Magical, Mystical, Dance *Weekend Open Thread* *Updated*


Hallelujah – we made it through another week, though not before a major bombshell was dropped on Friday. Yes, the FBI is re-opening its case against Hillary Clinton just days before the election (though I just heard on Steve Deace that apparently the case was never closed), thanks to Anthony Weiner, of all people (or rather, an investigation into him). The Clinton Camp and Democrats are going ballistic, and Republicans mad at Comey and the FBI before for not charging Clinton are now singing his praises. That includes Trump, of course. Shocking, I know.

Wow. What a crazy time this is. Yep, in just one more week and a half, the fate of the nation will be sealed – at least for another four years. Holy moly…

As we reach the end of this election campaign slog, with arguably the two worst candidates EVER, being able to redirect our time and energy, if only for a little bit, seems like a called for balm for the soul. Two ways I do that is through listening to music and watching dance (sadly, my dancing days are long gone, though making music – at least singing since I can’t play anymore – is a joy).

And it is on those two beautiful, amazing expressions of the soul I wish to concentrate for this Weekend Open Thread.

2182123In the musical realm, I have to share that Suzy and I got to attend a concert featuring Loreena McKennitt, the Canadian singer whose music is both magical and mystical. McKennitt performed in the newly renovated Gaillard Auditorium near the historic area of Charleston. To make a night of it, we stayed in the historic Lodge Alley Inn, right in the historic area (shown in the photo), a block off the harbor. It is such a treat to be able to stay there, and was a lovely break from my normal routine.

This time of year is anything but routine. As we prepare for Halloween and the beginning of a season that leads us to one of the most mystical and magical events in human history (Christmas), McKennitt’s music seems most appropriate.

I chose this particular one for two reasons: it is a mesmerizing tune, and it is for dear longtime reader, Helen (who is from Philadelphia – the Mummer’s Dance is big there):

Wasn’t that something? Helen, I hope you liked it!

And this one I chose for its beauty, mystery, and you guessed it – horses:

McKennitt has such an ethereal voice and presence. It was a magical, mystical experience to be enveloped by her music live. And she isn’t just an incredible singer and musician, but a fantastic storyteller with a wonderful sense of humor. She was also most generous and gracious with the two musicians who played with her, giving them time and opportunity to shine. That says a lot about her as a person. It was everything I could have possibly wanted and so much more.

What a gift, what a blessing, to have that kind  of respite in these contentious, difficult times. I appreciate having such an amazing experience on which to reflect in these closing days of the campaign and beyond.

And then there is dance. Now y’all know I love me some Dancing with the Stars. I love the classical ballroom dancing and marvel at the abilities of these dancers, and many of the stars. This past week they did music through the decades, beginning in the ’20’s.

This one, though, was one of my favorites of the night. The pro dancer, Sharna Burgess, was dancing with an injured knee, but despite the pain she was in, the joy on her face at the dance shown through.

Her partner, James Hinchcliffe, has been the surprise of the season. He is a Canadian Indy race car driver who, by his own admission, “sits for a living.” His dancing, his ability to get in character, and his sense of humor, have been a delight to behold.

Here are James and Sharna dancing the “Jitterbig”:


How much fun was THAT? The music, the dance, the sheer joy all of the dancers expressed was just FUN. I might add, I think Sharna has that classic movie star look, don’t you? She is a fabulous dancer, and a great teacher as evidenced by her student’s performance!

Okay, my friends – that’s it for me. I imagine the new FBI investigation is blowing up the internets (!), so feel free to discuss that and whatever else is on your minds this weekend. Or feel free to ignore politics and this latest stunner, and share some good dance videos or some tunes that move you, Have at it. This is the Weekend Open Thread.

Update: Since I wrote this, a score of articles have come out about the FBI, James Comey, and Clinton’s emails. Not only was Comey told NOT to send a letter to Congress by his boss, the AG, Loretta Lynch, but it seems that the FBI did not have a WARRANT to review the emails it received. No matter how much one dislikes Hillary, the FBI isn’t above the law, either, and not taking the proper steps confirms how this whole thing has felt to me since this new revelation: sloppy. It feels like sloppy work on behalf of the FBI and does not help their reputation. Comey has not helped their reputation.


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46 Responses to “Magical, Mystical, Dance *Weekend Open Thread* *Updated*”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Love the music! It is so beautiful. I confess I had never heard of Loreena McKennitt before. Now I will not forget her and listen often.

