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With all the corruption in our culture it may seem the worrying about language is rather inconsequential. It seems to me that if we cannot communicate we cannot coexist with any degree of peace and prosperity.

It may be that because I was raised in another time is the reason I am so often appalled by what has happened to our language. Many people are outraged when asked to pick which language they need when calling a business or some government agency.  I am more appalled and outraged by the inability of many of the English speaking people to speak basic English.

How odd that the same media that made fun of George W. Bush and his language mishaps, ignored Obama’s mistakes,  is now is back in full throat-ed cry against Trump’s nonsensical language blunders?

A media I must mention that often makes language lapses that are stunning coming from people use language as a basic work tool. To see them often mishandle basic English makes you wonder how they dare criticize others. Then the word hypocrites pops into your head and you understand.

I have given up screaming at the television when someone says that something is very unique. For decades I would “scream you don’t qualify unique because unique means one of a kind.” To say something is very unique simply doesn’t make sense. Who would say “very one of a kind?”  Little did I know that some fool qualifying the word unique would soon seem like petty larceny language misuse.

I don’t pretend to have mastered the English language myself. Especially when I am typing something quickly in an effort to get it written before a thought escapes me. Re-reading and editing often finds my grammatical mistakes incredible.

Spellcheck usually, but not always, covers spelling errors. My point is that I don’t claim that I am a language expert. I do claim that I try to speak clearly and concisely if a tad wordy. Okay, tad is inaccurate. I am wordy.

The corruption of man is followed by the corruption of language. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love words. I believe I have a good vocabulary because of my lifelong fascination and love of words. That love causes me to be a fierce critic of people that seek to pervert the language.

Thanks to media and and educational system that is less about education and more about being politically correct our language is being systematically made meaningless.

If making the meaning of words meaningless wasn’t enough the media also marginalizes or ignores things they don’t like or find relevant to the message they wish to send. That is not only dishonest, it is dangerous. An uniformed public cannot and therefore will not make sensible choices based on facts. They will follow the narrative and to hell with the truth.

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In the sixties, American kids were dreaming of building rocket ships and going to the moon. Today, they’re trying to figure out what gender they are and which bathroom they should be using. It’s not an improvement. ~ Evan Sayet

In a culture that requires you to know all the correct language for the LGBT + community, a language that changes on a daily basis, how can people communicate at all?funny-before-English-bingo-sign

When Barack Obama was elected twice the left told us that elections have consequences – when Trump won they decided maybe not.  Did they speak the truth then or are they speaking it now?

The corruption of our language and the corruption of our media and the corruption of our politics are all one giant mobius strip in my opinion. All connect and never ending.


The corruption of our culture and language is blatant in our “institutions of higher learning.”  Places that should be the bastions of free-wheeling discussion, ideas, and pushing the envelope have become baby-sitting services for young people who refuse to grow up, refuse to learn, and demand things like the toddlers they resemble.

What is even worse is that the college administration all too often are a major part of the problem.

Colleges Try to Get Rid of Inconvenient Professors

Hard to believe that people could be treated in this manner for no real reason at all. Except they didn’t kowtow or apologize over and over for having offended some militant feminist. Or merely a female who was looking for some attention.

The demand that all speak in one voice or be silent leads to further corruption of a language that will soon be nothing but babble.

Young women march and protest and complain about being victims. Few can tell anyone how they are being victimized other than parroting talking points. Victim is a greatly misused word. It taints our language when that happens. It makes the word mean less for real victims not petty little whiners.

To have a truthful language the word feminist would be defined as women on the left who bleat.

The term “microaggression” was coined in 1970 by Harvard professor Chester Pierce. His phrase lay dormant until 2007, when a number of professors began watering it, fertilizing it, and giving it a perfect environment to grow in—the academic world.

Read the outstanding article above about microaggressions if for no other reason than to have some ammunition to throw at the fools that toss it around. Overused, misunderstood and wrong.

Imagine a blow to language when a leading university, one of the most respected and prestigious universities in the world  says something like the following: Harvard Tells Students Gender Can ‘Change from Day to Day’

How do you even contend with something so nonsensical. Because they, Harvard that is, obviously does not speak our language. They speak fluent gibberish.

In a world where the truth matters less and less I suspect few will care that the language has been perverted.



13 Responses to “A Culture Corrupted ツ Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    This Idiotic Meme Says A Black Woman Wrote Shakespeare. It Has 20,000 Retweets.

    And now, another attempt to claim William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright who ever lived and arguably the greatest poet, was not the author of his own works, with a dollop of 21st century political correctness:

    As snopes.com wrote in debunking the ridiculous claim, Aemilia Bassano (later Emilia Lanier) was a published author; the Shakespearean Authorship Trust points out that Bassano became the “first woman to publish a book of original poetry” when her work Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum was put into print in 1611, and guess what else?

    She was Jewish, from Morocco.

    Snopes continues: “No contemporaneous accounts describe Bassano as ‘black’ (or ‘African’) … A 2009 paper published in the Oxfordian, the journal of Shakespearean authorship studies, stated that some of Bassano’s relatives were referred to as ‘black’ when they arrived in London, likely due to their dark complexions.”


    • cindyindie Says:

      All of this and the black community will still not put any blame for slavery and for the slave trade on the Africans who sold them INTO slavery…HELLO!! You can’t have a buyer if you don’t have a seller! And it is forbidden on some college campuses to even SUGGEST that, even though it’s fact. Honestly!
      But hey, they can tear down Robert E. Lee’s statue that has been on Lee Circle, an iconic landmark in New Orleans, for decades!!!!!!
      Mayor Mitch Landrieu is removing Confederate statues in the middle of the night in N.O.
      I truly despise these hypocritical maggots.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        I doubt many of the AA who are having a fit about everything and painting themselves as perpetual victims even know that their ancestors were sold into slavery by Africans. Their ignorance is appalling as is their determination to stay that way.

        As for vermin like Mitch Landrieu destroying history, that should be a crime. As it is it is just disgusting.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Mike Adams: Six Public Enemies of Free Speech

    Six anti-free speech Democrats have done the unthinkable in the State of North Carolina. They have voted to prevent HB 527 from passing through the higher education committee and onto the house floor for a full vote. Dubbed as a bill to “Restore and Preserve Campus Free Speech,” it is difficult to understand how anyone could be opposed, regardless of his political persuasion.


  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. cindyindie Says:

    Marge—great post as always! I especially liked the “we speak English, not Bingo!” LOL…I am going to repeat that! I don’t have a smart phone and don’t text, so that was especially funny to me.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      So glad you like it. I don’t have a smart phone either – don’t want any appliance smarter that I am in my house. I have enough to contend with my microwave when it keeps nagging me if I don’t get to something fast enough and begins “beeping” again.

      And that damn car “bonging” at me if I don’t buckle up quick enough.

      • cindyindie Says:

        LOL—-I hear ya about machines that talk back…and continue on and on!
        When hubby first got his “smart” phone (which he did not want, but knew it was a necessity if one is in private practice as a solo practitioner…and have no secretary!) he kept pushing the wrong buttons and getting very flustered, especially when the damn thing started talking to him..LOL…So in total frustration, he looked at his phone and yelled “Shut the F*** Up!!”……at which point the robotic voice in the phone responded: “There is no need to curse”
        Isn’t that hilarious???!!!

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