🌬 The Ides of March 🌬 Open Thread


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I was disappointed when I was young and discovered that the “Ides of March” which sounded so mysterious was just the 15th of March. Major letdown.

The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii) is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

I didn’t know Julius Caesar, he wasn’t a friend of mine and although I do dislike murder, although not disappointed that a bunch of Senators did it, I wasn’t totally devastated. He was kind of a dictator and he was about to throw over his wife of many years for that slinky Egyptian Queen so…


Back to the Ides of March as a date in the here and now. What’s going on in our world on this eerie sounding date?


Last night seemed like Trump would have to beware today because Rachel Maddow had somehow obtained 2 pages of his tax returns from 2005 and was going to expose them, and supposedly him, on her program. The hate this woman exudes for all things Trump and the right is rabid. Not that the right and Trump are the same thing because many times they are not.Hair-on-Fire-News.jpg

Any way it was kind of a Geraldo in Capone’s vault type fizzle. Trump released the forms before her program.

Trump totally TROLLED Rachel Maddow on his taxes!

Earlier we reported that Rachel Maddow was breathlessly going to reveal Trump taxes on her show tonight at 9PM.

What we’ve got is from 2005… the President’s 1040 form… details to come tonight 9PM ET, MSNBC.

and then…

Donald Trump just released his tax returns before Rachel Maddow. I repeat, Donald Trump just released his tax returns before Rachel Maddow.

I am no Trump fan and I am certainly no Maddow fan. This is, IMHO, just more of the same silly media determined to take Trump down. Somehow – Someway.

What they thought the taxes would reveal I don’t know. But all it revealed is that he paid nearly 39 million in taxes on $150,000,000. Big scandal? Big nothing.

MSNBC is being laughed at this morning. Rachel Maddow’s triumph is sadly – not.

Another Yuge MSM Black Eye: Trump Tax Rate Higher Than Obama’s, Bernie’s, and NBC’s!

The truth about Trump’s taxes, as we now know it, is quite the opposite of the MSM’s Narrative. In a single year (2005), Trump made a whopping $153 million. On top of that, he paid $36.5 million in taxes, which, according to the AP, is an “effective tax rate of 25%.” As Matt Drudge is currently pointing out, that puts Trump’s tax rate well above that of millionaire Barry Obama’s (19%), well above socialist Bernie Sanders’ (13%), just over Joe Biden’s (23%), and above that of the massive multinational corporation, Comcast, that owns MSNBC (24%).

Then we have this:

Trump’s Wednesday Morning Tweetstorm: Tax Returns, Snoop Dog, Jobs, and More

President Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to comment on a wide range of issues, from Rachel Maddow releasing his tax returns to his travel schedule.

Maddow teased having Trump’s tax returns on Twitter before her show Tuesday evening,

But the two pages from 2005 turned out to be a nothing burger.

Maddow claimed the returns were “handed to” the reporter who gave them to her after turning up “the other day in his mailbox.”

Trump also commented on a music video of rapper Snoop Dogg assassinating  a clown version of him.

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

I have to agree with Trump about the Snoop Dogg video. Although leave it to Trump to mention a “failing career.”

The outcry and outrage if someone had dared a video exactly the same except with Obama in it would have been enormous.

Donald Trump is not the first, nor will he be the last to point out the different standards about what is permissible depending on whether the media likes the person portrayed in the video or not. Personally the clown I would like to see assassinated, in a video only of course, is Snoop Dogg who actually is a criminal. Here’s a link to his criminal past: http://foodforthought-7.blogspot.com/2011/04/history-of-snoop-doggs-criminal-record.html

I personally have always found Rap and it’s vile lyrics, well vile. And criminals like Snoop Dogg are despicable. People that celebrate this man’s music are as vile as he is IMO. I know there is no accounting for taste but really…

And finally Ben Shapiro chimes in on the ongoing scandal in New York and it’s misguided, to say the least, idea that there needn’t be literate teachers. Or something like that.

New York: We Need Black Teachers For Black Students. It Doesn’t Matter If The Teachers Can Read.

On Monday, the New York Board of Regents announced that it would dump the Academic Literacy Skills Test. They didn’t dump the test, which was designed to test teachers on reading ability in order to raise standards, because there was anything wrong with the test per se. They dumped it because too many minority teachers were failing it.

One of the members of the task force that looked at the teacher certification tests, Professor Leslie Soodak of Pace University, said, “Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore.” And it turns out that, according to ABC News, 54 percent of Hispanics and 59 percent of blacks who took the test failed it on the first try, as opposed to just 36 percent of whites. Does that mean the test was racist? Not at all – a federal judge in New York, not exactly a bastion of conservatism, ruled that the test was fine. But that wasn’t enough for the state of New York, where it’s more important that your teacher is black than that your teacher can read and understand material well.

If nothing else exemplifies the idea of the the Ides of March being a dangerous time I don’t know what would. Because denying black children a decent education in order to protect black teacher’s is not only stupid beyond belief, it is dangerous.

Or perhaps not to liberals. After all an educated and informed population would reject them and their lack of honesty, integrity and care for the well-being of the public.

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20 Responses to “🌬 The Ides of March 🌬 Open Thread”

  1. piper Says:

    Stupidity shines through once more on college campuses.