    Thanks for showing us an image of the Lodge Alley Inn. It’s so beautiful and gives those of us who are not familiar with Charleston a hint of the history of that beautiful city.

    Great Post Gal. You never fail us.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Oh and that dancing with the Stars clip was terrific. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks so much, Marge – so glad you enjoyed it!

      Isn’t Loreena amazing? I swear, she could sing the alphabet and it would be gorgeous. I think you would have enjoyed the performance.

      Btw, her cellist, who is from England, was so joyous as she played and sang. She was also an amazing musician. Such a great night of music and storytelling.

      More on that once I am on my tablet and not Suzy’s phone.

      Wasn’t that dancing something? Fun!

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    7 Encouraging Words in Case 2016 Has Got You Down

    Reality is not optional, and cannot be undone by any legislative device, court decision, or scribblings out of a regulatory agency. The way things are remain the way things are, and your great grandchildren will live in a world where things have remained the way things are. Particular men, specific nations, and named generations can lose their minds, but the world never does.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thanks for this. I think we can all use some good words by which to live in these trying times…

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Last night, Loreena McKennitt told a number of stories, including some history of the Celts that was just fascinating.

    One issue McKennitt raised is that of children and technology. There are some stunning results of changes in children thanks to technology, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Like kids are not connecting to their parents the way they should, but rather connect to their friends instead because of games. There are more eye problems for kids now because of the increased use of technology. The list goes on, and it is troubling indeed…

    She also told us that a couple of years ago, she was made an Honorary Colonel in the Royal Air Force, specifically the Search and Rescue Division. She spoke of the incredible work they do, as well as the impact of working with her since she had no interaction with the military before. She would ride with them in their big transport planes, and got to see how they worked.

    As a result of being an honorary Colonel, when a pilot for the RCAF Snow Birds was killed in a training accident in the US, the pilot’s fiance asked her to please dedicate a song in his honor. This was the song she picked:

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    A friend mentioned that Judge Jeanine, a Trump supporter, said in her opening last night that Comey violated longstanding Justice policy by revealing this investigation:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I stopped watching Judge Jeannine even before she became a Trumpanzee. Her opening monologue reminded me of Keith Olbermann and worse I can say of no one. Once she became a Trumpanzee that finalized my low opinion of her.

      I applaud her for saying the truth about Comey. This has become much more than a Trump/Clinton story IMO – it’s about the perversion of our law and justice departments. The FBI and the DOJ are as corrupt as those they would investigate.

      And IMO, people that accept what Comey did because they don’t like Hillary are a major reason our government is so corrupt. Their idea of what’s right and wrong depends on whose ox is gored.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I agree completely abt Pirro. I stopped watching her a while ago, too. That she wholeheartedly endorsed Trump showed me what kind of person she was.

        But yes, good on her for acknowledging how wrong all of this is anyway. At least she can distance herself enough in this instance to highlight how wrong Comey was/is for acting the way he has/is.

        And Marge, you absolutely nailed it with that last paragraph. The situational morality so many seem to employ these days is yet one more reason we are in the shape we are now…

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    Time For FBI Director Comey To Go

    Donald Trump’s oft-repeated claim that the FBI’s investigation of “Crooked Hillary” and the presidential election itself were and are “rigged,” seems to have thrown FBI Director James Comey into a state of panic. In foolishly making a public announcement that the bureau is reviewing newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton’s personal server, he has inserted himself yet again into the presidential campaign.

    The FBI virtually never announces the commencement or termination of ongoing criminal investigations or the discovery of new evidence. Such inquiries are often conducted in relative secrecy, enabling a more efficient investigation.

    Trashing the Justice and FBI rule books in the interest of “openness” is likely to put the FBI front and center in one of the most contentious presidential races in recent US history. J. Edgar Hoover loved to influence elections, but he had the good sense to keep quiet about it.

    I loathe Hillary Clinton. I believe that she should be indicted. I believe she is corrupt and is guilty of criminal behavior that has sent others to jail. I do not believe that the Clintons, or anyone else, should be above the law.

    But I believe that Comey has stepped over a line and has, again, inserted himself into this election. He and Lynch should both be fired. That’s what would happen if we were really a nation of laws.

    Then the investigation of Hillary Clinton should continue, but not in the media. Then if they have sufficient evidence she should be indicted and tried. That’s how it is supposed to work.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I was thinking abt this today – that Comey should be fired. I know that Trumpers will go ballistic since they see this major breach as helping Trump, but his actions alone are worthy of him being separated from his position. Not only did he refuse a direct order to NOT reveal this information, but he violated DOJ policy He has proven that he is incapable of holding this position and doing the job correctly.

