Last Night At the Hillary Convention *Open Thread*



It’s over. It seemed like the longest 4 days I can remember except the first 4 days of last week when the Trump Convention was as stupid, dishonest and puerile.

One thing you have to give politicians is they can talk. And talk. And talk. Albeit often without saying anything. Frequently, usually, without telling the truth and often just wasting out time. That’s pretty much how I have seen the past two weeks. A massive waste of time, money and attention.


Tammy Duckworth, U.S. Representative from Illinois was one of last night’s speakers. I remember when I thought Tammy Duckworth would make a good representative for the people. I respect and honor her service. The woman she has become, the politician is not someone I can respect or admire. Quite the contrary.

What a disappointment she has been. Maybe it’s not fair but we expect more from people like Duckworth who have served honorably. We naively believe they will continue to serve our country with honor. We are, sadly, all too often proved wrong.

Duckworth is having her own legal problems. It seems Duckworth  is Heading to Court Amid Workplace Retaliation Accusations. If these accusations are true she’s even worse than I thought. But then so many politicians have proved to be.


If you are a loyal Democrat you had to listen to such brilliant speakers as:

James Clyburn, U.S. Representative from South Carolina

Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senator

Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader

Xavier Becerra, U.S. Representative from California

 Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator from Ohio

Actually that was a lie, none are brilliant speakers although I’m sure their media spokesweasels will claim differently. Sherrod Brown, to be fair, does rise to the banal from time to time. And he is usually coherent. How little the public asks of politicians these days.

Berniebots are still annoyed and not afraid to show it. Seems the Dem establishment, the GOP establishment, isn’t about to let dissent rain on their convention. So they’ve been ripping anti-Hillary signs out of the hands of the Berniebots. And that, understandably, made the Bernie supporters angrier still. So they got creative:  BRILLIANT!! Democratic delegates vandalizing ‘Hillary’ signs to read ‘LIAR’! LOL!! I give them credit for standing by their man even when he isn’t standing by himself.

Courageous James O’Keefe went undercover as a Hillary supporter and gets assaulted by an angry Bernie Sanders supporter. Here’s a clip of all that Unity in Philadelphia.

 Chelsea Clinton introduced her mother and by all accounts is as stiff and boring as Mommy Dearest. Well not by any account of the MSM. As could have been predicted, they slobbered. CBS, NBC Fawn Over Chelsea Clinton ‘Already Making Her Own Mark On History’.

Wasn’t it cute to have two rich, dishonest daughters introduce their rich, dishonest parents at both the DNC and the RNC Conventions? No, I didn’t think so either.


Thursday night is of course the nominee’s night. The night they accept the nomination and give a speech. Hillary is not a great speechifier like her spouse. She is usually adequate and sometimes rises to almost good. Last night she was Hillary. Boring and loud. Complete with her <I>cute</I> trademark cackle.

According to Ben Shapiro: Hillary Accepts Nomination, Immediately Bores Americans Into A Coma Before Startling Them Awake With Her Cackle.

On  Thursday night, after an interminable speech by boring young Chelsea Clinton introducing her boring old mother, Hillary Clinton, Hillary finally took to the stage. She wore all white. Like an angel. Like a saint. Like an erased server.

I especially loved Shapiro’s line “She dropped phrases so hackneyed they ought to have been roasted on an open fire. Still the media cheered. ”  That line should become an instant classic.

Listening to Hillary talk for 55 minutes is a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I certainly didn’t wish it on myself. I had more important things to do. Like searching for a missing sock down in the drying.

But please go read Ben Shapiro’s piece – it will make you laugh if nothing else can. I’ve read some putdowns in my day but this one is a treasure. As is Ben Shapiro IMO.

Over at Townhall Guy Benson reports : Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America. Neither of these analyses is surprising since they come from the right. But we don’t need to read much from the left because they always praise a Dem whether deserved or not.

It wouldn’t have taken much to be better than Trump and she did manage that. Just barely. Apparently hackneyed or not some of her speech made sense. That is always going to outdo Trump because some of us still appreciate coherence, hackneyed or not.


She did break the glass ceiling. That is one truth we cannot ignore. She is historic. That is another truth we cannot ignore. That’s about the only truth to come out of the Democrat Convention.

