❓ ❓HUH ❓ ❓ Open Thread



Hardly an hour goes by these days when I don’t find myself saying, “Huh”? I’m talking about what I hear on television “news” or read something that is supposedly “news” online. I shake my head and say to myself, WTH?  Was that a joke? Were they serious?

Have I been beamed into an alternative universe? In which case, “Please beam me back. Now! ”

The crazy is all around us. Every day in every way we see “mature” adults acting like spoiled children and spoiled young adults acting like nitwits. The crazy is epidemic.

Young adults in search of “safe spaces” are not only annoying, they are pathetic. College grads should be heading out to conquer the world, not hide from it.

The phenomena is pathetic and frightening. How can these people run the world some day when they can’t withstand the slings and arrows of other people having the nasty idea that they have the right to a different idea than said snowflake?

As if young adults acting like babies aren’t disgusting enough the supposedly mature members of our society are then by definition, even worse.


I cannot express how disgusted I was when mediocrity Barack Obama was elected on the basis of his skin color back in 2008. The man was a nonentity. What were people thinking? If melanin is enough reason to vote for someone then there are some serious lack of critical thinking skills in the electorate. I got over it. Whining is not a serious adult pastime. And I hoped I was wrong about the man.  Sadly, I wasn’t.

The baloney peddled by actress Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes, aka another tiresome, self-congratulatory awards show for celebrities that just cannot seem to get enough attention was nothing new. That she attempted to paint herself and other Hollywood celebrities as poor little victims was new. And laughable.

Ms. Streep seems unaware that it is condescending attitudes like hers that got Trump elected. Dissing the MMA, Ms. Steep? I don’t watch but there are probably more people that do than have seen most of your movies.


 On Capital Hill the left is trying to paint a good, decent man they have worked with for years as a racist. What caused Jeff Sessions to go from colleague to scoundrel all of a sudden? Trump nominated him for the position of Attorney General and the left lost their mind. Not because he’s a racist, because he isn’t, but because he’s a Conservative who believes in following the law. A sad flaw in an Attorney General so they think.

When liberal Senator from Illinois attempted to denigrate Sessions at his confirmation hearing Sessions, unlike so many on the right who curl up into a fetal ball should someone accuse them of racism, fought back.

Sessions to Dick Durbin on Illegal Immigration: ‘You Are Wrong, Senator Durbin!’

Dick Durbin, Senator from a State where they allow minorities to shoot each other at will while the Mayor of their most murderous city tells illegals to come on in they will be safe in Chicago. That safe thing must be news to Chicagoans.

Another liberal fool, a Senior Editor at ThinkProgress, is scared of his plumber. Such nonsense is now epidemic with the lefty Moonbats.   I have what may be some startling news for Editor Resnikoff, he would be in far more danger if he was on a liberal college campus than he ever would be from the vast majority of Trump voters. Especially plumbers. It has been my observation of late that there are far more liberal anti-Semites than there are conservative ones.

It’s that old “loving the Muslim” thing with the libs – you can’t love the Muslims and the Jews too donchaknow.

Same thing IMHO about being a Christian and being pro-choice. Infanticide is simply antithetical to Christianity. Isn’t it?

Obama flew to Chicago to give one last lecture campaign speech before he leaves office. As usual it was full of sound and fury and had nothing to do with truth, justice or the American way.

Obama’s Legacy: Dumber Americans

Like some Hollywood celebrity Obama’s speech was self-congratulatory and delusional. In other words, vintage Obama.  Americans, in Obama’s view, are too dumb to:

  • Know real news from fake news
  • Decide who to vote for as president
  • Choose their own health care provider
  • Discern America’s friends from enemies
  • Recognize Islamic terrorism
  • Handle guns
  • Know what’s best for Israel (and Israelis are too dumb to boot)
  • Operate computers and email
  • Educate our own children
  • Know the difference between boys and girls


On their way out the door both Obama and his despicable SoS John Kerry managed to take one last swipe at Israel. Couldn’t leave office without doing that. Well they could have but being scumbags they didn’t.


And just to show that there is more than enough crazy to fill not only this post but dozens more let me end with this bit of absurdity: Black Professor Calls for Individual Reparation Accounts for Whites.

The 620,000 lives lost in the U.S. Civil War were not enough. Systemic discrimination in the name of Affirmative Action isn’t enough. The $trillions confiscated and redistributed as welfare payments aren’t enough. The senseless violence isn’t enough. Not even Barack Obama is enough. Whites still need to be punished, even if the punishment is directly self-inflicted.

I’ll bet all those years ago when your people in Africa dragged some poor victim down to the beach and sold him/her/them to the slave boat captain they never would have guessed that many generations later one of the descendants of those victims would be a whining, privileged Georgetown University sociology professor.

No thanks professor, although I do hope you hold your breath until I open a “reparations account.”


8 Responses to “❓ ❓HUH ❓ ❓ Open Thread”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Oh, so many great things in your post, Marge! And I am right there with you with the, “HUH??” and I might add, SMH, at the lunacy that is on display these days. WOW…

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Sorry, But The Republican Party Isn’t ‘Extremist’

    Liberals have been making the same argument for 35 years (at least). It’s still not true.

    In Slate, Jamelle Bouie asserts that the “Republican Party in 2017 isn’t an ordinary political party. It is an ideological outlier, the most extreme party coalition since the Civil War.”

    If this depiction sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve been hearing iterations of it from the moment you started following politics — and it doesn’t matter how long ago you started. This Congress, this president, this Republican, is always the most extreme America has ever seen. If this were always true, we’d be living in the America of Meryl Streep’s fertile imagination.


  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Patton Oswalt loses it after Trump presser

    And just like that, Trump isn’t funny anymore. That press conference was…terrifying. We’re fucked. Go be with your families. Hoard food.


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