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There are always some people who are so well known that only there first name is needed for you to know when someone is speaking of them. Such as Elvis, or Cher or Hillary.

She’s been around for so long that as old as I am it’s hard for me to remember when she wasn’t. I suppose I knew little about her back when she was the first lady of Arkansas but so much has been written about that time in her life that it seems as if I did.

I know that when she and Bill burst on the national scene, back when I was a loyal Democrat, I thought they were, if not wonderful, even then I was skeptical about politicians, I thought they were good people. Bill’s up from nothing story was a good one for a politician, so Lincolnesque in a way and she was just middle America personified.

After all the millions of words that have been written about this women it hardly seems possible to write anything new about Hillary.

Yet every day more is written and often something new is learned about her. Often the something new is not flattering or positive. By now even her fans know that this is a supremely dishonest person.

In spite of a liberal media that wants her to be the next president, unfavorable news about her trickles out daily. The MSM supports Hillary while actually disliking her. Thus the media that abandoned and attacked her for Barack Obama now finds her dislike for them returned every bit as enthusiastically. It’s an unhealthy relationship.

The questions about Hillary aren’t usually did she lie, but what did she lie about or seek to obfuscate in some way. I remember back to a day when the way Hillary is regarded by most of the country would have made her unelectable. Not in 2016. Dishonesty no longer seems as important as it once did.

Then there is the dread many of us have of listening to her horrible voice for 4-8 years. It is supposedly sexist to mention the unfortunate timber of her voice. I don’t think so. It is what it is. Unpleasant to the ear. There are many women in politics, even the repulsive Pelosi who can speak without it hurting your eardrums. Hillary cannot. She tries, you can see that she tries, but if she speaks more than a sentence or two the screech is audible.

That doesn’t mean that I find the sound of Donald Trump’s voice any less grating. The very sight of those incredibly ugly pursed lips nauseates me. Then the words come out and you realize that this is a man so profoundly in love with himself and the sound of his own voice that there is no room for love of anything else. Let alone competence, honestly, integrity or reality. Funny how a “reality” show star is so detached from reality but that’s another topic for another day.

Now the issue about Hillary’s health has taken over the issue with her email malfeasance. Is she healthy? Does she just have pneumonia and tried to “power through” the illness? In another woman the fact that she tried to hide her condition could be easily explained by knowing that the media and the right would make a big thing of it and present her as old an weak. With Hillary it’s just one more example of her inability to just be forthright.


Had there not been a video of Hillary collapsing as she left the 9/11 Memorial Event the fact of her collapse would probably not been reported. Media, much as they loathe her, support liberals as sure as the sun comes up in the East. They had no choice but to cover the story of her collapse. And to speculate. Then, for the most part accept her explanation.

I personally can accept that she has pneumonia. I can accept that she has the type of pneumonia that isn’t contagious, at least at this stage. What I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around is the fact that she collapses, there is no doubt of that, and then a short time later practically dances out of the building where Chelsea’s condo is located. An amazing recovery if you are a young woman. An incredible one if you are not. Too incredible?

The questions never end with Hillary. The answers are all too often lies or distortions. Thus this woman who may very well be the first woman president and our next president is not liked or trusted by a majority of the public.

Many people will vote for her simply because she’s a Democrat. Their vote will be tribal. Many will vote for her because they consider the Trump choice worse. Either way the public is not regarding this election between old and crooked vs old and crazy in a positive manner. Only the die hard supporters of either candidate find any joy in the prospect.

Both Disliked, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Accentuate the Negatives

Voters weary of the taunts and insults of the 2016 primary season may pine for a White House campaign about issues. But the Hillary Clinton versus Donald J. Trump showdown is almost sure to disappoint them. It has quickly deteriorated into a scorched-earth contest about personality and temperament, with each side exploiting voters’ strong dislike of the other candidate.

“We have an explosive environment with two extremely negative candidates,” said Ed Goeas, a Republican pollster. “This is going to be a race to the bottom. It’s who can drive up the negatives the most.”

Sadly this disliked, dishonest, and incompetent woman may well be our next president. Many say she is hard working and that’s good. But working hard should show some positive results or it’s only spinning your wheels. Hillary has spun her wheels a lot and then tried to cover that up too.

The only thing I can think of that would be worse than her winning is if she loses to the crazy man she’s running against. Either way, America which deserves the best will get the worst.


17 Responses to “Hillary ⭐ Open Thread ⭐”

  1. justine Says:

    Why/how is Trump crazy, Marge? (Not an argument; a question.)

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      IMO someone who suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder is by definition crazy.

      Then you have his now you see it now you don’t comments. He has no trouble completely doing a 180 on something he’s said. He seems, other than himself, to have no core. That’s to me, crazy.

      The way he will turn from the serious issues he should be addressing while campaigning to attack someone on Twitter because they said something he didn’t like is nuts IMO.

      Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.

      People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations.

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    It really IS incredible that there is still more to write abt Clinton! She keeps giving them fodder, though at least she has Trump to keep sticking his foot in his mouth to take some heat off of her. Still, it is just remarkable.

    Great post, Marge – just SMH that the choices fall where they do this time around. That last cartoon sums it up beautifully…

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Kurt Schlichter: Hillary Is Not Even A Competent Liar


  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    18 Years of Hillary’s Medical Problems in One Convenient List

    This weekend, Hillary Clinton had a very public stumble, and even the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza admitted her health had become a major campaign issue (one week after dismissing the issue out of hand). The video of her fainting after the 9/11 memorial ceremony went viral, but even that video is one in a long list of public struggles Clinton has had with her health.


  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. piper Says:

    So tired of this very looooooooong campaign. For the good of the country let’s vote morning and begin the mourning that we’ll have to undertake whether it’s him or her. A Sancho Pancho quote about the jug – it’s still broken whether it’s dropped or thrown on the floor (not exact wording).

  8. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    The other day, I had an incredible version of the National Anthem. Well, I have another one for you today sung by the Grammy-award winning Gospel singer, Sandi Patty. She sung this version back in 1986 at the re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty (and you can see that one, too, though it includes some other stuff as well. Oh, and her version landed her a stop on the Johnny Carson show!). Patty sings a second verse of the Anthem that I was informed was written for the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty and it is powerful, especially in light of what has been going on in this country of late.

    Without further ado, here it is:

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

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