Both Conventions are over. Hillary and Trump have accepted the nominations of their parties. Voters with both a conscience and an I.Q. are disheartened. They say, couldn’t we do better than these two unworthy people? The answer is yes we could have. But we didn’t.

Lisa Benson

The best we can say, or at least I can say, about the two conventions is, they are over.



14 Responses to “Last Night At the Hillary Convention *Open Thread*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    I am listening to Steve Deace’s podcast from last night and he just said that Jonah Goldberg summed up the two conventions in one tweet. “The DNC is about loving America and the RNC was about loving Trump”.

    It doesn’t matter that the DNC is a bunch of bull – people who don’t follow politics like we do are seeing the old 2007 Obama/Democrats of Hope and Change.

    The Berniebots who are now becoming less of a problem for Hillary as they act irrationally and violently.

    And the Trump campaign and Trump himself as well as the Trumpanzees are all about anger.

    As Deace says, all Hillary has to do is get out of her own way.

    What do you think?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I felt the same way abt Duckworth when she first ran, and I feel the same way abt who she has become. Very, very disappointing.

      Goldberg nails it. Absolutely nails it. I had a link for this Federalist piece by David Harsanyi at the previous post, but it is sure relevant to this one:

      As for Trump, did you hear that he was trying to get people not to watch so they DNC wouldn’t get higher viewer ratings than the RNC did? Well, too bad for Donald – the DNC did better with viewers.

      And you are right – people who don’t follow politics like we do think it is all grand. An old boarding school chum claimed she LOVED our President after his “I, I, I, Me, Me, Me” (119 times) speech. I guess when you compare him to TRUMP’s speech, it seemed selfless. Ahem.

      Anyway, you are so right, and we are so screwed. The Reps, with the help of the Dems/media, are the ones who screwed us, too. As Harsanyi said, we had SO many good choices, and it SHOULD have been a slam dunk. But no – a bunch of angry cultists chose Trump with the willing aid of Dems who knew Hillary would look MUCH better by comparison…

  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Listening to Clinton’s speech on the Deace show. As Deace said, in the first few minutes she mentioned the Founders and how this country came to be more than Trump did in his entire speech – well, because he DIDN’T mention them.

    Wow. She also sounded more energized than she has in a while, I have to say…

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I think Deace is doing a masterful job of teaching us about how politics works. He’s pointing out things I didn’t notice. I think he’s right that we let our loathing blind us.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    Hillary Clinton’s Historic Night Marred By Contradiction And Dissent

    PHILADELPHIA – If you watched the final night of the Democratic Convention on television at home or at a watch party, it might have seemed like everything went pretty well for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. She gave a decent speech, hit all the points she need to hit, there were some strong speeches earlier in the night, and despite some disruptions from protesters earlier in the week the convention ended up being more or less the media spectacle party officials hoped it would be.

    But not everything was quite as it seemed. Inside the convention hall, hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates wearing florescent yellow T-shirts and seated in small clusters within their state sections kept causing trouble.

    I’m not sure what the Bernie supporters think they can accomplish at this point in time. I absolutely understand their anger. Many of us felt the same when much the same thing was done to us as supporters 8 years ago.

    Then it was Obama and the Super Delegates against us and Hillary. Like Bernie, she caved betraying all of us that had believe her when she said she would fight on.

    Her winning the nomination is a done deal. All they can do is what we did and that’s leave the party. And now that we see how corrupt the “opposition” party is – where do any of us go?

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Hey Trumpanzees – how ya like these apples? Guess when talking about bringing jobs back to America he wasn’t talking about himself. And isn’t this really stupid timing? Or is he so sure of the votes of the Trump Cult?

    Trump Just Filed 78 Visa Applications For Foreign Workers At His resort

  6. helenk3 Says:

    I know what I will be doing during the election season.
    I just got a three wheel tricycle with a motor. look out world here I come. the little old lady from pasadena has nothing on me

  7. piper Says:

    I’m at the point where I want to yell ‘Enough,’ tired of all the nastiness emanating from both camps and supporters. Now Michael Flynn, ret army general is going off on John Allen, ret. marine general (not posting link as it’s just another bull sh****t screech from the Drumphy camp.
    Would like to be my angel dog and hide under the blanket until Sturm und Drang have passed. The media is playing this up to the hilt as a way to increase viewership.

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