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There are a lot of angry people around these days. Maybe there always were but we didn’t know about them. Without an anonymous place to vent their anger we weren’t aware of their existence.

Social media has given them a place to say things that once were unacceptable but now get them upclicks or likes.

We know that the left has been in a constant state of anger ever since the unthinkable happened and Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.


But what kind of a mind thinks that what Kathy Griffin did in the image above was okay? The brighter bulbs on the left, even the Heir to the Throne of Clinton, Chelsea the 1st, condemned Griffin.

CNN, that bastion of b.s., rumor and innuendo at first seemed content that Griffin Image result for angry imagesapologized. Then when it became clear that this wasn’t going to go away, they fired the silly twit. It was all too clear that a line had been crossed and people were angry.

Not only that, now the FBI and the Secret Service have become involved. The left may not accept that Trump is POTUS but he is and there are things you simply cannot do or say about him without getting your stupid butt in trouble.

 Kathy Griffin Represents the Left’s Visceral Hatred of Trump, Deplorables 

Cable Newsers seemed to shrug it off. MSNBC’s Morning Joe said it was not a story worth covering.

I wonder if they would’ve said the same if Miss Griffin had been holding President Obama’s severed head?

Miss Griffin is no stranger to the cable news landscape. Since 2007 she has co-hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper. The show is known for its vulgar content and sexually-charged innuendo.

Mr. Cooper denounced the faux-beheading – calling it “clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

We all know what they would have said had it been Obama. It would have been a scandal of monumental proportions and the left, including all the “cable newsies” would have been calling for Griffin’s head as well as anyone else involved.

Frowning emoticonI have the same attitude I formed during the 8 endless years of Obama. Be outraged where outrage is valid and simply do not, ever, watch, read, or listen to most “newsies”.

I don’t want them “fired”.   I just want them ignored into oblivion where they belong. For attention seeking people oblivion is  worse punishment.Wondering emoticon (Butter Face emoticons)

Does anyone really care what Joe Scarborough has to say?

We know that people are angry because the media has been telling us for some time now.  Media folks are so smart that they figured it out by all the angry people expressing their anger.

Media endlessly tells us that Trump was elected because of anger. Maybe voters were just tired of being scammed, conned, lied to and treated like fools by the same bunch of incompetent and corrupt nitwits they had usually elected.

Snarling emoticon (Blue Face Emoticons)You need to remember that when people are angry the media has two ways of reporting that anger.

Leftist anger = righteous anger.

Right-wing anger = dangerous, unreasonable, perhaps violent rage.

See a double standard?  A double, or lack of standards that has led to media being distrusted by a majority of citizens.

If you are confused by the anger wait until we delve into microaggressions. What the hell is that you may be asking yourself. Don’t feel lonesome, I am often confused by both the term and the definition of what is and isn’t a microaggression.

Grammarly Joins SJWs To Combat ‘Gender-Biased’ Microaggressions

If you thought that a “grammar monitoring service” was there to go after the frequent dangling participle or the qualifying of the word unique, which I think should be a capital offense – silly you. And me.

In the age of snowflakes, it shouldn’t be a shock that grammar nazis have now become social justice warriors. Grammarly, a grammar-monitoring service, has now committed itself to microaggression-monitoring.

Grammarly helps remind its users to avoid “biased,” microaggressive words like “manpower” and “mankind.” Upon entering one of these problematic words, the program warns the user that they are employing “possible gender-biased language.”

Get that? Grammarly is going to help remind its users to avoid words like Manpower and mankind. Isn’t that special? Because us poor powerless women are angry about not being treated special. Or fairly. Or something. Sorry but this woman thinks we’re doing just angry thumbs down emoticonfine.

This woman finds the whole idea that some victim seeking bunch of twits are going to correct my grammar arrogant and intrusive.  They want to correct what I say and tell me which words I cannot use. That’s heading into first amendment territory. There they best not tread.

I have always had a hair-trigger temper. Some say because I was a red-headed Irish gal. Nonsense. I say it was because nothing anyone said, or that I thought myself seemed to help me stop that instant rage.

shocked smileyThe first words out of your mouth when you are angry are all too often words you have to take back or lead to an apology.

