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From the sublime heights of Easter Sunday with all it’s joy and hope we return to another Monday and the nuts. Sadly the usual nuts on Social Media, the nuts in the media, the usual nuts in politics are all back to the front of our consciousness making it difficult to hang onto the hope and joy.

My best way of coping is to laugh at them. Because many/most of them are nuts. Many/most of them have no idea how ridiculous rational people find them. Many/most don’t understand that they are being laughed at not with. They are, in reality, pathetic.

Take one of the usual suspects, Maxine Waters. Why on earth anyone would vote for this lunatic is beyond me.

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Maxine Waters: Trump Has No Business Being President And I’ll Fight Every Day Until He’s Impeached

“I don’t respect this president. I don’t trust this president. He’s not working in the best interests of the American people,” Waters said.

“I will fight every day until he is impeached,” she added, before leading the crowd in chants of “impeach 45.”

Ms Waters doesn’t seem to understand the concept of finding a reason to impeach and then attempting to impeach. Not surprising since there are a lot of things this woman doesn’t understand – like grace, dignity, honesty and good governance for a start.

IMO Chuck Schumer isn’t nuts. But he thinks the people that vote are either stupid or nuts. Gullible would be kind but I don’t think Chuck Schumer is kind.


The way that our language has devolved over the years is nuts. I know that my language skills are not what they should be but I do try.

I have always loved words and to this day stop what I’m reading to look up a new word in an attempt to understand better and to add to my vocabulary. If you cannot make yourself understood how can you expect people to understand?


For those who think/believe that a boy can be a girl, a girl can be a boy or that a white  woman like Rachel Dolezal can be a black woman because she feels like one I can offer no explanation except – they’re nuts.

If you read some of her history you can see that she is more to be pitied than castigated. She is a disturbed woman and needs psychological help.  She is, pathetic in her search for an identity other than her own.


After all the outrage, the angst, the whining, the crying, the vituperation for those that voted for someone other than Hillary has passed, still waiting on that, you might believe that the Clinton’s would have the good taste and judgement to be quiet. Or better yet, just go away.  But it’s not to be my friends.

We now have the next generation – the Chelsea with which to contend.


That of course does not mean that Mommy Dearest is still hiding and licking her wounds. She has come out and told us that misogyny was integral to her defeat. Because you cannot vote against a woman who is corrupt for any reason other than her gender.

For the millions of reluctant voters who voted for Trump in the hope he would be better than her, that anyone would be better than her, she offers only her gender as a reason she lost. Personally I believe it was her lack of fashion sense.


Seriously, would you trust the judgement of a woman that would go out in public in that outfit?

How about the sheer insanity of a Healthcare Plan that was inflicted on us by one party, continues to be inflicted on us because the other party, once given the power they said they needed, allows this travesty to continue? Nuts? Perhaps that was us thinking they would keep their word.


Speaking of nuts, am I Islamophobic if I point out that…


Quite seriously I don’t care what label people put on me anymore. If it is Islamophobic to think that there is a serious problem among Muslims and their acceptance of violence as a way to solves problems or issues then that is what I am. Proudly and loudly.

I’ve been called so many things in the last few years for simply stating what I happen to think or believe that I no longer care.

I would care if I had any respect for the name-callers, I don’t.

I would care if I thought most/any of them actually knew what they were talking about on almost any given topic. I don’t. I think they’re nuts.

politics The True Face of Liberal Democrats

There is also the double-standard and hypocrisy that have become a part of daily life. Perhaps they were always there. Perhaps it is only now with the explosion of nonsense in social media added to the MSM coming out of the closet as the liberal activists they have always been that it becomes clear.

politics CNN Reports Trump Ties To United

I can’t even begin to express the craziness associated with the whole bogus BLM movement. A movement based on a lie, perpetuated by more lies and supported by the left and their goons in the media.

BLM is corrupt, dishonest and a disgrace to decent black people everywhere. To pretend otherwise is just nuts!



As always my favorite cartoonists exhibit more sanity and brainpower in one cartoon than the collective sanity and brainpower in congress. Like this one from the always brilliant Michael Ramirez:


Of all the disgusting things the Obama Administration did to the language, and there were many, the phrase “leading from behind” is the most egregious to me.

Definition of lead from Merriam Webster:

transitive verb

a :  to guide on a way especially by going in advance led the officers to his hiding place

b :  to direct on a course or in a direction a road leading the traveler to the heart of the city

Ergo in a rational world, and using the language correctly you cannot lead from behind.