      Heck, he should have already been fired for the incredibly shoddy way in which he handled the investigation in the first place. Between that and all the rest, he has demonstrated that he is not capable to handle the position.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Let them go ballistic. Their stupidity and ignorance is only slightly less than that shown by their “leader.”

        Trump is now having a hissy fit because he says Facebook, Twitter and some other social media is suppressing the Clinton email crap. Seems he thinks it should be “trending” and because people are more interested in mean cats there must be some “rigging” going on. His massive ego is only surpassed by his massive ignorance.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Oh, so, so true, Marge – they have shown their true colors, and they ain’t pretty.

          That Trump accuses CLINTON of politicizing this then throws a fit because, well, it isn’t being politicized enough, says so much abt him.

          Cannot believe he is the RNC nominee…

          Along those lines, I was DELIGHTED to see that I have other options downticket for whom to vote than the Reps who endorsed Trump. I have both a US Sen. and Rep choice of people who want to uphold the Constitution.

          Sad commentary that, isn’t it? But that is where we are these days…

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

    Millennials Agree With Marx More Than the Bible, Study Finds

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

    Mollie Hemingway: 4 Worst Ways Hillary Clinton Fans Responded To Her New FBI Troubles

    Imagine if the media had been as non-plussed about revelations regarding Donald Trump. And consider how the media have treated with disdain Republicans who have overlooked Trump’s vulgarity in order to vote for him. Do they treat with disdain Democrats who overlook Hillary Clinton’s history of corruption and lying?

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I think it is a both/and thing – Trump IS vulgar, and claims to have committed sexual assault. Clinton IS corrupt and a liar. Both are true.

      The media does seem to be covering the Comey thing from what I have seen. Heck, it was front page news in my daily paper (and Charleston is a liberal town). Perhaps liberal pundits wish to denounce this, but that is just as expected as it is from many conservative commentators who excused Trump’s horrendous behavior. Both are still supported by their core groups, it seems, so there is that.

      I get hemingway’s point, for sure – and she raises some good ones, especially the lie abt that the investigation was never closed (Steve Deace was quoting an NBC reporter when he noted that assertion in his Fri. night broadcast).

      For me, the bigger issue with Comey’s action is his timing, his refusing a direct order, and violating DOJ policy. Is that not one of the very things Clinton is accused of doing, not following State Department policy? It seems clear to me that Comey is unable to fulfill his duties in a professional manner, and really should step down.

      Anyway – thanks for this. I am always interested in what Hemingway has to say.

  11. mcnorman Says:

    CBS News they have a warrant now. 650,000 emails this is not going to go well for Hillary

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Is it legal to get a warrant after the fact? Doesn’t that provide the so-called “fruit of the rotten tree” or whatever they call it in legalese?

      If the FBI doesn’t obey the law, who does?

      IMO, Comey has to go.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Excellent point, Marge. It sure seems like it would be “fruit of the poisonous tree.” I would not be surprised if that is precisely what Clinton’s attorneys argue.

        And yes, Comey needs to go. He has disgraced his office and the people who serve in the FBI.

      • mcnorman Says:

        I believe that this has to do with detail work. Three investigations going on simultaneously that are intertwined is an insane amount of work. Right now there are five units in different states involved in the pay for play CGI stuff. As I understand some of the leakers, it is all connected. The only thing that I can assume would connect the sex with the others is Jeffrey Epstein. He’s that pedophile that Prince Andrew was very involved with. A few weeks ago a story came out concerning the trips that Bill took to this guy’s private island. He has videos of everyone. The girls are underage. His plane is well known as the Lolita Express. If money was moved from CGI to keep tongues from wagging, well who knows. The source was Gawker before they crashed.
        The emails have not been looked at, It was all searched via medidata. I highly doubt that the NYPD has not seen them. I suppose much of what we will see in the coming days will be protocol in the search. I cannot imagine that Comey would stick his neck out again only to have it chopped off twice.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          Interesting assertion abt the Lolita Express and the connections.

          The FBI has over 35,000 people working for it. They have to be able to do a number of different investigations at a time. That’s their job. But I do take your point. Combing through emails and sorting through all the connections has to be tedious and painstaking.

          As for Comey, well, he violated an order and policy, allegedly without knowing what was in the emails (why would the NYPD have been able to see them?). Given they got the warrant after the fact, they better hope no one actually read them.

