The Stupids Are In Bloom * Open Thread *



I really don’t think you can fix stupid. I know it’s something we frequently say when shaking our heads in disbelief at some stupidity. But how can you fix something people are so determined to hang onto ? Are they determined to hang onto their stupid because they don’t know they are stupid?  They   won’t believe you when you tell them that something they said or did was seriously stupid. Which makes me wonder how stupid I am for trying to convince stupid people that they are stupid.

Ignorance is something you can deal with. There are many ignorant people that are willing to learn. They might even listen to facts and be willing to think about an issue from a different POV. Some of them. Some of the time. Some will resist fixing their ignorance and so they tend to lean towards stupid.

Sometimes it hard to tell one from the other. Even when I think I see one and realize if was just because I was passing a mirror. I can be stupid too. I just try not to make a habit of it.

I try not to feel bad about my own lapses into stupidity when I read or hear some of the things important and famous people say. They show their stupid to the whole world. Famous/important people saying infamously stupid things. Those on the left are safer than those on the right from having their stupid remarks mocked and thrown in their face. That’s because the stupid media chose to be liberal activists instead of the people’s watchdog and are now almost universally despised.

Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, “Thank God, I’m still alive.” But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again. ~ Senator Barbara Boxer
Those words came from an elected United States Senator. Don’t it make ya proud California? You elected her, repeatedly, you inflicted her on the rest of us and now you own her. She’s retiring and I can hardly wait to see what kind of stupid you next elect. I have no expectations you will elect anyone with integrity, honesty of brains – it is California after all.
I really shouldn’t pick on California but they make it so easy. How about this quote from their former Governor?
I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
I don’t think anyone ever accused Arnold of being a genius but seriously? With Arnold you get a twofer – a celebrity saying something stupid and a politician saying something stupid all in the same man.
You can always count on politicians to say stupid things. Even the offspring of politicians seem to want to get into the saying something stupid act:
Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything. ~ Ivana Trump, on finishing her first novel
Wouldn’t you think someone smart enough to write a book would be too smart to say something so stupid? Evidently not. And it’s obvious this little blond slice didn’t fall far from her famous father ham.
Back to another politician:
If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very low crime rate. ~ Marion Barry, mayor of Washington, D.C.
 Media types would have us think that they are far superior, intellectually speaking, than the poor little peasants that make up the vast majority of their viewing audience. If you don’t see their arrogance you just aren’t looking. Once upon a time Dan Rather was a big name in media. Now he’s nearly a forgotten man unless some Sunday morning panel takes pity on him and allows him to spew his nonsense.
And now the sequence of events, in no particular order. ~ Dan Rather, television news anchor
Now I’m no big time news man but I know stupid when I hear it. I bet Rather laughed long and loud at George Bush when he misspoke himself.
And then in a class all by themselves are the celebutards:
Whenever I watch TV and I see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I would love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff. ~ Mariah Carey, Pop Singer
I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada  ~ Britney Spears, Pop Singer

So, where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year? ~ Christina Aguilera

Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it’s tuna but it says chicken of the sea. ~ Jessica Simpson

 Honestly do you think I could make up stuff like this? I swear to you I am not nearly that creative.

The celebutard who loves to entertain the world with her stupidity is Gwyneth Paltrow. I am not  a fan except her role as Pepper Potts in Ironman movies. Seriously why can’t she keep her mouth shut off camera?  Does she need attention so much?

“I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.”

“I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin.”

“I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup.”

I’ve  had a little fun picking on some stupid. Because it annoys me. It annoys me that media spends so much time telling us what some dimwitted celebrity has to say about anything. It annoys me more that some people care what they say.


I’m sure the day will give us many of examples of stupid. Be sure to share your favorite or  the one you find the most infamous.

I think cartoonist Dana Summer, one of my favorites, summed up the loathsome BLM bunch perfectly in this cartoon:




62 Responses to “The Stupids Are In Bloom * Open Thread *”

  1. helenk3 Says:

    I have a real problem with kids being taught this nonsense

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Liberal educators programming our children to be good little socialists and self-hating white people.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Mike Pence Sacrifices All Remaining Integrity at the Altar of the Orange God-King

    This is just unbelievable. Erick (Erickson) accurately noted yesterday how Indiana Governor Mike Pence “would actually be the perfect vice presidential pick for Donald Trump” because, frankly, he is spineless and “lacks the courage of his convictions.”

    But there is spinelessness, and then there is catastrophic self-flagellating humiliation in the name of reneging anything remotely resembling fealty to the conservative cause. In obsequiously trying to get the veepstakes “final rose” from the alt-right’s orange god-king, Pence reached the (disgraceful) latter stage in his comments today.

