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We often use the world “pig” to describe greed. Because if you’ve ever been around a farm at feeding time do not get between the pigs and their dinner. But the same can be said for most animals. The human type and their greed being the worst.

However to be fair…

There are all kinds of pigs. There are big pigs:

There are little pigs:

There are black pigs:

There are spotted pigs:

There are  Guinea Pigs:

And by some accounts there are even flying pigs:

All are wonderful animals in their own way.

Despite their reputation, pigs are not dirty animals. They’re actually quite clean. The pig’s reputation as a filthy animal comes from its habit of rolling in mud to cool off. Pigs that live in cool, covered environments stay very clean.

Pigs are also known as hogs or swine. Male pigs of any age are called boars; female pigs are called sows.

Sows give birth to a litter of young called piglets. They usually nurse the piglets for three to five weeks. Piglets weaned off their mother’s milk are not called piglets but are referred to as shoats.

Pigs are a good thing. Which is why it isn’t fair to call some scumbag human being a pig. It’s an insult to pigs.

Political Pigs are a particular insult to good honest pigs everywhere.

No politician ever went wrong railing against the greed of Wall Street. Hypocrite politicians are so very good at seeing the mote in another’s eye but missing, or misconstruing the one in their own.

It’s no secret that the Democrat Party uses money taken from working Americans to give to people that don’t, won’t or can’t work.

They go so far as to use taxpayer money to fund “welfare” for illegals that don’t have a right to be in this country let alone get money from hard working Americans.

Those who receive the largess from these generous politicians don’t want to hear about their parasitical behavior. Most feel they are “entitled” to what ever Uncle Sam gives them. They don’t know or don’t care that it isn’t only the Rich that contribute to their gifts from the government. They don’t care if it comes from people that work hard for their money as Donna Summers said back in the day when Disco wasn’t a dirty word in the world of music snobs.

Government has no money. Zip. Zilch. Zero. The only money that government has to give to some people it took from someone else. Government only spends money it doesn’t “make” it.

The cynical attempt by politicians to place the blame for enough funds for all the promises they’ve made and legislated on the rich is nonsense.  The rich pay majority of U.S. income taxes.

It is just a fact that the top 10% pay over 70% of taxes. The remaining 90% bore just under 30% of the tax burden.

47% of all Americans pay hardly anything at all — a fact that got Mitt Romney into political hot water. Telling the truth to people that don’t want to hear it, especially with a media waiting to twist your words is never a good idea.

It is also impossible to explain a complicated system to a public that increasingly wants their information in 140 characters or less.

Yes folks there definitely is corporate greed. And it’s in bed with the government. It has been since there was a government. Our citizen legislators of the early days, those that worked in the government for a few years and then when back to their regular jobs lasted a very short time. It didn’t take long for dishonest people to learn that they could go to Washington City, as it was first called, and live off the public, with lots of lovely power for the rest of their lives. Not to mention the “prestige”.

These days we have people that spend most of their lives working in Washington. Some doddering old fools have been elected over and over by fools that are either too lazy or to stupid to actually see what the person they are re-electing has actually done. Or they vote simply for the magic letter R or D. Or they are happy with the elected official for bringing home the bacon to their state or district.

It’s all about greed folks. And don’t blame the poor little piggy’s – they can’t hold a candle to humans when it comes to greed.

As Harry S. Truman wisely said: ” Selfishness and greed, individual or national, cause most of our troubles.”


19 Responses to “Pigs * Open Thread *”

  1. helenk3 Says:


    i find this interesting and informative
    weren’t we taught that all politics are local?

  2. cindyindie Says:

    Marge—I LOVE the pig photos…..and appreciate your post.
    Another great quote, IMO:
    “Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered”

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Great quote Cindy! And glad you liked the photos. Isn’t that little spotted baby with the bunny just adorable? As well as the other little baby and the guinea pig – oops getting carried away.

      I loved the pictures and had a great time finding them. I could have posted many more and had to grab myself by the scuff of the neck to keep from doing just that.

      Nice to “see” you again. You are missed.

      • cindyindie Says:

        Thank you, Marge—good to drop in from time to time, when my “granny duties” allow..LOL!

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Cuz’n! So good to *see* you! I have been thinking abt you, Honest lawyer, and those cute grandsons of yours. Hope all is well with y’all!

          • cindyindie Says:

            Been thinkin’ about you, too, Cuz! Both boys are in school now and loving the new school year…Hooray! So far so good…..no one has made a trip to the principal’s office yet…LOL! Hope you and Suze are great!

      • cindyindie Says:

        P.S. Yes, that spotted little one is so cute…Looks just like the one our son-in-law rescued when he found its mother dead in the road (they were feral hogs). The boys helped raise it until it got too big—then they gave it to a neighboring farm.

  3. mcnorman Says:

    Piggys are adorable. They are also smart.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      They are adorable! I had no idea that pigs were so playful.

      I knew they were smart – I used to torment my little brother by telling him that pigs were smarter than his horse. Well I did until my mother told me if I said it one more time we’d find out just who wasn’t as smart as she thought she was.

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Love this post! Just last night while watching American Ninja Warrior (I continue to be AMAZED at that the human body can accomplish), for the first time ever, a woman, Jessie Graff, completed Stafge 1 in the Finals. Jessie is also a stuntwoman, currently working on “Supergir.”

    What does this have to do with cute little pigs? Well, Jessie has one, and the pig was also at ANW last night. Here is Sammo running his own ANW course:


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      What a cute little pig! He did a good job on the obstacle course didn’t he?

      As for Jessie Graff, good for her. I admire stunt people so much.

      I have seen clips of some of the stunt women who worked with Scarlet Johansson on the Marvel movies. They are amazing. My ancient body is in awe of their bodies.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Wasn’t Sammo ADORABLE?!?! And I love that Jessie took him to ANW with her!

        And check out what she accomplished last night. Only 8 out of 30 people eve completed this course, including a number of veteran ANW athletes. She came in 4th out of 8:


  5. helenk3 Says:


    wonder how this will turn out

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      My guess is it will go no where. It won’t be the first time she’s lied under oath and I suspect it won’t be the last.

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    She would get my vote in a HEARTBEAT: http://thefederalist.com/2016/08/31/18-reasons-dolly-parton-should-be-our-next-president/

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I have been a fan of Dolly Parton for a very long time. I loved her in “9 to 5”. I thought she stole the movie.

      I think she would make a far better President than any of the choices we are cursed with. She has more brains and integrity plus a common sense and competence they lack.

      My favorite song has always been “Coat of Many Colors”. She has many wonderful songs but that’s the one that always sang to my heart.

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