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We are women – they are men.  Some of us are black – some are white. Some are brown or yellow or red. So what? We all belong to one species – the human race.

For generations we have all, supposedly, been trying to come together because we are the same even if we are in some ways different.

The women’s March on January 21, 2017 presented some images that, in my opinion, set women back years. Because every misogynist that claimed women are silly now had pictures to prove it.

Hundreds of thousands of women, many wearing pink pussy caps on their empty heads, marched through the streets of our cities to show how down-trodden and shackled that women are in this country. WTH?

The last few years there seems a determination with some women, and some races to divide us. The ironic part of this attempt to divide us is that it’s done in the name of diversity. Huh?

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Women are people? Who knew? Only one of a number of signs I saw that proved to my complete satisfaction that some women are very stupid people.

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I don’t think Trump thinks that women are antelope I have no doubt he thinks they are people. Maybe he thinks of them as less than men – I don’t read minds so I don’t know for sure. I do know that he has over the years made many remarks that indicate he is a misogynist pig. How wearing a bunch of “pussy” caps changes that in some way is completely beyond my comprehension.

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States marked commencement of the four-year term of Donald Trump as President and Mike Pence as Vice President. An estimated 160,000 people attended the public ceremony held on Friday, January 20, 2017 on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Along with being the oldest and wealthiest person inaugurated as president, he is the first without prior military or governmental service experience.

The next day the Women’s March had a number of women carrying signs to impeach him. For what? Here’s a bit of information that many of these fools evidently don’t know – you don’t get to impeach a president because YOU aren’t happy with an election result.

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It has been a lot of years since I even thought of myself as a “feminist.” Once they started burning bras they lost me completely. I don’t suffer fools easily let alone join them.

The most vocal feminists are, in my opinion, and for the most part, a bunch of whiny fools who complain about everything. They cannot see their own hypocrisy. They celebrate some kind of victim hood while living freer than most of the women in the rest of the world. And with all the freedom to protest they could ever want.

Then to add more hypocrisy they allowed a Muslim woman to organize their march. A woman who protests “here” about women’s right while women in her own country, in the region of the world she came from, don’t have the right to protest or for that matter to even drive a damn car.

Can you even imagine what would happen to women in a Muslim country to who showed up in public in “pussy caps” much less in vagina costumes?

The usual suspects show up frequently to fan the flames of the “inequality” whimper. That includes the very rich Elizabeth Warren who regularly protests about the inequality of women’s wages.

There she was again on Equal Pay Day while paying the women that work for her less than the men. Elizabeth Warren’s Female Staffers Made 71% of Male Staffers’ Salaries in 2016

As a woman of 73 who has seen the marches come and the marches go – who has seen protests that made sense and others that made none – I am often confused and often offended that this pinheads claim to speak for “women.”  Let me say straight out, loud and clear, that the damn fool women marching around in vagina costumes or with “pussy caps” on their empty heads do NOT speak for me. They never have and they never will.

Nitwit Ashley Judd doesn’t speak for me either. She recited some stupid “poem” about women and their periods called “Nasty Women.” I find her and her rants barely coherent and her point muddled and foolish.  Is it somehow the fault of the patriarchy that we women have periods? As a very wealthy woman who has done very well in this terrible country just WTH is she complaining about? I am befuddled but not as befuddled as she.

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Do you remember one of the militant feminists latest brilliant ideas? The Day Without Women? No? It came and went mostly unnoticed and un-celebrated by a very large majority of the population. That included women who couldn’t afford to stay home and those who thought it was a scatterbrained idea thought up by women who don’t really live in the real world.

The “woman as victim” crowd on the left never stops their whining.  Hillary Clinton came out of the woods long enough to claim part of the reason she lost the election to Trump was, you guessed it, misogyny. Hillary Clinton says ‘misogyny played a role’ in U.S. presidential election loss. Not the fact that over 1/2 of the country thought, and still thinks she’s corrupt. Not the fact that she ran a terrible campaign. No, she uses her gender, as Obama used his race to blame those that don’t like them, don’t agree with them, and in her case, didn’t want her.

I always love fools like the one holding the sign in the image below. “Not Your President?” Sorry cupcake but if you are a citizen of this country he is your president. You may not like it and you have a perfect right to complain about him – but that will not make him not the President of the United States.

I didn’t like the fact that Barack Obama was president but it didn’t make it less so. For eight endless years.

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As far as I can tell, all these women are protesting and whining, and complaining because the person they wanted to win the election – didn’t. Welcome to my world sweetie. Now suck it up and quit you damn complaining and start being grateful to live in a country where you are free to make as big of a fool of yourself as possible. Just don’t expect those among us who are rational to applaud it.

I know one thing that is true – She is…

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And as much as I don’t like Trump. As much as I am concerned with him as POTUS, I am very glad that she IS NOT MY PRESIDENT. Because bad as he is, I believe she would have been worse. I didn’t always think that, but now I do. Because Sessions, Price, Gorsuch and hopefully more good things to come.


7 Responses to “♀️ We Are Women ♀️ Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    The MSM may push their narratives about Syria, but the American people won’t be fooled

    On CRTV’s “LevinTV” Friday, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said that Americans should thank President Trump for his decisive leadership on Syria. According to a CBS News poll, a majority of the American people — 57 percent — approve of Friday’s missile strike on a Syrian air base.

    President Trump’s approval rating also “edged up” in the poll, though Americans remain skeptical of beginning another war in the Middle East.

    Radical interventionist Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., have called for American ground troops in Syria to topple the Bashar al-Assad regime. Only 18 percent of respondents supported placing troops in Syria, with just one-third of Republican respondents in agreement with Sen. Graham.


  3. kenoshamarge Says:

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    😉 Mexican cocaine kingpin Juan El Chapo Guzman’s defense lawyers protested Friday about jail conditions. He was recently extradited to the U.S. from Mexico. The attorneys are desperately trying to have El Chapo’s trial held in Los Angeles, where he can be tried by a jury of his customers.

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

  6. piper Says:

    Whoa, what happened to the beautiful bike riding weather. Who can I blame for the falling 20 degree temp and rain on? More Misery added to my overall ‘woe is me feelings’ after reviewing my federal and state tax liability.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Crappy weather! It was so nice and then – boom. I guess not too unusual for this time of year. Pretty much the same for the next week is forecast. April showers living up to it’s reputation.

      Sorry about the taxes. We made out okay this year. And the property taxes stayed the same. Last year they went down for the first time I can remember so I’ll take status quo for now.

      If we get in trouble with the tax man we’re in big trouble. For those in the government it’s a way of life.

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