🇱🇷 USA Crazy❓ ➖ Open Thread




Is American sanity on the brink? Has the population lost it’s mind? Or has a minority who are very loud and obnoxious made it appear that way? A minority encouraged and showcased by a media that likes what the lunatics are saying.

Why would media do a crazy thing like that? Why would they undermine their own credibility to support a bunch of fools and lunatics?  I wonder if their own bias and ideology has finally driven them round the bend.glPncPW.jpg

Their arrogance allows them to believe people still believe them. They’ve managed the information they “reported” to the people as they saw fit for a long time. They don’t seem to understand that with people able to get their “news” elsewhere the MSM and it’s lost credibility is in dire straits.

The liberal activist media has long painted Republican voters as knuckle-dragging, ignorant, bigoted idiots. Republican voters have been angry about that but many had no place else to get their “news”.

Even sports and the weather cannot be trusted in the liberal obsession with injecting their brand of politics everywhere.

Our education system has been co-opted by the left and our children are being indoctrinated with nonsense. Many of them don’t know and wouldn’t believe how that they are incredibly ignorant. All by liberal design of course. Thinking people see through their nonsense, indoctrinated, talking point intellects do not.

An ignorant population is also a vulnerable population and it’s crazy not to see that. A quest for control is a dangerous and frightening thing to see. And it is happening.

The American Left Is Talking Itself Into Violence

Something is wrong with the American Left. The recent spate of violent protests on college campuses has been well-documented, but the violence and intolerance championed by left-wing student activists is beginning to creep off campus and into mainstream public life.

Ahead of a town hall meeting this week in Virginia’s fifth congressional district, Republican Rep. Tom Garrett received a series of disturbing threats—not just against him but also his wife and family, even his dog. One message said bluntly, “This is how we’re going to kill your wife.”

As a result, the town hall event was heavily guarded, with uniformed and plain-clothes security lining the walls and scattered throughout the 300-seat room.

Earlier this month, Jennifer Carnahan, the new chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party, received a torrent of racist hate mail and at least one threat of physical violence that forced her from her home for a weekend.

Then there was this crazy woman:

Deranged Woman Tries to Run GOP Congressman Off the Road Over Healthcare Vote

Are there more like her out there? Media, being always on the left side of things doesn’t always report the lunatics on the left. They do manage however to portray every gun owner in the country as a crazy who is about to run amok at any minute.

The fact that media seems to actually be encouraging the violence is frightening. I  thought they just lacked integrity. Now I think they lack a moral compass or even a soul.

Some days between the media and citizens without common sense or even decency you have to shake your head in disbelief. Is this craziness happening in the country I’ve known and loved all my life?

Read comments on most blogs and you find an ugliness many people manage to hide behind their keyboard. People on both the left and the right. The anger and nastiness is crazy.

Some days I despair.

Image result for crazy images

Sometimes I attempt to point out some of the errors people are perpetuating. For that I get attacked from both sides. If I defend Trump the left and the fools that are still #NeverTrump attack relentlessly.  They tell me to go to Breitbart, call me a Nazi and stigmatize me as an ignorant Trump voter/supporter. Although I am neither it doesn’t seem to matter. They don’t read what I say, only what they think I say and never the twain shall meet.


Elsewhere daring to disagree with Trump about anything gets you under assault from the Trump cult. Both sides are nuts.

I may have a few screws loose, after all the years I’ve spent on earth it wouldn’t be a surprise. However I have never been crazy enough to hero worship ANY politician. My loose screws didn’t fall completely out.

Nor do I live with so much hate for an elected official that it dominates my every comment. That’s not rational adult behavior.

Social media is also full of insanity. Plus ignorance. Plus hate. I stay away.


Women dress up in vagina costumes, parade through the streets to protest Donald Trump being misogynistic and vulgar. They can’t see how crazy that is? Have they no intellect or mirrors?

Related image I try to tell myself I’m just like everyone else. I put my straight jacket on one buckle at a time. Still in the crazy department I fall short. Hopefully that will continue to be true.

The people we now have to deal with are not the kind of crazy we were warned about or comprehended before now. That’s because no one knew this level of crazy existed. Who would have believed that media would not only applaud the crazy but would be a major part of it?

