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Given the number of times I’ve typed LOL there really aren’t all that many times I actually did laugh out loud.

I certainly never did LMAO, although that would be a welcome loss of about twenty pounds.

As for ROFL? Out of the question. If I rolled on the floor, laughing I’d need help getting back up. Although that might inspire a LOL moment for someone else it wouldn’t be all that funny to me. Not in the short term anyway.

The Encyclopedia Britannica on laughing:

Under certain conditions, our bodies perform what  describes as “rhythmic, vocalized, expiratory and involuntary actions” — better known as laughter.

Fifteen facial muscles contract and stimulation of the zygomatic major muscle (the main lifting mechanism of your upper lip) occurs. Meanwhile, the respiratory system is upset by the epiglottis half-closing the larynx, so that air intake occurs irregularly, making you gasp.

In extreme circumstances, the tear ducts are activated, so that while the mouth is opening and closing and the struggle for oxygen intake continues, the face becomes moist and often red (or purple). The noises that usually accompany this bizarre behavior range from sedate giggles to boisterous guffaws.

Good lord, all that to laugh? And much of it sounds painful and dangerous. In this case I think ignorance is bliss – or I’d be afraid to ever laugh again.

I chortle sometimes. I chuckle, giggle and tee-hee from time to time. A full-bellied laugh out loud, tears run down your cheeks laugh isn’t something I do often.  If they come frequently for others they might want to consider moderating their medication. Or getting some. Or maybe that’s just me being grumpy or envious.

Life, and therefore human beings are endlessly fascinating, often funny, more often puzzling and far too often wondering what the hell are they thinking. I don’t even find comedians very funny these days. Or at least what passes for comedy.

I frequently, almost obsessively post cartoons. I adore them. I smile at many. But LOL? Not often. Most get only a snicker.

I must admit that the image below about the title of Hillary’s new book made me spit coffee on my monitor but I don’t think that counts as a laugh. More of a “I thought you were supposed to be a smart woman and you titled your book that” moment.


It was a “can she really be that clueless” moment. Thankfully I usually keep a container of wipes nearby for the spitting of liquid occurs. That isn’t because I often LOL – it’s because I cannot believe the absolute stupidity of people – especially those that supposedly are so much smarter than we the peons people.

Take the chaos being played out in front of our eyes at the White House. It’s funny in a horrifying way, but it’s not a LOL moment. It’s more a series of OMG moments.


Watching the vulgar loud-mouth Scaramucci get booted, by the vulgar loud-mouthed POTUS was more a “I don’t believe this sh!t” moment that was more worthy of a SMH or a face palm than a laugh.

How funny is it that James Comey, the disgraced and fired former FBI director has landed a lucrative book deal. Are we surprised? Are we shocked? Not me folks. This too is a SMH moment. Not funny. Not funny at all that this man will make millions from something that should have him hiding in disgrace.

Is it funny that Andrea Miller, she who cried on-air when Hillary went down to defeat would scold Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller for arguing with Jim Acosta?   Scold because Acosta is a Cuban-American and his parents lived the immigrant experience. Funny she didn’t think that about Cruz or Rubio. Again, funny as in WTH not LOL.

John McCain’s speaking of a return to “regular order” after stabbing his party in the back got more of a snort than a snicker. He’s an old hand in D.C. – he knows better than most that what he said was nothing more than political speak in order to make him seem the statesman in the crowd. Not a LOL moment, more of a SMH in disbelief moment.https://i2.wp.com/i.imgur.com/WlQORmx.jpg

The sight of the left and the right pointing fingers of blame at each other for the chaos surrounding the rapidly deteriorating Obamacare would be funny if it wasn’t causing so much pain, in so many ways, for so many people. The fact that the parties keep repeating some ridiculous nonsense in trying to make us think they care is funny, funny as in a “isn’t that odd” way. No LOL there. More a “for crying out loud” there.


With Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as the faces, and mouths, of the Democrat Party I can see that I will have many “Where the hell is my blood pressure moments” and not an LOL in sight. More like “isn’t it funny people actually vote for these two corrupt nincompoops”.

However we must remember, before casting aspersions, that on the right they vote for Mitch McConnell so…

After all this talk about laughter, what exactly is laughter?

­First of all, laughter is not the same as humor. Laughter is the physiological respo­nse to humor. Laughter consists of two parts — a set of gestures and the production of a sound. When we laugh, the brain pressures us to conduct both those activities simultaneously. When we laugh heartily, changes occur in many parts of the body, even the arm, leg and trunk muscles.

Did you know that? All that work for your body just to laugh. Who knew? No wonder I don’t LOL often, this tired old carcass isn’t up to the task. Or maybe stuff just ain’t all that funny. At least to me.

Here’s wishing you a great Thursday and hopefully something worthy of a LOL moment. Or a giggle at the very least. Chortle? Tee-hee?

As always, this is an…


12 Responses to “🤣Laughing Out Loud 🤣”

  1. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Love this! And hey, these days, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry (possibly laugh AND cry, considering the description of what happens when we laugh!).

    Thank heavens for the great cartoons that help take the edge off of the constant insanity that seems to be our reality these days.

    Thanks for another great post, Marge!

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Glad you liked it. Although after I got started I realized that there were a whole lot more SMH and OMG and WTH moments in my life than LOL. Still I’ll take a giggle and a chortle and a chuckle when I can get them.

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    FAKE NEWS: Turns Out Trump Never Called The White House ‘A Real Dump’


    Did you read that Trump had called the White House a “real dump”? Well it seems he didn’t. Or at least he says he didn’t. And in this case I doubt the NYTs more than Trump.

    Had the NYT and so many Trump haters lied so often we might be more apt to believe them. So while I don’t often believe Trump, I don’t often believe the NYT either.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      The media continues to turn itself into a laughingstock, doesn’t it? This drumbeat of false news, whining, temper tantrums (Jim Acosta), idiotic comments (Jim Acosta), and more are taking them down. Rightly so, IMO.

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Jim Acosta’s behavior is just mind-boggling. He’s making the news all about him and his feud with Trump and the Trump Administration. Which plays well to the Trump-hater crowd. Unfortunately for Acosta and CNN that crowd isn’t large enough and even some of them hate the media as much as Trump. Rookie play and incompetent behavior.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

    Boston Globe scorched on social media for bizarre anti-Trump article

    The article’s headline read, “The path of viewing spots for this month’s solar eclipse cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for Trump.”


  5. kenoshamarge Says:

  6. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter. In fact, I’d call it downright treason: http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/08/the-slow-motion-coup-detat-picks-up-steam

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      The Trump haters would happily destroy the country if it took him down. And yes, I think it treason too. You don’t get to destroy a POTUS just because you don’t like him.

      Let’s hope that General Kelly can sort this leaky White House out. If not, it is very, very bad for all of us and the country as a whole. Haters cannot see that. Haters only know hate and that allows for nothing else.

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

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