And finally I end with this bit of craziness from one of our many nutty institutions of higher learning. And I do mean institutions.

California College Snowflakes: The American Flag Is Triggering, Take It Down!

College students at the University of California, Davis believe the American flag is triggering, recently voting to remove a compulsory bylaw which mandates the flag be present at UCD Senate meetings.

Last week, the Student Senate voted to remove the American flag mandate because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.”

“It shall not be compulsory for the flag of the United State of America to be displayed at ASUCD Senate meetings,” states Senate Bill 76, which was introduced by UCD Senator Jose Meneses, a recently naturalized American citizen.

Never believe it cannot get crazier – never believe that we won’t see a lot more nuts running things before the rational people have finally had enough. I just hope that day comes soon.

Have a great day in spite of the nuts and to spite the nuts.

15 Responses to “🥜 Nuts 🥜 Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    More crazy:

    NBC Sportswriter Condemns American Flag, Military Flyovers as Symbols of Oppression

    During opening day ceremonies, the Atlanta Braves offered baseball fans the lovely and unifying sight of an American flag stretched across much of the outfield, along with digital images of the stars and stripes on the team’s huge video scoreboards. Craig Calcaterra, a sportswriter for NBC, was appalled: “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free,” he sarcastically tweeted with an accompanying photo of the offending spectacle.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good. Lord. There is something seriously wrong with this person.

      I saw the other day that the new MLB commissioner is trying to force the Cleveland Indians to change their name. It is just ridiculous, especially since the vast majority of Indians don’t care abt this stuff. Talk abt inserting PC-ness where it doesn’t beling.

      And the NCAA has done a great job of that, too – making it all abt politics at the expense of the young women who PLAY in the NCAA.


  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Melania Trump visits home for abused children — then gets bashed by shoe news website

    Only one bizarre site recognized her charitable action… and focused on the cost of Melania’s shoes, not the value of her visit.

    FWN reported that Melania’s “sparkling ladylike sandals” cost $1,150.

    The site sarcastically lashed out at Melania, saying, “No doubt the children will weigh heavily on her mind on Easter as she enjoys a holiday meal and restful time amid the terra-cotta-roofed Mar-a-Lago, which boasts sweeping oceanfront views nearly 11 miles away”

    “The news website’s implication, of course, is that Trump’s visit to the group home was shallow because she lives a life of luxury. Just one question though: Would they have said the same thing about Michelle Obama?” The Blaze asked.

    They wouldn’t.


  4. cindyindie Says:

    So much trail mix—-so little time! yes, nuts everywhere!

    The Ramirez cartoon is my favorite…what a riot, and so true!
    Thanks Marge.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I loved that Ramirez cartoon too. He is so good – his is still the best image of Obama and the media I’ve ever seen. Here’s a refresher if you don’t remember:

      No one, IMO, did it better!

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    The Maxine Waters one just nailed it. Can you believe she has become the darling of young people?? WTH?!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I can see where she would be there darling – just like Bernie Sanders – they say what the spoiled brats want to hear.

      Those two old farts, just like the youngsters that follow them, refuse to grow up.

      Like they say, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

    • weepingtreeblog Says:

      Ya can’t fix Stupid.

      Yesterday, I suffered yet another Maxine Moment when after a long day of suffering Stupid frustrating BS, call me crazy, but when someone asks me with a straight face to tell them which are the K cups & which are the creamers, I just kinda lose it…I mean, SRSLY, lady, if u r too stupid to know a K cup from a creamer, as a last resort, TRY READING WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TOPS????

  6. piper Says:

    Bernard Goldberg lists some questions that Trump supporters should ask of themselves.


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Valid questions for Trump’s “most loyal supporters”. For others who support him on some things and are appalled at others they can be used as a gauge on whether or not they are still being objective or if they’ve become infected with the “Trump Virus” in response to a loathing of the Dems.

      I thought this part was particularly interesting, and true:

      Generally speaking, there are two fundamental types of critiques of the controversial Donald Trump: the honest analytical kind and the partisan political-hack kind. It’s too bad so many of the president’s most loyal followers can’t tell the difference between the two.

      As for the 22% that support him “period”, that’s just stupid.

  7. weepingtreeblog Says:

    Brava Marge! Another one outta the park!

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