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If you frequently, or constantly, find yourself saying huh or shaking your head in disbelief at the world around you – join the WTH Club. Such is the world we now live in. At least for those that are paying attention and still have a few brain cells rattling around inside their cranium.

A woman my age often wonders if the world is crazy or if she is. Not a comfortable thought. Then I look around and decide that I’m fine. The world is nuts.

Some time back I was convinced that the people of the 4th district of Georgia, Hank Johnson‘s district,Β  had lost their minds. They not only elected a man stupid enough to say that if the population of Guam grew too large it might capsize but they then continued to elect him. WTH?

Now the Dems seem poised to elect a woman from Massachusetts,Β named Brianna Wu, who thinks the earth is in terrible danger from someone on the moon throwing rocks our way.

WTH doesn’t even cover that degree of stupidity. I thought the Dems were supposed to be the “Party of Science” and the GOP were the science denying knuckle-draggers – is Ms. Wu the exception to the rule?

With people like this sitting in the House of Representatives is it any wonder the garbage that is not only prop0sed but passed? That old computer thingy about GIGO? (Garbage in- garbage out.)

Perhaps much of what we see as evil is simply stupidity – stupidity on the part of both the congress-critter and the fools that vote for them.

Then we have the pipeline protesters. Evil, stupid or clueless?DESPICABLE: Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Left Behind Trash . . . And Puppies


Get that? They abandoned dogs and puppies along with their other trash. The word I would use for them, the one I can use in public, is inhumane. I don’t listen to or care what inhumane people say or think. Their actions speak for them loud and very, very clear.

Meanwhile the MSM continues to be-clown themselves at every opportunity. You can almost understand the lack of new thinking from Democrat politicians since they haven’t had an infusion of new blood, and therefore new thinking, in a generation.

Media, at least the on-the-air media has some new, and younger faces who also can’t seem to recognize that the times have changed.


No longer can the media simply state something, or refuse to report on something they don’t want known and have the public nod their pointy little heads. Too many pointy little heads now get their information/news from Facebook and Twitter or a favorite blog that says the things they want to hear.

I am not claiming this is an improvement. It certainly leaves the usual “news” sources in a quandary. Do they keep on with what has worked so well for so long or try to change with the times? All indications are they have decided to keep on being stupid.

Hollywood and it’s multitude of self-congratulatory awards shows have decided to become political whine fests. All directed at the right of course. As if these programs weren’t boring enough they decided to have a bunch of over-paid vapid people tell us their opinion of Donald Trump.


Note to Meryl Streep, try making better movies. That last dog you made was so bad the stench is still around. And “Ricki and the Flash?” Seriously you felt there was some reason to make that POS?

Because you are revered as a Hollywood icon you are still getting praise for your “courage” in standing in front of more over-paid and vapid people and telling them something with which they completely agreed.

On the topic of Meryl Streep I find myself, ugh, in agreement with Trump.

Oh and look closely at the image below – this dirt-bag passed out little Russian Flags with the name Trump stamped on them at a Trump rally. The people who took them, and then waved them, probably only saw that the flags were red, white and blue and had Trump’s name on them. I doubt any of them even knew they were Russian flags.


I don’t care if you like Trump or not. I don’t care if you like his supporters or not. If you aren’t outraged by this attempt to manufacture a fake news story then you are as bad as they are. WTH?

There are so many instances of WTH going on that it’s difficult to only cull a few from the herd to talk about. Crazy is the new trend and many are marching to it’s beat.

Oh and about those fast food workers who were/are demanding $15.00 an hour for entry level work ?


A whole lot of people tried to warn that this would happen. The left refused to listen. Now they will demonize the people that warned and the companies that chose to fight an outrageous demand. Meanwhile it’s been reported that young people prefer kiosks to counter people.

Image result for and so it goes images


2 Responses to “🌎 The WTH Club 🌎 Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Absolutely brilliant Lisa Benson cartoon!

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge. I am right there with you, constantly shaking my head and wondering “WTH,” or something stronger. Just amazing where we are. WOW.

    Btw, Mark Levin has a GREAT point abt AG Sessions. Just what the hell was the Obama Administration doing investigating him in the FIRST place?? Uh, yeah: http://therightscoop.com/listen-mark-levin-reveals-the-scandal-that-he-says-everyone-is-missing

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