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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , Juliet called out “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”. Thus I have dare tinkered with the words of the immortal Bard to make a point. Romeo quickly came into Juliet’s view and all was well. Or it was well until they both died which has always puzzled me why his play is so popular. I tend to like happy endings. But back to Image result for romeo and juliet cartoon imagesthe search for veracity.

Most people will tell you they want to know the truth. And that is lie number one. Most people want to be told whatever reinforces their preconceived notions. Because of that, for most humans, a lie works better than the truth.

I haven’t always told the truth. I am, after all only human. But I have come to see that only with the truth is a life worthwhile. Truth doesn’t have to be pleasant or what you want to hear or even believable. It simply is the truth.

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Whenever I hear a politician speak I wonder what lies they’re telling. Because they all lie. Even the best of them, the few and far between that are actually good people, they lie too. It’s what a politician must do to get elected and then re-elected. Voters don’t vote for people that tell them the truth, or at least the whole truth.

While the cartoon below skewers Hillary Clinton she certainly isn’t alone in believing it’s better to prevaricate and attempt to hide the truth. No matter how many times it is proven that a cover up is worse than the truth – politicians will try to cover-up.

The public would get more truth from both politicians and the media if they  refused to accept nonsense. When voters believe fantastic hyperbolic rubbish coming from either media or politicians they reject the truth. When the tribal instincts kick in and people repeat the hyperbole, truth is lost.

“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.” ~ Frederick Douglass

Do we think our nation is honest, truthful and virtuous? Only if we lie to ourselves. Look around and see what our culture has become.

I heard one of my granddaughters listening to some rap crap and wondered to my daughter-in-law that she permitted such ugliness in her house. She laughed and patted me on the shoulder and reminded me that my father had worried about Elvis and that I had worried that my sons listened to Ozzie Obourne, among others. So she wasn’t concerned about rap music.

First, don’t pat my shoulder condescendingly and second am I the only one in the family that sees the escalation from swivel hips, by a man who often sang hymns – to a man who bit the heads off bats and doves – to music talking about “ho’s and “nigga’s and killing cops?

Perhaps too many of us have simply become too lazy too bother with the truth. Perhaps it is the corrupted culture that surrounds us. There are many reasons and many excuses but none is worthy of not caring about the truth.

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You cannot claim to be, or pretend to be or think you are a Christian if you aren’t interested in the truth.

Did you ever notice, how could you not, that when the left is in power they accuse the right of obstructing and being the party of “No” and when the right is in power they say the same thing about the left?

Chuck Schumer is one of the most dishonest men in politics. That is my opinion based on years of hearing this smarmy liar – lie. New York voters continue to return him to the Senate. Do they really believe the garbage he spews?  Ask the Kentucky voters who returned lying Mitch McConnell to the senate about that.

The truth is both parties are guilty of this behavior. The left is fortunate in that the media in their bias helps them while the media, in it’s bias, is aghast at the behavior of the right when they do what the left does.

The end result is that they are so busy fighting each other, lying about each other and lying to their voters in order to get re-elected, which is their primary concern, that the nation’s business is way down on their to-do list.

Another sad truth is that voters claim they hate congress when what they mean is they hate your congress critter. They will probably re-elect their own. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s the way people lie to themselves in order to vote a party line.

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I don’t watch television “news”programs because most of them have become simply “opinion” programs. Even the weather has to slip in some “climate change” nonsense occasionally.

I do read a lot of newspaper websites and laugh at the rampant bias and dishonesty of most of them. Serious issues I check, recheck, double-check and check again. I have at times posted things that weren’t true. Unknowingly. If, and when, it happens again it won’t be because I didn’t seek the truth.

I make it a point to read truth-tellers like Ben Shapiro. His post today is well worth your time and deals with the issue of truth.

What If There’s No Trump-Russia Conspiracy?  

Here’s the truth: Even if every allegation surrounding Trump Jr., Manafort and Kushner regarding this meeting is true, that’s still not evidence of any working relationship between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. At best, it’s evidence that Trump Jr. and Co. weren’t averse to attempts to feed them information. But as all accounts of the meeting state, no actual information was transferred, which means that there’s still no Trump-Russia collusion.

Many of those suffering from TDS, on both the left and the right, have gone so far over the edge in the rabid hate of Trump that truth and facts are no longer important to them. They squint into the distance and mutter that where there’s so much smoke there must be fire. They will, in their chronic TDS, believe it. Perhaps they will then smile sadly and murmur, if only Cruz…

Meanwhile the big news this morning is that:

Joe Scarborough is Leaving the GOP

Excuse me but isn’t the truth that he left the GOP a long time ago?

Happy Wednesday and as always, this is an…



28 Responses to “🕵️‍ Veracity Wherefore Art Thou ❓”

  1. piper Says:

    Long article yet very informative about Afghans’ males and their impact on Europe. Excellent suggestions for tackling the problem but will the European elites change their attitudes in dealing the issues they inadvertently created.


  2. piper Says:

  3. piper Says:

    Truth be told – who gives a hoot what Joe and Mika do and say – they’re just out for ratings, egotism and money. Almost forgot about ‘power’ which definitely corrupts.

    • piper Says:

      They want so badly to be kingmakers that they scrounge up anything to report as news not realizing their outlandish ‘newsy’ has turned off the general public who elected Trump to slap back at the so-called elitist ‘journos’ Naturally Trump also won due to other reasons.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        They want so much to be relevant. This revelation from Scarborough that he is leaving the GOP to become an Independent is laughable. If he wasn’t a RINO he wouldn’t have been on MSNBC and he won’t be an “Independent” either.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge. And yeah, I would not be amused by a condescending pat on the shoulder telling me I am overreacting abt rap music – it is horrible on a host of levels in what it portrays.

