😠 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off 😡



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Although there are many things with which most Americans  can agree it lately seems  that all the focus is on the things about which we disagree. Vehemently.

The left insists that Climate Change is the result of mankind’s activities and that we must do something about it. Soon. Or Millions will die. If you don’t agree you are a “denier”. Not much worse than that in their opinion.

Therefore we need to spend, spend, spend based on projections that appear to not be all that accurate. Also in spite of the fact that two of the biggest spewers into the atmosphere, India and China, won’t cut back. So our sacrifice will do little except bankrupt our economy which is already teetering on the edge. But it’s the thought that counts I guess.

Related imageWe must do something. Now. And if you don’t agree you are a denier and you don’t care what happens to the world. So there.

The right, on the other hand, doesn’t think that Climate Change is solely the fault of mankind but simply a part of naturally occurring cycles that have happeded over and over throughout the history of the earth.

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The “deniers” also believe that if you believe that Climate Change is a big problem you are a fool and just looking for a way to waste more taxpayer dollars because you are a liberal and that’s all you do.

Doesn’t seem to be much of a chance for the sides to get together on this issue. Add in idiots with the usual hyperbolic language, name-calling and insults and there is NO chance of some kind of a compromise.Related imageThere is even less of a chance of compromise on the issue of abortion. Here I stand firm. To those of us that believe that abortion is nothing less than infanticide there cannot be compromise.

However for those that don’t see it that way they think we are seeking to tell women what they can do with their own bodies. To them that is enslavement. To them, many of them, while a fetus can become a baby it is not yet a baby and therefor just some cells which may be removed.

I don’t believe all these women are evil hags that love to kill babies. I think they are misguided and perhaps just repeating, without bothering to find the complete truth, a mantra of their tribe.


There is a reason the left fights tooth and nail to keep as many facts about abortion from the public as possible. Education and information would change some minds. That just won’t do.

I do believe that women like Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, are evil. This woman testified before congress that abortion is “health care.” She tweeted on Mother’s Day:

Nothing says “I love you, Mom!” like standing up for the right of mothers everywhere to get the care they need.

James Woods, one of the few vocal actors on the right, and one of the few who actually seems to have the ability to think responded:

Hard to say “I love you, Mom” from a medical waste dumpster…

In my mind all who participate in the selling of baby body parts are beneath contempt. If you can know the truth of this and still support abortion you are evil.

If you don’t want children get on the pill or some other form of birth control. Abortion doesn’t qualify.

I cannot see any way that this issue will ever be settled. It is the law thanks to Roe V Wade but many people will never accept it. I am one of them. I can see no compromise.


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The left and the right also do not agree about the size of the government. Left wants big and the right wants small. Given the size of our current government the left seems to have their wish. The right claims they want to down-size but does little that would make that happen. They barely seem able to hold the status quo let alone shrink the government.

You cannot make the government smaller if you keep adding things for it to do. The government has it’s nose in everything. Both parties are guilty. The people that vote for both parties are guilty. We all want many programs to be eliminated, just not our programs.

The left likes this. The right hates that. How do you find a compromise there?  The few, the very few, who think we should try to work together are vastly outnumbered by those who see compromise as surrender.

The bases of both parties view compromise as a betrayal. That leads us to a gridlock, supposedly although I for one don’t’ see a lot of effort on the right to down-size. I hear a lot of talk about it, just not much action.

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I will give Democrats one thing, they never deny that they’ll spend money. They brag about it. After all, all those wonderful free things the government hands out has to come from somewhere. Like taxpayer pockets.

So what if many who benefit have never worked a day in their lives and probably never will – they deserve to be supported from birth to death by those that work for a living. Or by those selfish, greedy rich people that all ready pay most of the taxes. To support many that never have and never will pay taxes.

If I sound as if I have no use for parasites and those that create and support them, I don’t.

I also have no use for politicians that spend taxpayer money as if it were monopoly money.

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The left is convinced that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary. Many on the right, the Never-Trump fanatics are convinced something is rotten there although they aren’t sure just what.

Trump cultists wouldn’t believe he did anything wrong no matter what evidence was presented and Trump haters won’t believe he didn’t do something wrong no matter the lack of evidence. Thus they all get on comments sections of blogs and social media and attack each other.

I haven’t even touched on Health Care although I hate calling it that. It isn’t Health Care, it’s about health insurance. You can walk into any emergency room and get care.

Can’t we all just get along? Evidently not. Except when disaster strikes we do join together to help one another. That tells me that we can get along, but we refuse, in our anger and partisanship to do that. Shame on us!

It’s a new week – maybe things will get better. We can hope.

Happy Monday!

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6 Responses to “😠 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off 😡”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great post, Marge, and another great collection of excellent cartoons. Thank you!

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

    I just love this clever cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    I’m sure that the Never Trump folks will have a fit about this but the fact is Conservatives have wanted him gone for a long time.

    Flake-out: RINO’s feud with Trump could spell conservative win

    Senator Flake is just one of several Republican senators up for re-election who ought to face a primary challenge from conservatives. The question is, if the Trump administration is looking for a candidate to take on Jeff Flake, are they looking for a conservative?


  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    WATCH: These Cops Have a Big Surprise For The Guy They Just Pulled Over. It’s AWESOME.

    In a heartwarming video making the rounds online, a woman, with the help of two kind officers, surprises her partner with news that she’s with child.

    In the video, the couple gets pulled over for having “a child in the car with no child seat.” The man in the car becomes confused, looking in the back seat and informing the officer that there is no child on board.

    “Are positive about this? Are you saying I goofed?” asks the officer, pointing to a woman in the passenger seat holding up a positive pregnancy test.


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