    Pence is no longer a conservative. He is officially a Branch Trumpidian.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I think Pence is especially stupid to abandon all sense of decency when it seems as if Newt is the Donald’s chosen one.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        It may have been that Newt being let go by FOX wasn’t because Trump had chosen him. Because Trumps whole family has been seen pulling up to Pence’s house and entering.

        Or maybe both are just head-fakes. Someone commented elsewhere that Trump liked to do that on his television show for drama. Since I never watched I didn’t know that.

        Isn’t it great that something as important as the presidency is being turned into a reality show?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Yes he has. I am disgusted by him. I never cared for Chris Christie anyway, and figured he was hoping for the VP nod when he jumped on the Trump bandwagon. But I thought Pence was at least a decent person. Not any more!

  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    This is just infuriating. Obama called the families of the two criminals killed by police while on Air Force One on his way to the Memorial Service for the Dallas officers who were assassinated. He assured them he would mention their criminal family members during his address. He kept his word to them to the disparagement of the officers and families:

  4. helenk3 Says:

    she learned to parse words from her old boss

  5. helenk3 Says:

    in the you can’t fix stupid dept

  6. helenk3 Says:

    More: FDIC executive told employees not to disclose foreign government hack because it could endanger current FDIC Chairman Gruenberg’s Senate confirmation – Reuters

  7. helenk3 Says:

    the dems are telling backtrack to veto this bill

  8. helenk3 Says:

    but but I thought the dems were your BFFs

  9. helenk3 Says:

    way off topic

    I just got the best present ever.
    The lady that does heavy cleaning for me has a daughter that teaches in a low income preschool.
    I got some kids books and dvds in a thrift store. I did not pay a lot for them.
    Today she brought me a poster with all the little kids handprints in all colors, in the shape of a heart thanking me for the books and the dvds. Yes i cried. That poster will be framed and hung on my wall

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

    Okay my winner for the stupidest remark so far today is this BLM “activist” from Chicago.

    Black Lives Matter Community Activist From Chicago Calls for Abolishing Police

    On Monday night, a black community worker from Chicago openly advocated the abolition of the police force across America. She argued that the institution began with slavery in America and needs to be scrapped entirely.

    “Here’s the solution, we need to abolish the police, period,” declared Jessica Disu on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.” Her suggestion got an immediate groan. “De-militarize the police, disarm the police, we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.”

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      What an idiot. She needs to listen to what Charles Barkley said in the nk down below. He essentially told one of the radio hosts that without the police, it would be the “Wild, Wild West.” No kidding!

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Wasn’t Barkley great? I heard him on the Glenn Beck show a little while ago. Beck said if Barkley had worked for ESPN chances are he would be fired for saying what he did. And think he’s right.

  11. kenoshamarge Says:

    In a close second place for stupid of the day President Dimwit is still running around saying that it’s easier for black to get a gun then a book.

  12. kenoshamarge Says:

    Source: FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protected Hillary Clinton

    “FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.”

    Recent polls show Trump making some gains, even go ahead of Clinton. I wonder if people are so disgusted with the Clinton “above the law” reality that even a POS like Trump is looking better.

    • amarissa Says:

      This terrifies me! I heard about these polls. I cannot believe this country would elect a man like DT! I understand the choices are the worst in history but choosing Trump is the most dangerous thing that could happen to this country.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        No matter how bad I think Hillary is, and that’s very bad, at least I think she’s sane. Trump? I’ve thought for a long time that he is crazy. Today he said he didn’t mind all that much if we lost the Senate – said he likes being a “free agent”. How do you even deal with the level of ignorance and insanity?

  13. helenk3 Says:

    I still believe he is hillary’s trojan horse

  14. helenk3 Says:

    backtrack’s BFFs to attend pre RNC rallies carrying firearms

    what could possibly go wrong?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I asked this question of some friends at Facebook last night: how is it that members of a hate group are able to get gun permits? Even the Southern Party Law Center has to admit that the NBPP is a racist hate group in this country. So, yeah – HOW are they getting gun permits??

      And funny how it isn’t a big deal to all the Dems screaming for gun control that these criminals are going to be armed.

      We can thank Holder for never holding this group accountable for it to still be able to engage in this activities.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I’ve read that although there are more than 20,000 gun laws on the books many are never enforced. In fact I suspect many aren’t even remembered. 20,000? That’s insane.

