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Here’s Your Open Thread for Monday with a few things I found interesting. Hoping you find them interesting too.



   Ohio State Student After Attack: ‘The Left Is More Scared of Trump Than of ISIS’   

“After the election, my professors went crazy,” Mackenzie told Hannity. “I remember calling my mom and saying, ‘You would think Hitler just got elected and massacred half the country.’ It was ridiculous. Trump was called a Nazi, a rapist, a white supremacist, one of my professors actually said we should be terrified because Mike Pence believes women don’t have the right to exist, or deserve to exist is actually what she said.”

The reactions hit a fever pitch. “People were crying, my classes were canceled, massive protests on campus … emails from professors about staying strong and how we are all going to lose our rights but it’s going to be O.K. And it was crazy — I just couldn’t believe it.””




   Trump’s Chumps 

The public can distinguish between a tweet and the reaction to it. For an ordinary person, the news isn’t merely what Trump tweets, it’s also the hyperventilation he provokes from the press. The second is usually crazier than the first.




  Raw emotions persist as Donald Trump prepares for his presidency  

If there was pain and resentment on the Clinton side (along with some expressed respect for what Trump’s team pulled off), there was another emotion that emanated from Trump’s advisers, an expression of grievance born of an apparent feeling of a lack of respect for what their candidate had done after so many said he was destined to lose.

The same combativeness that marked the election was on display time and again during the discussion from Trump’s side of the table — an anti-establishment sentiment of us-vs.-them that will probably animate Trump’s presidency.



It was horrible when wind turbines killed eagles and other birds and media remained silent – but Santa and his reindeer?


  Five things to watch for in the DNC race        http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/308610-five-things-to-watch-for-in-the-dnc-race

  If Ellison wins and becomes the face of the Democrat Party it will prove, as if Pelosi’s retaining her Minority Leader status didn’t do that, that the Dems are in complete denial over Clinton’s loss.

Some media outlets are still claiming it was all because of misogyny as if the problem was her gender not her character. Those media outlets still believe that people listen, or care, what they think.



   Why won’t the DOJ investigate threats to electoral college voters?

The department’s goal is “to see to it that every eligible voter can participate in our elections to the full extent that federal law provides,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement at the time to the Chicago Tribune. “The department is deeply committed to the fair and unbiased application of our voting rights laws and we will work tirelessly to ensure that every eligible person that wants to do so is able to cast a ballot.”

Some have wondered, then, why the Justice Department and the FBI will not investigate the recent claims of threats and harassment of these electors as per violation of Section 11b of the Voting Rights Act (52 U.S.C. §10307).




  Michigan restaurant run on principles of socialism closes doors   

Michigan’s Garden Diner and Café (formerly known as the Bartertown Diner) closed its doors for good on November 30, 2016. The 30-seat restaurant in Grand Rapids was opened in 2013 by vegan chef Ryan Cappelletti and baker Roxanne Aguilar and was renowned for its unconventional menu of veggie, vegan, and raw dishes. The menu and quick popularity even landed the eatery a spot in VegNews’ “10 Hot New Vegan Restaurants” list in its first year in business.

Even more distinctive, however, was the diner’s business model. Described as “communistic” by a post on its Facebook page, the business was run as a collective, which according to Cappelletti meant it was worker-owned, therefore having no bosses. Bemoaning the inequality in pay between employees in different areas of most restaurants, he stated of the diner: “We’re going to have equal pay and equal say across the board. Everyone working together.”

Cappelletti, who described himself as a high school dropout who “worked in a lot of kitchens” before “getting into vegetarian food and then vegan food,” would run his business on this model of everyone being paid equally in the restaurant as a part of his effort to “reinvent the restaurant world.” One of his complaints of the American restaurant industry was the belief that the customer is always right—something he refuted by saying: “If you walk into an art museum and ask to rearrange the background on a particular painting, they won’t accommodate you. Why should chefs?”





   Derek Hunter: The Unpopular Truth About The Popular Vote 

What too many of these uneducated and unshowered drum circlers don’t know, or don’t care to know, is the popular vote is a meaningless unit of measure. The Electoral College exists, and it is how we determine who is president. We are a union of states, hence the name United States of America, not singular blob on a map. Candidates must appeal to a broad swath of the nation with differing and sometimes conflicting interests. It’s a brilliant system.

Donald Trump didn’t campaign in California because there was no point in campaigning in California. Unless Los Angeles and San Francisco fell into the ocean, the state wasn’t in play. This left a lot of potential Republican voters deciding to skip the lines on Election Day. Same goes for New York.

More nefariously, Democratic pundits and journalists have expanded the deception of the presidential popular vote to Congress as well. “Democrats got more votes for the Senate than Republicans, yet the GOP controls it. That’s not fair!” – or some such childish refrain has been making the rounds on social media and TV since people voted.




I am wishing you a great week!

And you know I couldn’t leave without at least one more cartoon…

Editorial cartoon on Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Party

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  1. helenk3 Says:



    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Perfect Helen – I am perfectly willing to believe that all of Santa’s Reindeer are female. And if they did get lost they would ask directions – male reindeer, probably not.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Ahahaha – cute!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          And true. Lou is the only man I ever knew who will ask directions and that’s only because he has absolutely NO sense of direction. I’m serious – ask him to point to the west and he’ll get it right when he’s in the house but out on the street? Forget it.

          We left St. Vincent one Wednesday and he took off directly north. I asked him where he was going and he said, “back to Sheridan Road”. Which is fine because we live on Sheridan Road but the street he was heading north on runs parallel to Sheridan and we’d have ended up in Milwaukee and still not gotten to Sheridan Road. I worry when he’s gone too long for fear he ended up in Chillicothe.

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge, from the collection of stories to the cartoons (you are a pro at finding the best ones!).

    That story abt the Professors was SO telling, wasn’t it? It reminded me of the excellent “Last Man Standing” episode from Friday night abt the “snowflakes” – I think the Profs have to be included in their numbers, don’t you?

    I am at the airport in Charlotte waiting for my flight to San Diego. WOW, what a whirlwind trip it was at home. We spent much of the day on Sun. running errands and preparing to leave today for the rest of the week Whew…

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

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