Actually my first months on the internet taught me a lot about controlling my temper.  I would respond to something that outraged me in an instant and there it was. Out in the world for all to see what an idiotic thing I had said in anger. No “edit” buttons back then. You said it and it stood. And you cringed. At least I did.

Many cannot seem to learn. Nor can they get over their outrage, their plain rage or their inability to stop being so damn angry. That kind of anger is usually ineffective.

In the early days of Trump I didn’t handle my anger about those that supported him well.  My anger often lead to incivility and that shamed emoticonwas not well done. I am embarrassed. I was wrong. I apologize and I am deeply sorry. I still don’t understand the love for Trump but today I express it differently.

We all have a right to be angry about things that make us angry. How we do it will in the end define us to others and ultimately to ourselves.

I still don’t like Donald Trump. But I dislike those that hate him with so much passion far worse than than I dislike him.

I hope you all

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13 Responses to “😤 ANGER ➖ Open Thread”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    Didn’t Joe Scarborough tell us this wasn’t a story?

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    ‘Jeopardy’ Champion—and Children’s Author—Ken Jennings the Latest to Bully Barron Trump


    It takes a special kind of scumbag of a grown man to bully an 11 year old boy because he doesn’t like the fact that his father was elected.

    This “man” writes children’s books? Parents beware!

  3. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Well said. What she did was just beyond the pale. Any of us did something like that we’d be in jail.

    Funny you mentioned micro-aggression. When I first saw that photo, I thought, hmm, micro-aggression much?

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Funny that even the left has finally found a line that cannot be crossed. I can’t even recognize the party I once supported.

      And in spite of the fact that Joe Scarborough said it wasn’t a story the story is mostly continuing because of idiots like those that are now attacking Barron Trump.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    • Cindyindie Says:

      LOL. OOPS indeed!

      Great post Marge

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Glad you liked it Cindi.

        In spite of Joe Scarborough saying it wasn’t a story I found so many cartoons about the incident and making fun of Kathy Griffin I have a hard time deciding which one to use.

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

    Petty: Chris Matthews complains Jared Kushner has car and driver

    Q. Is there anything—anything!—about which the MSM won’t criticize about the Trump administration? A. No, judging by the mind-bogglingly minuscule, absurd and hypocritical thing that Chris Matthews has found to carp about.

    On his Hardball show of May 30th, Matthews got bent out of shape over the fact that Jared Kushner . . . might have a car and driver take him to work at the White House. After video rolled of Kushner emerging from what is presumably his DC home and getting into an SUV with someone at the wheel, a vexed Matthews said:

    “Does Kushner have a driver and a car? How does that work? He works in the White House as one of the staffers. Does he get a car and a driver? It looks like some sort of SUV that takes him to work . . . This is pretty high-level stuff here. It looks like he’s some sort of major security official.”

    Kushner is a government employee whose official title is “senior adviser to the President.” Guess who held the same position in the Obama administration? Yup: Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett famously received a Secret Service detail and was driven to work by government drivers. Can you remember Chris carping about that? Neither can I.


  7. kenoshamarge Says:

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    HHS Rule Fix Would Halt Obamacare Abuse of Little Sisters of the Poor

    The Department of Health and Human Services drafted a rule that would exempt religious organizations — like the Little Sisters of the Poor — from the contraceptive and abortion-pill mandates issued by the Obama administration.

    Mark Rienzi, senior counsel with Becket, a nonprofit law firm representing the Little Sisters, said “the writing has been on the wall” for a while now.

    “Better late than never,” Rienzi said. “At long last the United States government acknowledges that people can get contraceptives without forcing nuns to provide them. That is sensible, fair, and in keeping with the Supreme Court’s order and the President’s promise to the Little Sisters and other religious groups serving the poor.”


  9. kenoshamarge Says:

    Michael Goodwin: Today’s Democrats have no problem embracing known terrorists

    In case you haven’t heard, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is the prime suspect in the decision by the board of the Puerto Rican Day Parade to honor a convicted terrorist, Oscar López Rivera, as a National Freedom Hero.

    Her “hero” was found guilty of trying to overthrow the government of the United States with FALN, a terrorist organization that carried out 120 bombings in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.

    Its 1975 bombing at Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan killed four people.


  10. kenoshamarge Says:

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