📺 Corrupted Professions 📕 Open Thread



Perhaps only older people can actually see the corruption that surrounds us because so many younger people have never known anything else.

 It is a given that politicians lie.  Most people are only outraged by the lies told by the other side. The lies told by their side are justified because their side is right. I’m not going to talk about politicians and corruption today – that’s just too easy.

Then there is the corruption in Hollywood. Many of celebrity obsessed citizens don’t care how corrupt, immoral, stupid, uninformed or dishonest a celebrity it – they are celebrity so they get a pass. Not with me they don’t. I’m not going to talk about celebrities and corruption today – that’s just too easy.

I want to talk about 2 professions that were once regarded with respect and admiration: Journalists and Teachers.

Let’s start with media shall we? That’s the easiest because a majority of people regard them as corrupt, biased and dishonest.  Those that do not are usually either biased themselves, and accept bias that goes their way, or ignorant due to the fact that the biased media doesn’t inform them and therefore they don’t know.

The media spent 8 years ignoring any hint of corruption in the Obama administration. Investigative Journalism almost disappeared from sight. Unless the media found a faint whiff of something that could be used against a Republican. Well faint whiff wasn’t even necessary. They reported on gossip and lies. The so-called “fake-news” so beloved of the left today.


A reporter asked Trump’s spokes liar Spicer on day two of the Trump administration what’s been done for the Black Community so far. Media went 2920 days without asking Obama that once. Bias? Corruption?

The media promoted Donald Trump all through the primary season while mentioning Hillary as little possible. The billions in free advertising for Trump was supposed to allow the public to see what a reprehensible human being he was/is and therefore keep them from voting for him. The rest of the plan was to hide the reprehensible Hillary as much as possible because other than celebutards most people just don’t “like” her and they think she’s a crook.

The plan backfired. Bigly. Oops.

Now the media has gone completely crazy in their outrage that their plan didn’t work and that Trump is now in the White House. Unable to see that their bias, dishonesty and corruption is part of what got Trump elected they are in meltdown mode in the public eye and can’t seem to help themselves. After all their bias and corruption has worked so well for over 30 years it should still be working for them now. And when it doesn’t they only know to do more of the same. Biased, corrupt and stupid.

They cannot seem to understand that the fight between the media and Trump is being loved by every citizen that was tired of one-sided reporting. They are tired of the Republicans cowering in a fetal position every time the media attacked them.

Just as the media cannot understand the times have changed many of the establishment   people on the right can’t understand either. They cringe at each Trump tweet. They shudder when he attacks the media while citizens stand and cheer.

People are tired of being called racists for not agree with Obama policies. People are tired of being treated as second-class citizens for having the wrong color skin – i.e. that would be white. And they are tired of the racism directed at them and never mentioned by the media because the media is usually the ones slinging the mud.

They don’t like the media and when we don’t like something or someone we do like to see them get their comeuppance. Trump vs media should make for an interesting 4 years. Entertaining if nothing else.

Then we come to corruption in education. Teachers were once a sacred cow that no one dared chastise.

The meme when my own children were young was the “we pay plumbers more than teachers.”  Thus supposedly we cared more about unclogging a drain than our children’s education. Like most memes it sounds good until you really take it apart and examine it. Honestly, isn’t it possible to have well-educated children and open drains?

The quality of education has gone steadily down hill for the past 30 years. Perhaps longer. I know that when my own kids were in High School there was talk about High School graduates that were too ignorant to fill out a job application. Whether that was true then it certainly is true now.

Our education system is a disgrace. How did this happen?

I see, and unfortunately hear college kids, kids to me anyway, spout nonsense that only a little bit of knowledge would prove false. They know so little about how little they know. They prefer to spout a slogan to learning a fact. They have been taught what to think and don’t know how to think.

There are a confusing number of reasons for this dilemma but IMO the problem begins with public sector unions. Those poor underpaid teachers are underpaid no more. And their unions pour money into politicians that get them more.

The second part of the equation is tenure. Once a teacher gets tenure they are riding high in the driver’s seat.

Add in that the union has gotten contracts that make it well nigh impossible to fire a bad teacher.

Most people like and admire teacher’s as individuals. They are members of our community and we trust our children to them. That’s fine.