If we sane people are really the majority it’s time we made our voices heard.  Many are afraid if they speak out they and their family will be targeted by the unhinged people that dwell among us. I can understand that. But the crazies are gaining on us every day. What happens if they win?

Meanwhile on college campus:

Image result for college protest images

Can you live with that? https://i0.wp.com/www.creativehunt.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Directional-Arrow-Up-Round-Ending-300x300.png Do you want your children to live with that?


10 Responses to “🇱🇷 USA Crazy❓ ➖ Open Thread”

  1. piper Says:

    Good morning from the sunny side of here – might be able to ride my bike this afternoon if the storms hold off.

    Cute video from Andrew Klavan explaining the ‘investigations’


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      So far so good this morning Piper. Sunny day and warmer. Hope you get your ride in.

      Thanks for the Klaven video – it’s fun. He usually is.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    More crazy from Joss Whedon and Hollywood:

    Hollywood elitist uses dead mother to bash Trump’s America on Mother’s Day

    “Today I gratefully give my mother the gift of having been dead for 25 years and not having to see what a tub of f**kery our country’s become,” Whedon tweeted.


    How sick is that? Being “glad” your mother is dead?

    I would give anything to have my mother back for one minute to tell her that I love her. To see her face.

    The insane hate of the left is destroying their ability to see what they’ve become. And being glad your mother is dead because you don’t like the politics of the day is really disgusting.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      Good. LORD. And I am with you. I would five anything to have my mom alive again.

      Suzy and I were just talking this weekend abt how absolutely insane people have become in this country, how intolerant, how immature, how ignorant, and on I could go, though I think you summed it up well in your very good post. It really is disconcerting, isn’t it? I just do not know how we get back from here.

      Oh, I just aw something abt Miss USA and the DC woman who won. Apparently, the Left is going INSANE because she said that healthcare is a privilege, and that she believes women have equal opportunity in this country compared to men.

      She is a scientist and works for the gov’t – the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. So yeah, you can see why they are hammering her. Ahem. (Here is more abt her, and there will be more forthcoming tomorrow.)

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    The beautiful, talented, intelligent young, black, immigrant woman is all the things the left says a woman should be. With one exception – she thinks for herself.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    more crazy

    Western Washington University Student Has Absolute Meltdown Over Trump Signs


    If her parents are paying for her education they’ve wasted their money with this fool. What does she think she’s accomplishing with this display of stupidity?

  5. Anthony Says:

    From PoliSci 101: “The most effective way to keep your base engaged is to keep them angry. Angry voters flock to the polls; those who are not angry are more likely to stay home”

    So after leaving the Democratic Party in 2008 because the R&B Committee gave Hillary’s votes and delegates to Obama to secure the Dem nomination, it looks to me like they’ve devolved into a myopic and tone deaf party that caters to roughly 18% of their base.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think they’ve seceded from the union…

    (a warm and sincere “Hello!” to all – its been a long time, and happy to see you’re still posting sensible assessments of the sh!t show provided to us by the MSM and our establishment pols 🙂 )

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Hello Anthony! So nice to hear from you after all this time!

      Like you I believe the left began it’s free fall when they turned on Hillary at that time.

      At that time I was a Hillary supporter and I thought she got screwed over royally by her own party. Although I have long since stopped being a supporter I still think at that time and that place she was not treated right.

      At that time I became an Independent and although I have voted for some on the right my ballot often contains a lot of spots with no vote cast.

      Right now I just can’t seem to stop documenting the crazy. It’s an easy thing to do since there is so much of it.

      Anyway, so nice to hear from you. You are missed.

      • Anthony Says:

        We’ve pretty much shared the same journey, Marge. I also became an Independent after the R&B Committee Meeting, and never looked back. There is indeed a whole ton of crazy thats just dying to be documented, but I haven’t the stomach (or the will) to do that.

        Hope all is well with you and your garden, and I’ll be coming by every now and then to say Hi! Wishing you all the best!

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          All the best to you too Anthony. Will look forward to your visits.

          Gardening may be hard on old bones but it’s good for the soul so I keep at it. Flowers yesterday – tomatoes tomorrow plus sunflowers for the Goldfinches. And curly parsley for eating and because it’s so pretty.

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