    • piper Says:

      A few paragraphs stolen from wikipedia about public education

      “From about 1876, thirty-nine states passed a constitutional amendment to their state constitutions, called Blaine Amendments after James G. Blaine, one of their chief promoters, forbidding the use of public tax money to fund local parochial schools.
      Following the American Civil War, the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute was founded in 1881, in Tuskegee, Alabama, to train “Colored Teachers,” led by Booker T. Washington, (1856–1915), who was himself a freed slave. His movement spread to many other Southern states to establish small colleges for “Colored or Negro” students entitled “A. & M.,” (“Agricultural and Mechanical”) or “A. & T.,” (“Agricultural and Technical”), some of which later developed into state universities.
      Responding to many competing academic philosophies being promoted at the time, an influential working group of educators, known as the Committee of Ten, and established in 1892 by the National Education Association, recommended that children should receive twelve years of instruction, consisting of eight years of elementary education (also known as “grammar schools”) followed by four years in high school (“freshmen,” “sophomores,” “juniors,” and “seniors”).
      Gradually by the late 1890s, regional associations of high schools, colleges and universities were being organized to coordinate proper accrediting standards, examinations and regular surveys of various institutions to assure equal treatment in graduation and admissions requirements, course completion and transfer procedures.
      By 1910, 72 percent of children attended school. Private schools spread during this time, as well as colleges and — in the rural centers — land grant colleges also. Between 1910 and 1940 the high school movement resulted in rapidly increasing public high school enrollment and graduations. By 1930, 100 percent of children attended school (excluding children with significant disabilities or medical concerns).”

      • piper Says:

        “In 1972, legislation was introduced in Congress after several “landmark court cases establishing in law the right to education for all handicapped children.” On November 19, 1975, Congress enacted Public Law 94-142, also known as The Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 .”

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      These idiots are just protesting to be protesting. They are among the most uninformed people on the planet. They believe they “know” what’s going on based on talking points, rumor, innuendo and just plain b.s. What a waste of money to send these fools to college!

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Of course they hate DeVos – she is clearly a Republican, after all! And she was chosen by TRUMP!! Ewwwww! So yeah, never mind what her actual POSITIONS are. Somehow, that no longer matters to people. Go figure!

      Great cartoon, Marge!

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge! We were talking to our home-builder manager when we spoke of moving dates a while back, and he mentioned to beware the Ides of March! 🙂 We initially moved it to St. Paddy’s Day (though we weren’t sure if our movers would be sober or not – hahaha), but now that it is next Fri., no worries – no date traps into which to fall!

    As for Rachel Maddow, WOW – I swear, how does she have a show??? I know MSNBC seems to operate from the depths, but still – she is an idiot. And revealing a private citizen’s tax forms on tee-vee is apparently a FELONY. So yeah, I hope she and all of those involved in this at NBC have members of the new (and improved) DOJ show up at their studio or homes and hand them a warrant. They deserve that and more.

    That piece abt the teachers is UNBELIEVABLY TROUBLING. What in the HELL is wrong with these people? I swear, they have truly, and completely, lost their freakin’ minds. Their union needs to be ABOLISHED, the members of the Board of Regents fired/recalled/impeached, whatever it takes, so that these children can actually get an EDUCATION.


    Again, great post, Marge. Thank you!

  3. piper Says:

    Tax problems – something about the pot and kettle.


  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    5 reasons Maddow’s tax ‘bombshell’ story deserves a gift-basket from Trump

    The damning evidence that Donald Trump is a Russian-designed cyborg terrorist is in his tax returns. Every liberal knows it. That’s why last October, The New York Times seized on a 1995 copy of Trump’s taxes and declared “he could have avoided taxes for nearly two decades” since then. Because, well, where are the tax returns after that? And what is he hiding?

    Thanks to Rachel Maddow, we now have Trump’s 2005 tax returns, and it turns out he did, in fact, pay his taxes (at least once) the past two decades. $38 million of it. Doing my math on the back of a napkin, Donald Trump easily paid a higher percentage of his income to taxes in 2005 than President Obama in 2015.


  6. kenoshamarge Says:

    William A. Jacobson: Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight

    As to any revelations in the tax return that hurts Trump? Maddow didn’t bring the goods. She started off by stalling on a 15 minute monologue that revealed zero about the returns, giving rise to much mockery:

    Matt Walsh: I’ve just watched 14 minutes of a Rachel Maddow monologue and now I’ve lost my will to live.

    As she was stalling, her secret source and guest published the information on his own website, which The Daily Beast then posted before Maddow made the reveal.

    So there was no there there.

    If anything, Maddow helped Trump by showing the paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million of income. Hardly the narrative the Democrats like.


    CNN’s Cuomo spins $33 million tax hit to Trump as a ‘benefit’

    You might think that—given the chance to chide the star of a competing network—CNN would have called out MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow over her failed, overhyped “scoop” on Donald Trump’s taxes. But nary a discouraging word about Maddow could be heard on CNN this morning. Liberal media solidarity more important than beating the competition?

    Instead, commenting this morning on the release of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return, CNN’s Chris Cuomo described the Alternative Minimum Tax [AMT] he paid as a “benefit” to Trump. It was just the opposite. The AMT Alternative Minimum Tax is designed to prevent people with large incomes from using deductions to reduce their tax liability beyond a certain amount. No matter how little a taxpayer would normally pay, the AMT imposes a higher minimum.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Well, unless it was that charlatan tax cheat “Reverend” MSNBC employs…

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    NBC News Floats Conspiracy Theory: Scarborough Claims Trump Leaked His Own Taxes!

    Scarborough has absolutely nothing to substantiate the wild-eyed claim that Trump is the secret source of the his own “cherry-picked” tax return, and yet here he is, BIG AS LIFE, a high-profile NBC News anchor tweeting this out as fact.

    And if NBC News believes Trump leaked his own returns, why in the world did the network play up the story Tuesday night like it was the second coming of Watergate? No one forced NBC News to rub this egg all over its face. That was a choice these Fake News Hucksters made all on their own.


  9. kenoshamarge Says:

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