🗽 And It’s Gorsuch For The Court 🗽 Open Thread



Tuesday night President Trump baffled the left and the #NeverTrumpers by keeping another campaign promise. He chose a good strong conservative as his choice for the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of Antonin Scalia.

Trump’s choice is U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch, a fourth-generation Coloradan and conservative jurist who has written against euthanasia and in favor of political term limits.

His resume sparkles with top-caliber schools (Columbia, Harvard and Oxford). His work background includes time as a partner with the Washington law firm Kellogg Huber Hansen Todd Evans & Figel, a stint with the U.S. Department of Justice and clerkships with Supreme Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy.

Of course no pick is going to be popular with everyone on the right. One of the dimmer wits at a blog I read often commented that she didn’t want any part of someone that clerked for Kennedy. What she meant was she wasn’t about to award any props to Trump for this pick. Some will never get over Cruz losing in the primary and their TDS is strong and apparently chronic.

“He has grabbed every brass ring,” said David Lat, managing editor of the legal website Above the Law. “He’s brilliant, conservative and impossible to oppose. That’s a deadly combination for Democrats.”


 Liberals Are Now Claiming Trump ‘Stole’ Gorsuch Seat From Obama. Their juvenile behavior continues and I suspect will become ever more tiresome to the American People. They started by dialing their outrage up to an eleven and left themselves no place to go but further up into hyperbole and hysteria. Tiresome and childish.

“Donald wants to put Judge Gorsuch in the Supreme Court seat the GOP stole from President Obama. Add your name to tell the Senate to reject his nomination,” the Democratic National Committee said in a fundraising email.

The left-wing media quickly followed suit.

The banner at The Huffington Post called the nomination “The Heist of a Century”while The Nation’s reads, “Republicans Stole a Supreme Court Seat From Obama—and Are Putting Another Scalia In It.”

Neil Gorsuch stands with his wife Louise.

Trump meanwhile, with this and some of his solid conservative choices in his cabinet is winning over many of the naysayers in his own party. One suspects the Dems are counting on the #NeverTrumpers to join them in their asininities. And some have. But not many and I wonder for how long.

Gorsuch and his wife Louise, pictured to the left, were joined by Antonin Scalia’s widow as Trump announced his decision. Another smart move. Another move sure to outrage the left. But then what doesn’t?

As Katie Pavlich, a #NeverTrumper at one time, pointed out,  Trump is Winning Over Conservatives: Praise For Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Pours In.

Judicial Watch:

President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is a major step in the right direction in defining his presidency and moving the Supreme Court away from dangerous and destructive judicial activism. It is good to see the President nominate someone who will follow the rule of law rather than legislate from the bench.

Americans want the Supreme Court to respect the Constitution and not make decisions based on a personal ideological agenda and identity politics. President Trump’s nominee will help return the High Court to the prerequisites of original intent rather than subjective and transient policy preferences.

Judicial Watch is held in great respect from many/most on the right and their seal of approval will mean a great deal to those of us that just aren’t that familiar with who and what the candidates for Supreme Court are. We all remember to our dismay what John Roberts has turned out to be. A moderate who legislates from the bench is a danger to our country. And when it’s the Chief Justice it is horrific.

Someone’s whose opinion I value greatly is Ben Shapiro. And he’s very happy:

PROMISE KEPT: Trump Picks Textualist For Supreme Court (Or: Trump Proved Me Wrong, And I Couldn’t Be Happier)

During the 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump spent an inordinate amount of time on the campaign trail promising to fill Justice Scalia’s vacant seat with someone of like judicial philosophy and record. I was highly skeptical. In fact, I declared with misguided confidence that there was “zero shot” that Trump would “appoint a conservative.”

I couldn’t be happier to declare I was dead wrong.

Thank you, President Trump.

President Trump kept his promise to appoint a textualist to fill Scalia’s seat. Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, by all available indicators, follows Justice Scalia’s jurisprudential philosophy – and even goes further than Scalia did in certain directions regarding separation of powers.

D17129_1.gifTrump is making a lot of us eat our words. And as long as he does they’ll taste good. Prove me wrong President Trump and I will be a very happy woman!

But who is Neil Gorsuch? This article from Conservative Review may shed some light on this man who is bound dominate the news for some time.

