🚫 Stop The Hyperbolic B. S. 🚫 Open Thread



Most of us use hyperbole more often than we realize. No one expect claims like, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” to be taken seriously. It’s an exaggeration for effect which is perfectly fine. And does not decrease the number of horses anywhere.

When hyperbole is not fine is when it is used dishonestly in such a way that it is taken seriously. It is then used to deceive. It is used to smear. Far too many members of the public don’t know the difference.

Many don’t see the difference between using some hyperbolic language to make a point and lie. There’s a very plain line between the two. Media and politicians, not to mention many bloggers cross that line too many times to count.

I am a cartoon addict. Cartoonists often use hyperbole to make a point. However the cartoon below is effective only if your bias believes it to be true. Otherwise it’s just a smear.

The implication of course is that Scott Pruitt will devastate Mother Nature. Because of hyperbole like this the delicate little snowflakes are in a panic. One Trump cabinet pick will end Mother Nature as we know it/her. That’s not hyperbole, that’s b.s.

The evil GOP, lead by Nazi Donald Trump will take office on January 20 and proceed to throw all Democrats in concentration camps. Or so the narrative goes.

Delicate little snowflakes not having much cognitive ability weep, wail,whine and believe. They probably also believe that if they send some money to a Liberian Prince they will become millionaires.

One Democrat Senator simply stated that the GOP doesn’t care about clean air and water because of who Trump chose to head the EPA.  The truth is that the right cares about clean air and water as much as the left. The disagreement is about how to get them.

The cartoon below is another example of how a lefty cartoonist sees the world.

The message is that Pruitt plans on destroying the environment. How easily they forget what the Obama EPA did when they did this:  EPA Dumps One Million Gallons of Wastewater Into Colorado River

That little blunder occurred under EPA Administrator Regina “Gina” McCarthy. No outrage about that from this cartoonist but full blown hyperbolic b.s. at the very thought of Scott Pruitt being in charge. Judge and jury condemned him before he’s even sworn in.

I repeat, all of us engage in hyperbolic speak from time to time. My children were told many times that if they didn’t do something or stop something I would “smack them lopsided.” I can assure you none of them are lopsided today.

Now comes fauxrage about “fake news”. The Libs are claiming they lost the election because there was so much “fake” news about their candidate. Combine a hypocrisy gene with a hyperbolic b.s. gene and you get a liberal Democrat.

Is the cartoon below hyperbolic or just slightly exaggerated to make a point? I believe the later but I am NOT an Obama fan and find him dishonest and lacking in character. Plus I love Dana Summers cartoons. So I admit I may be biased.

Editorial cartoon on President Barack Obama and Donald Trump and foreign policy

There never was a time when all we got was straight up news. There have always been people of differing beliefs tossing rocks at each other. That wasn’t a problem until the vast majority of the media became so lopsided that there was almost no honest reporting. Propaganda is not new and it is not news.

The media not only took sides they lambasted anyone that didn’t see things their way. The GOP was accused of every sin under the sun by people who actually seem to think that believing in God and going to church is a sin or at least something to avoid.

Not being an Obama fan means that I loved the cartoon below by Michael Ramirez.

With a minimum of fuss he made the important point that Obama made promises he knew he wouldn’t/couldn’t keep and then claimed he never made them. That isn’t hyperbole, that’s just dishonesty. That was a flat out lie when he said it and again when he claimed he didn’t say it. An honest media would have called him out on it. The sound of crickets shows the amount of honesty in the MSM.

Whether you call it hyperbolic, b.s., nonsense, distortions or just plain lies the media has a lot to answer for. Sadly it is about what we expect from politicians.

We give them a pass when they make grandiose promises they, and we, know they can’t/won’t keep. Why do we do that? What makes us accept such a lack of character in them? Perhaps a lack of character in ourselves?

The Washington Post has a fact checker and awards a number of Pinocchios  based on the truth of what they are checking. Four is considered very bad. Yet dozens/hundreds of articles in their own paper is Four Pinocchio worthy. Thus proving that you can’t trust the fact checkers.

From recent accounts Hillary Clinton is upset about “fake news.” Who would have ever realized that the woman who lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, receiving classified emails on her private server, that the murders in Benghazi were caused by a video tape and about a million other things cared so much about honesty?

John Hawkins over at Townhall gives us 7 good examples of fake news.