    I was reading Sharyl Attkisson’s newest book and was astonished to learn how the CIA made the term “conspiracy theorist” a BAD thing as a way to given themselves cover for things that were being uncovered. WOW. They were exceedingly successful in that regard since every time the phrase is used, it conjures images of tinfoiled loons and more.Yet, conspiracies unfold all the time. But now all one has to do is use the term with a sneer, and that’s that.

    Anyway, the truth is out there, though harder to find these days. One thing that is most definitely true is how much I enjoy your posts! 🙂

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The Attkisson book is a treasure trove of information.

      I would have never known about the shenanigans by the CIA with the language, I.E. the term “conspiracy theorist” if not for her. The more you read the book the more things you find and they are not good things to hear but important to know.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I was just telling Suzy abt that, and how her book is fascinating – disturbing as hell, but fascinating.

        And yes, definitely “must know” kinds of information!

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    Locals clean up Hamburg after leftist riots leave city in ruins

    Hamburg residents have been forced to clean up their home following a weekend of left-wing extremist riots that resulted in injuries to hundreds of law enforcement officers and the citywide destruction of property.

    This weekend, leftist mobs rioted in the streets of Hamburg, Germany, to protest the G20 summit. CNN, which downplayed the riots along with several other leftist outlets, described the as rioters “an eclectic and international mix of demonstrators” who “peacefully flooded the streets of Hamburg.”

    The reality was that the riots never had a chance of even starting as peaceful. The protests started Thursday as a “Welcome to Hell” rally and continued to escalate through the weekend into complete chaos.


    • piper Says:

      This is on Angela Merkel’s head, allowing these protesters space and opportunity to protest – what exactly was accomplished.. Voters should remember all the destruction and cost of cleanup at the voting booth.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      What IS it with these people?? I reckon their anarchist/Leftists are the same as ours – a bunch of spoiled kids who expect someone else to pick up after them. What a bunch of punks.

      And piper, you are right – the voters should remember this, and Merkel’s other major missteps, next time around.

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

  9. piper Says:

    Watched the evening news for a weather update and saw there was much flooding and road closing due to the large storms that moved thru Wisconsin last night and this morning. Hope you are okay.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I ditto piper’s concern – hope you are okay!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      We are fine although our dang basement was a swimming pool again. The water is down now, mostly, but what a stink!

      The driveway was underwater most of the day. Enough so that when I looked out the back door about 11am there were 3 ducks happily splashing in the water and diving for sunken seeds. Two makes with beautiful green heads and a brown female.

      The female duck, who was not one bit afraid of any of us also wandered over to the dry spot by my back porch and was happily eating popcorn that I put out for the birds. She was scooping up anything else she could find too. Little birds flew in, took one look at the big duck and left post haste.

      The neighbors thoughtfully kept their golden lab inside and then took her out on a leash so as not to frighten the ducks. My money would have been on the fearless ducks. The neighbors have lived in their house for 42 years and have never seen ducks in the driveway before.

      We tried to shoo them into flying away but the were not about to be shooed anywhere. We were also concerned they would wander onto Sheridan Road and get run over.

      Finally after about an hour and after having eaten most of the seeds they could reach they waddled off down the sidewalk, turned the corner and headed west. There is a field where an old warehouse burned down a few years ago and it’s still empty and ducks land there daily. I guess they walked back to that field.

      So we had a lot of rain and the basement is a mess but what the hell, we had wild ducks in the driveway! I call it an good swap and so does Lou. See why we work well together, he’s as nuts as I am!

      • piper Says:

        Happy to hear that you and Lou are okay and are taking the flooded basement in stride even though the clean-up is messy and a bit of a pain.
        The bright side of the storm – visiting ducks.

        • kenoshamarge Says:

          After whining and complaining my way through most of my life I have finally come to the conclusion that looking for the bright side of life makes me feel a lot better.

          I’m sure it also makes me better to be around without the whining and complaining.

  10. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Marge, thanks again for all you do, and for your great posts. I appreciate it.

    And for the great comments from the great regulars, thank you!

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll be at the hospital by 6:00, and surgery at 8:00. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Prayers and good thoughts all ready trending pal. You just get well and get back to us.

    • piper Says:

      Sending prayers and healing thoughts to your home from us in wet soggy Wisconsin. I just can’t resist a bit of humor to speed up your recovery.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Great minds Piper – I am devoting the whole post today to “the best medicine.” Since Rev. Amy has the same wacky sense of humor we have I know when she’s up to reading it she will find it amusing.

        By the way, how soggy is it by you, how selfish of me not to ask before. Is your basement a mess too?

        • piper Says:

          Just checked – no water however as usual the back forty of our property and shed are flooded. As the second owners of our home we have upgraded as much of the backyard as possible without putting in expensive drain tile (original plan was to retire in the Southwest or back to Minnesota but life intervened and finally after much thought decided to stay put). Supposedly all the yards were graded when first built which is a joke given that northern neighbors’ yards flow downward pooling in low spots especially near the retaining wall. In August will have landscaping company put down another ton of soil to help with drainage and build up low areas.
          BTW – the builder of our subdivision was jailed for fraud – not sure for how long.

          • kenoshamarge Says:

            So sorry about the flooding in the yard. It’s better than in the basement, but still a mess. And not a duck in sight for comic relief.

            We share 3/4 of the driveway with the neighbors and all the water ends up on our side since ours is near a hundred years old and theirs “only” 50. So anyone getting “jailed” or fined for the mess is not possible. The contractors that put “their” driveway in had to know what he was doing since it is readily visible. Their yard is lower than ours thought so at least I can smirk when our backyard is no longer a lake and theirs is. Not nice, I know.

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