows from the 60s,70s,80s.
    I worked shift work and missed a lot of these shows so for me it is fun.
    I think you would like the station. I think you will have to check it out in the computer to get the channel for your area.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thanks Helen – if not for me for Lou. He still watches “Paladin” and “Wagon Train” when he can find them. Just loves the old westerns.

      Me, I love old movies. So will definitely check this out. Again, thanks.

      • helenk3 Says:

        Tell Lou
        Saturday is all day westerns.
        Laramie, Whispering Smith, Bonanza and others western movies on saturday night

        during the week swat, riptide, hardcastle and Mccormick, the equalizer and in the heat of the night.
        Judy Garland show, Perry Como show, Merv Griffin show

        thursday night must be musical night on TCM. I noticed the last two thursday’s that is what was shown

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