Who is Neil Gorsuch? 10 things you need to know about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

He’s no fan of over-litigation: Frivolous lawsuit-mongers — leftist and otherwise — may want to take heed to Gorsuch’s 2005 op-ed in National Review, where he calls out the Left’s obsession with what Justice Scalia called “social transformation without representation”

He is reputedly an “originalist” which is what I wanted any choice to be. The Constitution is not a “living document” – the founders were very careful to say what they meant and that’s the way it needs to be interpreted.

Enough of this “living document” bullcrap which is just a way for the damn Dems to change the meaning of the Constitution.

Let’s hope that Neil Gorsuch is such a man as Scalia. He is being touted as the “new” Scalia and those are some mighty big shoes to fill. God help him stay strong.


9 Responses to “🗽 And It’s Gorsuch For The Court 🗽 Open Thread”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Thank you so much for this, Marge. From what I have seen, including the link below for a National Review article (and there are others) abt Gorsuch, he is a great choice to take Scalia’s seat:

    And Katie Pavlitch has a point. I hate to admit it that as much as I dislike the man personally, he is taking a lot of really good steps and correcting a lot of wrongs from the Obama Administration. Oh well. Better for me to be wrong and the country succeed than the other way around!

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    I feel the same way – I still don’t “like” the man and I never will, Trump that is. But that’s okay. I can “like” what he does.

    I bow to Helen who saw this better than I did. She voted for Trump and now I wish that I had too. Because Even McMullen is out making a fool of himself over the immigration “pause”. Sheesh.

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    TEARS OF A CLOWN: NYT Laments ‘Stolen’ Supreme Court Seat, Calls For Trump To Govern Like Hillary

    By Ben Shapiro

    On Wednesday, The New York Times issued an editorial filled with impotent rage and unexplored angst over President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. They called Gorsuch’s seat a “stolen seat,” since Republicans refused to grant Democrats an up-or-down vote on Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat.

    Instead of recognizing that the Constitution gives the Senate the ability to determine whether to vote on a given candidate or not, the Times suggested that Senate Republicans “took an empty Supreme Court seat hostage” – inaccurate, since usually there is a ransom demanded, and Republicans demanded none. Then the Times characterized Gorsuch – a man unanimously approved for the Tenth Circuit by a Senate that included Barack Obama and Joe Biden – as extreme. Of course.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good Lord, I am just so sick of all this “OUTRAGE!!!!” by the media and the Left. Just sick of it. An old friend is all upset at my Facebook page abt the National Review article Cuz’n Cindy put up because Obama never would have done something like that on a FRIDAY!!!! He wouldn’t have STRANDED people at the airport!

      Good grief. No, what OBAMA did was things like issue a directive on a Friday Afternoon that made many in the country – not just those at AIRPORTS – think he was abt to declare Martial Law: http://canadafreepress.com/article/obama-executive-order-peacetime-martial-law

      But that’s okay, mainly because she LOVES Obama and his wife, and wasn’t the least bit political then. She has bought the Soros-enfused anger hook, line, and sinker. It is disturbing.

      Anyway, it seems the NY Times is operating from the same OUTRAGE!!!!! playbook.

      These people need to grow the hell up.

      I think this article speaks volumes abt what is going on now: http://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2017/02/01/lower-conduct-standards-for-liberals-n2278593

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I like to read Walter Williams almost as much as I liked to read Thomas Sowell. And he sure hits the nail on the head with this one.

        And people that think Obama was “all that” are just members of the Obama cult. Because if you can’t see the damage he did to race relations and how he’s blown the health insurance system apart in the name of fixing it then you are refusing to see the truth.

        As both Steve Deace and Ben Shapiro said today about Trump, if you think he’s wonderful no matter what he does or if you think he’s terrible no matter what he does then you are not worth talking to. Same applies to those who feel the same way about Obama. Although I really am trying hard to think of something he did that had my full approval.

        Well there was the killing of Bin Laden. But he had to be bullied into that and then he took credit as if he had personally suited up and went on the mission with Seal Team Six.

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Former Democrat Senators that voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch = Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry

    Current Democrat Senators that voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch = Pat Leahy, Diane Feinstein, Patty Murray, Ron Wyden, Richard Durbin, Jack Reed, Chuck Schumer, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper, Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell and Bob Menendez

    Now he’s suddenly the Anti-Christ? Now he will deny the citizens of this country air and water says Nancy Pelosi? Are these the rantings of rational people?

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    And it is Groundhog day…

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