๐Ÿš— Fasten Your Seat Belts ๐Ÿš™ Open Thread



With all the protests and the hysteria coming from both the left and the right about Trump just what is it he has done thus far that is so terrible?

As an observer who didn’t vote for him but now accept that sometimes I don’t get my way, his crimes seems to be twofold: he defeated the horrible Hillary. For that crime the left and the liberal activists in the media are beyond outrage and into insanity.

Coming from the right his was the crime of being the nominee for the Republicans when many on the right don’t even consider him a Republican. Others are outraged that he isn’t a Conservative and still others want someone more establishment so that the GOP can continue to be passive and ineffective but talk a lot about whatever.

I believe that most of America has accepted the election and those that didn’t want the “Donald” to be president are hoping that he won’t be as bad as they thought he would be. These are either the “not too invested” in elections or those that care more about the country than the fact that they didn’t get their way.


I don’t like Trump. Never did – never will. Nevertheless he is my president whether I like it or not. Unless I choose to move to another country and there too I won’t get to have my own way about who is the president if enough other citizens don’t’ think so too. Funny how so many supposed adults can’t understand that.

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions took office Thursday over Democratic howls that he’s named after two Confederate icons. However, they didn’t mind a president’s middle name being Hussein. It just illustrates the left’s point that Southerners are more dangerous than Muslims.

Here’s another thing, Trump Proved Citizens United Doesnโ€™t Let Big Money Control Democracy

How’s that you say? Here’s a bit of information from the article above:

In outside money, Hillary,ย  the Citizens United hater did her best to take advantage of that ruling.ย  Clinton out-raised Trump by close to three-to-one, with $205 million against Trumpโ€™s $74 million.

If money really does buy votes, as Democrats allege, Trump got a bargain. Each of his votes represents $5.12 in total fundraising, while each of hers โ€œcostโ€ more than twice as much, at $10.69.

One main liberal talking points busted. Not that we’ve heard the last of it. Dems, the the GOP too for that matter, count on their voters either forgetting facts that are inconvenient or being ignorant of them.

That has worked so well for so long I expect both parties to continue down that path. In spite of the fact that the election of Trump turned everything all the experts know about politics on it’s ear. Slow-learners?

Where is the MSM amidst all this chaos? Why adding fuel to the fire of course.ย  They only remember they are supposed to “report” on the negatives from a White House whenย  a Republican resides there.

MSM Applauds ‘Not My President’ Day

When Barack Obama was president, anyone who didn’t gush over his every move was a hater and, more importantly, racist.
If you didn’t embrace every policy Obama pushed, you were ignorant, and, worse, unAmerican.
Those who said “Not My President” about Obama were roundly condemned as horrible people and, quite possibly, mental defectives.
But anything goes with President Trump. You can call him stupid, declare he’s “not your @$%^&* president,” question his parentage, whatever you want. It’s all fair game because, c’mon, everyone knows Hillary Clinton got more popular votes and the Founders are just as stupid as Trump — and probably just as racist.
So now, on President’s Day, the media is helping to spread the word that everyone should hit the streets to protest against Trump. “From coast to coast, thousands of people across the U.S. have spent their President’s Day holiday weekend protesting Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies,” said the Ground Zero of fake news, NBC.

Media be-clowns itself constantly and doesn’t seem to realize that except for the dregs of the Democrat Party, the members of the #NeverTrump cult that can’t move on and all the establishment types that people from both party rejected in 2016 they are disliked and distrusted.

Republicans were often told that they had to move into the new millennium and let go of the past. Seems like maybe the left should take a dose of their own advice.

Many people, especially older people were slow to take advantage of the new technology. Other than cute cat videos many older people didn’t use the “internets” much. Today it’s a different story.

Even old bags like me use the Internet daily, hourly, constantly. In the process we’ve found a way to circumvent that arrogant know-it-allย  media who believe they have a right to tell us what to think.

The days of Huntley-Brinkly are gone. Many of us get our “news” from different sources on-line. Some older folks just watch FOX news and therefore will get opinion instead of news most of the time.

That’s their choice and their right to be as uninformed as they choose to be. Even as bad as FOX has become as a Trump shill they are no worse than ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and CNN in bias. It just angers our liberal over-lords that we are not believing their everyword/opinion as we are supposed to do.


So the chaos continues. The hysteria continues. The lies continue. The posturing by politicians from both sides continues.

A media that is disliked and disbelieved is trying desperately to convince America that Trump’s attacks on them are unprovoked and unreasonable and probably un-American too. They are having a hard sell with that.

So buckle up my friends, this year and perhaps the next four years are going to to be a very bumpy ride.

10 Responses to “๐Ÿš— Fasten Your Seat Belts ๐Ÿš™ Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Democrats and Republicans regard the same phrase “running like a fine tuned machine” a bit differently

    Many Republicans see things the same way as cartoonist extraordinaire A. F. Branco does:

    Whereas the left and bitter clingers in the #NeverTrump cult see it more like this:

    Personally, I see it both ways.

  2. mcnorman Says:

    Kenoshamarge, you crack me up! Thank you.

  3. piper Says:

    You’re right about needing laughter in one’s life. Like you I didn’t for him nor like him yet want him to succeed as we need healthy and favorable results for everyone not just a few groups. However, I wish that he would stop with all the aggrandizing talk and get down to the business of actual governance. What I’ve seen since my return 2 weeks ago is a person who prefers spending time in Florida, talking incessantly without all the facts (yes Sweden has immigration problems but lets concentrate on what is happening here), and needing constant adulation/ego boosting like Obama and doing gimmicky tricks to appeal to certain groups as in Melania reading the Lord’s Prayer from note cards. I along with some of my more religious friends were put off by this.
    And who’s paying for all the separate trips to Florida each week. Didn’t care when the Obamas traveled lavishing on our dime but is Trump and his wife any better.

    End of Rant

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I wasn’t put off by Melania using note cards. She isn’t used to speaking in public and was probably afraid she would mess it up. I’m sure that although she speaks 5 languages that she prays in her native one.

      I am never offended by prayer and hope that some prayer in the Trump household will be a good thing. It can’t hurt.

      Trump is never going to be what we would want him to be. He is what he is and I’ll just be happy if he does a few good things. We’re stuck with him so we all better hope so.

      It just doesn’t seem fair that this country had to get stuck with 2 thin-skinned narcissists in a row does it?

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    What a great post! Sorry to be so late to the party – it has been a very busy day with packing, moving the new appliances to the new house (not me – I got to spend time with a friend and her 13 month old while her husband helped Suzy), and more. Whew.

    Anyway – you nailed it, Marge!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Any time you come to the party is fine with us Amy. Just glad that things are progressing with the house. Once the appliances are in it makes a real difference in the feeling of a house. Adds some “meat” to the bones if you will.

      Anyway, glad you liked the post.

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