🤔 Images That Make You Go Huh ➖ Open Thread




Definition of huh

  1. —used to express surprise, disbelief, or confusion, or as an inquiry inviting affirmative reply


Or are You Kidding Me?

That moment when you thought someone was putting you on and then realized they were serious.

I sometimes us it when expressing disbelief at a conspicuous hypocrisy.

The image below exemplifies part of what I am attempting to say.


In the image below you see the schizophrenia of the liberal mind and the hypocrisy of the feminist movement.

They rant, whine and claim victim-hood for females that don’t have their birth control or abortion paid for by taxpayers.  Yet the women in the image below are just  part of their culture. Huh?


How about that liberal education paid for by taxpayers that doesn’t bother to actually teach history? Was the fate of those below part of their “white” privilege?

politics Democrat Brainwashing

Somewhere along the line those who swallow the lies without ever trying to find  the truth are as much at fault as those who tell the lies. You are a victim of indoctrination only to a point. Then you are a victim of your own laziness in refusing to seek the truth.

Then there is the whole Donald Trump is colluding with Russia stuff. I don’t know if it’s true. I have seen no proof and the constant drumbeat of rumors, innuendo and “anonymous sources” is very suspect to me.

politics Here's your collusion with Russia

Democrats may have lost the elections but they are winning the war on statues and history.

politics George Orwell was Right

Lucky Bill Clinton, who disgraced the White House more than Donald Trump, at least thus far, didn’t have Democrats clamoring about the people he fired.


Do I think the Clinton’s had anything to do with Vince Foster’s death? I don’t know. And because I don’t know and haven’t seen any evidence that they did I have, in my own mind exonerated them. There are plenty of other things they have done for which there are more than enough facts to convict them in my mind. There just is not the will of a media or a government to make them pay for what I am convinced are their crimes.

Many Republicans loathe Senate Majority Mitch McConnell. He is perceived as a RINO and a Republicrat.

I think he is an ordinary average corrupt politician who wouldn’t know the truth or integrity if it bit his ample backside. Sadly he is not unique.

Pity then the poor Democrats who have to accept this sleazy critter as their leader in the Senate.

politics Do We Like Comey

Remember back when Jon Stewart ruled Comedy Central and many of the young-ens got their “news” from him? Now it’s SNL and their foolishness that is accepted as reality.

politics unfortunately, this is how many liberals get

Not much I can add to the images below except to say – they seem to be relatively accurate.

politics emergency plan

There’s this from Dixon Diaz who I find gets to the heart of an issue brilliantly.


I don’t even know what to say about the idiocy, creepiness and disgusting image below…



I don’t need to think about the image below – I already rejected the idiot idea of a gun free zone.


Am I Islamophobic? Probably. I tend to dislike any religion that would make of me as a woman less than a man. Genitalia doesn’t make for worth, intellect or heart.


What can you say about the image below? Maybe pot-kettle?  I did say I thought Trump was nuts – Olbermann? He’s a genuine lunatic IMO.


I  like the image below. I love the image of a flying horse and what the horse has to say.


I am and always have been a fan of tiny, courageous Israel. I am also a fan of Bibi Netanyahu.

The image below reminds me that while I am not a Donald fan he wins my regard in this matter. Whether he will keep it is another matter depending on whether he can shut his mouth or not.


Below is an image giving a proper response to all the hysterical and hyperbolic insistence the Trump was colluding with Putin to steal an election. Or that he was doing something, they’ve not quite made up their silly minds what, nefarious. After all, when there’s this much smoke…


The image below is something that passes for somewhat normal these days. Sometimes I think I’ve just lived too long or else I’ve somehow slipped into the Twilight Zone


I tend to agree with what’s said in the image below – although it may be too simplistic. But then, simplistic is often the closest to the truth. Too many words can sometimes bamboozle us.


Back to media idiocy.  IMO Shep Smith is a snowflake. His claim to be in and of the right has been suspect for a very long time. I am convinced in that one sentence that he’s a liberal pretending, like so many, to be a Republican. But then there are so few honest, genuine Republicans around anymore.

Republicans and Conservatives are not interchangeable words although they are treated as such. The same for Democrats and liberals/progressives.


I do not however advocate for Shep Smith being fired. If he has an audience and they are okay with what he said then that’s their problem. They, and he, have outed themselves as lunatics. Firing him repudiates his right of free speech. I am adamantly against that.

Below is another image that tells a whole story that many don’t want to hear or see. Even low information voters and people too lazy to do any research can understand it.


Let’s end our image gallery with one I found particularly amusing ever since I read that Joe Biden was considering running for president in 2020.


I wish you all have a lovely Wednesday. As always, it’s an open thread.


10 Responses to “🤔 Images That Make You Go Huh ➖ Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    Jerusalem Day 2017 – Movie “In Our Hands” Brings Liberation of Jerusalem to Life

    Now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has released a new film, “In Our Hands: the Battle for Jerusalem”. It celebrates Israel’s 1967 victory by closely following the soldiers who valiantly fought in the battalions of the 55th Brigade, capturing the eastern half of the Holy City.

    Over 700 movie theaters across America played CBN’s docudrama on May 23—the eve of Jerusalem Day—at 7:00pm local time in a special one-night-only Fathom Events presentation.

    Most of the cinemas were reportedly sold out.


  3. Cindyindie Says:

    As usual, superb graphics, Marge! Thanks for the laughs and for your diligence.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Excellent post, Marge! I came by a while ago and got interrupted. That is by NO means a reflection on your outstanding post. I admit, I regularly find myself in the, “WTH??” camp these days.

    Along those lines, check out this ASTONISHING revelation by a FISA court judge regarding the Obama Administration: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-24/fisa-court-finds-very-serious-fourth-amendment-issue-obamas-widespread-illegal-searc

    Oh, and if you are waiting for the MSM to cover this story, keep on waiting. It was broken by Circa.com, Fox has reported it, and some other non-MSM outlets have picked it up. At least as of this writing.

    Telling that. But they’ll keep screaming abt RUSSIA…

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    This is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Whoever this person(s) is in the Intelligence Community leaking all of this classified intel needs to be caught like YESTERDAY: http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/05/brits-claim-u-s-intelligence-leaked-confidential-manchester-bombing-evidence/

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    And on a much, MUCH nicer note, there were twin foals born in Bastrop County TX (Cuz’n!). Their names are Bonnie and Clyde. Twin foals are VERY rare, and these are adorable. Clyde is having a bit harder time, but hopefully will pull through: http://ihearthorses.com/rare-twin-foals-born-in-texas-are-improving-every-day

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