  15. helenk3 Says:

    I did not vote for Bush. But I have to admire him for this and the way he pulled the nation together after 9-11

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I am no Bush fan either. I will always blame him for the war in Iraq and it’s consequences. But I never doubted for a minute that he loved this country. And he certain did work to pull us together unlike Obama who works diligently to pull us apart.

  16. helenk3 Says:

    backtrack’s unelected sleazy handmaidens

  17. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    I don’t agree with everything Charles Barkley said in this radio interview (facts are still outstanding on both the recent cop shootings) but he sure nailed it on a whole lot:

  18. kenoshamarge Says:

    I’ve never understood why people would listen to a basketball player when there are member of their community who have great knowledge and great wisdom. Thomas Sowell comes to mind.

    But Charles Blakeley did say something we are not used to hearing from the AA community. He said, “We got to do better as black people.” And until they listen to voice like his, they won’t do better. And their children will die. Shot more often by other blacks in their own neighborhoods.

    If they think that their children can get a Glock easier than they can get a book maybe that’s on their community. Because in ours it isn’t. My grandkids haven’t a clue where to get a gun other than a gun store and they know one wouldn’t be sold to them if they are too young.

    If there are more guns in your house than books then I would say that is on the parents. But blaming it on whitey is so much easier than doing the right thing for your kids yourself.

  19. helenk3 Says:

    I want to see this movie

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Glenn Beck interviewed Dinesh D’Souza on his show today. I am very impressed. Beck called him the first American political prisoner of the 20th Century. I think he’s right.

  20. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Here are some numbers from the past week that are being underreported by the media:

    A friend had this Allen West article up at Facebook abt Obama’s treatment of Law Enforcement in this country:

    Obama’s comments at the Memorial, especially abt race, and I don’t mean referring to the race of the officers killed, was despicable.

    And when he said Americans needed to be honest that they sometimes harbor hateful thoughts in their minds and hearts, my immediate thought was that I don’t harbor hateful thoughts abt Obama because of the color of his skin. I hate him for ruining this country, for being a race baiter and hate monger, for circumventing the Constitution, for treating illegal aliens better than veterans, for politicizing the IRS and DOJ, for giving our money to his buddies to bail out their failing businesses only to have them fail anyway, for lying through his teeth abt the four brave souls in Benghazi, and on and on I could go. Not ONE of these things has to do with his skin color and everything to do with his ideology.

  21. kenoshamarge Says:

    I have often said I am not a George Bush fan – and I’m not. But I have to say that I think this one line from his speech in Dallas was the best I have heard from a President in my life time. It was the very essence of a leader and of being Presidential.

    Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions. ~ George W. Bush

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      That was an excellent quote. Have you seen the video of the Two Presidents from the Memorial? I’ll see if I can grab it and put it up here.

      So far, I haven’t found it – it was a juxtaposition of Bush’s speech and Obama’s speech. WOW, what a difference. If it pops up again, I’ll grab it.

  22. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Further proof that Trump is a Democrat and his supporters are suckers:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      When I read that I simply couldn’t believe that even Trump would say something like that. What is wrong with him? Is he even crazier than I thought he was? WTH?

  23. helenk3 Says:

    Not going to Republican convention

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      You have to wonder if it is disgust with Trump or being afraid that the whole Convention is going to blow up and they don’t want to be a part of it.

  24. helenk3 Says:

  25. helenk3 Says:

    this is a must read

  26. helenk3 Says:

    America’s worst president
    WOW some truth that many do not want the hear

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Jimmy Carter must sleep better these days. At least he won’t forever be mentioned as the worst President. And Obama, he hasn’t the self-awareness to understand that he will be. And that’s his legacy.

  27. helenk3 Says:

    lets go back to segregation. get rid of affirmative action, hire by ability not color. Each neighborhood be it’s little world, people in can have the choice of police protection or not.
    shouldn’t that solve the problem of the so called picked on and abused?

  28. helenk3 Says:

    glad I do not watch it

  29. helenk3 Says:

    redefining the meaning of words

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Over the last generation, ever since the left totally took over education and the media, we’ve watched the corruption of words and our language. Words matter they say. But they don’t if the words aren’t the truth or don’t make sense.

      The potted plant public that swallows whatever comes across their television screen, be it FOX or MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN doesn’t get the truth.

      How many will refuse the b.s. the media is trying to sell about this BLM and the violence? Because being a liberal is one thing, being a liberal in the line of fire is quite another.

  30. helenk3 Says:

    that he did

  31. helenk3 Says:

    guess he needs campaign money

  32. helenk3 Says:

    racism the nuclear option

  33. kenoshamarge Says:

  34. helenk3 Says:

    the Policeman’s Wife

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