Donald Trump’s election is the end result of lies, distortions and hyperbolic nonsense from the media and politicians. The public doesn’t’ seem to care that they  traded one brand of hyperbolic b.s. for another.

For many of them, it isn’t the same old/same old. And sometimes that’s enough to win them over.


12 Responses to “🚫 Stop The Hyperbolic B. S. 🚫 Open Thread”

  1. helenk3 Says:

  2. piper Says:

    Well done!!!! BTW are the cookies out of the oven – I think I can smell the gingerbread cookies from my snow covered perch 30 miles north of you.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Out of the oven, decorated and sent to friends and family. I may not be able to get around much anymore but my cookies still can.

      Isn’t the smell of ginger and cinnamon heavenly?

  3. helenk3 Says:

    I am very angry about the stupid stuff going on about this election. There were millions of people like me who had a hard time voting for trump and basically voted against hillary. The voting is over , the election has been won. Instead of taking stock of how they failed to win they start trying to disable the election system of this country. This is the first time I have ever seen something like this. One of the greatest things about this country is the peaceful transfer of power. After this election I just want the democratic party to go away, they can not be trusted with my country. The mask came off in 2008 and every year since they have proven themselves to be very anti-American.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Notice how those on the left that were talking about their concerns about a “peaceful” transfer of power because of those horrible Trump voters say nothing about the same crap on the left. And the right only talked about it – the left is doing it!

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    These 18 Celebrities Who Promised To Move If Trump Was Elected Can Get On That Now

    Like clockwork, every four years we learn that this-or-that comedian or starlet will move elsewhere if the Republican candidate wins. Please. Go.

    •Raven-Symoné—whom I only knew as a Cosby kid but apparently now is some sort of impresario—said she’d move to Canada, indeed already had a ticket, “if any Republican gets nominated [did she mean elected?].”
    •Neve Campbell, who’s already Canadian, would return to her (and my) home province of Ontario.
    •Chloë Sevigny likewise had a particular Canadian province in mind, Nova Scotia.
    •Lena Dunham was even more specific, pointing to Vancouver as her choice. “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will.” I can’t confirm reports that Dunham is being sued for not doing so by the not-insignificant number of people who voted for Trump on this basis alone.
    •Barbra Streisand was picking between Canada and Australia (which is also freer than America).
    •Chelsea Handler has a house in Spain already, and threatened to move there permanently.
    •Amy Schumer also promised to move to Spain “or somewhere.”
    •George Lopez said he’d go back to Mexico.
    •Samuel L. Jackson had perhaps the most original choice: South Africa.
    •Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—a celebrity in my circles—joked about moving to New Zealand in a New York Times interview that may yet get her into more trouble.
    •Billy Crystal had the same Kiwi idea.
    •Miley Cyrus, Al Sharpton, and Whoopi Goldberg would exile themselves to some unspecified country.
    •Spike Lee, perhaps misunderstanding the concept of leaving the country, said he’d move to the “Republic of Brooklyn.”
    •Cher, apparently feeling that the Earth was too small for her to share with a President Trump, promised to move to Jupiter—where she’d possibly be joined by
    •Jon Stewart, who “would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers.”


    Jon Stewart says the country has gone bonkers? I think anyone that pays any attention to anything these fools have to say are bonkers. But that’s just me.

  5. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Well said! Hyperbole is fun in a light hearted manner, in cartoons and satire,but it has no business going anywhere near our media or our politics.

    Nazi references are absolutely legendary, you see that all over the internet. The problem being once everybody is a Nazi than no one is.

    Another word for hyperbole is hysteria. Some of these news casters annoy the crap out of me by talking so fast and practically yelling. So much for unbiased reporting, that’s more like an emotion laced screed. It’s okay to have feelings, but now you’re either a comedian or opinionator, because you sure aren’t a journalist.

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Speaking of delicate snowflakes, seems they are mighty prevalent in the UK, too – at Oxford, no less: http://www.dailywire.com/news/11584/oxford-university-students-use-gender-neutral-hank-berrien

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      This is so creepy – when did young people decide that it was best to be weak and needy? Personally I find it appalling. If I was a young woman today I sure wouldn’t be looking at someone like pajama boy.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        It is creepy indeed. The exceedingly thin-skinned reality in which these snowflakes INSIST upon living does them no good at all – something they will learn when they have to actually be adults. Or at least, that is the hope. It will be a rude awakening, though – and the professors who enabled this idiocy are also to blame for not being the adults in the room…

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