😌 Friday Cartoons and Open Thread πŸ˜Œ



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Cartoons can comment on current events better than I ever can. So here’s my pick(s) of the litter for today.

Glenn McCoy gives us this image of the fate of many of the current crop of media types. McCoy’s puckish sense of humor is one of the reasons I like his work so much.


This one cartoon image from the ever brilliant Michael Ramirez shows the mindset that is causing the left to lose elections. They just cannot seem to understand that times change and the strategy that always worked in the past may not work today.


Ramirez continues his brilliant commentary with his take on the silly Academy AwardsΒ  and other self-congratulatory awards show by and for over paid and over dressed celebrities who believe their opinion matters to any one but themselves and other vapid celebrities.


No collection of brilliant cartoons would be complete without the wit and wisdom of A.F. Branco. His ingenious cartoons say so much so often it’s no wonder he’s a favorite of so many.


Ya gotta love this clever and funny Gary McCoy cartoon. At least I did.


Another gift from A.F. Branco. It explains the new fauxrage and attack on Jeff Sessions quite well IMO. Trump was doing well so do something, anything, even smearing an honorable man as some kind of traitor to do it. And the despicable media is hand and glove with the Dems in doing it. Not to mention the #Nevers who just cannot seem to get over themselves. It is beyond disgusting.


I don’t always count Jerry Holbert among my favorite cartoonists but he hit the nail on the head with this one IMO.

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

I put this delightful smack at the media from the ever delightful Lisa Benson in my post yesterday. I thought it was so good that it was worth an encore.


Chip Bok has become another favorite of mine. This one says a whole lot without saying much. If you get my drift.


This cartoon from Mike Lester asks a very pertinent question. Raise your hand if you believe that the MSM will cover this issue in depth.


The cartoon below from Joe Heller, whom I often find fault with brings up a subject that concerns me. Because many experts have felt for some time that the DOW is in serious need of an adjustment. They felt that through much of the Obama Administration while the Dems were pointing out how high the DOW was as proof of the well being of the economy. Now the Republicans are doing the same thing. All I can think of is what goes up, too far up, must come down. And when it does – theΒ Β  GOPΒ  will get the blame. The MSM willΒ  see to that.


Glenn McCoy puts in his 2 cents worth on the DOW too.


The always brilliant and prolific Dana Summers shows Trump and his agenda barrelling ahead. Which if you look at what is being done instead of what is being said – is true. So the Dems obstruct, smear, lie, distort and dismiss Trump while seeking ways to impeach him. It’s an insane strategy but in an insane world it just might work.


I’m not very familiar with John R. Rose, Byrd Newspapers of Virginia but I think he nailed the reaction from both parties to Trump’s SOTU speech with this cartoon.

Cartoon by John R. Rose -

I could go on and on because there are so many really good cartoons available today. But I’ll end with this fantastic cartoon by A.F. Branco. It says so much about the left and big-mouthed activists like Michael Moore.

Cartoon by A.F.Branco - Moore Hate


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12 Responses to “😌 Friday Cartoons and Open Thread πŸ˜Œ”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Senator Scott was really funny!

      Then the idiot Dem that followed him decided to up the ante by taking a tasteless and cheap shot at Kellyanne Conway.

      Even Jake Tapper was appalled. And a Dem has to go a long way to appall Tapper.

      Following Scott’s stand-up act, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D., La.) went too far when he told a crude joke about the viral photo of Conway kneeling on the couch, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

      “You even mentioned Kellyanne and that picture on that sofa,” Richmond said during his speech to Scott. “I really want to know what was going on there because she really looked kind of familiar in that position there, but don’t answer.”

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        My Senator is a funny guy, isn’t he? Glad you enjoyed his standup!

        And GOOD. GRIEF. abt that idiot, Richmond. WTH??? This woman abt whom he is making such disparaging remarks is, after all, the FIRST WOMAN to successfully run a Presidential campaign. That’s a FAR cry more than what their beloved Donna Brazille was able to do. Maybe they should take note…

  2. piper Says:

    The dems still refuse to face reality of their loss. While their moaning and groaning continues, most of us, silent voters, shake our heads with disgust and a bit of pity at their jejune behavior. Will they win the hearts and minds along with votes, time will tell but honestly most Americans are fed up with their sniveling elitist attitude. The dem. women who wore white without hoodies as a symbol of protest looked more like the KKK in drag.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Where was someone with a brain that didn’t see this coming? Do they still think that no one knows that the KKK was the Democrats?

      • piper Says:

        Not until they take their fingers out of their ears and stop listening to messnbc or whatever newsy truthiness the tune into.

  3. piper Says:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      They should all get together and cheer the idiot that thought the wearing white thing was a good idea. The Republicans should cheer that is.

  4. piper Says:

    Although white was the color the suffragettes wore, the democrat women made a mockery of their cause.

    I still do not like Trump but he is the president who should be given the same respect, time and accord that has been given to previous presidents.

  5. piper Says:

    Love all cartoons – humor can succinctly say more than words can. As I’m a dog, I leave you with a fav. of mine.

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Did you see this absolute LUNACY from San Francisco? The SF Police are teaming up with CAIR, of all horrible organizations, and turning against the FBI. I swear, I am not making this up:


    And in an attempt to show just how “fair and balanced” CNN is, they hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter to cover the DOJ. I kid you not: http://canadafreepress.com/article/valerie-jarretts-daughter-will-be-the-journalist-covering-trumps-doj-for-cn

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