Once we have to face their union, which we don’t like and admire it’s something different. Here in Wisconsin the fight to end the state automatically taking teacher’s union dues out of their checks caused an battle heard across the country.

Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker fought to stop the automatic dues deduction and won. Because of this he faced a recall which he won by a bigger margin than he won his election. And suddenly teacher’s across the state were not paying union dues. And the Democrats lost a very large source of income since unions support the left.

So while many of us don’t see teachers as corrupt – what does it make you if you are part of a corrupt entity? And what does it make you if you keep quiet about their corruption because they get you a bigger paycheck? The public regard for teachers is not what it once was and unless they start reining in their unions, it will become less and less.


12 Responses to “📺 Corrupted Professions 📕 Open Thread”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge. You hit the nail on the head.

    The inability to think, and the hypocrisy that often goes along with that, has been in full bloom since Trump got into office. Like the current protests all over the land that seem to think anyone should be allowed into our country with no oversight, and are screaming bloody murder over a 120 day ban.

    Did ANY of these people scream, protest, rally around airports, use one car service over another, and on and on and on I could go, when OBAMA had an immigration ban in 2011? I could be wrong, but I sure don’t remember this level of hue and cry or millions of dollars in donations to the ACLU over it, or having to listen to idiot celebrities pontificate and turn political award shows.

    The educational system in this country has been thoroughly corrupted by the Left, and has left us with too many young people who are incapable of independent thought and who are emotionally immature. Hell of a thing to do to such a great country…

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    David French: Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees — Separating Fact from Hysteria

    CNN, doing its best Huffington Post impersonation, ran a headline declaring “Trump bans 134,000,000 from the U.S.”

    The Huffington Post, outdoing itself, just put the Statue of Liberty upside down on its front page.

    So, what did Trump do? Did he implement his promised Muslim ban? No, far from it. He backed down dramatically from his campaign promises and instead signed an executive order dominated mainly by moderate refugee restrictions and temporary provisions aimed directly at limiting immigration from jihadist conflict zones.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Thank you for posting this voice of reason. The hysteria is just astonishing, as is the media’s attempt to paint this as blatant racism and anti-Muslim sentiment. I HATE having to defend Trump, mind you, but this is just idiotic. People need to regain their wits and their senses.

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    No, Trump’s Immigration Order Isn’t Racist Or Reminiscent Of The Holocaust

    Jews fleeing Germany didn’t want to kill Americans and didn’t support Nazism. Yet 13 percent of Syrian refugees say they support ISIS, and a survey of Syrians from every region of the country found something that should give every person comparing them to Jewish refugees pause.

    A fifth of those interviewed said the Islamic State—the brutal Islamist group known for its beheadings, and that rules over large swaths of Syria and Iraq—is a positive influence on the country. Eighty-two percent said they believe the Islamic State was created by the United States and its allies.

    Europe also stands as a testimony of what’s different about this refugee crisis and what Trump is trying to prevent. England and Wales have reported that more than “56 percent of Syrian refugees committed severe crimes in less than a year.” Police have arrested 900 Syrians for crimes that include rape and child abuse.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Wow, wow, wow – that really says it all. There is NO DOUBT that many of these “refugees bring physical and sexual violence to the areas where some of these refugees have landed. Are all of them like that? Of course not. But plenty are, and without proper VETTING, and just throwing wide open the doors, the chances of letting in the criminals rise…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        A government’s first job is to protect it’s citizens. It is not a charity organization for displaced people.

        I believe we should help when we can. But I sure as hell don’t believe that the United States must take in every person from every country around the world.

        If the United States, and Europe hadn’t been taking in all these people for so long the other countries in the ME would have been forced to deal with the problem long ago.

        My sympathy disappears when someone thinks they have a “right” to our help.

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    What the reality-denying Left misses about Trump’s immigration executive order

    The predictable media-driven hysteria around President Trump’s executive order devoted to restricting entry of Islamic terrorists to our homeland arises from a dangerous fundamental denial of reality.


  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Good grief – the Palestinians have zero understanding of history. Claiming that Judaism has NOTHING to do with the Temple in Jerusalem is just laughable: https://worldisraelnews.com/palestinians-demand-un-secretary-general-apologize-for-jerusalem-remarks

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