๐ŸŽ„ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ๐ŸŽ„



It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I don’t just mean in the stores where the whole purpose is to get you to spend more than you intended and often more than you can afford.

Christmas shopping tends to leach the Christmas spirit right out of me. Turns me Grinchy. Thank goodness for Amazon where I now do most of my Christmas shopping. Once the gifts have been deposited on my front porch I can then proceed to wrapping presents which I do like.

I also like to decorate my house. Our house has a battery powered wreath on theย  front door and two giant snowflakes on the center of the each of the three windows that flank the door.

I am on a busy street and there is much foot traffic heading for the bus stop 3 houses down. That means anything actually put on the ground where the malicious people who do not have Christmas in their hearts and souls is vandalized. Therefore whatever decorations I put up must be out of their reach. Sad that.

Sadder still is that Lord forbid that someone place a crรจche in the public square because it might offend someone. It being the reason for the season and all ya’ll.

It looks more and more like Christmas as people decorate their homes with the wonderful sights and lightsย of Christmas. Perhaps the most prevalent is the Christmas Tree

Because I am Catholic and grew up with the legend of St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree it is my favorite story of how Christmas Trees came to be so much of a part of our Christmas celebrations. Through his efforts to reorganize and regulate the church of the Franks, he helped shape Western Christianity, and many of the dioceses he proposed remain today.

I like the image of St. Boniface with an ax. It’s unusual and I’m kind of quirky like that.

Saint Boniface’s feast day is celebrated on 5 June in the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, the Anglican Communion and the Eastern Orthodox Church. I offer that information since many people, many Christians included, think Saints such as St. Bonifice are recognized only by Catholics.

The secularists are quick to point out the pagan roots of decorating with evergreens for the Winter Solstice. But then their religion is spending every waking minute trying to destroy or debunk Christianity. Or so it seems to me. Why is a mysteryย and itย has long beenย my belief that it’sย  cause by either a chronic meanness in their soul or constipation.

Many folk legends have grown around the Christmas tree. Christ’s blessing and gift to mankind in the form of a decorated tree remains the central theme of most. Across Europe, people used tree-based folk legends.

One story tells that when Christianity first came to Northern Europe, three virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity were sent from Heaven to find a tree that was as high as hope; as great as love; as sweet as charity; and one that had the sign of the cross on every bough. Their search ended in the forests of the North where they found the Fir. Lighted from the radiance of the stars, it was the first Christmas tree.

Another typical tale tells about a woodcutter who helps a small hungry child. The next morning, the child appears to the woodcutter and his wife, and is none other than the Christchild. The child breaks a branch from a fir tree and tells the couple that it will be a tree that, at Christmas time, will bear fruit. As foretold the tree is laden with apples of gold and nuts of silver.

Various Conifers – such as spruce, balsam, eastern hemlock and the scotch pine are used as Christmas trees but the scotch pine has surpassed the Douglas Fir as the nations most popular Christmas tree.

Whatever you choose to believe there is no denying that the Christmas Tree is an important part of our Christmas celebration. And there is no denying that they are beautiful.

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This is, as always, ย an open thread.


20 Responses to “๐ŸŽ„ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ๐ŸŽ„”

  1. TheAspiringCatholic Says:

    A classic voice indeed for the Christmas Season

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Fantastic post, Marge. I am also glad that it is “beginning to look like Christmas.” Suzy surprised me with downloading the new Pentatonix Christmas cd, so I was able to listen to that one, the older ones, and some Celtic Woman Christmas songs, on the way to CA.

    On a totally different note, check out the AMAZING video in this post. It is abt the Mounting Games, created by Prince Philip. Just incredible what people and their ponies can do together: http://ihearthorses.com/youve-never-watched-equestrian-games-like-this-before

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I have never seen anything like this before – it is wonderful. The communication between horse and rider is incredible. And the courage, the dedication to training. Good for Prince Phillip!

      Thanks for sharing I had never heard of this before and yes I will be googling other videos.

  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    And speaking of Pentatonix, dear Helen shared this at my Facebook page yesterday. Just beautiful:

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. helenk3 Says:

    when we moved from the city to the suburbs, it was in the beginning of December. the lady we bought the house from left an fake tree. It looked like easter grass and wooden sticks. Since I would not have that in my house for Christmas , my daughter and a friend of hers and my son who was on crutches went to buy a real one. Now at that time no one in my house knew how to drive. So we walked to the firehouse. As we were walking back carrying the tree with my son looking like tiny tim, you should have seen the faces on the people driving by. A fond memory of Christmas past

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Isn’t it wonderful how many of our best memories are around Christmas and family?

      I can almost see you and the kids walking that tree home.

  6. helenk3 Says:

    found another one on facebook

  7. helenk3 Says:

    John Glenn died today

    • helenk3 Says:

      Ohio State University President Michael V. Drake on death of John Glenn: ‘Senator Glenn was a decorated U.S. Marine aviator, legendary NASA astronaut, tireless public servant, and an unparalleled supporter of The John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State, where he served actively as an adjunct professor until just recently. He was an authentic hero whose courage, integrity, sacrifice and achievements inspired people, young and old, around the world’
      End of alert
      Ohio, US
      John Glenn, astronaut and former US senator from Ohio, has died at age 95 – Columbus Dispatch
      Read more on dispatch.com

    • helenk3 Says:

      i really hope that backtrack does not pull one of his selfies, If he goes to this great man and hero’s funeral. For once show a little class

      • helenk3 Says:

        I am sitting here with tears the death of John Glenn brought it home. How did we get from JFK who taught us to reach for the stars to backtrack who has our astronauts traveling on Russian space ships.

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          If we who lived through that transition cannot see how we got from there to here it’s no wonder the young people cannot.

          John Glenn was a marvelous and though I am saddened, as always, by the passing of a great man, he had a long and very productive life. Surely God will welcome him home.

          And I hope Obama does nothing more than give some stilted statement. He isn’t fit to say Glenn’s name. A man who aimed for the stars shouldn’t be eulogized by a man that destroyed our aiming for them.

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I just saw this and was coming to make sure it was up. Isn’t that Admiral AWESOME?? And I LOVE the response!

  9. helenk3 Says:

    backtrack wants an 18% raise in expenses for ex-presidents. this scuzzbucket has screwed the taxpayer for 8 years living large on our dime and he wants us to keep on paying. I don’t think so

  10. helenk3 Says:

    a navy christmas


  11. kenoshamarge Says:

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