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The start of a new week and there will be new issues to discuss. The media will certainly find new ways to be outraged over every move that Donald Trump makes – every word he says. Even I, as a rabid #NeverTrumper, and sick of the whining.

I confess that I need a break from the constant fauxrage.  Below are some articles I found interesting over the course of the weekend. I’ll add new ones as they become available.

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 Why People Lost Their Minds When A Brooklyn Store Played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Upscale progressives have gotten used to tuning out the voice of the Trump voter. But there’s an America out there that they can no longer ignore.


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 Meet The Intolerant Vulgarians Of The Dirtbag Left  

The spasms of outrage and protest that have rocked the country since Donald Trump’s election have revealed what should have been plain to see for a long time: progressives are through debating; they are interested only in enforcing their views.

They believe they have won the culture wars, that there is no room left for dissent on matters like gay marriage, abortion, and transgender entitlements. They believe, too, that questions of public policy, from health care to entitlements and welfare, have been settled once and for all. Any remaining dissenters should feel the full weight of the administrative state, with all its powerful mechanisms.

Don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding? We’ll put you out of business. Donate to the wrong political cause? You’ll lose your job. Don’t want to pay for government-mandated birth control for your employees? We’ll haul you before the Supreme Court, even if you’re a group of septuagenarian Catholic nuns. This is what you’ll get when you mess with us.



Many of those who voted for Trump didn’t agree with any of his policies and disliked him personally. But they were tired of being told what they could say and think by progressive elites, who after eight years of the Obama administration have become comfortable treating with disdain anyone who disagrees with them.

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   Liberals Want California to Secede? Godspeed, Libs… 

Inspired by Britain’s “Brexit” from Europe, a group called Yes California wants to put leaving the United States on the ballot for Californians in 2018. If liberals want California to secede, then conservatives should say, “Godspeed, Libs!”

Of course, there are some caveats. Any nuclear weapons and military equipment should stay in the United States. Buy your own military hardware for your new nation. Additionally, large swathes of California aren’t liberal. Roughly half the physical area in California went for Trump over Hillary, for instance. Split the state in two and let the liberal half form its own nation while the conservative “new California” stays in the United States. Given the raw size of California and the deep political differences, the state should be split in two whether there’s a “Calexit” or not.

That begs an obvious question. The Yes California group has an argument about why Californians should leave the United States, but why should the rest of us want it to happen?

Well, if you believe that liberalism is destroying the country, getting rid of California would put a big thumb on the scale for conservatism. California has 55 electoral votes that are automatically in the liberal column every presidential election. Spreading those electoral votes across the other states, or, even better, having California leave while a smaller, more conservative California stays in the country would make it much more likely Republicans would be elected. That might literally be the difference between the country having a bright future and going down the tubes. Additionally, California has two liberal senators and 39 out of 53 of its House members are Democrats. You want to cement in Republican control of the House for the foreseeable future? That shift would probably do it.


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  Sore Losers? Clinton Campaign Joins Green Party Recount Effort   

When the president of the United States says it’s time to concede, you know you’ve probably lost.

Moreover, the Obama administration, who has heavily criticized Russia for trying to influence the 2016 presidential race, said that there was no unusual cyber activity that would suggest any hacking occurred on election night, and that the results reflect the will of the people.

Data crunchers and analysts from FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times, and The Cook Political Report have all pretty much scoffed at the notion that the results were skewed due to outside influences, especially in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Nevertheless, these shoddy concerns formed the basis for Green Party candidate Jill Stein to launch a recount effort in these three states. Wisconsin said they’re moving forward with it—and now the Clinton campaign is joining the effort.

So, what about all that talk about accepting the results of an election?


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   11 ways President Obama absolutely destroyed the Democratic Party  

  Hillary Clinton has been controversial since college, and nominating her certainly did the Democrats no good.

Looking back, you can see that she didn’t promote outlandish things while on the stump. She sounded like an old-time Democrat, a God-fearing white pantsuit-wearing smiler of smilers. It’s just, well, America wasn’t fooled.

But it wasn’t just that Hillary was so bad that Republicans won. It was that Obama was so bad, America couldn’t see how they would improve with four more years of numbskull policies that didn’t benefit regular Americans to begin with.



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   Students Fed Up with Politically Biased Professors Are Hitting Back with a New Weapon: Professor Watch List 

Conservative student organization, Turning Point USA, has released a new project called the Professor WatchList. The website enables students and parents to research professors that have a history of promoting a radical liberal agenda in their classrooms.


<I> About damn time some fighting back was going on. </I>

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  Obama Administration: No One Hacked The Election; ‘The Will of the American People’ Was Reflected 

As Green Party candidate Jill Stein plans to file petition to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the Obama administration has come out to say unequivocally that the election was no hacked, and that the “will of the American people” was reflected in the results, according to The New York Times. Stein’s recount effort is grounded in allegations, very shoddy ones to be exact, that machines were hacked, which was exacerbated by an article in NY Magazine. Keep in mind, there’s zero evidence that any hacking occurred as well.

The publication added that no increased cyber activity was detected on Election Day, and that Stein’s recount challenge has to wait until Monday to be filed, so be on the lookout for that development. In Pennsylvania, Stein will have challenge the Pennsylvania result I court, as the deadline for a recount in the Keystone State has passed:


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I’ll add new articles as they come up.

And you know I couldn’t leave without at least one more cartoon…


9 Responses to “⭐ Open Thread ⭐”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    ‘POETIC JUSTICE’: Kiko Alonso – son of Cuban immigrant – tackles Kaepernick to end the game

    Fidel Castro-supporting San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was greeted by boos when he took the field against the Miami Dolphins earlier Sunday afternoon.

    Well, that was pretty great but the game ended on an even better note when Kiko Alonso, whose father is Cuban, tackled Kaepernick short of the end zone thus securing the Dolphins the win:


    This loss eliminates the Forty-Niners and their despicable quarterback from the playoffs – take a knee for that Kaepernick you punk!

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. piper Says:

    A conspiracy theory I been thinking about since the election. If Obama really disliked Clinton which various authors have written about could he actually plotted with Valerie’s assistance to derail Hillary’s presidency run giving the office to Trump. His narcissistic ego would not want the Clintons back in the WH redoing/undoing all of his ‘huge’ legislation. With Trump, he’ll be able to wring sympathy from his followers and ascend the role of senior leader in the Democrat Party. As far as I’m concerned most of the Democrat Party needs to be overhauled and the weasels thrown out or at least shut up.

    There’s gossip that Obama called Hillary early and told her to concede the election before the final vote was counted or whatever.

    After all NOTHING would surprise me in this crazy upside down season where we had 2 degenerates running for the highest office in our country.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Nothing these vile people do would surprise me. And Obama has no low so far as I’ve seen. He’s the most dangerous kind of politician, he actually believes his own b.s.

  4. piper Says:

    A beautiful English train from an earlier period.


  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    The Dems seem to have two marvelous choices for head of the DNC – Keith Ellison, friend to Muslim terrorists or the crazy lunatic below:

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    I am sure this Administration and liberals will find a wa to downplay the terrorist attacker at OSU the way they have made the Orlando terror attack abt guns instead of terrorism. And WOW abt this. Thank heavens there was an officer who took him out: http://therightscoop.com/report-osu-jihadi-praised-al-qaeda-blamed-america-fb-post-minutes-attack/

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      The knee jerk left is having a fit about the “shooting” at OSU. I’ve an article about that in the Open Thread for today.

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