          The whole thing stinks. Comey mishandled it from the get-go and is mishandling it still. He needs to go.

          • mcnorman Says:

            They are looking at metadata which is the card catalog for the system. There must have been some very interesting addresses and subject lines. The NYPD knew what they were looking at. Going to Comey must have been a difficult decision however, it had to be done. If all three are intertwined, everything eventually washes in public. That is not something that the NYPD would want hanging on them so they spread the joy.

            • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

              I understand – still seems like they would have needed a warrant to do so. They cannot just willy nilly look at the metadata for people without some just cause, I am pretty sure. So yeah, I think they have set themselves up for a lawsuit if they indeed violated privacy prior to obtaining a warrant.

              Things do seem to come out, true enough. And the corruption that seems to follow the Clintons is not in question. It is how the FBI and NYPD went abt obtaining this latest round that is, and that Comey violated policy and an order to expose this for what appears to be his own purposes.

              I might add, Clinton’s corruption does not then mean Trump is a good choice. He is corrupt, too, as has been demonstrated time and time again here and elsewhere. Neither one of them i suitable for the highest office in the land, IMO.

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          mcnorman, Sharyl Attkisson has a piece on the 4 FBI investigations on the Clintons directly or indirectly:

  12. kenoshamarge Says:

    Re: The Update – Comey did not rehabilitate the reputation of the FBI. That’s a fact.

    Hillary Clinton is not, and should not, be above the law. Nor should anyone else. But that does not give the FBI or the DOJ the right to right rough shod over everything.

    This whole thing just goes from bad to worse.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Exactly right. No one should be above the law, including the powerful. So yeah, if Clinton did something wrong, go get her. But this flip-flopping, passive/aggressive BS of Comey’s along with what seems to be his attempt to use this issue to restore his own sullied reputation and thus violating policies just makes it all worse, as you said.


  13. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Btw, this is the amazing cellist and singer who accompanied Loreena McKennitt Friday night:

  14. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    This is the potential problem with what Comey did – violating the Hatch Act:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Two crimes by Comey, violating the Hatch Act and reviving the ghost of Harry Reid.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Indeed – thanks for the Reid revival, Comey! Ugh.

        mcnorman, it is clear that Comey violated the DOJ’s policy at the very least, and despicable as Reid is – and he is – the law is the law regardless of who brings it up. If Comey violated it, he has to answer for it because he, too, is not above the law.

        This whole thing smells to high heavens.

    • mcnorman Says:

      They have to prove intent. Harry is an awful human. Trey Gowdy actually said that he never knew that Mormons did drugs like Harry does on tv tongiht.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I don’t think they would have to try very hard. Comey has mishandled this thing from the get-go, and it seems he is trying to rehab his reputation by doing this. His actions make everything suspect, and that diminishes any potential outcome at this point.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Apparently that was in regard to Reid claiming Comey was not being forthcoming abt damaging info abt Trump:

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Reid is a disgusting person. But I believe that Comey is also disgusting. He had the chance to do the right thing, and obey the law and he chose to abstain. Now he comes back again and is still screwing things up. He needs to go.

        It is pretty evident that the investigation will not and cannot be completed before November 8. He should have kept his big mouth shut. Now the rumors are flying and that is not, IMO, justice being served.

        If they get the goods on Hillary, being POTUS shouldn’t save her. But trial by innuendo, even against her, in the media, is just wrong!

        • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

          I agree completely. He should have kept his mouth shut, and was ordered to do just that. He has diminished his office for what appears to be personal gain, as I noted elsewhere.

          And you are right – if they really do not know what is in there (yeah, right), to have this revealed to the media and public is a smear campaign against her.

          Not for nothing, but why they failed to look into her aide, her right hand woman, in the first place begs a lot of questions. The whole thing has just been sloppy, sloppy, sloppy…

  15. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Um – I am pretty sure ADULTERY is in the Big Top Ten of Sins, Mr. Trump:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      As a Christian and a woeful sinner myself I could, and would accept a repentant Donald Trump. After all asking God’s forgiveness for our sins is part of what we do.

      Trump doesn’t ask forgiveness and he repeats the sin over and over again. And a large part of the ” Christian” community thinks that’s all right? Sorry – it isn’t.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        You said it, Marge. We all fall short, but to make such a ludicrous claim as that – adultery is not a sin – and to be completely unrepentant is a big difference.

  16. kenoshamarge Says:

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